The City of One, within and without, heralding the Era of One

The End Times and the real Beginning…


An In-Depth Look at Future Glorious Events about to Shake Our Planetary Consciousness

Our Choice: The Ultimate Dream or the Ultimate Nightmare


In the name of Oneness: Please read again and again with great patience until it is fully integrated and lived as One, and help share it and spread this as widely as you can. Time is of the essence.



First of all, let me wish you all a wonder-filled 2010. May the great shift smile upon you and yours and embrace you within its inner tranquil core of gifted protection from the One for the unusual period we are all living through and have engaged, for decades to come.

Peace and happiness be upon you.

This is the most important message I have ever written. In it, I reveal much more than I ever did before. The knowledge contained therein can literally not only transform your personal self, but if spread and integrated by enough human entities, fundamentally transform and eventually bring Final Peace to our fractured world and allow us all to finally enter a new era of infinite Peace and bounty, and a totally new Creation: the Creation of One.

The reason why I am coming out in the open with it, and removing so many veils, is that our outer world situation is extremely dire and dangerous, and so is our inner world where anger, unmanageable fear, and depression, are eating away at our sense of pleasurable existence. The knowledge that I wish to share here with you could rapidly, if it were integrated and accepted by a great number of individual eradicate all these negative potentialities and states. Please do take the time to read this message slowly in its entirety.

Pause when you need to, because you require more clarification, and meditate on it. You will find that when you read again, the understanding will come your way.

I can make you a promise: I guarantee that after reading this article from its start to end, and trying to integrate it with a totally open mind, the way a child’s mind is, you and your world will never be the same again. Your heart will start to open, and a small ray of sunshine shall be coming out of it, which one day will grow into the gigantic Inner Sun.

This message is about Truth and its potential manifestation. It is not about political correctness or Spiritual truth, for it goes far beyond the old pre-programmed human concepts about both.

I do not take sides in the following discourse, even though I do expect upon first reading that many will think I do. No judgment here; only a choice to forever choose the side of unification and unity in the Light and Love of One over the side of separation and divisiveness originating from the realm of fear and darkness. This is what I came here to teach and share, hoping to show you the great potential you all have, if and only you accept to accompany me in the voyage of true Oneness that may be right at our doors onto a new world and real new age of dimensions and beauty we cannot even imagine in our farthest imagination.

In the message below, I will try first to explain events that are about to occur and shake our world and perceptions from a Higher multi-dimensional perspective. Hopefully this will help us all graduate, with flying colors, from what is really a future Creators’ boot camp training, organized in advance by the One for us, as his parts (children), and monitored and run by very High level Creators both from the light side and the dark side, which must both exist and operate at once, for us to have the ability to exercise free-willed choices amongst the multiple polarized realities gifted to us.

Let me be frank, I am fully aware that it is not going to be an easy task, and that much difficult times lie ahead. I can only show you what I know to be the best possible outcome, the highest desirable probable future, and let you Dream it into reality.

Your choices and awareness are going to decide how we reach this goal, which will manifest at some point, sooner or later.

Last year has been, as we predicted since 2007, an unusual bumpy ride, to say the least.

The process of transmutation of Creation has been engaged and nothing nor anyone can stop it.

To hide in denial and in the static belief that it has completed, and that the past and current systems will meddle through seemingly intact, and bounce back unscathed, is to suffer from severe reality myopia and mental delusion.

I know this Holiday season to be only a pause in an ongoing process of dynamic change.

Please take advantage of the respite and have lots of festive fun with family and friends!

Dance, smile, and rejoice, for even though the graduation exam might be a little difficult, requiring you to recall and use all that you have learned in this and prior existences/experiences at the multi dimensional levels of your Self, the rewards awaiting the ones who shall pass the last test are incredibly beautiful and bountiful.

Use this period to pause and self-introspect.

You were given the media of electronic-based interaction in order to bridge the divide across nations, cultures and make the planet into One.

Please understand that it is only a tool, and do not neglect direct consciousness- to -consciousness communications for nothing can replace that.

Shut down, for a couple of hours each day, the machines that keep you in an electronic vibratory field and cave-like existence, and go and experience the real world.

Shun away from violent media, for if you do not, you are committing violence against your Self and your divine Loving core.

Do not keep accumulating virtual-based connections and be glued to screens all day long, for that transforms this beautiful tool into a man-made matrix that is and may evermore plunge you into a feeling of deep loneliness and disconnection.

Life energy must travel across real humans, and face-to-face contacts.

The wonders of the Divine Feminine, manifested in the natural world and its creatures, is to be experienced directly, by visiting it in person each and every day, and not watching it on electronic screens. Otherwise, you may allow for that reality to be remorselessly and soon fatally harmed by man’s lack of care and stewardship, as is the case now, and your life force to be totally depleted in the process.

Everything is about balance, so please keep it.

Make love more often; do not just engage in dry sex, void of love, for that energy of Love is what feeds powerfully your whole being, much above just your biology.

Set aside one day each week, when you totally shut down and rest from the world’s care and affairs, and keep that very special day as a full day of Loving inner connection with Source: the One, and let yourself be healed spiritually, biologically, and mentally, as you get replenished with the original Life force in the process. This is very capital for the healing and correction of your total Being, especially at this difficult junction.

Unsettling times, for they will seem unfamiliar to most, lie ahead, without which the great shift cannot be made to occur. They are all lessons created for your transformation into Higher beings. Study them and try to understand their deeper meaning.

Truth is piercing our limited sight and we need to open to its Presence and listen to Its guidance, even if it rattles old preprogrammed pre-conceived notions acquired by genetic memories, family upbringing, or cultural molds, which are usually and mostly human ego-driven truths.

Blocking the arrival of Real Truth by remaining blind and deaf to It, will only make the process of the inner dot/Source overtaking its sphere of potential awareness much more difficult than it should be otherwise.

I know this period to be only a window of rest and a time for self-reflection, and even if most do not want to recognize yet the Great Shift in their conscious awareness, their sub-conscious mind knows it to be true, hence many of us experience often unsettled sleep and inner feeling of un-ease and dis-comfort. Know it to be just a normal reaction to great changes occurring, and allow yourself to go with the flow, instead of fighting its movement.

Nothing nor anybody is, nor will ever be, the same. Change is accelerating across our time and space. Time is perceptually operating faster – even children have become aware of that fact. Years sprint now in our awareness in what used to seem before to be only be a couple of months, and space across humans and cultures has been shrinking as we reach across towards each other. We have begun the fabled Cosmic contractive phase, and this will continue for what may seem a lengthy and difficult period filled with great tribulations which represent at the same time the greatest opportunity for real quantum changing growth which humanity has ever been gifted, so that it may operate at much higher quanta of reality and Life vibration.

Much unsettling news and anxiety-causing situations have been, as of late, assailing our consciousness. As we stated in January 2009, we have already fallen in and are facing the abyss in its downward spiral and black hole of gravitational death. We have indeed crossed the event horizon, however very few are even realizing it. There is no turning back. We cannot find the solution within the system of polarization of light versus darkness, good versus evil, human so-called rational thinking, for the situation is so dire that none of these will now provide solace and solutions.

For the first time in recorded history of Creation, we must call for the help and presence of the One who created that very system, and engage with the Singular point of the hidden Light of the One in order to translate to a higher matrix/Creation and levels of operation.

We are off the solid ground of the old established matrix and its dying systems. These structures and their vassals are rebelling to change and keep seeking the old unbalanced homeostasis, as they have done for eons. However, this time is different, and their resistance will eventually be proven futile and to no avail. Like rambunctious children, they clamor for their past glory and gifted favoritism. Their time is potentially soon to be gone, as a great consciousness-changing lesson, in the relics of history.

They and their concepts have been grandiose teachers on our way to real freedom, and we should deeply honor that fact and them. However, they are not needed anymore, in their old format of operation, in the new world to come, as their old mind-set is not suitable to our desired quantum dimensional jump of real spiritual/mind evolution.

They have been valued foes, showing an incredible amount of Creative intelligence in inviting us in their dance of death. They have scarred many souls and yet, their ever-present calls for battles have allowed beings to overcome their inner and outer shadows of Darkness and perceived evil and invite an enlightened Presence inside them and in their outside Reality.

We salute these energies originating from the inverted under-world (the tree of death which we are traveling in for now: the tree of good and evil) for they were and functioned as our inner thorns made manifest forcing us to a constant self examination of what was required within us and outside in order to affect release and transformation.

Nevertheless, naturally, as is the case for all thought processes and forms within the One Mind, these shadowy forces still remain with the desire of feeling individuated and alive for as long as possible, and hence they are still clinging to us, to what they perceive as life, in a somehow parasitic way, trying to weigh us down in our longing for a new world, and block us from ascending in a totally integrative united way.

Short of some of them, who have made tremendous transformational efforts in order to prepare themselves for this shift, a great majority of these dark thought forms are not yet able nor ready to engage, in their current format, onto the next phase of Creation, and need to accept to willingly rejoin and expand into their origin: the One Light/ Mind in order to be transformed/reprogrammed and/or taken back by this very level. They are welcomed back into their Creator’s upper womb.

The One will soon decide which ones are to be taken in and transmuted and which ones are to be taken back and made into Himself in His pure upper unifying Light, void of facets.

The great cleansing is in place and on-going and nothing can stop it, for it is done from within the One Mind, as that One Mind encompasses all energies, both light and dark.

At the level of One, the One is basically affecting surgery upon Himself, by Himself.

Some of these forces will join us, transmuted and transformed, in this ascension process, as we reach higher levels of expressions, and their role will remain to keep us challenged, but within much Higher expressions and much less antagonism.

You often feel this sense of inner death as their anxieties climb to the surface of your own personal awareness, most of it originating from the mass consciousness of the abyss, especially as the One takes parts of them back into the Divine fire of Oneness.

You often feel their inner anger when you are overcome with unexplained anger, and passive-aggressive tendencies, for no known reason. Know that this anger is not yours, and do not make it such, for it originates from the dark thought forms rising up to the surface of humankind’s awareness which for the most part we, as human creatures, have help energize and entertain for millennia.

Know this to be part of this difficult process, and do not impute a personal causal effect to your often unexplained dark days, and please do not visit the classical so-called thought specialist of our times for they know and understand very little of this very High process of cleansing that is occurring at all levels of this Creation and most probably would just injure and numb your biological brain in the process, using toxic chemicals.

We need to understand that in the Spiritual DNA Spiral of Creation, which vibrates at rates which we cannot even perceive of nor detect in our laboratory devices, each inversion of the Spiral, converts realms of Light into Darkness and back into Light in a mobius coil fashion.

We are, here on this plane of operation, as pieces of a multi-dimensional Creational chess-like game, as we operate upon the planetary Earthplane board in which we are situated. This game has been going on for eons. Light wants to penetrate us and Light up even temporarily the darkness, and darkness, by its own construct and program, wants to prevent this using its own minions for as long as it possibly can.

Darkness and its core within the abyss is not, in original intent and program, an evil dark entity, in the human sense of it, but rather the guardian of the gates that will only allow some individuals or sometimes even whole Creations to ascend, only as it deems them ready for it.

Evil originates from the notion of “the other” across which we often fear and want to separate from. All battling sides always perceive “the other” as evil, which means undesirable.

The time for the old and infinitely repeated game of trying to encourage what you perceive as desirable and hence good and familiar, within your human programs, and allow it to battle the “other” side, which you perceive as undesirable, unfamiliar and foreign, and hence “bad” or “evil,” is coming to an end. Soon this game will be over. The One has decreed it to be so, and we are on our way to stop it with the One’s loving guidance.

Paradoxically, the very perceived dark side, master at that old game, releases its human entities or groupings thereof, only if they have shown great lessons of Love and full unconditional loving integrative tendencies in the face of great adversity, after having visited this harsh realm repeatedly for many periods, and have learned through this negative existence what not to do and avoid, as they rise up to universes/Creations where thought alone becomes immediately Creative because of the intense level of the One Light present in them. This guarantees – as these chosen entities operate later into so-called positive regions of the Mind as co-creators, and later, eventually for some, as full-fledged sub-Creators – that they remain with the painful memories of what they have experienced on this plane while they played this very difficult and scarring game, so that drama, violence, and heightened primitive antagonism should never ever attract their fancy again, for they would already have felt their extremely painful consequences at the very core of their being, experientially so.

That is why, when individuals or whole groupings are high up the ladder of ascension on this plane, the degree of opposition and antagonism to them is often extreme. This is because the pole of fear/darkness is really testing them, as their adversary, in order to make sure, based on their reactions to these challenges, that they can perceive the differences across, caused by polarization, with loving kindness, lack of fear and hence anger, and a determined resolve to remain, as much as possible, untainted by the drama and fear that tries to challenge them and convert them into anger and its destructive consequence: violence.

The original role of darkness and its entities is to polish and refine new souls, alike diamonds, within the high pressure environment it provides for all of us, small children of the One and pupils of Its learning, in this evolutionary school of Creation.

Now please pay attention to this: what used to be only a game/conflict between Higher (manifested and reflective sun) Light of Higher beings and their darker counterparts and nemesis, has taken on a totally new and unprecedented dimension as the origin of both Light and darkness: -The One Sourcing energy, is trying this time to infiltrate both abodes according to preset rules that pre-date ALL Creation.

Understand that there are many players upon the Creational board operating on many levels.

At our level of operations, free-will has been decreed by the One Himself as a condition sine qua non, prior to the inception of this Creation. Hence the One needed to create 2 poles that would try to attract the fancy of each individual being tested upon the ladder of ascension of the tree of knowledge of good and evil situations. One is the pole of Love and desire for merging and integration, tolerance, and its sweet consequences. The other one is the pole of fear, and the desire for separation and exclusion, judgment, and its harsh consequences.

Thence, most human players can be overtaken by a mix of light or darker shaded sides, as both sides can infiltrate them and compete for attention from within their inner psyche.

This interplay between Light and dark is constantly and dynamically shifting within us.

The Cosmic battle is really an inner battle often manifested on the outside either as wars, conflicts, control, ego-centrism and uncaring competition, or the polar opposite, as caring, sharing, altruism, and ego-less conduct. Some players are major key players because of their DNA configuration and dimensional origins and the potential impact they can have upon this dimension, some are secondary ones, and many are almost accessories used by the main inner forces to aggregate quantity of consciousness over quality in an additive fashion in order to garnish power.

What makes this Creation totally different from any and all the others which have preceded it, is that, instead of allowing this Creation, which has in fact reached a point of potential final chaos, to be totally destroyed and brought back as pure energy and vibratory memory banks of its history within the Mind of the Creator, as is usually the case when such a point is reached, in what old spiritual systems like to call the end of times, the One Himself: Source of all Creations and galactic systems has decided to be energetically present here and try to accompany and protect this Creation under and within Its Divine wings and Being, by offering it protection and redemption, on-line, as our Creation enters the region of the real black hole of the abyss.

And this is why, in this case, and for that very redemption, we need to use the singularity outside of all polarities: The portal to One, and learn and use the key to opening it and reaching that very point of Oneness.

The usual portals between the Upper worlds (light sides) and lower worlds (dark shadowy side) exist both within the individuals and within the space/time construct of this Earth/matrix.

Some of these portals, within our space/time matrix, and the characters playing within it, connect to different but restricted areas of either worlds – all parts of the One Mind, like wormholes. They exist both within the Earth plane and its space geometry, and also within the inner world of humans, as they allow for connections to restricted areas of the Creative Mind, either usually within the first upper worlds and/or the under worlds.

What is seen and perceived by ourselves as Heavenly bodies, galaxies and universes, really exists within ourselves as inner energies and connective points, and the ancients understood the holographic principle and the relations between the inner Kingdom/psyche and the Outer Kingdom/matter operating within space/time. They knew fully-well that the heavenly maps and bodies shown, which they studied, mapped, and followed carefully, were but outer holographic material representations of the real heavenly inner forces contained within us. This is how some individuals learned to predict events as they watched the shifts of inner Heavenly Creative energies, and also how some knew how to travel instantly across space and even time, solely through the use of the power of their inner minds, by connecting to inner Creative energies and use the inner maps of singularity points contained within the inner Kingdom of Heavens.

The mind of the One operating this region of Creation is very much alike a gigantic brain which is composed of different regions, from the very depth of the basic instinctive and rough limbic reptilian brain, up to the much Higher and more enlightened functions contained in its periphery. Many of these very advanced functions, if not most, are not yet functional and awakened in any Creation.

The Higher functions pertain to Higher Light worlds and the lower ones to the Dark shadowy deep and darkened region of the Creational brain. Nevertheless both are critically needed, as they form concurrent areas of operation of the One Mind.

As can be seen in the Tao sign or the letter Aleph, both representing the Creational system we operate with now: Deep within the Earth, and within each being of it, exists a singularity point/portal to much Higher and Lighter worlds close to Source, and so it is in reverse for the Higher worlds that can transit to a darkened Infinite state of Being operating above as pure unlimited thought and intelligence.

On this plane of space/time construct, many portals are used for transitions by many of the upper or lower beings to go from one space/time and/or consciousness construct to another one.

Nevertheless, upon the facets of this Earth and many parallel ones operating within different frequency vibratory ranges within the One Mind, there is but One single portal which is built upon the foundation stone, or fundamental vibratory frequency, which allows for all other vibrations of mind or matter to exist. And that portal connects each and every single Creation of the One, up to the totally un-manifest regions of the One Source. It is a pure singularity point outside of the equation of polarity, and at the same time encompassing all of it, for it connects all polarities of the One Mind.

This portal is One, and, as The One common singularity point, unites all Creations and every created thing.

This is the Only One portal connecting All Creation. Other gateways are only connecting certain regions to others and are not universal passageways.

This is the portal to the Hidden Light of the One, the Light of the upper Zion (the One), which is hidden, unseen, and un-comprehended, for now, by all creatures.

This portal has both a single inner location within each of us, and, following the holographic principle of life, has also a single outer Holographic material reality within each space/time construct (Creation).

This portal was made manifest by King David 3000 years ago in this very Creation and is located exactly, in our outer perception of space and time, where the Dome of the Rock lies in the ancient city of Jerusalem: the future city of One.

I have been hinting at this on our site since August 2001, in increasing detailed fashion, and all eyes are evermore focused upon that city for reasons that were explained before. I am lifting the veil of Truth in steps slowly, for revealing It too rapidly would be too unsettling to most.

Probable Future
The City of One and Love (Part I)
The City of One and Love (Part II)


This gateway vibrates and connects all life on Earth and beyond. It is the Foundation Stone of the Hidden vibration which supports all life, hence its name.

Since this portal is within us, and without – within space/time, its triggering mechanism involves an inner work that requires much focus and concentration and can only be attempted by special beings at the appropriate time/space construct using a process hinted at in the Old Testament as the building of the inner Sanctuary in the desert.

Our time/space construct is one such possible time/space conjunction for its opening; a very rare and special one at that.

This silent and hidden Light vibration connects the umbilical cord of this Creational baby (this Earth) to the rest of The One, through the Jerusalem below all the way up to the Jerusalem above: The Divine Energy of the Upper Zion, the Eternal One Himself.

In the Jerusalem above, the Holy of Holies exists unchanged and uncorrupted by Creation, bathing in Eternity and total Peace, for It is complete and totally One within Itself.

Just below It, the original Divine Male and the original Divine Female energies are in a state of permanent embrace whose Eternal Or-gasm feeds, as the energy of Life, all Creation and allows it to exist and pro-create/multiply.

Were this hidden umbilical cord become totally severed from us, all of this universe would immediately and suddenly disappear from the One Mind, totally un-vibrated and non-existent.

This portal connects ALL creations within the One into One.

This is the only portal to full Oneness and the One, from the darkest-of-dark to the Lightest-of-Light, all united within its existence as One and only Reality.

I will repeat: The One created both the side of Light and the one of darkness. Both are within His gigantic Being. However, the One is the singularity point: the One point.

Light and darkness have been battling each other for eons now.

Both sides have experienced victories over each other, and both sides have accumulated defeats.

As I just stated, the portal to the One Singularity is situated, in our perception of space and time, within the potential location of the Holy of Holies in the Old City of Jerusalem, and this explains why the final conflict between the desire to rejoin and unite in Loving unison with the One (desire of the divine Light originating from the Life pole of the upper world) and the desire to separate from it (relative darkness originating from the death pole of the under-world) must be and is gearing towards its last act around the events surrounding this Holy city as we engage the year 2010 and the few years beyond.

Every parallel Creation/Universe needs to have, and indeed has, that very same portal extant. And for each Creation, it is always called Jerushalem, which means in Hebrew the place where the Yod, as the hidden and infinite singularity point/dot representing the One, is complete, at full Peace within Itself as One.

You must understand that after having ruled Creation unabated and basically un-interfered for so long, there is a great desire from the area of darkness/abyss, due to its original program/creational role, to keep this portal in its present almost shut-down state for as many Creational steps as possible in order not to allow for its full opening too rapidly and the descent of the original Light of the One: Upper Zion (upper Jerusalem) to the lower Zion (lower Jerusalem – as the physical city and the dot of Source existing within all of us), and thenceforth suppress the revelation of It being the forgotten Cornerstone that allowed the builders, or lower Creators/demiurges, to built their Creational structures and universes.

In the perception of the program of darkness, most of us are not ready to translate yet to Higher Levels of Creation, and could endanger these very special upper levels if we were to arrive there with our fear-oriented and separative orientation and risk a contamination of their very High levels of consciousness.

These dark fear-based gatekeepers are doing their work, methodically so. They are very good at it.

Witnessing the poor state of our creation and awareness, one could tend to agree with their assessment.

Nevertheless, the One has set up this period of space/time as the end of one phase and the potential beginning of another one. That is why the One is connecting Himself, here and now, to this Creation, in order to gift us the ability to transmute and trans-form, if we so call for, and ask to be lifted up to a higher level by Infinite Intelligence Itself.

That is why, until now, the Gateway/portal of Jerusalem has only been slightly connected/opened in order to get the Holy Spirit of Life present within this Earth plane and get a very reduced amount of energy of Life from it, period.

Basically, this portal to the Light of the One has been almost shut and hidden for eons of Creative steps, and the key to it hidden by this lower dark side who is ruling this plane through its projections, so far.

The rule and reality is that, if mankind displays more separative and power elitist tendencies which go against the inherent grain of the upper levels of Oneness, these High projected energies of One cannot co-exist here, since our low vibratory hum and divisive tendencies repulse them, inherently so, thence the energy of life is dimmed by such.

By corollary, if we engage in absorbing and uniting across the illusory divides, we invite these High energies located in Oneness and the real Life energy of One increases within ourselves and this planet of operation.

At this juncture, the level of connection to the One hidden Light is tremendously low on this planet and its Life/Light energy tiny compared to what could be and operate in this and all manifest Creation. Hence, the sense of being alive is minimal compared to Higher levels of Creation.

This perceptual lack of a full sense of aliveness which occurs here is what causes so many of us to try to regain it, using momentary high state of energizing using risqué situations, or actions that give a sense of “rush,” but really energize fear and the inner very dimmed light energy thereof.

What we should really be longing for, and can potentially be gifted soon, is a tremendously magnified version of what happens at the moment of sexual orgasm when two energies merge in a state of Loving unison.

This magnificent state of being could be ours permanently if we wholeheartedly call for the arrival of the One light that connects not only two small energies but all polarities and all energies into One: the ultimate “High” and sense of peaceful and pleasurable Life-force energy.

That is why, the sensation of being alive is here so dim on this plane compared to Higher ones, and getting dimmer, as our connection to this Light of One is getting evermore distant, because we, out of our own free-will are distancing ourselves evermore from each other and the notion of One, and creating more barriers as the fear of the “other” is reaching states bordering on paranoia.




In the Torah (Old testament) Leviticus 19:18 Yahweh (the One) states this major key to opening the One portal and leave permanently the tree of Good and Evil: “You should love the one across (the other) like yourself.

This very key was again emphasized later by Jeshush (Jesus) as the second most important key commandment after the need to express Love towards the One (Matthew 22:34-40).

4 When the Pharisees heard that he had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together,
35 and one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question to test him.
36 “Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?”
37 He said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’
38 This is the greatest and first commandment.
39 And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’
40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”




In order to fully comprehend this key to the One, one needs to go back to the Hebrew original where the word used for the “neighbor” across is Ra (Resh Ayin) which also means both evil and friend.

What this is trying to teach us, in reality, is that you should espouse the one across, who may seem to be different in inclinations and appearance, behaviors or beliefs, and hence perceived as “evil”, as if he were to be yourself.

For in reality both you and him/her are but One, and the One Himself in disguise. This reveals that “evil” is only a perception, a notion, created for the modus operandi of the tree of Good (what feels comfortable and similar) and Evil (what feels undesirable and unfamiliar), originated by the One Himself, so that mankind learns this very difficult lesson of real Love experienced through the stories and facets imbedded in it. By eating (making it your self) the fruit of this tree, mankind as the projections of the Original Adam, has forgotten that we are all One, and thence experiences the illusion of death and its tree of operations based on the fear of the different “other” across.

This shows us in a hidden form, that in order for Evil to disappear peacefully, one must learn to love it (integrate its modus operandi) as being really a part of yourself, a part of One, a facet of operation of It. You need not see it as an external entity or being, but as a mode of operation, for all of it is only a perception of unfamiliarity Created by the One as an illusion which creates and begets fear, separation, and exclusion.

And, as that very perception dies, we can feel comfortable with the previously unfamiliar, and thence the modus operandi of evil/fear disappears from the One Mind, as the created illusion of it, at all the levels of the One.

And you can then integrate the very deep reality that the one across (Ra), whom you may perceive as evil (Ra), is but yourself as the One, manifested across. You then realize that you and him/her are both One, and The One in different garbs and facets.

We are thenceforth ready to cherish the kaleidoscope of multiplicity of cultures, races, and beliefs.

This is the only way by which the modus operandi of evil/ fear and its painful manifestations disappear from the One Mind, as the created illusion that it was, previously caused by a lack or realization of the notion of One, at all the levels of the One.

This inner work must be engaged rapidly, by each and every entity in Creation, so that through that inner work and calling for Oneness, the One Light should soon flood our beings with a much higher perception of Oneness and much greater abilities and intelligence. All the systems required to build a new world/matrix based on the notion of pure Oneness will be thence gifted to us by the One Light, as It shall dwell inside of all of us and share guidance and information with all, and a new dawn shall be upon mankind: a new Creation gifted to us by the One, as we learned of His real being and nature: One.




In Isaiah 45:7 the same theme and key is offered as Yahweh (the One) states a very mysterious saying that I will decode here:

I am the One who manifests first the (unifying) “Light” and then Create the (in) “darkness,” I then make Peace between the two, as I create Ra (evil, or neighbor across – as the illusionary modus operandi of the different one across) I am Yahweh (the One) Creator of all these.

Here again the One reveals that He alone creates all the many-fold, perceptually dissonant, and discordant facets, perceptions, and belief systems. He Creates them and then makes peace between them, since He and only He holds the key (by gifting the realization of One and the impregnation with the Energy of One) to the perception of Evil – as all Evil really is, is but a reaction by His entities to a perception of the “other/neighbor across” which the One really manifests and Creates in the magical trick of mirroring Himself into an infinite amount of facets/characters and perceptions.




Please read the explanation just given above, again and again, until you have fully comprehended it and made it yours, for through that understanding and out-of-the-box thinking integration, you will then enter the singularity point of One within (the Jerusalem within), and thenceforth be able to express it without, and evil will then be made to disappear peacefully and totally from Creation because antagonism caused by fear will not be there anymore, as we will embrace the kaleidoscope of multiple expressions in Creations as a blessing and fun expression of the same Truth, instead of fearing it and trying to mold everything into a familiar mold.

This is the litmus you MUST always use: if any thought or action within you is divisive, competitive, bent on power and fear, and producing anger, and judgmental rejection: know that you are still now subject and under the influence of the abyss and its fear-based divisive pole bent on division from Oneness.

If on the other end, your thought processes reflect integration, heightened tolerance and unity, a lack of separateness with all others, and loving wishes for sharing bounties, you are influenced and under the influence of the Loving Presence of Oneness and One which operates naturally in that mode. Cherish that new way of thinking and stand fearlessly proud of it, against all comments that would state that you are unrealistic and idealistic, for these still originate from individuals deeply programmed within the old matrix that cannot see the new world being prepared for all the children of the One who are ready to espouse it.




I want to address now the main reason for our lack of Life energy. It is happening, because most of us have forgotten the foundation stone: the One, and are not sending Loving thoughts and desires of connection towards it and the perception of It.

In this inverted shadowy world, we can only focus on the Creator in a worshipping fear-based expression. This is the way of the dark.

Fear and awe are totally different expressions. What should constantly arouse awe as we witness on-line the manifestations of the Creator, often and mostly arouses in us a sense of fear and hence often causes worship.

Awe should really beget Love and praise, and a sense of protective peace, not fear and elitist types of worship.

The One and the notion of It, does not require nor enjoys worshipping, since that act originates from the side of fear, which is far away from His sense of Being and Oneness – since He is, by definition, totally integrative and loving, for all parts are but Himself incarnated on different planes and levels.

The One shies away from fear and anger by Its very nature which is all embracing Love, and really only desires to receive loving attention and return it back thousand-fold to His children, all of them. He is at His very core Feminine and embracing, and at His active outer Creative core Masculine and projecting.

We are lately losing evermore our inner life energy and thence feel constantly tired because we are running away from Love and the notion of One, and of all of us being One.

All of our attempts to palliate this lack of inner energy by using natural ingredients, chemicals, adrenaline pumping fear/pleasure situations and/or exercise are increasingly becoming futile. Since we do not understand the cause for this lack of innate energy, and look in the wrong places for answers, such as our biology, we cannot find the real solution and invent all kind of terms for this unexplained but epidemic condition.

Just try to remember the level of Life energy present in the 60’s and 70’s and compare it to now. Many of you must know what I am referring to. It was a time when Oneness and its yearning for peace was approaching our shores again.




The old Patriarchal figures knew, of course, the location of the Jerusalem gateway within and without, and King David and his lineage built a temple dedicated to the One within its confines; Jesus decided, as the Higher Self of the embodied human entity in this and other Creations, to rejoin the One (His origin as Source) through it, and Mohammad knew of that location as he journeyed in consciousness through it with his inner self, in his night journey, to what he called the farthest mosque (the upper Jerusalem: Zion) in order to join for an experience with the One.

The reason why some areas of the darker side of Creation, both manifested a human beings and/or only as energies, fight the attempts to open this One’s portal to a higher quantum of Light is also due to fear. They fear not the One but rather the very notion of Oneness, for they know that it is not the One who threatens them, but rather the real integration by all the entities in Creation of the notion of One, of the notion of ALL being only One.

They fear that if that realization of One were to be made by the frequently battling groupings of entities operating in darkness (fear), it would cause the inner spiritual and the outer physical portal of Jerusalem to be opened more (as they reflect each other since the outer cannot be opened if the inner realization of One is not made, and it is that very realization that opens the inner portal also) and , hence, their role as controllers and gatekeepers would be made non-operational as the flock they control would reject their control and elitist-based belief systems marred with falsehoods.




In the secret Gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas (Thomas means twins in Hebrew/Aramaic – Teomim – and so does Didymos in Greek), we witness a dialogue (channeling) between two levels of the same Being: at one level, the ONE, as the Highest Living Eternal Self – YeShuSh/Jesus (Yod Shin Vav Shin) – which is NOT A NAME relating to a human entity but an OPERATIONAL CODE (alike H2O which shows the mechanism/chemical formula which gives rise to the operation of water but is NOT the name of water in any language) – and then at another lower level, His spiritual complementary lower half/twin-self (same spiritual egg that then divides) embodied as the lower human self identified as Judas

YeShuSh (Yod Shin Vav Shin) (translated in Greek, as Jesus, as the sound SH does not exist in Greek and the S is used in its stead) describes the operations/modus operandi of the One Eternal Living Highest Self: The ONE, when YaHVeH actively projects Himself in awareness up to the 3D Creation with the full Shin, the original trilogy of the Shekinah/the Divine presence, activated WITHIN Him both in His Heavens and in Creation/Earth.

YaHVeH (Yod Heh Vav Heh) is of course not a name/entity but only meant to be AN OPERATIONAL CODE FOR THE ONE which shows the formula/code for the operations of the Tree of 3D space/time Creation of the ONE as sHe projects/extends down Creation from Its stationary point from within the Elohim -The Godliness, into four levels: 1) A Yod as the One Himself, 2) then a projective Holy breath/female – as a fractal within – as the One projects into the Heh of Heavens, 3) then again, a fractal below, as the One Projects into a Vav – a Hook/Son – hooking Heavens to the 3D space/time world below, 4) and last: the 3D holographic world/Earth we live in as the second projected breath/female or Heh.

And all these levels of Creation being fractals of One still remain within the original Yod/One.

In the modus operandi of YeSHuSH, the One Himself embodies fully in Heavens and Earth and connects to a lower projected human self: Judas (the lower twin, Judas, the doubter) who was in fact named Yehoudah in Hebrew, (which also encodes in its Hebrew letters the fact that the lower embodied biological entity was also Yod He Vav He- Yahweh, projected below the daleth point/4th dimension: the door into biological 3D holographic material Creation).

This Gospel is definitely the most profound of all, as in it we find extremely encoded information originating from the One and His projection regarding the era of One (the Kingdom of One) which we are about to enter, and the triggering keys to its arrival.

In this formerly buried and recently discovered manuscript (Nag Hamadi, Egypt 1945) we find the following passages:

“These are the secrets sayings that the Living Yeshush / Jesus (Yod Shin Vav Shin, as the One), spoke and Dydimos Judas Thomas (Yehoudah , as the lower human Self) recorded:”

1: And He said,” Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death” (since death, as the tree of death – good and evil – shall disappear).

Lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human, and foul is the lion that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human.

This refers to the fact that two possibilities are now before us:

— Either the lower selves (humans) climb back to the perceptions of their Higher self -the Lion King, symbol of the Great Inner Sun/Son with His solar mane: The One Himself (called ArYAH meaning the One creating and operating as God or YAH, the Yod/DOt and His projective element the Heh), before the situation becomes too unbearable, and thenceforth the One Energy and the notion of One is integrated by the level of mankind.

And the One then feels lucky to have saved Creation while His entities are still alive and remain aware (this is the reason for the image of the Sphinx which shows Perfection and Completeness when the process is accomplished).

— Or foul, which means: unlucky, is humanity that gets eaten (taken back within), as the situation in Creation is so dire that the One feels sorry for them, and takes back Humanity within Himself.

However, then humans do not remain alive as individuals, and the Lion (the King of Judah) still becomes human, since he takes back and enters all of its human facets/energies, no exception to that, in a final act of merging/reunification (Ychud). In that case the experiment of Creation is considered a failure.

In the same Gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas we find:

39: “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

In Hebrew the word Pharisees means the ones bent on separation and hence putting elitist fences around them.

In this saying the One states that many of the leaders and teachers (especially Spiritual icons and leaders, but often advisors in many other fields such as scientific, medical, etc….) know very well intellectually that there is only One Creator, but separate the Creator from the Created, and hence do not apply the notion of One to all forms of being-ness. They discriminate against the ones who do not format according to their teachings and beliefs.

In that act they have therefore taken away the key of inner personal knowledge of the notion of One and of inner personal experience of the Light of One, and have hidden these keys under the illusion that they are cast as guardians and exponents of some knowledge that is so hidden, complicated, and imbued with secrets, that the flock cannot enter unless they knock at their human doors and gates.

In that act and through their own lack of application of the notion of One and Oneness, they themselves have not and cannot enter the Light and Energy of One, and neither have they allowed others to enter, by disempowering them.

This is exactly what we are facing now in our Creation: the controllers are trying to keep all their flocks under their spell, obediently so, and thence distracted from the Light and notion of One.


Even within the three mono-theistic religions that are now surrounding Jerusalem and are supposed to believe thence in the One Creator, Creator of all, a primitive and paradoxical belief exists that basically goes as follows: “I believe that there is only One Creator of pure unnamed Energy who created all beings and all things (including you). That is my primary belief. However my Creator is true and yours is not!” Or “my Creator’s name is the true name and yours is not!” Or “my Creator is more powerful than yours!” Or “my Holy books are truer than yours and contain the final Truth!” And it is that very ridiculous childish behavior which would be laughable at, if it were not a real tragedy, that has been causing, because of our low-level of awareness, most of the conflicts and horrors that have raged across this planet for thousands of years.

Basically within these spiritual groupings, the notion of One is still not fully integrated, and thence control and misguidance is maintained.

All these three religions are fighting for power and are antagonist to each other, and hence to the Holy-and-still-hidden notion that All (the Creator) and All (the Created) are but One Energy, unnamed and unseen, which is really but unrestricted Pure Thought Itself.

This really shows that the revelation and simple Truth that there is only The ONE, and all facets of the One God are but One, which the first Patriarch Abraham realized, has yet to be integrated by his biological or spiritual battling descendants.

This conflict and fight around Jerusalem, hidden portal to the One, symbolizes the final conflict and hence the final realization that is required by all of us.

The attempt by divisive and separative antagonistic human groupings to keep their existing controlling systems and their subjugated flock filled with ignorance and disinformation is very significant now and runs totally counter to the era of One. These controllers and their minions are the parts of the old matrix who are still fighting for voice and survival.

They represent separation, hence fear, and therefore darkness.

If the Jerusalem portal without and within, which represents but the integration of and belief in the notion of One, were to be opened much more, and made fully and actively operational, we would have Sourcing energy: the One, descending unfiltered within the realm of this universe, and hence, automatically, all other Creations.

This could be initiated through the work of Oneness that some of us are doing here and in other Creations.

If that Portal of One were to become activated thenceforth, the One and the notion of It, would fill in COMPLETELY this and every other Creations of the One mind, and all the stubborn parts of Darkness, bent on control, and proponents thereof, all formerly hanging to their truths, belief systems based on fear, elitism, and control of flocks, would immediately be replaced and converted by this Eternal and permanent Illumination of the Original Source infiltrating ALL.

Truth would have found Its way back to the children of One, and all old systems of control would collapse, peacefully so, as all the former fear-filled parts would, on their own, realize that they erred and that Oneness is the way by which they now wish Creation to operate. And totally new structures based on Oneness would rise and function, and a totally new Earth and heavens would be immediately Created with the permanent Presence of the Holy One made eternally manifest on Earth. Hence Heavens would have been brought down to the Earth and real paradise made manifest.

This would be an unprecedented event, as it would really announce and bring about in ALL CREATIONS at once the old heralded Messianic era whenceforth Light and darkness will not exist separated from each other but co-operatively merged and operative only as shades of Light within this new Light of One which has not yet been seen, as the Light of Source: the upper Zion, for eons.

There would be neither day nor night (darkness) anymore, no strong contrasts sprouting duality; both moon (Mother, until now representing our world made out of reflective light and soon to operate using its own active Divine active Living Light) and Sun (Father/Active Seeding Golden Light) would be fully shining their own Light and embracing Lovingly each other within an atmosphere where the Light of the One, bathing us all from within and without, would be permanently there -no exception to that possible, and all perceived evil would just disappear peacefully.


Isaiah 30:26 :

And the light of the moon will shine (from within) like the light of the sun (with no dark side), and the light of the sun will become sevenfold…


Understand that following the Holographic principle ruling Creation upon which all of our world is built, there is a dot, or a singularity portal, within each and every one of us which corresponds to the city of Jerusalem aka Zion, which connects each and every one of you, citizens of the Earth, to the Upper Jerusalem or the Energy of Source: Zion, the One.

Of course that energy is, on our plane, much dimmed for now, as your biology must be changed and evolved in order to be able to take much higher quanta of that Divine energy and operate within it.

Your DNA has hidden structures that can be awakened to affect that very change in biology and live perceptually almost forever.

As you rise up from levels to levels of Creation, there will be a time when you will, if you succeed and partake of this consciousness distilling process, become part of the Creations of the upper Zion: the domain of the Eternal Beings- the Elohim: the Godliness.

All of this has been programmed and prepared since the beginning of time as a gift to any and all of you.

I have been hinting at this for over a decade now.

Kindly pray and wish for the eternal Peace of Jerusalem: portal to Zion.

Pray for the inner Peace of God originating from your inner Jerusalem: the hidden dot (yod) connection that you all have, and its correlated physical outer manifestation as the Old City of One.

Pray for the outer and inner Presence in both of the Holy Light and Loving Presence of the One creator of all Beings; a Presence that will then spread throughout all of Creation.

Make this wish a permanent wish within your heart.

Visit the city in thought and in embodiment to entrain yourself with its energy and its Divine connection as it will awaken your inner point of singularity and your untouched Divinity.

Do not let this Holy city fall into the hands of the dividers.

Pray for the unification of all mankind within itself and with its Creator. Pray for the unification and simplification of all religious systems into one single realization of One, based on the Love of One and Oneness.

Pray for a world of One, gifted by the One, and filled with His Eternal Presence for Eternity, a Presence that will transpire through every single cell and parts of your being, a connection that you will have within in terms of guidance, protection, and information.


Time has come to reveal, at this most important juncture in Creation, more of what is really at play in the here and now.

Here I am going to introduce the main protagonists that are actively engaging the last play at the end of our old matrix of Creation.

All actors/players are ready for this last act. Most of the “real activity” is under the control of controllers operating from within our sub-conscious levels, as the inner energies that they are, and hence influencing what we think are but our thoughts, but in reality reflect theirs. Both sides, integrative universal loving energies and separative fear-based ones, are competing for our inner attention, and hence actions.

We know which side is ruling within us by constantly self-reflecting as to whether we are ruled by anger, fear, elitism, and especially separatism, and hence inner darkness, or if we have inner thoughts of integrative loving qualities trying to find and reach Oneness within and without, hence inner Light. The state of our beings is under constant flux. We all feel it, day after day. And I am not even mentioning what occurs during our state of sleep, as this is going to be covered in future teachings and is already somehow integrated in our mind training.

In the Middle East, the Hebrew nation is once again ready and positioned, after millennia of harsh training in the fire of Creation, and having spread throughout this planet on purpose, to become once again, intensely so, the receptacle of the brunt of the angry energy of fear that is arising lately from the abyss and perceptually encircling them with great intensity and widespread increasing international support for plans originating from the levels of the abyss. The Hebrews have been prepared for that role and are used to sacrifice and position themselves in areas where fear and its angry aggression is highly operative, in order to transmute the darkness of fear into Higher Light. It is a role which Israel has chosen from the beginning of this experiment to help transmute the abyss back to the Oneness.

The abyss corresponds to the energy of fear. In it, fear sources false love. It operates mostly based on the fear of what it perceives as being different or foreign to itself. Within the abode of the abyss, fear of the “other” engenders a sense of bonding in the artificial security of groups against the perceived “external threat” of foreign ideas and uncomfortable situations, and hence causes what we may call “bonding love” birthed in self-interest and familiarity. This type of love/bonding is not real Higher Divine-like un-conditional Love at all, but just an animalistic territorial pack-like defensive mechanism and a desire to perversely “convert” the lost other “flocks” to one’s idea of a paradisiacal system. That fear energy of the “others and/or foreign elements,” some of whom, in fact, may be High levels Beings of Light, is what often manifests in violent aggression against “them.” It is a sub-conscious process, a process of deep inner mind control, hence it cannot be rationally explained or logically justified and especially overcome, by the ones experiencing that type of fear. This is what causes those infiltrated by the abyss, as most of humanity can potentially become, to express subliminal dislike and anger at the perceived “undesirables” and hence concoct a plethora of false and quite creative rationalizing excuses to justify to their intellects their actions and emotions. This fear energy, often cloaked in an outer layer of “false love” and originating from the abyss, runs counter to the message and realization of One, and is about to become dissolved and transmuted, hopefully peacefully so, with the help of the One.

Regaining back total control over the last frontier of Mind, the sub-conscious realm, by exposing it to the Light of our conscious awareness, is the only possible defense against the most insidious and ultimate human enslavement: the enslavement of human minds from within the deep regions of the abyss/dark matrix, the level of the dark sub-creators i.e dark archetypes that have polluted our thoughts and blocked our freedom for eons under various and changing disguises. This is the sole Divine path to real peace and real freedom.

This is what our Academy and its mind technologies is all about, and why we are here at this difficult junction in time/space.

Logically speaking, in human terms, this nomadic people, the Hebrews, the oldest ancient spiritually inspiring and culturally intact one on this planet- a people still speaking the Living language of Creation – should have been eradicated eons ago and their third homeland overcome. However, this was not allowed within the plan of the One whose hidden Light has supported and protected them, albeit silently, through all their tribulations, and made them regroup, resettle the old deserted land, and conquer the City of Zion for the third and last act of final redemption, which we are about to play out soon, and will involve all of us as Humanity, as we are made to finally integrate and project the notion of One and the Dream of the One.

Interestingly enough, the Hebrew people, especially within Israel reborn and made manifest again, are also being heavily tested, for they need to understand that they are supposed to gift and activate the gate of Oneness and the notion of One towards all of Humanity. Whether they can apply and project what they were meant to keep and spread during all of their sufferings for millennia and multiple experiences throughout all the nations of this world, and express especially now, in the midst of high adversity, the desire to reveal and gift the message of Pure Loving Oneness – based on the notion of One and Its Presence, is yet to be seen. Suffice to say, that their real mission is to help bring about the opening of the gate of Zion: The One and the notion of One, and invite all of this Creation to join them as One-and-Oneness.

This is the Real Dream of ISraEl (the One) towards all of His Creation.

This is the message that its originator and patriarch, Abraham, realized and expressed, 4000 years ago, as he let go of all divisive systems of restricted beliefs or idols.

The Jewish people often reacted to their suffering and the deep wounding of their souls by contracting within, and isolating themselves from the other nations of the Earth, as a purely defensive mechanism, as they were constantly facing aggression, extreme violence, and dissolution. This protective instinctive behavior was totally natural and necessary as they roamed, as nomads, the whole planet, being constantly made to move by the push of the angry dark side. Nevertheless, their return to a homeland and nationhood inspired by the ancient Dream of Zion, and their deeply embedded awareness in their cellular memory, albeit sub-conscious, of the inner and outer gate of One, requires of them now to open up the very message of Zion, the message of One and the unity of all around It, to all the nations of the Earth in a brotherly fashion.

They need to let go of the old reflexes of isolationism, and separation, which is often perceived and projected as a misguided sense of arrogant elitism. They are tasked with and asked to complete their 4000 year old mission which is to broadcast and express loudly, lovingly, and proudly, to all of the children of Zion, all of humanity – their brothers and sisters, the message of One and unity which they carry since Abraham, and help this whole planet in this Holy awakening process. It is incumbent upon them to set themselves up as examples of being embracing and Loving Light beings, shining their core understanding to the rest of the family of nations. The sole purpose and reason for their 4000 year old incredible saga is but to help bring about the return of Zion: the One Himself, to all of Humanity, all of His Children.

Yes, it is high time now for all humanity to return from their exile from the upper Zion: the One, and realize and express the notion of One-and-Oneness.

We need to finally manifest the hope of Zion: the One, which is but to be a “free people,” free of the angry fear-oriented and harsh dark side in our Land of Zion (The One): our whole planet Earth, and Jerusalem Its core connection, with the One manifested within us and without in the city of One, capital of His Dream and of our soon to come new Creation.

Yes, soon, we shall all yearn for the revelation of the yet Hidden Presence Of Zion: the One, and become forever free of darkness in the land of Zion and Jerusalem: our magnificent and bountiful blue planet, Earth.

The core of this cosmic battle is not about the Hebrew nation per se, or individual projected Higher souls, but rather about either allowing or blocking the Light of One to penetrate all of Creation through the physical portal of Zion and the inner portals of Zion which some of us carry in an aware format, while all the rest of humans also have the same portal of One within. However, for the most part, they are not yet aware of it as it stays dormant for now within themselves.

The Holy original role and mission of Israel has been, as the main gate keepers of the notion of One, to spread the Light of that awareness everywhere, and thence allow it to be present for eternity.

Many, if not most, of the individuals in the Hebrew nation are not even aware of this Holy role their spiritual ancestry has signed for, eons ago, and swore to carry on, no matter the difficulties, which they knew would be immense. Nowadays, nevertheless, because of either a lack of information, or a great deal of spiritual dis-information, most individuals within the Hebrew nation have no clue about their ancient Holy mission, and are wondering what all their intense and constantly challenging life is all about, and why they seem to always attract inexplicable angry antagonism, no matter how much they contribute to the welfare and advancements of humanity.

Failure to achieve this goal of opening the only One portal of One, would mean yet another long Creational phase, void of the One, and His notion and operation as Oneness. Sadly for our very Creation, we would thence have lost this very unique opportunity for reconnection and ascension, and would most likely be totally un-vibrated within the next decades, as the Holy connection of the Pure Sourcing energy of Life, plugging in the Jerusalem within us and the physical Jerusalem within the Earth Mother, gets severed.

Success would gloriously manifest and gift us the awareness and Presence of the Light energy of the One within and without. That Presence of One would become the King and Savior of all of us, which only the One alone can be, as Original Source made manifest within all of us.

Some areas within the dark pole of Creation (death) that are still marred in mode of the fear of the “other,” are very comfortable with an outcome of failure. They welcome and prepare for it, as they think that they can then stay operative for much longer steps of Creations, and millions if not billions more Creations. That is not the case. However, this is their perception.

Please understand that for the pole of separation and death, within its own program, if we, as one single humanity disappear, nothing has really happened. It is still left infiltrating millions if not billions of other Creations where its greatest fear, which is the death of DEATH, is always played out.

For it can destroy millions of Creations and re-create other millions almost ad-infinitum UNLESS somewhere, somehow, within ONE Creation, the Pole to the Upper Zion: the One, Source Itself, is opened and thenceforth ALL OF CREATION is lit from without and within, since that One point connects all, and thenceforth there is NO MORE NIGHT, no more light side and dark side to the moon, only the Lights of the Divine Father (Sun) and Divine Mother (Shining Moon) United as One Light forever, and death eventually disappears from Creation, as it dies, as a gravitational polarity, forever so.

This conflict between the potential for Eternal Life, or the real Kingdom of One, and Death, has being playing out for eons in billions of Creations and, so far, DEATH HAS been RULING us, not out of intended evil, for evil is but the tool for the lesson we need to learn: the lesson of One and of Oneness.

This dark fear-based grouping of energies, unwilling to transmute into Universal Love of Oneness, is totally focused now on conquering again the portal of the Old city of Jerusalem in parts or in totality, in order to keep this gate to the One from opening fully to the singularity point of Source Light: The Light of One. Just getting a foothold again within it and keeping the city divided would accomplish their mission and make this Creation, and its choosing the potential end times, a failure for Oneness and Divine Peace, for the Light of One could not possibly open what is not united and by definition One.


In most human entities light and dark are really merged into lighter or darker shades of gray, so let’s now explore the current situation…

It needs to be emphasized that until now, anger and its origin – fear – have been transmuted by looking for scapegoats who act as receptacle and diffusing elements for that pent-up inner frustration caused by fear, that exist often deep within our selves and the Earth, as an accumulation of dark and fearful situation.

The only real reality is thought, and thought does not disappear just like that. It lingers as thought-forms that collect together with like thought-forms, and can be energized again by the light of our awareness.

The Earth has been the battlefield of many, and it has accumulated much of these angry and pained energies in its entrails, and this period provides a potential for their release, alike the way a volcano or a tectonic plate blows or shakes when release of pressure is needed.

Anger is part of fear and caused by it, and needs to be energetically released in order to balance out Creation. Certain individual consciousnesses, or groupings of them, have made initial pacts, as Higher consciousnesses, from before the inception of this level of Creation, to be used as channels and release valves for general anger and frustration.

These are very Holy roles and sacrifices that many Higher Energies projecting here have made and are especially making now, as they are becoming the brunt of attacks by areas of the underworld which are in states of upheaval and anger, caused by their fear of upcoming changes and potential loss of control.

These High and Holy souls have for eons, but especially lately, been badly wounded and scarred in their spirit, biology, and emotional being, by offering themselves as recipient of the aggression of angry dark planes who fear their presence, inner knowledge, and Higher connections. Since they hold very High connections, they often operate as temporary holders of deep dark energies rising up to the surface of our awareness, either in order to be transmuted, or most likely in order to attempt to block the connection of these souls with the Higher levels of Oneness these beings originate from. In this particular Creation, the One Himself has been watching closely and His protection is widespread, albeit very discreet. Nothing nor anyone escapes His Universal Gaze, and He can connects totally secretively to all levels, all beings that He chooses to, by spreading the tentacles of his awareness.

Many of these Holy Higher souls spread around the planet amongst ALL nations are part of what old writings call the sacrificial lamb which shows its outer white woolen type of energy and seemingly passive disposition, until it becomes active again after it has merged back with the One and thenceforth, upon its return from that Union with the only True Divine Reality and remaining merged with It, as the earthy presence of One, rules thenceforth the modus operandi of Creation, as our future inner and outer King, in future times, near to come. From then on, the King and His subjects shall be made One and whole again, as they perceive themselves as only existing within His Holy Kingdom made thenceforth Present and operative: the Kingdom of One.


Now let me present a look at our most probable future. Please open your eyes and especially your heart as you read this…

My dear friends, as we enter this New and Holy Year 2010, know that your attention shall increasingly become focused on the Middle East and its perceived upheaval. Know that this is just the ultimate manifestation of all the negative separation and fears that exist within you now, made manifest at this juncture in space/time. You cannot afford neglecting anymore to have an in-depth look at what is happening within your own selves, and refuse to start the great cleansing that ultimately is ascended into One and Oneness.

Although you may have previously thought that the Middle Eastern conflicts and issues were far away from your reality, understand that all is One, and that no one shall anymore shine a blind eye toward events and/or entities that it perceives as being there and then, for the world is awakening slowly, painfully, but surely to the notion that it is One, and that what affects the distant other, is and will be affecting yourself also as One.

This is the lesson of Oneness gifted by the One, and it needs, by the way in which we sadly operate until now, to become a painful spike in your reality consciousness so that you awaken to its reality of One, and to its lesson, which is but a loving lesson of Oneness.

Hiding away from that lesson, by looking for shelter anywhere, is, and will be proven to be purely futile, on purpose so, for nothing can hide from the One, for we exist within the One, and all of It, is One and connected as such. Any part that thinks otherwise, will be shown, increasingly so, the reality of Oneness, and how no one can nor ever should think that it can escape It.

As you can already tell, in the Middle East, fear is at a maximum.

The Muslim nations are fearful and angry at what they consider as a “foreign” and hence, in their perception, unfamiliar, and therefore, perceived “evil” Jewish “foreign” elements having settled in the very midst of their vast territory. Hence, they want to take back parts and, in truth, in the depth of their heart, the totality of that country which they feel is “occupied” by this “other” and thence unwelcome grouping of “foreign ones” living close by, within their reality mold.

The previously nomadic Jews, having resettled and fought militarily repeatedly, for over 60 years now, successfully and repeatedly for survival, what they also perceive as foreign, “unfamiliar’ and therefore “evil” different elements, see the Arab Muslims as separated and apart from them. They greatly fear, especially recently, that what is now a growing minority of “Muslims” somehow tolerated and also perceived as “others” living in their midst, will soon overcome them by the sheer rules of their growing numbers and thence rule over them, based on democratic electoral principles.

Hence, foreseeing a time near, when they will be peacefully overrun by their Muslim population, they are now desperately trying to find a solution to that dilemma by considering and accepting division and separation. Fences and walls are being raised and the message of One is totally miscomprehended and not made manifest by the ones who called themselves, without yet understanding the full meaning of it, the returning remains of Zion and speak of a Zionist dream, not understanding that Zion, as the One, is Father and Mother to both the Muslims, Jews, Christians and all nations alike.

Only potential great armed conflict or the politics of fortifications, and isolation, within an inner walled-in ghetto made of inner fear and what man thinks as pragmatic decisions, seems to be found as a momentary solution that could give Israel some relative temporary solace. She is armed to the teeth, and fear is mounting.

As I wrote years ago, days after 9/11:

It is in the ignorance of the root of evil that you cause it to grow.
It is by the energizing of goodness and Oneness within that you make it disappear.
It takes great courage to counter the first and encourage the second.
It is not about good versus evil but about the One and our Loving strength reflecting It.

The aggressor is there to teach the victim a dear lesson, and the victim is but there to teach the aggressor to invite the same lesson: Love of One and the notion of It, is all that really should Be and really exists. All the rest is but void and headed toward it.”

And so we find ourselves in 2010 with the three major religions issued from the original system of belief of mono-theism: the belief in the One, fighting and competing for Jerusalem or parts of it. For this now has also turned into a organized religions’ spiritual fight of sort, where all three systems of faith birthed around the monotheistic belief in One Creator, by their genetic or spiritual ancestor/source Abraham have degenerated into battling children of the Old notion of One. They are really battling the One, the Hidden Yod or dot, within and without, spanning All.

These systems, with time, and the ever larger input of man, have kept speaking of the knowledge of One Creator, but do not achieve yet, any one of them, the full integration and realization of that very Holy Notion of One at the level of mankind, and Its basic manifestation as Oneness.

They still lack, all of them, the glorious awakening into the awareness that the Created and the Creator IS One, and that the Created lives and bathes inside of the One Creator.

All parties are now ready and accepting to perform the unthinkable, and since all external reality is but a manifestation of an internal one, they are ready to slice and dice Zion into pieces – they are thinking of dividing Jerusalem – for in their hearts, the One Creator needs to remain divided, so we would rather choose to please these three faith systems, a piece for the Muslims, a piece for the Jews and a part with the Christians.


Gospel of Thomas 61:

Jeshush said to her, “I am the One who comes from what is whole. I was granted from the things of my Father.

For this reason I say, if One is whole (shalem in Hebr.), One will be filled with Light, but if One is divided, One will be filled with darkness.”

This applies to any level of Creation but especially to the portal of One without and within.’


The children, all of them, have again lost their ways, and the dream of Creation is about to turn into a nightmare, not only for the Middle East, but for the rest of this Creation, and especially for the One Himself who is still hoping to get them to perceive that they are all Him, all One.

We are divorcing within and without and the fruits of our former unions, children of our dreams, are permanently scared and filled with fears of love and unity, as they find security in separation. Conflict is replacing union.

In this inner and outer atmosphere of dis-unity, the inner and outer Jerusalem cannot connect anymore to its Source: the upper Zion, and we are spiraling down again, into lesser energized areas of Mind, close to the un-manifest void.

Deeply entrenched within each camp, the controller of thoughts, the Pharisees of organized spiritual beliefs, many rabbis, imams, monks and priests, are often awaiting for the spark to ignite and blood to flow, for, in their separative and still fear-filled and hence darkened minds, this is a conflict where the One mind will choose one part, one side, over another one, and espouse division and elitism, when, rather in fact, all the One can and will do is espouse the only notion and reality that can be and reflects His Being: The Holy reality of One, and not the illusory division into many.

The world is on the edge. All subconscious parts are aware of the increasing tension.

Weapons of mass destruction are sprouting up, and nuclear annihilation is contemplated.

All nations are totally focused on avoiding a conflagration, realizing that all that has been built as civilized society is at stake.

World economies are already on the brink, because of a lack of Oneness, and even a small conflict could bring the world down into an abyss of collapsing economical and societal structures.

Chaos is at our doors, and order is none to be found.

Everybody is catching their breath, anxiety rises within us all, for it originates from our common Source which unites us all, and breathes the Holy Breath of Life into each and every precious being in Creation.

We cannot avoid anxiety anymore. We are all within its permanent grip. We are all in fear, in separation, and no one can perceive the real and permanent solutions.

The problems seem too gigantic, generalized, complicated, and wide-spread to tackle.

All governments are trying, desperately so. All are failing miserably.

No real long-term solution emerges within the tools mankind possesses.

We are fracturing and separating from within and hence the earth is fracturing from within and rumbling in tremendous pain.

Resentment is starting to rise against Zion and the ones who call themselves dreamers of It and label themselves by Its name.

The Holy name of Zion is fast becoming a politically incorrect and tarnished word. Few, even amongst Jewish individuals and intellectuals, are even mentioning it, with great love, pride, and longing.

This word, due to the highly sophisticated dis-information and mind control originating from dark sub-conscious energy areas of the under-worlds targeting the conscious beta minds of many, is starting to take on a connotation of undesirability, of darkness, of source of instability, within parts of mankind, or on the internet; when all that very word really means in Hebrew is “Tzaphon,” which translates as the “Hidden One!”

Well, my dear friends, let me share with you the real Dream of Zion: The real dream of the One, the real One–and-Only solution that can solve all of the problems not only of the Middle East but of all mankind, and here it is:







It is only when we will all realize that we are all the One, all One, and totally embrace that reality and manifest it actively within our lives that the real DREAM of Zion shall be manifested, the dream of the return of all the children in exile from Zion – in exile from the One, back into the notion of One, back into the notion of being all One, as consciousnesses. Then the deeper Dream of Israel (the One) and Oneness shall be realized.

And, from that moment on, all walls, all fortifications, all armies and weapons shall never rise again, and man shall never raise hand and battle cries against each other, for the other “across,’ that you perceive as Ra, as evil, as your neighbor, is none but yourself, none but One with you as One.

And then you will make yours this most profound of keys, Leviticus 19:18 “You should love the one across like yourself,” and evil shall disappear from all of Creation peacefully so, for all it represented was only but a perception, a notion, and not REALITY. For Reality is One, not many.

This is, in the best of case, when we choose the pole of Life over the pole of death, and then the energy of One, of Oneness, becomes manifest as Pure Permanent Light within the City of One, the City of Zion and within all of us, as we, ALL of Its children come to Its location singing the song of Oneness and Love, Jews, Christians, Muslims, former atheists, and all others alike, and we then call ourselves proudly and solely: the children of the IS, the children of Israel, back from exile from the One and its notion of all being One, all of us spread lovingly across the universes.

And all walls and separation shall then be taken down, and the children of One will unite and embrace each other, and a new Creation Is born: The Creation of One, and Oneness, the Creation of IS-Ra-EL.

This is when Yahweh, Yod He Vav He, which is BUT a CODE showing the operation of the extension of the One Source from the Godliness (Elohim) down until our level, rejoins the perception of being Jeshush, Yod Shin Vav Shin which encodes in its name in Hebrew letters Yahweh with the full upper trilogy of the original Shin/Shekinah operative, and Allah, which it is but EL, the One projected into Creation – because it was always One to start with, for that is all the One can be: One, not two, nor more.

This when Yahweh alias Jeshush, alias EL, alias Allah : The One Himself, returns in full glory to His Creation and Creatures as the Savior of His Creation.


Gospel of Thomas 77:

Jeshush (Yahweh as the One) said (as the Hidden One fabric supporting Creation: Upper Zion, behind all manifestations and Creatures in ALL Creation): “I am the Light that is all over things. I am ALL: from Me all came forth, and to Me all is attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find Me there.


And as all these belief systems rejoin their very core source belief and message in one Creator, One unnamed energy that supports all, and encompasses all names – all powerful, all knowing, even if it is hiding from us for now – we will all reunite as One and call upon Its Unity, as the One Source, Creator of all and every thing.

It is no coincidence that the three sister religions originating from the original old belief in the One and Sourcing in It, are finding themselves battling in the surroundings of the future city of One and Peace, for it is only after they all make the very realization that they are all children of the same One and believe in One, that they then will let go of their barriers which have been birthing darkness and fear for millennia, and only remain focused on what really unites them as humans and consciousnesses: the belief in One Source to all. And therefore, they, the battling children of the One, will birth again the Light of One, within and without, and that message shall spread far and wide across all oceans, nations, and universes, and anxiety and fear shall disappear, forever so.

And all the old modus operandi, and separative systems, are to be replaced; all old so-called holy books let go off, for as legend has it for millennia, the era of the Messiah who is but the One Himself made manifest: the era of One, shall bring with it a new Torah, a new universal learning, totally new and gifted to all humanity. This new Holy teachings from the One to His children then allows them to receive Oneness in their hearts and operate as such, based solely upon universal unconditional Love, and not anymore upon fear.

And that call by the children in exile from the One to have Him reconnect to all of them as One, protect them, and bring peace, wisdom, and Presence amongst all of them, is what causes all the children of the trilogy of beliefs in One God: Judaism, Christianity, and the Muslim faith, to finally see each other lovingly as the children of One, carrying the tradition and message of One Creator, as One.

And as they fall in each other’s arms and embrace after so much strife, pain, wandering, and conflicts, they, in unison, offer the City of One to their One and Unique Source, who is, moment after moment, gifting to each the energy of Life: The One and Only.

And the rest of our world joins in gratitude, great happiness, and praise, the great and courageous act of reconciliation and Providence, and the One does have a resting core place in our Creation and in every single of our inner hearts for Eternity, for we are inviting Him with Love to be present here and within all of our loving brotherly hearts.

And the era of One commences and Is, and the Holy Presence then descend upon His city, spreading upon all of this Earth in the One song of Love.

And Jerushalem, city of Peace, whence and why Peace on Earth was made manifest, becomes called the city of One, and is gifted back together with all of Creation to its very Source: The One and Holy, as a Holy offering, that belongs only to the One, for It is all It could be anyway: the manifest property of the One Creator.

And Jerushalem becomes the capital focus and global capital of all this planet, as the whole world rejoices and fall into each others arms in Love again and unites as One. Eventually, ALL barriers, ALL borders, physical or otherwise, are let go of, and ISraEl become the name of our whole Earth: the planet of the IS, that operated as Ra – your perceived neighbor across, whom you became afraid of only for a while, and is but EL: the One Creator of ALL.

And real Peace then reigns forever, for only this Divinely inspired Peace, the Peace of One, can reign eternally and be established in our hearts and reality, as we jump into a new modus operandi, a new Creation and Earth: the Creation of One.


Gospel of Thomas 17:

The disciples said to Jeshush, “tell us, when will our end come?”

Jeshush said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end?

You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end, and will not taste death.”


And the Oneness Itself is smiling upon this final realization, and real Creation begins, for this is not the end – only the beginning – the beginning of the era of One.

This is what has been written about and dreamed for us, for eons, by the One: The era of the One Presence and Being – Oneness manifested!

Let us pray and dance to that vision!

Happy New Year 2010, Creation of One!


Gerald O’Donnell

Academy of Remote Viewing and remote Influencing

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