Essence Merges with God and all Its Creatures, forming One.

August 9, 2013



Dear friends:

A lot has happened lately around and within me, including odd untoward interferences which affected many levels of my operations. Some of it will be told to you in my next communication.

There is plethora of unceasing attempts to block our future from reflecting a new quantum jump of awareness and operations for humankind. Old forces want to invite us again into slavery to their ancient plans of subjugation, and are monopolizing the invisible realms utilizing highly sophisticated methods of sub-space program implants and alteration of our holy DNA to infiltrate our reality and cause ever greater strife, chaos, despondency and disconnection of humankind from each other and from its Sourcing Essence.

Our inner and outer biological, mental, and spiritual environments have lately been under an undue amount of stress and assault often resulting in grave imbalances to all the levels which create and form our reality as human beings. We need to regain immediately control, and power, and purify the vessel that we are, in order to invite much more powerful forms of energy and reality manifestations which beg to operate and awaken within us.

I will soon start to teach methods and a newer awareness which will reconnect you to a point of perfection and great empowerment of yourself. You will heal. You will rejuvenate. You will reactivate and re-project (manifest) your original Divine blueprint stored in your Higher morphogenetic fields i.e Higher etheric body. Original Human (the Adam Kadmon) will resurface again. Nothing will be able to block such a great endeavor as long as you sincerely engage in the greatest adventure of mankind. The solidly implanted myth of biological time and mechanical causal fate will be made to implode to be replaced by a new paradigm, a new Higher human, free of the commonly accepted fields of reality constructs.

To introduce these ideas, I would like you to read the following Skype chat which I had with a student a couple of days ago. The concepts which are just brushed herein are capital to your ability to transcend your present condition of restricted beliefs. Enjoy!

[3:27:12 PM] M.: Yes, and we trying our best to maintain A. in an uplifted mood!

[3:34:02 PM] One: We are. I had my own stuff to deal with for a while. We are at the winter solstice of Creation and the night/darkness is at its highest. Lots of instability is spreading around. Weird mad energies abound and try to infiltrate people all over, especially beings who carry High Light energy, and it is taxing to keep them at bay. They suck vampire-like energy out and I am afraid that A’s aura has become porous, hence her so-called dis-ease and her depressed state.

This is happening world-wide as you can tell by reading news events and witnessing individuals around us behaving in odd and often disturbing fashion.

[3:35:53 PM] M.: Yes, dear Gerald I agree. Light is to be victorious. I keep my focus on the Good and Light and Joy, just not to fall a prey to losing my energy.

[3:37:16 PM] One: This Creational phase is far beyond Light and involves Essence. Light and a “light” state and enlightenment becomes a by-product of Essence’s involvement. The rebirth of Essence in our awareness is what will shift ALL.

[3:38:06 PM] M.: I see…and the essence is LOVE and Light Both?:)

[3:39:32 PM] One: no

[3:39:38 PM] One: Essence is Essence.

[3:40:34 PM] One: We have all moved away from Essence and invented corrupt systems that we claim to originate from Light but that in fact are far away from Essence.

[3:41:14 PM] M.: The Essence is the Core of the ONE, put in other ways?

[3:41:27 PM] One: It has no location.

[3:41:55 PM] One: But you could say that it is the Real Core of TRUTH.

[3:41:58 PM] M.: it is the All, the Absolute?

[3:42:03 PM] One: NO.

[3:42:20 PM] One: ALL is EL is ALLAH is ELOHIM.

[3:42:40 PM] One: ALL is all a movement away from Essence.

[3:43:31 PM] M.: So, the main focus, or the final quest for all of us in order to reach the Enlightenment, freedom, etc.. is to get close to the Essence and to connect to the Essence 😉

[3:45:13 PM] One: Yes, it is to connect to the Essence and understand that Essence is ALL Loving and non discriminatory of Self. We need to capture again the Essence of what is important to all of us as mankind and let go of all the polluted soiled clothes we wear.

[3:46:43 PM] One: We watch our own reflection in the mirror of Life either as humans, animals or even God. When you watch your own reflection changing in a mirror, does the mirror change?

[3:47:34 PM] M.: no, :_)

[3:48:58 PM] One: Exactly. Remember this: Light is but a Creational tool, darkness is a Creational tool; neither can be defined without the presence of the other. Their interaction is what created and creates life i.e. Creation. But the Essence – the mirror – is still.
Nothing is disconnected; hence we are all affecting each other in the mechanism of modulation/projection and reflection of each other onto the One-and-Only Mirror of reality which we all carry and live within. We live as points of awareness within Creational Quicksilver which is the Mirror of Essence giving us our 3D perspective.

[3:50:04 PM] M.: So it was the Essence that Created All from the very beginning of Everything 🙂

[3:50:31 PM] One: yep, of course, and you know what? It keeps on Creating ALL from moment to moment.

[3:50:50 PM] M.: Yes, absolutely….

[3:50:54 PM] One: ALL HAH, ALL HIM, ALL EL

[3:51:48 PM] One: But we reflect each other upon the Mirror of the Essence, forgetting the Essence because we are too busy watching the reflection.

[3:52:00 PM] M.: The great mystics, masters, High Beings, prophets etc.. Did they all get closer to Essence and became what we know of them?

[3:54:12 PM] One: The great mystics are in fact the ones who touched a sliver of the Essence and tried to understand the Unfathomable. Their disciples then tried to understand the master and before long legends were born and new reflections, good and bad, established upon the One-and-Only-Mirror. But Essence did not change Itself and we do not necessarily understand It more.

[3:55:30 PM] One: In fact you cannot understand Essence, you can only harmonize with It and merge with ITS reflection in the flame of the Fire of Truth.

[3:57:02 PM] One: No Being can Understand the Non-Being.

[3:57:21 PM] M.: Yes,

[3:58:17 PM] One: And I hope I gave you enough to chew on for today.

[3:59:29 PM] One: Happy I did, as it made some points clearer in my mind too. Lol.

[3:59:57 PM] M.: 🙂

[4:00:02 PM] One: 🙂

[4:00:49 PM] M.: Yes, It got clearer. Thank You…

[4:02:13 PM] One: The Teacher and the student are always One, but operate from different perspectives, levels of Oneness. It is that dance of sort which really gifts us Light and clarity and it is in its application to our lives that we seek to emulate Essence and find the still Peace of One.

[4:03:18 PM] M.: Yes, even by naming the word Essence, it has a smoothing effect on the heart and Soul.

[4:05:53 PM] One: Yes, indeed. Stillness cannot ever reside in the dance of polarities but outside of it in the Essence of its movement. The gap between polarities at their moment of extreme tension is where the connection to Essence is made, alike the movement of a pendulum where infinity resides at the swing’s end.

You will not find Stillness in human or God, light or darkness, and silence or sound. It is only when you absorb the flame of the Mirroring support of Reality that you can find the real Peace because you do not exclude anything anymore but incorporate it ALL.

[4:08:00 PM] One: Our role which is very difficult is to stay both still and dynamically vibrantly active at once. That is where thought comes in as the modulating factor to the Divine carrier wave Field; our co-creative gifts and abilities are there..

[4:07:29 PM] M.: Igniting the Divine Spark?

[4:08:29 PM] One: Yes, rather we feed the fire with our sparks.

[4:09:41 PM] One: We are all reflections/images of God and we have made God a dynamic reflection of our selves. The Essence is to be bestowed again to both.

[4:10:06 PM] One: And that causes recalibration.

[4:10:23 PM] One: An Instant of Merger.

[4:10:35 PM] M.: And this is all what the Great Shift is about?

[4:10:43 PM] One: YES

[4:11:00 PM] One: Still to be beheld.

[4:11:07 PM] M.: 🙂

[4:11:08 PM] One: Hopefully soon to come.

[4:11:24 PM] M.: Hopefully…with all our heart

[4:13:20 PM]M.: Ok, Dear Gerald, thank you very much for these great and deep words…


Gerald O’Donnell
Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality


Post Scriptum:
I need to add the following clarifications in order to help in the understanding of what I am trying to convey above.

There is only One God – no matter how we choose to call Him, existing much before any human, religion or human belief was born. It is the masculine (dynamically active format of Essence acting as Creator) usually called the Father or first Being encompassing all sub-beings (creatures). This is the ALL.

The Divine Father is but the One and Only Creative manifestation of Essence (source). It is the First Being.
Essence is not a Being but No-thing-ness and gives birth to all things. Christians, Jews, and Muslims call Essence (although very few of them understand even remotely what it is) Holy Spirit (Christians: animating principle) Ruach Hakodesh/Holy Shekinah (Holy Presence/Spirit: Hebrews) or Sakinah (Holy Presence for Muslims).

Everything originates from Essence.

The active sub-creatures/Creators IS but the Son in all its different levels.
The Son and the Father reflect each other and IS ONE. However, the Father as first Creator is greater than the Son, because He created It.

The Holy Spirit is both the Mirror allowing such Creational reflection and projection and also lies far outside of all this. Man’s intellect will never even remotely fathom Essence/Holy Spirit. Aligning with it opens that inward perception and immediate understanding.

These three principles form all of Creation and encompass positive and negative, Light and Dark, male and female, good and evil, and any polarities.

Evil is a manifestation of being far removed from the essence of Essence. The further away, the worst it gets.

The use of masculine or feminine in this Higher language/concepts has absolutely nothing to do with what we perceive as male or female. These teachings do not concern themselves with gender but address the coming reunification of the Masculine Father (active God), Masculine Son (active Creatures both male and female), and Feminine Holy Spirit (Holy Sourcing Essence). In that Higher context and language, masculine means Creational active and hence dynamic, and feminine: passive, immutable, Pure, and untouched.

Genesis in fact does indeed point out correctly that original Created Adam (Humankind) is both male and female at once.

I hope this helps.

I will be talking much more about this in the near future.

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