Radio Interview December 10, 2010

2012 and Beyond: We have the Power of One to FREEDOM

Gerald O’Donnell was the guest of the psychic talk access radio show on 12-10-2010 being interviewed by the very talented host Allaure, a being of High Light, about the use of our Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing techniques especially as they relate to the current events we are all experiencing and about to experience as a human family.

We feel that because of the nature of the topics covered and the subjects discussed, you should listen carefully to what was revealed during that interview:

Events are and will evermore be accelerating soon, and it imperative that you prepare in the next year and a half for the gigantic shift which is about to occur around 2012.

Setting your head in the sand will do nothing but catch you unprepared.

2012 is not the end of time but rather the end of one phase of Creation and the beginning of a new major and beautiful one. I explain this in this interview and on others prior. You need to be mentally ready and fully cognizant of the fact that you cannot possibly escape the gigantic reverberations of a total turn-around of Polar directions in Creation from Fear-based cold intellect competitive Creation to Love-based Heart Sourced one.

That is the meaning of the inversion of Poles we are about to experience. It refers to a Major inversion of facets which have ruled Creations for eons within the One. It is when we invert back to the natural and original Creational system where and when the Facet of Love and Light rules and has control over the Facet of Fear and darkness.

Until now the Facet of Fear and Darkness has always ruled over the facet of Love and Lightness of Being. It is the end of Its time.

So please let go of old fear-based systems and stories for they will not help you make the transition and might cause much pain and suffering on the way if you keep energizing them.

Nothing, absolutely nothing in existence, can stop the movement engaged, but we can chose the path we will travel as a family. It can be smooth and easy, or harsh, cold, and seemingly cruel. We make that choice.

We have the power individually out of free-will to choose between Fear or Love. No one else can nor should do it. However we have no power to stop or slow the Gigantic Cosmic process engaged of the Return to Unity and Onenenes within One.

Kindly share this interview and all of our messages with as many individuals as you possibly can so that our individual and global Probable Future takes on the path of the best probable future available to all of us within a gamut of possibilities.

This is a period of the year which commemorates the hopes of humanity in times past of repelling fear and enslavement and start a new and beautiful era of unity of humanity, bringing permanent inner and outer peace across all and the ALL.

What was hoped for once is now, again. We are given another chance.

Please help keep the flame of hope alive and make that dream your Dream HERE and NOW to be experienced soon.

Many of its topics covered are “hot and burning issues” that affect all of you without exception and that you should become aware of.

You can listen to this interview by going to

In it Gerald covers these subjects and more:

  • What is about to happen starting around 2012 and much beyond: The Cosmic Polar Shift
  • Different types of Remote Viewing (RV) protocols and their ranges of applications.
  • The Key understanding which makes Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing operative.
  • Connecting to others and situations and bypassing time/space by going “within.”
  • How Remote Influencing (RI) is being distorted right now by many.
  • Free-will and RI.
  • Low-level magical techniques versus RI.
  • The power and meaning of Real “Faith.”
  • Manifesting what you are versus what you desire consciously.
  • The secret of manifestation is in the asking.
  • What is the Higher Spiritual world?
  • The desire by a great many groups to keep man enslaved in the belief of not having Godly powers.
  • Source versus you.
  • We are reaching the pinnacle of separation across this Creation and between parallel Creations.
  • The meaning of the “Gathering” from Exile of self from Real Self.
  • Why all of our old systems will and must undoubtedly end and collapse on their own in their current format. How we can help in that process and how to find what to replace them with.
  • Lack of unification of humanity under crisis.
  • Problems with technological digital communications.
  • The current problems with our political structures and types of leadership.
  • The new format of leadership that we need to invite in order to manage this very difficult transitional era.
  • The most crucial difference between conscience and consciousness.
  • Becoming really an Alive Divine Being.
  • Conscience is at the core of ascension and evolution of man back into the Divine realm.
  • The capital use of RV and RI to process fearful situations.
  • Recognizing the very many insidious dark forces coming and ensnaring us under the disguise of enlightenment.
  • How to FREE our selves from slavery by others. We have the power.

Our RV and RI key techniques are here to be used in helping you cross the torrential river of our transitional world over the many slippery rocks so that we reach safely the beautiful shore across where the “new promised land of Unconditional Love and freely gifted bounty” is awaiting our presence.

PLEASE send to as many friends, family, and individuals possible the link to this interview.

Help make it “viral” so-to- speak. We’ll all benefit in this process.


Gerald O’Donnell

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