FEBRUARY 7, 2018

The Resolution of the Final Conflict  Between The One and the anti-One



This is a message from The One to your selves



It started as points of rebellious activities and discord both in the Heavens and on Earth.

Chaos has united its forces, imprisoning you everywhere.

What started eons ago as a rebellion against the Unity of My Being, has grown into a false sense of power as it hopes to rule both the Heavens and its Earth.

The One has infinite Patience and infinite Love.

Nevertheless, because so much of Creation is now permeated and controlled by chaos and the rebellion, the time has come to let it unleash its forces so that it shall cause its own destruction and the perdition of the ones who have followed its rules and temporary dominion.

Instability and angry raging storms are everywhere, there is almost no firm ground left, nothing to hold onto, as the tempestuous waters are growing and sinking slowly but surely all that is precious to My Being.

Soon, very few islands shall remain and I will carefully choose the ones who shall continue my Dream both in Heavens and on Earth.The ancient angry beast has arisen again and its arrogant blasphemous cry has been heard by all my children.

It feels its victory to be so close.

It has engaged all of its forces for its last battle.

It is filled with haughtiness and pride, and wills to destroy all that keeps My Creation stable and joyful!

It has harvested so many by sneakingly infiltrating their being. It can and does think for them; by now, it is them!

It spreads falsehoods and mischief everywhere!

Truth is hard to find as untruth is willingly accepted by its minions.

I am TRUTH, the only Truth there can Be.

All others are but untruth, illusions, and as such they can rise to what many would perceive as great heights, being drunk on false spirits, powered by false power!

And when they think that they have conquered all, including the upper heavens, they are to fall!

They can and should have an end, their powers brought down to ashes, their dreams erased from all Mind, their memory gone from Creation, their rage extinguished in the fire of Pure Holiness!

These false mighty ones are to become naught; their rebellion never ever to be repeated again, a rebellion against unity, against love, against the preciousness of Life!


If you hear their rallying cry, connect deep to your heart and you will know Truth – REAL TRUTH, and find Peace – REAL PEACE, not the peace they brandish as false rewards as they are blinding your hearts, your eyes, and your minds, but rather the Infinite Peace of GOD who is but waiting for you to abandon the rebellion.

In this last battle between the forces of chaos and their false power and My deep Desire to regain My children, many sense a great feeling of torment, insecurity, and know not how to find the next step to the ladder of Ascension to Me.

Know that I AM  here with you, every single one of you!

And as you search for Me, I will cup you in My Hands and lift you back out of the waters of this dark raging abyss, and bring you back to the true Promised Land I have prepared for all of you.

Reject their programs in which you now bathe. There is no more time for all the distractions which are being created for you by the force of division, the force that rebelled and still rebels against the unity of Myself and My Holy Name.

Throw away these distractions!

Purify your bodies, your hearts, your minds and your Higher souls!

Rejoin each other and Me in the trilogy that can never ever be challenged again by falsehood.

Many events are happening and many more will. See the choices you need to make as these unfold.

Fear not what does not exist, but embrace what is Real, what is truly alive, and in that act you shall all become alive again as My true children, and I will recognize Myself in you, as you in turn will recognize yourself, all of your selves, in Me.

Unite across the raging waters, and I shall make these waters disappear forever from My Creations.

Build only new structures based on Love, on sharing and on caring, whenceforth you will find all that you need, and can dream about, readily available and Created by Me for you, all of you.

Fear fear, and love love, for until now you mostly have feared love and loved fear.

This is how you need to operate from now on.

I am One, you are many; and you, as the many, harbor Me as The One. This cannot be undone.

What truly has begun now is the true beginning of Creation, the real Creation based on Oneness and that shall never end, ever.

Remember Love.

Remember that I Love you.

Remember to Love Me for we are but One!


The One and Only





Addendum from Gerald O’Donnell

On Friday February 2, 2018, a violent chaotic mysterious sudden force embodying chaos, and feeding off the fear energy produced by it, infiltrated the US stock markets and all other markets especially the very speculative ones. Panic filled the minds of many, and at the very end of the day the DJIA US equity Index had fallen by 666 points.

An old and proven true statement says that although everything may seem random, nothing really happens by chance, only by shifting probabilities. I had, through very deep RV, been shown a sudden correction of quite serious magnitude in basically all so-called paper or hard assets and most derivative markets, starting towards the beginning of 2018. Having had numerous proofs that most of what I receive about our probable future is almost always correct, I was not surprised by the sudden drop. Nevertheless the 666 points free-fall was unprecedented because of the mystical significance of that very number, and rather impossible to have been caused with precision by human market manipulations due to the huge volume of daily trades. Few analysts dared linger upon it so as not to be spooked by it. I could detect in that precise number a deep message, sort of a victory shout, a deep warning, and much more. I will in the next years decode the number 666 – mentioned as the abomination, i.e. beast, described cryptically by the ancient prophet Daniel and by the revelation of John. It, in fact, represents the only possibly perceptually disconnected entities on the left side of the Holy code of the Tetragrammaton where potential separative regions were established both in the heavenly spiritual subconscious realms and the earthly ones as a major testing ground that would ultimately require the correction and reunification of the Holy name of God. I have yet to have found individuals who have spoken openly about the true decoding of this, at least publicly.

Being bothered by an unprecedented onslaught of very dark chaotic energies, and having unfortunately been part of many painful interactions with them across this and other lifetimes, I did set myself to go up very High in vibrations in order to get some clarifications from The One and Its Pure and Holy energy signature whom I readily recognize because I am so very familiar with it. I wanted to understand the meaning of this phase that we are traversing.

This requires intensive preparations and, when the ascension is too rapid, is quite taxing on my biology of much lower Light energy quotient relative to the One’s Light.

And this is when I lost all conscious awareness and the prior words came out of my lips which I recorded and then transcribed upon emerging back in my grounded biological human state.

I would ask all of you to pay great attention to what was said. Do not try to fit any of these messages into your old molds and programs. These are tailor-made for our period, as nothing remains static, especially at the level of the One. If you read our prior messages, you will see a thread and evolution in the ascension process we are all undergoing as a Creation. Don’t be shy, and please spread these communications. Your doing so makes you the savior of your bubble reality and all the intersecting bubble realities up to infinity within Creation. These are not gifted only for me but rather concerns all of you, and you need to finally decide to awaken from your comfort zones and engage a very holy and important process which will save our common experience if we have the courage and fortitude to do so.

With my Love and blessings.

Gerald O’Donnell 



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