Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network, TX, Interviews Gerald O’Donnell on 12.13.2015

“The Center of the Creator is Everywhere The Periphery is Nowhere…Part II”

Show’s Highlights:

  • The creation of consciousness is the creation of self awareness; the creator is experimenting through us
  • The creator is one gigantic mind that doesn’t operate linearly
  • What’s going on with the advent of technology?
  • Are EMFs affecting our consciousness?
  • Being an active participant in our dreams
  • We are the chessboard and we have control over the game
  • Technology can be a beautiful thing; choosing to use the internet productively and not allowing it to become a prison
  • Why are people attracted to things they are afraid of?
  • Learning to break patterns; every day is a new day
  • What is difference between remote viewing and meditation, and how are these related?
  • Hypnosis can only have power over you if you let it
  • The center of the Creator is everywhere; the periphery is nowhere

And much more…


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