March of The One


Today March 13, 2008 the financial markets and many human consciousnesses have been jolted into a new sense of pressing shifting reality which has many humans worried and bewildered.

Gold which has always aroused the inner subconscious of mankind into the memory of its distant origin within the Golden Living Light of the One has reached today, for the first time in recorded human history, a high of $1001. Difficult times lie ahead and many are looking on this physical plane of manifestation to the instinctive refuge that this non-living precious metal reflecting the color of Golden Light provides. The ones who know better seek the real refuge of the Living Golden Light of God existing within themselves.

Oil, the black gold, which has fed the illusory facet of human power and soiled the hearts, souls, and physical environment of our planet and human existence rose today to a high of $111 on the New York Mercantile exchange.

Have you noticed? Do you really think that this is a coincidence of ones?

Nothing, especially major events such as these, happen by happenstance and chance.

In our very restricted awareness, a new era of unknowns is beckoning us and showering us with increasing anxiety.

Let me help you sift through a bit of what may seem to be a gigantic wave of uncertainty battering our shores.

Everything above is but a template to what will transpire and manifest below.

Metaphors and myth are the way by which Higher realities operate and we are but projective manifestations of such. Most stories held as deeply spiritual and inspiring by humanity have mainly occurred first and foremost on Higher planes.

To the Godliness symbols are paramount, for the depth of Its Creative operation spans levels which we, as humans, cannot even remotely fathom.

There is a big difference between looking and seeing, hearing and listening, witnessing facts and comprehending.

There are many Sacred and Holy Creational languages used by many levels of Creators within the Mind of One.

In ancient He-brew, which is the highest Divine language of Creation originating directly from the Mind of the One-and-Only by which He vibrates and brews infinite amounts of universes, the first letter is called aleph and has the intrinsic numerical value of one (1). This letter has also the numerical value of 1000 (aleph means a thousand), representing the fact that the One sits and operates well above three levels of Creation defining our inner and outer worlds where ours exists at the lowest level.

Aleph gave birth to our Western (Greek) alpha that fathered the first letter A of our alphabet which has the exact shape of the ancient letter aleph.

We are all still bathing and existing within the Gigantic Mind of The One and Only, whether incarnate in the physical or disincarnate. Nothing really moves. Everything shifts and trans-forms, eternally so.

Chaos, whether potential or recognized as such is infinitely structured in Divine order, as chaos and fractal science has recently shown.

Nothings can exist or operate outside of the Supreme and only reality of the Unity. Only the perception of separation can overlay the Supreme reality of the tapestry of One within All that Is.

We, at the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing, have been forewarning you since 1996 about the new era of One about to permeate every single cell of Creation, as all of you represent but a cell of a gigantic organism: the One.

Gold rose today to its highest level of $1001 as a sign and a symbol that the Real Eternal One is about to reveal Himself on this lower plane, is watching His 3 levels below, and is located both above and below.

Black gold (oil) rose today to its highest level for now of $111 as a sign and a symbol that what seemed to be three separated Creative levels operating up to now independently below the One are nevertheless ruled by and within the Eternal Universal One.

On March 12, 2001 we wrote on our website , as gold was around its lowest point of circa $250, that it was poised to rise and we gave you the real reason behind this climb. Gold started right then an upward bull trend that has never stopped since.

On April 17, 1999 we wrote on our site that the bull market in stocks would end at the beginning of 2000 as the new millennium would kick in. We were right, as this was the precise and final virtual top to the stock market bubble in real monetary terms. Yes, the market did rise again a bit later; however in real monetary worth it fell since the dollar lost concomitantly much of its currency value.

We predicted, years in advance, the dire Middle Eastern situation and the global warming crisis. The events of 9/11 and the Iraq/Iran crisis were alluded to in August 17, 2001.

On March 2003, and April 2005 we warned you strongly about the upcoming demise of worldwide real estate prices.

In July 13, 2006 we foresaw the rise of oil prices in 2008 to $120 (almost reached today).

I personally know that many of our students did their own internal check using techniques that we taught them and acted upon these advices in order to better their lot and avoid unpleasant future situations.

Why am I telling you all this? Am I patting myself on the back for this? No.

Beyond our goal to help you and bring Oneness to all, we really want you in these crucial times at the dawn of the new millennium to awaken and see the hand of One and the goal of Oneness behind all events. We hope for you to see and not only look at events. We hope for you to reach wisdom and not only use intelligence.

Yes, we wish for all of you to awaken because what we did you can also do. You can and should connect to the One within and get your own guidance as to what path you should choose. Know that the One will only connect to the ones who desire It and show only acts that promote Oneness and kindness to Its creatures. The others will be left blind and deaf.

They will look, but not see.

They will listen, but not hear. They will witness, but not understand.

They will walk a very dark road until they ask for the enlightenment of the Golden Living Light of One.

This is your free-will, the free-will to stay blind and operating within the old era of black gold and human perceived power, or the free will to choose freedom from drudgery and slavery and leave the old land to a new promised land of Golden Light and eternal bounty Gifted by The One to His parts operating in Oneness.

Much financial and social dislocation will soon start manifesting.

This is as of today March 13, 2008 the most probable future.

Gold may rise a bit more, and then correct in the next 2 months to at least $860 and then have an astronomical rise to over $1400 later on.

(This part was added on Sept 11, 08: we still foresee a great increase in the price of physical gold but have pushed the time target further out due to the fact that the surprise Georgian invasion by Russian forces has pushed an armed conflict centered around Iran a bit farther out since military and intelligence special components that could have originated from its bases were stopped by Russian special forces’ operations, with even larger worldwide consequences.

Many more great financial and geopolitical crisis are looming ahead and we all need to unite soon in thoughts and intent around the idea of Oneness before many of the very distorted and primitive popular thought forms of this day-and-age ignite a manifested reality of strife and fractures which will overwhelm all and everything.

Too many humans are being distracted by trifle issues and the circus-like electoral atmospheres in the US while the communal planetary house is already on fire. This time it is not Rome that is burning while we fiddle around and bicker between us, but our whole planet is. Granted, it is a large house in its complex structures and the fire might seem far away as to not be of immediate consequences. Yet, the signs of its potential demise are everywhere and on all levels.

Remember and ponder upon the fact that whenever man-like structures tower around trying to reach heavens of power and control, and are built on foundations based on falsehood, impurities, greed, and sheer human power, they always crumble almost all-at-once, no matter how high they seem to have wanted to reach and command. Only their ruins are then left, on purpose, as a testimony and lesson for future generations of the folly of man when he disconnects from the Inner guidance of the Oneness prone by His Creator. The story of the towers of Babel is till playing as we speak.)

I know that many would like to only hear the positive side and beautiful sound of what could potentially surround us and may cringe at my recanting unpleasant visions. I am sorry to have to do so, but to put it bluntly, it is due time to wake up. Time for the children of the One to sober up and get away from their dangerous and ignorant games of playful denial and laisser-faire attitudes. We are not evolving but devolving in a rapid downward spiral that needs to be reversed very fast.

Both negative and positive poles are always parts of Creation. Both good and evil need to exist. The role of real creators is to take notice of the negative (problem), absorb the information, and then only focus on the positive (solutions). The rule is to always become aware of the negative, evaluate it, never fear it nor leave it to a background noise state where it only feeds us with anxiety, and THEN only and intensely focus consciousness and energy on the solutions and hence ACT upon it. All solutions are gifted by the One-Creator-Within as long as we listen. There is no problem that is gifted to us that cannot be solved by ourselves in a co-creative act with the help of our Inner Higher guidance. The problem is that we do not, for the most, ask for It, listen to It , and now lately do not even notice the problems as such an act has often become politically incorrect or unfashionable attacking the ego centered mass consciousness movements.

To evade problems and not constantly and solely focus on solving them in a spirit of Oneness is where the core of all our problems lie. To live in la-la land is not where we need to be now in this day and age of Creation. Most of our current leaders are not co-creators with the One Creator, but dogmatic manipulators of masses and power-based energies.

As of late, there are evermore intense and very effective attempts by the lowest common denominators on the human consciousness societal scale to overcome, suppress, and refute the leadership and ideas that are offered by the more awaken ones. This mass consciousness invasion by the lower levels of the matrix of Creation is ever more pernicious and dangerous as it is using the very structures offered by our present systems of political and economical governments and has reached a level of suppression of Higher intelligence unprecedented in human affairs. The many are really attacking the One and the Oneness in this last and potentially final stage of this Creational experiment. Of course all kinds of reasons for this will be given and abound ranging from acute geopolitical ones to fragile economical balance causing drastic financial shocks to all.

They will be all correct. But beyond the obvious, many will need to and will be made to start comprehending that the Era of One has finally come upon this One earth.

You are encouraged to protect your physical financial security by purchasing physical gold and use it as a refuge during these unstable times. Nevertheless you will be only gifted the real protection of the One if you call with Love upon the Real Golden Living Light of One within your inner heart and keep that desire alive at all times. Your acts should and would then only reflect a desire for Oneness. If they do not, know that this is a sign of you not having yet truly responded to the call of Oneness by the One.

Dark energy levels manifested in the price of black gold (oil) may rise greatly in the future to almost astronomical levels because of human greed and as a consequence of acts perpetuating violence against Creation and the Unity of the One. This very rise may cause many world economies to buckle down under the weight of what they have allowed and helped to happen. The empires of greed that have used, extracted, and promoted this dark energy will crumble under the watchful eyes of the One, never to rise up again under the same format.

Please do not engage in speculating in and hence encouraging this form of energy and its associated processes, entities, and groupings depending on its use for it will soil your soul, and that will prevent you from regaining the purity which you all need in order to rejoin the Holy of Holies of the Real Living Golden energy of the One. In these very crucial times, your sole and major focus should be on cleansing and reclaiming purity, not on remaining marred in polluted darkness.

Wishing you Peace and Purity within Oneness.

Gerald O’Donnell


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