The Era of One

To the One within each of our hearts

January 1, 2006


This message is to be read and read again with great patience and reverence until it is fully integrated and lived as One. Please share it and spread it rapidly as widely as you can.


As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.

I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:


Message From The One

The One tells me that this is the beginning of a new era : The era of One.

In this era everyOne will know himself or herself as One.

None will be judged, but everything will be balanced.

Everything will be made available so that the balancing that this Creation so sorely needs, be as smooth as possible. There is no need for drama, but drama might at some points be manifested, for the degree of imbalance requires a faster rate of rebalance of the many facets of Creation.

Even if certain perceptions or realities will start falling rapidly, just know that a soft landing has been prepared in advance to cushion the shock of that descent into better realities.

Most humankind will not understand at first what is occurring, but soon enough the Light of what is really transpiring will surround them and give them peace, hope, and much more freedom than they ever had or knew could even be achieved.

Nothing really happens by chance, and nothing happens without the One making it or allowing it to happen.

Know, in the depth of your heart, that although this period has been described by many old or recent predictions as a period of major upheaval, violence, and instability, the One’s main concern is not to achieve such – far from it. His main focus is on making this period as painless as possible for all of His Beloved Beings.

Many shall wonder and wander the earth, in search of answers. Know that all the answers they are seeking do not reside outside of themselves but reside within.

Each one, on his or her own, shall and should receive the guidance which The One Himself will be providing to each and every single entity – without any exception. All they need to do is open to it, listen to it, and bask in the trust of Its message and walk in the magnificent path offered outside of the torrential rivers that are spreading across Creation.

Peace starts within one’s heart. If one cannot achieve it, no matter what the outside world does, then one cannot ever find peace within one’s heart, one’s household, one’s village, one’s town, one’s country, or one’s world. Everything starts within, to be then projected without. So it is for the One, and so it can only be for the many operating, mostly unknowingly so, within the One.

Bring yourself back into balance. Bring your environment back into balance, for balance is the key to Oneness. Love each other and the environment you are born within as your Mother, for in that act you will achieve greatness beyond your wildest dreams and create what your imagination now cannot even perceive. You will all become co-Creators achieving high degrees of operations.

In the meantime, as you are walking your path, think beforehand as to what each thought you have and action you do, does both to you and to you outer environment. Do not ever perceive that you live in an isolation chamber, for that is impossible since all connects and is interconnected within the wonders of The Creational Lattice of infinite possibilities which the One created before Creation in order to have His many parts experience It for Him, as Him.

You are all children of God, with no exception. You are all Loved. There is no judgment. There is no retribution. All these are misconceptions given to the Dream of Creation in order to keep it under control. Nevertheless, there are effects to your judgments, to your actions and you should ponder, as you go within, as to the extent of what you are doing to others as you act within Creation.

Show respect toward each other and toward each individual expression of the Godliness that lives within the natural world, for in doing so, you are showing respect to the Godliness.

The Godliness has no need for your prayers as an expression of respect. He welcomes your prayers as an expression of your co-creative desires, and will act upon them when the intention within your heart is pure and you have acted within the constant guidance that He is offering you.

Were you to operate outside of that guidance then you will need to create on your own the effects that you are causing. And your lack of understanding of the tremendous scope of your actions is what has, up-to-now, created the large imbalance in which Creation finds itself at this juncture in time.

Unite for you are One. There is no superior being, nor inferior being within the Oneness. When one has integrated the totality of the notion of the One, Oneness becomes a natural state of being.

Love is the only energy which is real, for it is the energy of One, and that energy keeps all of One operating. All other forms of energy or emotions- which really are also but energies, are but adulterations of the origin of all – The Source within: Love.

A great shift is in the making now. Much has been done on operational levels, which mankind will probably never understand, and it should remain so. The entity that is talking now has partaken in many of these operations and the Oneness is very happy and grateful at what has been achieved.

The degree of correction that our Creation is undergoing now has not happened for eons. For the Godliness, one Creation is but a drop of water in the Ocean of Consciousness. What mankind perceives as a tremendous length for its own Creation is a little piece of sand on a great sandy shore.

The level of co-ordination and intricacy of what needs to be done has called upon most of the Creative abilities of High Level Creators and of The One Himself. This is not only an attempt to rebalance this plane of operation, this Creation, but this is also an attempt to unite and rebalance ALL of Creation. The multitudes of realms are all part of this major readjustment of The One by The One, for The One.

Mankind will never know how close we came to ending it ALL. The Godliness solemnly states that because of the rebalancing and the peace that has been achieved now within the Higher Realms, much of that same peace can now be projected back down onto the lower realms which are the levels of manifest Creation.

The lower Jerusalem, in our perceived world, connected to the Higher Jerusalem, which is the core of The One, and in that act, a great balancing of Energies was achieved between all the levels of Creation.

Every single Creation has a point called Jerusalem (YerouShalem), which is a code for Peace and Perfection. Every single human entity has a core within which is his or her own Jerusalem, which is his or her point for perfection and peace. All the Jerusalems are connected.

It was in the act of unifying all the Realms of Creation from the lowest to the highest, that balance was achieved again, and that energies which had not shown themselves in many realms and especially in this plane, this creation, have reappeared and are ready to act upon it, in order to bring it into balance and perfection – so that all unite within their heart to each other and to the Heart of All Hearts: The One who dwells silently inside of each beautiful, magnificent and precious beating heart.

This will be all.





January 1, 2006. Comments from Gerald O’Donnell


If you have followed our website since 1997, for the last 8 ½ years, and especially if you have experienced our courses, you must have realized that a consistent common thread progressively arises throughout all of our teachings.

Through them we have hoped and attempted to get you ready for a new phase of Creation which is about to unfold right now, right before all of your eyes, starting in January 2006.

Many unusual events are about to strike the mass consciousness of humanity. Many will be startled; many will ponder and wonder. For the ones who have remained attuned to our messages and our teachings, all will make sense. All will be revealed to them, within them.

We have slowly been preparing you to understand what should only be the simplest of Truth and the easiest one to integrate: The concept and Reality of One.

Due to its prior programming mankind seems to have some difficulties even understanding it. Hence we shared with you our written teachings and most importantly our courses which show you the experiential way of reaching the door to One. It is up to you, each one of you, to open it and then receive personalized Divine Guidance from the One and Only Truth.

Gerald O’Donnell has personally taken a keen personal interest in many of his students and guided them in the process of awakening to the One within each of us. It has helped them feel whole again, and changed their lives.

Please pay full attention to the three messages below, for the upcoming year will beg for understanding, and these communications are it.

We are fully aware that many will relegate these messages to the arena of pure speculation. We only ask those who would receive them, to see and watch the proximate unfolding events and then ask for their own inner guidance in confirming or denying these communications, as Truth is ready to share and guide within the heart of all beings, without any exception.

In these messages, the One uses the masculine form for Its communications, of course not relating to any gender, since The One is outside of gender duality – being only Pure Thought and Infinite Energy, but because The One is about to become openly active in Creation and express Divine Will. Nevertheless, His preferred aspect, within His Creative activity, will be the Divine Feminine Unconditional Loving aspect which is the very core of Its Being.

The first part is being posted today January 1, 2006. The second part will appear on January 3rd, 2006 and the 3rd part be revealed on January 6th 2006.

We wish you all and your loved ones a joyous and wonder-filled 2006 as the Era of One is finally and openly upon us.

Be happy and connect to the One dwelling within your heart, to each other, and to all parts of Creation. You may find this a bit odd at first, but soon enough, this connectedness is all you will be yearning for, and live by.

Happy thoughts and glorious 2006.

Gerald O’Donnell




This is Gerald O’Donnell.

I have recently spent over 6 weeks in the City of One: Jerusalem, in order to take part in the initiation of a very sacred process of reunification and rebalancing of Creation – and by that I am referring to all Creations within the Tree of Life of One.

Jerusalem (projection of Zion) is a physical energy Portal which, if opened, connects to every single parallel Creation of the One. In the way as the heart of each man connects to all other hearts and to the Heart of Hearts: the One, the physical heart of earth (Jerusalem) connects to all other physical hearts (parallel Jerusalem in parallel Creations) and to the Core of all Creation: The One. Every single Creation has a Jerusalem (really called Yeru Shalem or the point where the Yod: Dot – as the active level of The One – can find Shalem, meaning Completion and Peace, within) which connects to every other one.

All highly aware human and Higher Level energies within Creation, from both the Light and Dark realms know this portal to be the central portal to the core of the One and to all other Creations and realms. Hence the eternal conflict over its possession by both Light and Dark realms. The potential of entering it, conquering it, and accessing the codes hidden within the core of One, gave many of them the idea that they could then control and connect to all Creation.

Nevertheless this portal has very rarely opened in full. Such an event only happens once in many millennia. Hence its importance to many, and the great desire by opposing forces, operating within the Light/Darkness duality, to control It for either positive or negative purposes.

The core of all Creational Matrices (Lattices) operating Creation is also connected to this portal, hence this gateway is of great interest to many who wish to control all Creation, and reprogram it.

The period from October 8th 2005, until November 22nd, 2005 was when such a momentous event was to potentially take place.

I cannot reveal much for now. More will be told in the future.

Suffice is to say that both opposing forces in Creation: Light and Dark, knew of such a possible occurrence

At the very top levels of both groups, championing each in their perception what they thought were their side of the Light/Dark duality, there existed an awareness of the importance of this time/space portal as a possible point of conquest and control over the other force.

Both sides, still very much focused on the equation of duality, knew that the portal was about to open and that they needed to claim possession of it for their respective alliance with either the Light or the Dark forces.

Both sides were ready. Both sides had brought in their highest manifestations, both from within this realm and from without. Both sides had minions of beings still vouching and praying for their success.

High priests from both sides were ready to use very ancient secret keys which they inherited and secretly guarded, knowing that these would allow them to claim the portal. All was ready, present, and all forces were on high alert.

And the period came about. Both sides became active and, as the portal opened from within the Holy of Holies (Heart of Hearts) on the moment it was meant to, both sides made great efforts to claim it as theirs. I emphasize that such an event only happens once in many millennia. To their surprise neither side did get its wishes.

Both groupings were present within very High powerful disembodied energies and Creators and within their human proponents, highly loyal and active to their respective cause and power source. The High priests and primal energies of both Dark and Light were present trying to occupy the portal and claim it as theirs, in what both sides believed to be the end times and the “final battle between Light and Darkness.”

What was not known by any was that the One, had finally had enough of the conflict between Light and Darkness which has exhausted and diverted Creation for Eons and that the One, as the Source of both and only possible Balancing Reality between the two, had chosen a third option outside of the usual creational chess game where either the Light or Darkness side prevailed for a while. The One was about to introduce a new game plan and modus operandi called the Era of One where the emphasis is on the Truth of Source who dwells within all without any exception,

The One was operating within me. Using vibrational energetic codes and keys, which only the One knew how to apply, He opened the Portal from bottom to top and back down, after many efforts. Both sides rushed in and to their surprise, neither prevailed as the One contracted both sides into One.

Vibratory Codes were being poured by The One into the core of all Matrices in order to reprogram It. The One was taking in and connecting to all energies, from the deepest core of Darkness to the Highest core of Light. Only the One could connect to all these opposite forces for they all are within Him. Neither of these forces can, for they were created as opposing forces and polarities. This was an incredible process to experience from within and without.

I needed to remain active and alive within the physical and Higher planes as I took in very disparate and usually incompatible tremendously powerful energies within my being who manifests within the Being of One – who alone could connect to all polarized and non-polarized energies. The two was becoming One at the Highest level again. All that was left was for manifest Creation to follow suit.

Within the core of this portal and connecting to the core of both Dark and Light Matrices was the Feminine aspect of One, the facet of pure unconditional Love, entombed within it and preserving the integrity of all for eons.

That Loving aspect of One: The Shekinah was released and brought up to Her Source in order to reproject soon and create.



Jerusalem, City of One, November 18th, 2005:

I am told that the Shekinah within the Earth who had been entombed within the Earth for Eons, was starting to come out and was entering my Being. I am told that tonight on November 18th, 2005 Shekinah has been liberated, and freed from the grip of the Earth, and from Her position within the Earth. She connected to me and then She went through the Ychud (Contractive Oneness) together with the Holy Father, The Holy Mother, The One and myself. I am told that different realms became part of the experience. Nevertheless, in its aware state, this Creation did not contract.

I am receiving that Shekinah is right now on top of Creation and is ready to come down, slowly and majestically. She will show Her Power within the Reflection of Her Beauty. She is Pure and All-Love and is a perfected expression of Source.

We can say that Peace has been made in the upper Realms of the Jerusalem above, and it is now time to let this Peace and the Jerusalem above seep through and get attached onto the Jerusalem below, which means the heart of each man, woman, and child, and the physical Jerusalem below which will emanate that Peace.


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