Dear Friends:

I want to wish you a wonderful fun-filled 2003. May you take the smiling road of inner and outer happiness and detach from fear thoughts. We are all standing at a crossroads. Keep smiling in your heart, no matter what.

These are the end-times: The end of one Era that lasted for Eons of Creations and at the same time the beginning of a new glorious one. No need to be a Biblical believer for that. The reality is being crystallized all around us. What happens in this Creation will affect many levels of the Godliness. As above so below. There is a battle raging above, and some Earthbound spiritual warriors are sadly aware of some aspects of it and sometimes involved in it.

We can take the glorious road to the new Earth that has been prepared for all of us since the beginning of Time, by just doing one single and ridiculously simple thing: Deciding to trust, care, and love each other, and constantly monitoring our thoughts and subsequent actions so that they always point in that direction. Saving all and ourselves is as simple as that. This road is paved with Sweet Live Gold and Great Angels are ready to trumpet and escort us.

Or we can choose the old and dying paradigm that has been ours for so long, and even in that case, some of us will still reach the other end of the Golden bridge of Creation, above the angry currents of raging waters below. Others will not, and will stay behind, or drown in that violent and powerful river of consciousness if they choose to chase after the ones who decide, on their own volition, to take a chance and go for the new unknown and promised land of unlimited love and abundance. Each human and energy-form will have its moment of free-choice.

I can only advise, for the upcoming year, to constantly monitor your thoughts, and not allow low-level fear to grab you, for the accumulated fear/thought-forms of mankind originating from the sum of all fears that we have all had since the inception of this Creation, together with the additional fears of millions of other similar universes, have joined forces and created a dark cloud of fear-vibrations of unprecedented gigantic proportions that covers all our earth and much beyond. Thoughts are real things.

This dark fear/anxiety cloud is a powerful thought-form originating from within humankind’s psyche and then projected on the outside and manifested in Creation. Many have become addicted to it and are looking forward to experience its pathologically inebriating presence within them. And as all addicts do, they enjoy seeing others subjected to the same. They become the agent of that shadowy thought-form.

The type of harmful anxiety-type fear that gave birth to this Dark Shadow is a perversion of the natural strong fear signals which we experience in order to avoid obvious harmful situations that we might be facing or that our deep inner subconscious Higher Self warns us to avoid. When we act upon these necessary signals and nullify the fearful situation, the natural fear signal ceases to be.

This dark shadow is now flowing freely amongst the vibratory signatures that each of us represents as a living entity within the Great Mind, and tries to keep us in that high anxiety state, for fear of losing the power that the multitudes anchored in fear, stress, war and starvation give to that gigantic thought-form through the resonant mirroring of vibrations. Fear is only a thought form, it has no intrinsic spirit/energy in itself. Fear has no vibratory signature. It has no definite point of awareness. It can flow anywhere as thought, and surreptitiously attach/connect to any thinking entity it wants to in order to implant thoughts that that entity will then see as his/her own. How could the entity differentiate an endogenous thought from an exogenous one? Thought is thought. The intent of the thought-attachment is to keep that entity in a fear-based low level vibration, such as making that entity fearful of lack or resources and love/respect, and hence causing the individual targeted to strive obsessively for much personal power, control over others, and wealth. This dark thought-form often tries to make many human entities depressed and/or violent. Violence originates from fear and begets fear. This thought-form might also use indirect attack tactics such as attaching, in order to hurt us, to the ones we care most about, who then seem often possessed by a new personality. Watch their eyes: as windows to the soul, they might shift and project that type of dark fear-energy outward as it overtakes even momentarily one’s thoughts. Hence, many families, social and business relationships are severed, creating then even more fear. The dark fear/thought-form cloud will do and try anything and everything in order to achieve its means. It can only attach to an entity that has fear/anxiety already present, because it then resonates in sympathy with its vibratory nature. Many a psychiatric patient who “hears” voices or “weird fear/violent thoughts” is unknowingly attached to that dark thought-form cloud. And the dark cloud feeds and becomes stronger through that act. Hence it makes use of and controls terrorists, madman dictators, racist and nationalistic ideologies, religions, wars, attacks on the ecological balance, brain poisoning of many, and does a great job at promoting thoughts of societal structures that keep most humans on the brink of what they perceive as an economical black hole, where few basic survival services are then provided for the “fallen ones” and their fate gets almost no compassion in the name of “economical imperatives.”

If you are willingly or unwillingly a contributor to the dark-fear cloud vibrations, you can expect to have it almost overtake your thought processes. Especially if you can exert power and influence over many more individuals through your professional activities. Ponder upon that. The emphasis is on putting more and more individuals in a high state of mental stress, where they become too lame to even resist or question. This dark cloud can attach to anyone that resonates with fear/anxiety and depression, from the pauper in the street, to our most enlightened and beloved leaders. And all these poor individuals of course think that their thoughts are purely theirs, when they really are being manipulated by that dark cloud. A good rule of thumb to test if you are prey to it and if it has attached to you is: if you feel unusual anger against someone or another group, a desire to discriminate, or feel burning sensations on the upper skin in your back, problems breathing, and some dull stabbing pain in the back or heart area, you might be hooked by the tentacles of Bad Captain Hook and his Pirates (I would prefer naming this dark cloud by these names, rather than revert to biblical acronyms. Takes some of the old mythical fear away!) Considering the great amount of stress that many experience, the question to be asked is: “how come most of us have not flipped yet?” Answer: many legally prescribed or illegally acquired substances (alcohol is a major high vibrations exterminator!) are transforming a great amount of us into semi- zombies! So the problem is kept dormant. Bad form and personal choices!

Outside imposed fear is the ultimate illusion. It has no spiritual/intrinsic unlimited energy reality, but rather lives and feeds off most of us and then has an illusory perception of semi-existence based on its fear-caused strong own desire to control and grow more and more powerful in order to survive for as long as possible. In other words the fear cloud lives under the ultimate fear: The fear of annihilation and death, that would happen to it if it were to run out of energy sources/ live spirits.

So my friends, please, turn your attention greatly away from the bad news fear-oriented bombardment. I do not advocate total denial. Of course not. And if you ever become aware of it, do not allow yourself to ever fall into a state of fear. Especially avoid violent and frightful movies. Ergo with video games. You do not need to watch these at all. Want to have fun? Watch comedies. Play comedy. Make your life a comic relief. Have fun. That is the High Path way: The way of the One.

Be a fearless spiritual warrior: Fighting with a smile and an inner knowledge that all is ok. Do not be reticent to ask for help, if need be, from Higher Realms’ specialized Higher Entities. Do not fear to be ridiculed. Keep it to yourself. They were created for this purpose, and stand ready, especially in these times, to help anyone who asks. Do not be shy! No need to give them names, if you would rather not. You can see them as Angels, Higher Beings, ascended masters, ETs, whatever fits your belief system better, so that within your belief system you feel that some Higher Energy entity is ready to be called for help. The fact is that they are all you. They are all within you, and created to help and protect you. They are all part of the Higher Realms of your inner subconscious: The inner Kingdom. The Kingdom is within, remember? They are all ready to help upon your calling upon them. Although many are extremely powerful, they need to allow for your free-will. So if you do not ask for help, they just will not give it, even though they love you dearly and unconditionally

Be convinced that as long as Love and care is in your heart, you and yours are totally safe and watched by the level of the One, no matter what. However, if attacked energetically, as you are depressed, agitated, and angry, always stop, wonder and ponder, if what you think as being your thoughts are really your own? Or rather are the thoughts of that dark energy fear-cloud that delights in your being down in vibrations, locked-up within the prison of your mind and unable to cope with stress. Please do not lock yourself up in despair and isolation. Associate with kindred and compatible energies. There is always bright sunshine after the storm.

If you feel uncomfortable next to another energy, even someone whom you have been together with for a long time, discuss it if you can, and if that energy decides to remain locked in its low vibrational path, know that it might be time to slowly separate from it and move on. In these times, you need to resonate and surround yourself with similar energies, for then your power of manifestation becomes exponentially increased.

Do not be possessive towards other energies and especially towards material goods, for these are manifestations of fear of lack. Learn to travel light and light-hearted. Always choose carefully which energy or energies you want to share part of your journey with, for you always leave soul imprints on each other.

Many individuals especially those of High Light, are, as of late, often experiencing symptoms of energy attacks by the dark cloud and its cronies. Many techniques which totally protect you and form a vibratory shield/armor around your energy body are built-in our newest Remote Influencing course, and are permanently and automatically programmed within your subconscious mind as you listen to the course in deep Delta. They are totally protective against any form of attack or attachment. This is why the Remote Influencing course needed to come out before 2003.

Now the best part: Please, please have fun, laughter is the best medicine. Go out and have fun with friends. Meditate with chosen spirits. Do not see energy attacks as much worst than mosquito attacks. Just be aware as to how to handle them. The attacks are nothing compared to having your mind infiltrated and stolen from you.

In the next and higher matrix, energy sensing, sharing and allowing for a constant and unimpeded flow of free given energy, shielding against unwanted energies, and manipulation of Creational energies become the main way of clustering experiences and evolution. So this lower matrix is, in reality, a great training ground for the next evolutionary step, and I expect you all to be there!

At the very least, RI (pray: manifest) for the Peace or this world and the totality of the All-that-IS. Once per day is fine, twice better, and 3 times, just great!

Cherish, and interact with, your loved ones and friends. We all need the warmth of a smiling and caring environment. Care and cooperation is key now. Create or rather help create around them a High Energy Vibratory Shield as well

Spread this knowledge to as many people as you can. Time is really now of the essence. Do not be bashful. Become a fearless Light warrior. Most individuals are just blind, not evil. Do not fall for theories that attach evil type conspiracies to particular individuals or groups, for although the actions of many people in power are motivated by fear/control they have absolutely no idea that their thoughts are not really theirs. If they could detect this, they would surely try to change. Many individuals professing such theories are, again unknowingly so, agents who are themselves controlled by the dark fear thought form cloud, because they carry anger and resentment in them. They are just misguided souls.

If any Human or even a Higher Disincarnate Energy Being, under the disguise of loving Creation, professes a strong anger and hatred towards some group, understand that he/she/it might unknowingly also be “under the influence” Always see the good in any one. Always see the glass half-full.

Nevertheless there might come a time when you have to show ruthless compassion, because the situation have gone so much out of hand that often strong corrective measures have to be taken.

This is a carrot-and-stick type of Creation: a testimony to our level of awareness. The fact, for instance, that the 10 Commandments had to be given, is nothing to be proud of. It only shows how primitive, and underdeveloped, is and was our level of an inborn inner conscience as to which behavior is acceptable and which one is not.

In most Creations, you would never have to tell someone not to kill, steal, etc.. for these would be built-in tendencies from birth.

So, maybe the old carrot-and-stick concept is about to be reactivated again, because things might be really getting out of control. Not my favored movie choice. Then again The One has been handling this and much more for Eons. So sit back, use this period to purify your thoughts/soul, shield yourself, get ready for change, and watch the show, knowing that YOU ARE SAFE AND LOVED.

Happy thoughts,

Gerald O’Donnell

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