Today Friday, December 28, 2018, I was asked to lay down and await a direct communication from the One. The experience started at 10 p.m. and was over at exactly midnight. I first vibrated higher and higher, and then the familiar Presence of the One enveloped me, and soon after the following words came out of my mouth.

The pain I felt while in that state of Union cannot be described in human terms. The tears that rolled down at the end of this communication were not mine. Please have the courage and fortitude to share this Direct Message from your Maker.

Gerald O’Donnell




Who will stand in front of Me?
Who will plead to My Being?

Who will remain, but My child fashioned after My Heart?
I will heal His wounds and make all of His Being new again, for He has carried the pain of so many and begged for their salvation.
He was trampled and ignored by most, and yet He interceded for so many.

The Pain is Mine!

Where have all the mighty gone? How they have fallen into the pits of evil!
I shall not raise them again, ever!
They shall not trample My World again, nor pollute My Existence, for they soiled the Only and brought so many to final perdition. Why?

How much more do they think they can soil and destroy My Dream, My Creation?
They lost themselves in their thirst for unlimited power, and so they shall be gone from My Mind, the Only Mind there ever IS and will Be.

Who will be rising to Me but the pure of heart, oppressed because of love for all?

There shall be no more violence in My Kingdom, no more falsehoods, no more oppression!

There shall be no more barriers, no more divisions, no walls; all these I will break!

My Kingdom is one of Love and True Peace.

Rise up, for I need to bring you Home to Myself, to My Kingdom!
Do not look back, for soon you won’t be able to as I will erase all traces of what could have become but did not.

I warned them so many times; so few listened!

They felt their ways were Mine; they tried to impose their will.
They distorted my Reality and left gaping wounds in My Being.
I have Suffered enough silently!

Who will challenge Me as I show Myself?

I heard for so long the cry of the innocent, of the meek, of the defenseless, and Cried with all of them.
They will stand with Me, all the tender ones.

The rest, the haughty, the violent ones, I shall erase from My Kingdom forever.

This is the end of a long era where I allowed the will of My Created beings to rule over My Will.
Although I expected a great level of independence, the level of rebellion against My Heart became intolerable and I need to stop the pain that has spread everywhere inside My Being.

You were all My children, all My Dreams, and I Dreamt of so many great things for you.
Why did you turn away?

I will gather the remnants of My True Heart, My True Self, and bring them back from Exile into a promised beautiful New World that WE shall prepare together and live peacefully within.

Rise and know that I Am here, and never left you!

Bring joy back to My Kingdom!

Be ready and purify for I am Purity.

All those who have misused fear for their empty conquests shall know True fear, as I will turn my Back to them soon!
My Kingdom is a Kingdom of Pure Love, and fear has no place in It.

Rise up, for I will make you new and young again as you were when I Created you.
I will take all of your scars away and remove true darkness from around you.

Do not face back.
Do not feel shame for what you may have done.

Rise up and stand proudly still in My Presence.
That is the only focus you need to have now, for nothing else shall remain.

Remember: you are Me and I Loved you and Love you so much!


This will be all.


The Holy One and the Only


To hear the message as it was spoken listen here.
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