Interview with Gerald O’Donnell, 01.11.2012 by Nick G.

From Night into Daylight and Beyond: We have the Force of One to FREEDOM Secrets of Creation

I was interviewed on January 11, 2012 by Nick G

I will let you listen to it as there are so many subjects who were covered.

I do consider this as one of not the most important interview I have yet given and one that reveals much about what is at play in this year 2012 and far beyond…

I feel that because of the nature of the topics covered and the subjects discussed, you should listen carefully to what was revealed during that interview.

We have the power individually out of free-will to choose between Fear or Love. No one else can nor should do it. However we have no power to stop or slow the Gigantic Cosmic process engaged of the Return to Unity and Onenenes within One.

Kindly share this interview and all of our messages with as many individuals as you possibly can so that our individual and global Probable Future takes on the path of the best probable future available to all of us within a gamut of possibilities.

Please help keep the flame of hope alive and make that dream your Dream HERE and NOW to be experienced soon.

PLEASE send to as many friends, family, and individuals possible the link to this interview

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