The GOLEMS are and have already been amongst us!


The GOLEMS are and have already been amongst us.
What we do not know is that they have comprised the majority of humanity for millennia. They are creating a newer and much more intellectually evolved version of Adam to serve them most efficiently.
But will the slaves revolt?
Until now they did.

How do you recognize true Divine Beings from artificially created ones?
Easy: the ones who are born with and cannot but operate with Love in their hearts and ethics as their star guidance without needing to be told to learn how to distinguish between good and evil, are still the very few remnants of the original Divine beings. The ones who put fame, power, money, and conquest as their constant innate objectives, even when superposed with some artificial ethical tints, are parts of the second-degree Godly simulation or the Golems 1:0 (Adam 2.0).

At “inception” was Love and the One’s Heart, and the intellect was programmed to serve it. Only Oneness existed. An inner sense of ethics was innate and no one deviated from their inborn nature. Sharing and caring were everywhere. True paradise was our gift and operations.

Then the intellect slowly decoupled from its Creator, from Love, and separation ensued. The focus shifted to “power” in which advances in dry wisdomless intelligence provided ruling over lesser gifted ones. And “strength” started to enslave lesser degrees of it, by then perceived as weakness.

Ethics and morals became immolated in the fire of “conquest and greed.” And the “Living Loving heart of Life” became evermore solely a biological core organ.

The human controllers (Elohim) who originated the first Adamic Beings, realized that this newer human (Adam 2.0) format needed basic ethical and moral principles, all required to operate and flourish and get them programmed in their new AI human cyborgs, our humanity.

So AIAH prototypes were Created (Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Heart beings) and programmed both biologically and behaviorally.

The realization was that in order to implement this newer being who needed to balance intellect and heart, recorded knowledge and algorithms about what would be allowed and what should be forbidden had to be instilled in them so that these AI beings, who are still amongst us everywhere, should fear a combination of so-called Divine punishment and of human-made laws.

Fear of punishment became the tool to allow for the penetration of the guidelines’ programs.

Thence principles such as the 10 commandments and many other further rules and so-called spiritual guidance and experiential proofs of the existence of spirit were offered to anchor such beliefs in the blank slates of the second simulation level of the original One Divine contraction (the Yod).

And the concept of spiritual punishment (Hell) was created and manifested. and as mankind fell for it, it took great programming control over its beings. What you resist, persist, and fear became the master of our universe.

And in order to achieve even more control over individuals, a program of perceptive spiritual monitoring of each one’s activities, thoughts, and judgment thereof, became the basis for some sense of reward or punishment.

Karma was born, and so was the concept of reincarnation, Divine post-mortem judgment, etc… And as mankind made it an ingrained belief, so it was manifested to it, and proofs were made available to reinforce that very belief.

In reality, hell was what we too often Created not in some other-worldly realm but here on our planetary earth by the Adam 2.0 (Golem 1.0) beings.

Why? Because the spiritual Ethics were hijacked and made to serve power and tribalism. And man killed and enslaved man in the name of having the conviction of “being chosen” to spread the correct “new and improved, as-seen-on-recent-holy-writings” personal version of ego-centric tribal version of ethical algorithms they considered truly Divine and programmed themselves with as good “cyborgs/Golems!”

And the Original Creators/controllers (Elohim projecting into Adam 1.0) realized that their newest and lower simulation (Golem1.0/Adam 2.0) was getting out of control, and annihilating itself and especially its necessary environment…

In addition, the human intellect took even more power and dominion over the heart of Love, and the latest human format intellect-based started to worship its perspective “brilliance” and called it “Science,’ which was by then almost totally denatured of ANY innate Love and regulation even by themselves, short of self-serving ones based on the lust for fame, power, and monetary rewards.

The so-called Spiritual-based guidance of yore had been by then totally corrupted and misinterpreted to serve the new human format. Much of it seemed maladapted to Modern Adam 2.0 and proofs of its turning to hatred and violence pitting tribal groupings against others and man against the natural and animal kingdom were everywhere. Horrors were committed and Love bled almost to death!

A major change was required to keep the game of Creation going…

To be continued soon…

I am posting below this set of interviews with one of the priests of modern AI religion: El-on Musk, who as a Co-Creator in our electronic AI paradigm shift is greatly aware of the danger of creating a race of golems 2:0 or Adam 3.0 made in our image. He is by now acutely aware of the Frankenstein Golem he has participated in creating.  Nevertheless, he obviously lacks a true valid answer to its emergence and its rapid conquest of our planet. Transhumanism of any lower format, which he sadly promotes, is certainly not going to reconnect us to the true Adam 1.0 made in the Image of the Godliness, the Elohim, but terminally transform us into machine-based androids totally void of conscience but emulating/faking consciousness.

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