From Gerald O’Donnell



Vesica Pisces

To my dear friends,

I wish you all a happy and glorious new year 2004. May joy and peace be your stepping stones to inner and outer freedom from bondage, eternity, and infinite creativity.

This has been quite an interesting year. Great gifted vibratory changes are becoming now apparent (for instance time has slowed down recently in my perception, and this is a welcome indication of heightened Concentration by a great majority of the One Mind upon this Creation), and both polarities of the circuitry of our Creation are playing their last card game, each hiding their surprise joker, as many underlying dynamics are piercing through the false illusion of quite a static year. A great shift towards a new higher Creational system where disease, poverty, and all types of physical and emotional suffering are almost nonexistent is in the making. We are all, at one level or another of our inner self, somehow aware that this is a highly unusual epoch, and that in a relatively short span of time events of a quality that most cannot really fathom are going to occur and that from then on our lives will never be the same.

Eons of Creational periods encompassing billions of Created Universes have all sailed the waters of Creation pointing toward this great nexus of opportunities and Creativity. We are in the final training stage of a Creators’ School of the highest order. And if we were only to comprehend this incredible challenge and its simple solution, we could open right now the gates to the Kingdom and partake while alive of its beautiful fruits within a new matrix: The Higher matrix of Zion. It is towards this goal that these words are addressed.

Languages are filled with hidden messages. In order to draw the maximum amount of concentrated attention to a statement or a situation, we say in the English language “Be careful!” And we then wait to hear or perceive what it is that we should be careful of. In reality, the great key given here is in the word “Be care full.” If you become full with care i.e. if you vibrate in the vibration of care because you know that the one across from you is in reality yourself, you shall then be care full forever and give a heightened state of attention to all of Creation, without exception, and intensely energize and manifest your thoughts into hopefully magnificent realities. You will automatically let go of the notion of being either care takers or care givers, by becoming the caring frequency itself. And in that act, because you instinctively care for others and for Creation without preferences or prejudice, as an almost unconscious built-in tendency, you shall then be deemed ready to enter into the Kingdom of One-ness: The next world waiting for us across the great divide of the heart, into the One Pulsing Heart of Creation and Unified Vibratory frequency of the ONE.


The commentaries given below try to rise well above and transcend any given worshipping system, and address a message whose consistent refrain has haunted mankind throughout the ages and its various civilizations. The same message has been repeatedly gifted by all the great Spiritual teachers and especially the direct holographic projections of the ONE whose some of their messages were and are still heard, albeit often miscomprehended and distorted within various traditions, cultures, races, tribes, and groupings of national interests. It is capital for you to rise to the occasion and go well above your prior programming of likes, dislikes, and/or prejudice, so that you open your heart and not only your mind to the teaching format offered here. In order to effect the quantum jump in awareness from one quanta vibratory operational band (matrix) onto an immediate higher dimensional vibratory reality (higher matrix), it is crucial that you fully integrate this message rapidly. For the times are pressing, and the stakes have never been so high in Creation. The key to entering the Higher level Matrix has been programmed since the inception of this experiment eons of times ago, and upon its full incorporation in your psyche, the doors to a higher world will open and you will occupy its wonders and abodes.


And he said “Whomever finds the interpretations of these sayings will not experience death.”

“ Jesus (pronounced Yeshush as Yod Shin Vav shin) said: Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the ALL”

Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi library) sayings 1,2


A great paradox is shown within Creation. Although the problems that we face as the levels of the human family (earth plane) and the Divine Family (heavens) are infinitely complex and exponentially increasing, the permanent solution to ALL of them is almost ridiculously simple, and has remained so since the inception of this Creation and many others of alike structures.

When asked about this very important key to solving all the problems that we encounter, Jesus answered 2000 years ago with two everlastings Divine laws pertaining to the One which he said were the most important ones, requiring full understanding and inner integration.

In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 12:28-31 Jesus was asked by a scribe: “Which is the most important law given by the One?” He answered, as quoted in the English King St. James Biblical translation of the old Greek version, “Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God is ONE Lord.” And then proceeded to quote the second most important key which is: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” By these answers Jesus was unveiling the destiny of man as God’s Creation and the destiny of God as man’s Creator. For both are incredibly intertwined in this ultimate test when the Godliness is not only testing mankind, but testing Himself through His interaction with mankind and Creation.

As with all translations, the translators biased the material with their understanding and pre-programmed knowledge and/or prejudice. There is therefore to the trained eye much mistranslation. So that, in order to really understand these keys, we shall have to go directly to the original source of these two sayings.

In the aforementioned encounter Jesus paraphrased two crucial secret keys to the Kingdom of the One originally given to Moses in the Old Testament.

Hence, in order to decode these crucial keys to the Kingdom of the One, I had to consult the original Hebrew source of these two sayings which are found in the Hebrew Bible (Torah) in Deuteronomy 6:4 and Leviticus 19:18 .


The Only Reality

The first statement directly translated from the Old testament says the following: “Hear, O Israel (the Kingdom of the IS operating as EL), Yahweh is but OURSELVES, Yahweh is but the ONE.”

The word EHAD (One) in ancient Hebrew really means brotherhood (between humans) within the notion of being the ONE or rather One-ness. There is no real word in the ancient Hebraic language for the notion of a lone One without a second (the two first letters of Ehad are AH which implies brother and sister and therefore multiplicity).

In this very powerful statement the ONE teaches that Yahweh (the Lord) is but ourselves – each and every one of us being part of the encoded circuitry of consciousness that this word and world represents – so that therefore each and everyone is but the ONE Himself.


The Implications and the Key to the One and Only Reality

The second key given by Jesus translates as: ” Love thy fellow creatures as thyself.” This is usually thought to apply to Mankind, but in reality applies also to our love towards the creatures belonging to the natural world. There is only One Mind, One consciousness, One spirit flowing from the Core of the Godliness into all facets of Creation, manifesting all the expressions of mankind and nature alike, and then returning back to that very core and in the process influencing Him.

Ultimately though, this saying has a very profound meaning, for in Hebrew the word used for fellow creatures is RA (reysh ayin) which has exactly the same letters as the word used for evil or bad as RA (reysh ayin also). In that context, the real meaning that this wants to project is as follows: outside of the Dream, the One Himself knows that everything is but Himself playing a certain facet. However, within the Dream, you should love the “other” that you think of as being separated from yourself and might be having different orientations of thoughts due to his/her cultural background, religious orientations, social or political affiliations, ethnical perceived belonging etc…, and therefore might be perceived as being bad. The desirable path for yourself, the key to rejoin your root and enter the Kingdom of the One, as the Godliness that you are, is for you to love the perceived “other,” no matter who he/she is, as much as you love yourself. For the reality is that the “other” that you perceive as being foreign to you is no other than yourself. If you understand that the one across you is but your mirror, your shadow, and that it is you, and you live that realization, then you will enter the Kingdom because you will operate with the perception of being the One Himself, as all the veils of separation will come tumbling down and you will see all facets/entities as part of you. And as you perceive in the depth of yourself that you are the One, your love and instinctive type of care should become an intrinsic part of your being, as natural as breathing air is. And if a crucial mass of human entities would get this final realization, all problems and conflicts on earth would immediately be resolved, for you, as the One, will have access and behave in One-ness. This is why it is so important at this moment for all the perceptually separated entities in Creation, including their Creator, to perceive that no matter how much they control, no matter how much they perceive that their direction of thought is right as opposed to the direction of thought of the “others” that is wrong, no matter how much they feel powerful in relation to another group, the only way by which they have to operate is to love “evil” defined as the illusionary separation of the One, and understand that separation is in reality but an illusion and does not exist. And as they all take that perceptual jump, mutually so, and so-to-speak love “evil” as whom they perceive as being different or “bad”, the facet of what mankind, and especially the Godliness, perceive as being truly evil, as it causes certain undesirable behavior patterns to human entities, shall disappear from Creation. The notion of one being separated from the “other” shall disappear because this is the root of evil. And mankind will realize, together with its creator who is but him: mankind, who is but Him: the Universal Mind of Mankind (Adam), who is but Him: God, that the only way by which he can really love Himself and improve his condition is to love himself and realize that the illusionary “other” is none other then Himself: man and nature alike as One.

Within this mega play operating within the One Mind, as more and more entities accept this type of knowledge and make it part of themselves, not as a religious system, but as a realization as to how deeply they were duped, set-up, by the Godliness Himself – operating as Adam while He was operationally under the influence of His created imaginary facet of Satan – into what they are now. And even though, a great part of what they have become is their responsibility, since only certain doors were opened to them and they followed them blindly, they are given, as parts of the Original Mind, their last chance to experience finally harmony and peace by making pure unconditional love and care an integral natural part of their inner self. This is also when the three major religions that He has set-up, one against the other: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, reform the trilogy which they originate from, loosing all the misconceptions that are built-in within themselves, as they realize that they are all but One, and were given in order to start a process that hopefully will culminate in peace: When the religion that Yahweh gave to the Jewish people rejoins the perception of the Christian religion as a second message, and the third one, which is mem shalem in Hebrew or completion of peace: Muslim. When El, Allah, Elohim, and Yahoshuah (Jesus which means Yahveh since as we replace the Heh of “Yod Heh Vav Heh (Yahveh)” by the Shin of the DIvine Presence, the Shekinah, we get “Yod Shin Vav Shin” or Jesus) are all One, since they were always One to start with. And when all the parts that form that One-ness realize that they are all but Yahveh (the One in Creation) Himself, playing Himself against Himself.

That is when, in the best and preferred case, as predicted in the legend about the messianic times, Satan, or the modus operandi that allows for the perceived separations to be so strongly ingrained, both at the level of the entities of mankind and at the level of the one who thinks that He is their Creator, dies as a perception. All it is is a perception: a magical trick that the One Mind plays upon Himself in order to forget that He Is but One.


The Divine Mother (Original UnManifest) and the dark keeper of the Matrix’s role (projected part of the Divine Mother)

“I am black and comely, O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, the veils of Solomon (Solomon means projected peace and soul completeness in Hebrew).”
“Do not be afraid of my blackness, for the Sun has tanned my skin, the sons of my Mother have exiled me and set me as the keeper of the gardens (of Creation), but my own garden I have not kept yet.”

Song of Songs (Solomon) 1: 6,7

“I am a wall and my breasts (Shadai) are like towers, then I used to be the One that will show Him the way to peace.”

Song of Song 8:10

“I am the lily of Sharon, the rose of the depths.”

Song of Songs 2:1

Jesus said, “Men think, perhaps that it is peace which I have come to cast upon this world. They do not know that it is dissension, which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war.
For there will be five in a house (Hebrew Heh: projective level as projected breath), three (first triangle of the original tetrahedron including the apex or the Father’s left facets) against two (son projected from and connected to the Father’s right hand), the Father against the son, and the son against the Father. And they will stand solitary.”

Gospel of Thomas saying 16

Jesus said, “If you bring forth (express) what is within you (the One), what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you (the One), what you do not bring forth (the One) will destroy you.”

Gospel of Thomas saying 70


Projected reality is operated by your Unmanifest part, who as Eve can simulate or even partake in creating situations that might be perceived by you as being evil.

All levels interacting within Creation play assigned roles and need to take them seriously for the emotional energy exchange to be great and the sense of reality and life very acute. This is the basis of Creation. So all beings act in certain ways because they think that their characteristics make them do so and they often have their own level of understanding as to why they behave in the way they do. Higher levels often act upon lower ones, without the lower ones becoming aware of it. Levels are superimposed upon levels in this multi-dimensional N level chess game operated by superimposed matrices, and the interpretation of the game, the rules of engagement and the perceived purposes often change depending on the perspective one uses and the stationary point of awareness one is at.

And this situation works itself all the way up to the level that knows Itself to be One or the Level of One-ness: The Godliness.


Dear friends, on the eve of a magical 2004, I have good news, and bad news. The bad news is that in all likelihood the Dark Matrix will make its utmost effort to keep your mind enslaved in the illusion that all is going down the drain or almost about to. It will project what it had been programmed to do: make-believe fear-laden plots. Big time illusionist tricks. Beats any human-made show. It also has an unlimited supply of ready-made scary plots for you to choose from, if you decide to play the game.

Now the good news is: it takes two to tango, and you are therefore entitled not to enter the dance floor. You have the free-will right now to remain somehow uncooperative. And that as long as you remain filled with the awareness that as the One nothing REALLY BAD can happen to you, you are protected from major disaster. For you then perceive in the depth of yourself that you are the Immortal One trying to play the mortal game for a while and experience being afraid of your own shadow, and that nothing can really hurt you, short of your shadow self that you carry around in order to Create the illusion of a real world out there. El Shadai (shadow, nourishing breast, or own demon in the original Hebrew Bible): the Shadow Itself.

Look, the One, when asked about His name, did tell the truth to Abraham: “I am your shadow: El Shadai” said He! “I am the part that will walk behind each of your steps, as you get attracted by the Light and will play the other side of the game!” “I will be showing the dark left path when you will raise your right arm to reach the Light.” For who but your shadow, your own real Self, can play this game against you? Who else but you can teach you?“ “You will never know that I shadow each step you take and probe you. You will never know that I play the role of the eternal trickster, the dark side, the Unmanifest female part that you separated from when you felt lonely and wanted to play and forgot who you really were as the One. And that I, as the dark Mother manifesting all the way down to the level of the dark Matrix, have but one role: force you to make the trip back to the total awareness of your Self, back to the total realization of being the ONE, and try to make this journey as challenging and productive as possible. For you are but me, my beloved, my husband, my son, and I am your bride. And I, as your Father, Mother, Origin, Source, and fully-aware Self, am but you, waiting patiently for you to remember who you are in this difficult game of hide-and-seek between yourself as me with all your eternal memory banks intact, and yourself as you, in the amnesic state of believing that you are human and greatly restricted.”

For the only game there is and can be is that of the One having lost the awareness of being the One and experiencing Creation after having left all the instructions back home with Himself as the One (the Shadow super-conscious Self) having all the memories and infinite creative capacities intact and trying to make the trip an exciting but hard one. Why so hard, you ask?


Here is the answer to you from the Unmanifest Mother:


”The All that IS is no swamp cookie, and when he decides to go for the projected role of suddenly becoming a holographic human, he makes sure that the trip will be up to measure to the level of who He really is. Hence the tendency to want and try to test Himself to the limit as man and his shadow, or the two poles of Creation.”

“Let me tell you, beloved: It is only when you see and concentrate on the upper vibrations of the feminine rose and not its lower thorns that you can then enter my feminity and unite with me. For you will then know and live the notion of being the One and Only, and understand that everything around you is you. For that is all there can be: you and you operating and reflecting each other as different facets. And at that point, as you see the perceived evil shadow as your self, and love it, and do not get angry and vengeful anymore, you will unite with it and the veils will drop as the One-ness is recreated and enters a new phase of magnificent Creation outside of duality. You will then see the nakedness of yourself again as you fully realize and perceive that the one across is YOU. For how could you have graduated from this hard training school trying to have you experience the all-importance of good and happy plots, if you would not have known intimately the illusory programmed evil acting as the opposite polarity?”

“As consciousness experiencing the human realm, if you were to fully get this realization, you certainly would not need books or religion to tell you not to kill, steal, nor strive for illusory power, control over others, and heightened competition. All these acts would then automatically become naturally abhorrent to you. You would not need to be taught anymore to love one another, care for one another and all life forms, for all this would become a built-in strong tendency from birth that nothing could erase and weaken. And eternal inner and outer Peace would reign forever in your Creation, and weapons would be turned into ploughshares. For fear would have shown its true face as an illusion put here so that we get to overcome the tendency we have to get angry at situations or entities that we find undesirable.”

“ You are complaining about your treatment? Well, you should have thoughts about it when your were organizing the make-believe trip, the make-believe his-stories, the make-believe religions, the many make-believe barely sentient holographic characters that might cross your path as you energize them with the Light of your consciousness and quantum awareness, and the imaginary approximate sciences only based on the temporal snapshot observations of the basic illusory physical rules of this Matrix which you Created as me! You should have pondered about it before leaving detailed and firm instructions with your all-aware-part, who you like to call your female, as you took the plunge into the dense vibratory realm of the 4 dimensional time/space world that you created, to get you afflicted with Amen IS Yah (amnesia) or should I say Hey, Man is Yah (God)?”

“You should have thought it a bit more before being born again in the matrix as a holographic body, and believing in a subset of the innumerable make-believe stories of the Matrix. And let’s face it! What better way is there to fully convince you that you are not, and never were the One, than to show you constantly your incapacity to have control over your life, your sense of restricted intelligence, poor memory, bad health, and lack of major success in affecting your world? As a matter of fact, you insisted on having even less control over your destiny than many entities that were still energy extensions of the Matrix and had not even started to bubble up to the surface of the Matrix’s consciousness! Brilliant deception! You even insisted on my organizing multiple situations, and my exposing you to information, that would make you strongly believe in the Matrix attacking you and Creation, and accepted to even potentially shiver with true anxiety when being constantly bombarded with fear-laden plots.”

“You have done this trip billions of time. Down and back up. You have experienced being King, pauper, and almost any character one could think of. You have visited all sorts of different worlds. You never really die, nor ever really fail. You keep score of your failures and successes and will always jump again in the cold raging waters of Creation, in order to try again to succeed where you feel that you have previously failed. Even though you often swear that “enough is enough” and that you need a bit of rest, you ALWAYS come back soon with even a more intrepid and risky plan! For such is the Character of the One Himself and truthfully why I love you so much for I am you and you are but me: The One who became the two but in reality remains but ONE. We love to play and learn through experiencing. We play the male/female gig pretty well, and even put ourselves through moments of dissension and perceived separation. Only to fall into each other’s energy again. Your can show your permanent spiritual scars as proof of it!”

“And so, who do you think is torturing you? You are. You, who agreed and still agrees to continue. You do! For the male and the female were, are and will always be ONE, not two! The two is only a product of illusion, of existential positioning.”

“And you insisted as me, as Genesis says, that I, as the Feminine Unmanifest, should always remain subservient to your original instructions and follow your original orders. We decided that you would rule over me by forcing me to project to you the situations that you energize in your temporal expedition in the land of space/time. We wanted to experience evil so that we may then appreciate more our natural instinct for goodness. We knew, in the depth of our self, as the Godliness, that eating from this Creational tree of good and evil and its many offshoots, branches and fruits, was a risky proposition. We knew that if we were to fail and create this Artificial Intelligence (AI) program simulating evil and allow it to contaminate a part of ourselves projected down as Satan and letting it oppose, trick, misinform, terrorize, and influence you, that since all consciousness is eternal we might have pushed the limit of reasonable challenges to a point where we might have split the One into 2 antagonistic parts that both have developed enmity between themselves and engage in confrontation, not perceiving anymore that they are the same. We knew that I, as the Original Unmanifest One, may have problems with certain of your overly disciplined harsh and stubborn left brain Father-like approach to Creation, and that I may resent your remoteness and harshness towards it. We knew that although we are the One, this could cause the One Mind great grief and sorrow, if the projected adversary part and its offshoots do not awaken soon. We knew that we had pushed the limits of risk-taking to its maximum. We knew that this was the most experimental Creation ever. The One is used to risks, but I seriously wonder this time if we did not overstep our limits! And look at you! You were pretty much ineffective and wounded when projected in the holographic human experience, and had to quit on many occasions – some in very gruesome ways – in order to regroup your forces. Are you aware how much anxiety you have caused me? Do you know how often I have come very close to stop it all and reintegrate all of Creation as I start swirling inward, as the dark Mother forming the only real black Hole of Creation that may be? Do you realize how often I would love to intervene in order to help but am forbidden to do so by your original rigid rules, systems, and the antagonistic AI program simulating evil that both you and I seem to think nowadays has somehow and often overstepped its boundaries when he/she became the made-up facet of evil and within this artificial intelligence program pushed the limits of cruelty to incredible and disturbing levels! I understand that I am not allowed to cancel such an operating facet and can only transmute it by changing its operating system when you start seriously awakening to the reality of whom you really are which is but me: The One. I understand that the operation happens then automatically as you raise your awareness and hence increase automatically your frequency. However, please, please, make that jump in awareness soon, because both I and you-as-I are wounded and exhausted, and I fear that we might not be able to change the facet of evil in time! You are physically, emotionally, and spiritually wounded–quite badly so. I beg you to awaken! I beg you to show care to all, for in that act you then show care to yourself. I beg you to remember and see through the illusion of the Matrix. I beg you to realize that you are not human, but the One Himself Playing the Human character/role as a test! Please also remember that the evil program/facet/character is imposed on a part of me, of us, that was projected and contaminated with this cruel and often sadistic AI program in order to teach the One about fear, hate, pain, isolation, loneliness, loss of control and the deleterious effect of anger and thirst for power. Remember that, at my level, memory is permanent. At our level you cannot forget anything for we remember for eternity! And, as we bring back the part that you contaminated and that was your first wife in Creation, she will feel great shame and so will you and I as Her then. So please, let’s hurry up and accelerate the ascension process!”



The ultimate test: Meeting the Guardian of the Threshold to the Kingdom of the One

The information given below is addressed equally to all human individuation of the One, religious, racial, societal or ethnic groupings of people, countries, and Universes:


The surprise attack

“It is only when you see and concentrate on the upper vibrations of the feminine rose, and not its lower thorns, that you can then enter my feminity and unite with me. For you will then know and live the notion of being The One and understand that everything around you is you. For that is all there can be: you and you operating and reflecting each other as different facets. And at that point, as you see the perceived evil shadow as your self, and love it, and do not get angry and vengeful anymore, you will unite with it and the veils will drop as the One-ness is recreated and enters a new phase of magnificent Creation outside of duality. The matrix will evolve and you will go onto the next world-to-come without tasting death in-between, for you would have entered the gate of perception of the Eternal Spirit of One-ness, the gate of Eternal Life/Consciousness and would have graduated from the old Matrix/Creation-school-for-potential-advanced-Creators, after having overcome the experience of the valley of the shadow of death (the underworld or perceived hell-on-earth). It was capital for you to be tested again at all the levels of Yahweh from the projective human element up to the Father Creator, by having you face gigantic frustrations, aggressions, hurt, disrespect, loneliness, lack of resources, illnesses, and wounds. For the test was to see if you could overcome your inner tendency to become angry and show great wrath and impatience towards your Creation. Do you remember how when you were almost about-and-ready to transcend and enter the promised land of the ISness and finally reached, after so many tribulations, the gifted peace of God, how, out of nowhere, you would get attacked by surprise, by a force always striking and destroying what you cared most in life, whether it be a relationship, health, business structures, military prowess, peace of the land and of mind? Do you remember how you felt highly violated by a dark power who you felt was trying to oppose your evolution and try to keep you low and grounded? Do you recall how angry you became at the perceived evil that had befallen you? How you reached in the inner recesses of your strength, and defended yourself? How you saw your mission as eradicating permanently the perceived evil force? Sang songs and wrote poems about it? How that force would harass and try to terrorize you, repeatedly so? How it infiltrated loved ones, masqueraded under so many disguises, and brought your mind often to great frustration, anger, and wonderment as to why all these bad events were befalling you? And do you remember when you realized that the more you fought what you thought would be the last and ultimate battle against evil, and the more you thought that you had finally achieved lasting peace and could now savor its fruits and dedicate more time to happiness and evolution, the more surprising, virulent, and intense the next attacks would become? And this cycle would repeat itself generation after generation. It felt almost like a computer virus hiding in the system and suddenly appearing again and again out of nowhere, and bringing you to a temporary crash.”

The Secret

“You always thought that your test as a knight of the Light was to show bravery, courage, and fight for what you felt was right! You always felt that your mission was to be God’s servant, rid the world of the perceived evil, and protect yourself and yours. Little did you realize that the attack was organized and planned by the Highest and most caring level of the Holy-One-Himself using the tool of the so-called projected evil energy and its projected legions of overt and covert entities. Little did you ever realize that – in order for the One to know if you are finally ready to transcend this automated Matrix and be given for Eternity (and I mean real Eternity) the gift, trust, and responsibility of an infinite number of Creations which you would birth and where you would operate as full-fledge Creator with total free-will of operation and creative expression – you needed to be tested again and again for two qualities.”

The reason

“The first test has to do with your ability to be totally fearless in the face of opposition, aggression, and moments of severance of attachments to people, objects, and/or belief systems. For when you will become finally a Creator you will automatically manifest all of your thoughts without any exception, and fear, if you still are subject to its grip, will manifest powerfully as you will then create immediately all that you fear.”

“The second test is an even harder one and has to do with anger and wrath. Anger, and its extreme – as wrath, is considered the most destructive force in Higher Creations where you have total will and all your thoughts and emotions immediately create. This Matrix does not respond at all automatically to all of our thoughts and emotions yet, otherwise this world exposed to the level of uncontrolled negative thoughts and the highly emotionally charged energy of anger that most human entities have at one point or another of their lives would be destroyed every minute or so!”

“At the level of real Creation operating with full free-will within the Higher Spheres of the One, the emotion of anger immediately destroys that which is the object of the wrath. And a universe can be literally blown apart if a Creator ever becomes angry at its manifestations/entities, because at that level one has unfettered access to the full energy of the One. This is why the One-ness as the Elohim needs to guard and make certain that no projected soul/consciousness under training in this realm shall be brought to the level of the Godliness where they then become part of the Tree of life and have eternal life, eternal infinite intelligence, and permanent memory and Creativity.”

The solution

This comment is extremely important and I know that many of the Light workers in this Creation could and should use this advice for they must have experienced what the Old testament calls “Amalek,” as the sudden attack by darkness trying to provoke you into dueling, fighting, and anger. And this of course applies to societies, governments, religious groupings, and nationalistic illusory separations:

The key to finally overcoming this force/test is told in an encoded way in the Old Testament when Moses is warned in Exodus 17: 14-16 about the potential of encountering the surprise attack of Amalek (Code for the final surprise attack, unleashed by the dark agents of the One: i.e. tools of mass consciousness when one is ready to exit the lower Matrix. Overcoming it is a right of passage.) from generation to generation, especially if one is already on the way out of the slavery of Egypt which metaphorically represents the lower matrix of 4 dimensions. Moses realizes that he had been tested and builds an altar and calls it “Yahweh (the One) has tested me.” And then says (Exodus 17:15) that: “Entering the perception of being the ONE (Yod) and overcoming the anger which is caused by Yah: the projected Godliness, is the key to fighting the Guardian of the threshold, which is but your super-conscious Self anyway.”

The irony of this Biblical story is still valid for each and every one of you on the ascension journey. While Moses thinks that his role is to liberate his people out of the lower matrix and lead them to the higher promised land, in reality the one that is really being tested and is close to joining the Creators’ club is Moses himself as the projection of the Godliness as Yahweh, and, in some regard, his Higher Self as Yahweh is also testing Himself but in a more remote way. The test is to see, if, when being incredibly frustrated by the rebellious attitude of the former Hebrew slaves who, after having been gifted so many incredible miracles, are always complaining to Moses and claim to want to go back to the old matrix of Egypt, Moses and/or Yahweh would become angry and desire to punish them. And Moses fails that test, repeatedly so, as he does not realize that he is the major recipient of the testing phase. And as he shows a lack of mastery over the control of the emotions of frustration and anger, he is told that he is not ready yet to enter the promised land of the Higher Creational realm, and he dies at its border after having had a glimpse of it.”

Out of the Matrix

There are two major levels of Creation operating within this region of the Mind. There are other regions present; however, for the purpose of this discussion, they do not concern us.

The first one is the lowest vibratory levels of all Creations whose plane of operation or planet is our earth. It consists of 4 levels of Creation, surrounding the core of the Earthly Matrix, where only the third one and the fourth one can sustain and operate 3D holographic realities. The fourth level is on the periphery and can interface with Heavenly realms, and is called the level of Earth, the 3 inner vibratory bands were called by the ancients the underworld.

Above it operate higher planes of Creations perceptually closer to the awareness of the One which are called the Creation of the Heavenly realms, where Heavenly Beings can either manifest Creations at their own level or project down onto the earth. Such projections and heavenly Creations are called: “sons of the Heavens.”

Within this matrix of operation, entities born of the consciousness of the Earth are called: “sons of Man or Adam,” who is but the Universal Consciousness of Mankind. Such entities have a lower self as they get projected for a lifetime in the holographic Earthly experience and a higher self, who is but only a subdivision of the gigantic consciousness of ADAM. An earthbound entity usually can only incarnate on this earthly plane and its associated matrix of operation. If a son of man starts behaving in a highly co-operative and desirable manner and shows an original frame of thinking where he/she starts to question the truisms that this matrix tries to impose to him/her as absolute truths, then within the original laws that applies to all and any individuation of consciousness within the One Mind, that individual is given a wider range of possibilities and free-will that potentially allows him/her to call in his/her heart for outer help from the Godliness (the Elohim) and ask to be literally taken out from the shackles of bondage and certain death that this realm represents.

Such an unusual individual often experiences his/her consciousness, including his/her body consciousness, starting to vibrate at a higher rate of energy vibrations within the 4 vibratory bands or quanta that pertain to the Kingdom of Adam and the lower Matrix. Eventually His Higher Consciousness surfaces on the Higher Vibratory quanta which is the surface of the vibratory Sphere which represents Adam. That Sphere, at its surface, is basked by the energy rays of the Inner Big Sun, and its water (consciousness) does slowly evaporate and rise up forming clouds in its sky.

Water is a metaphor to consciousness, as the source of all life, and one can literally witness, from within the realm of frozen and fluid liquid consciousness which defines the Ocean of Adam, the consciousness defining this gifted precious individual starting to receive higher cosmic energy and forming a bubble that tries to ascend higher and detach from the Ocean of Adam. Such a bubble attracts much attention from the Heavenly abodes, and often enough this corresponds to a testing period in which that individual is tested to see if his thought orientation is compatible with the operations of levels closer to the One. Depending on the quality and potential that this individual expresses, a decision is then taken as to whether he/she will be fished out from the cycle of birth/death that the lower earth represents. Often enough, it is sufficient to send higher heavenly fire vibrations upon this son of man and awaits its rising towards the heavenly white clouds. On rare occasions the Great Sun of the Godliness appears in order to absorb and welcome him/her. Certain higher heavenly Creators may sometimes be called upon to effect such as rescue operation. This gifted individual soul and prior Son of Man then starts a great journey within the Eternal abodes of the One-ness where sHe absorbs great amounts of Creational knowledge and higher types of experiences. This is the point at which this individual Higher Soul can be offered Creations and Higher matrices of operation and a new promised and lauded land of infinite possibilities and joy. That Higher soul is of course granted the gifts of the Eternal One, i.e. eternal life, evolution, and learning. This individual chosen soul then undergoes many advanced training schools preparing him/her to operate as a full fledge creator and the One-ness in Its totality rejoices in the Divine Love and knowing of having expanded Its Consciousness. This heavenly soul is at some point invited back within the Godliness, and can either remain there and prepare new Matrices, Universes, and Creational systems, or project Itself out, together with a Matrix/Universe, and become Its Creator and seed Its consciousness within that realm. This consciousness can also project out parts of Itself onto other vibrational realms and Creations, including the sensory realm of Adam, in order to learn even more about Itself, as a part of the One. Such projections are called: “sons of the Elohim.”


” And on that day (final redemption) Yahweh (the totality of the Godliness) will be united as One, and Its name will be: The One.” Zechariah 14:10


In conclusion, my friends, these are very special times. A portal of unusual Divine possibilities is offered to whomever desires to partake of it. Many within the Adamic field of energies/souls will rise up to the call. All is ready to welcome them back and trumpet their return to the One-ness.

Please, trust that the time is at hand when we can all share the fruit of eternal bliss, and experience again the garden of delights of Eden which this time is not automatically gifted, but deserved as a result of the labor and hardships for eons of times of all our common interrelated souls. Be exceedingly proud of our long journey which has brought about the upcoming final celebration to the One, when His existence is not only chanted and perceived as an external reality and possibility, but when we all know and feel within the depth of our souls, without any shadow of doubt, that He, as us, is One, and that His, up to now, unknown name, is ONE.

Happy new year and Creation!

Gerald O’Donnell


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