Dear friends,

I was interviewed by Dr. J Ilias on his Radio show http://drjradiolive.com/ on November 27, 2018. The show was great and I was asked to come back for an “encore!”

Listen to the interview below. You may want to do it carefully and repeat it many times, as new vistas will open to you each time you integrate it deeper within.

The interview concluded with an important message about our most probable future, as of now, if we remain entrenched in our old ways and drowning in our misguided and for now cherished separative conflicting mind programs. Please do not take the warning lightly but very seriously, together with the easy but yet to manifest solution offered. Do not discard or judge the messenger, as I was only used as a conduct and projection for the Oneness in order to help achieve Its permanent Presence in this lost confused realm.

Many powerful secrets are hinted at in this interview if you can understand, expand upon, and live internally and externally the consciousness-centric concept stating that each one of us is having an individualized mental perspective of a spherical personal 3D sensory projection of a “bubble uni-verse” that he/she shares with all the other “bubble uni-verses of conscious agents aka active and reactive aware entities” whom he/she interacts with, be they humans or otherwise. The self-aware bubble reality universes existing within the minds of conscious agents need to be all coordinated and projected to each mind by its individual soul based on the data that that Higher self receives about the collective environment, reality frame after reality frame, from the Divine pure informational “matrix/Divine lattice Supercomputer” in order to keep a sense of common history, a precise space/time present physical and biological environment and stories, and the perfect and complex illusion of movement and energy forces operating upon and through us.

Understand that the fabric of the Universe is thought/intelligence, and that Thought creates the illusion of matter and energy using a Divine intelligence system of supernal brilliancy hiding from us who we truly are. As all recent quantum physics experiments about particle physics unequivocally show, the “observer” literally creates reality and the way it is perceived by and in the act of conscious observation. The reverse concepts stating that “physical” matter eventually created mind and life is extremely misguided, a naive falsehood filled with singularities, and in fact impossible. Only self-reflective Thought (consciousness as awareness and only living life-force) truly IS the true fabric of all things!

Every one of you is at the center point of his or her universe, both in the illusion of space/time and most importantly as the potential center of awareness and influence. This consciousness-centric reality view of Creation goes far beyond bio-centric or space/time-centric physical perceptions.

As I stated once in another interview, the Uni-verse(s) of The One-and-Only “Being” is where the center is everywhere and the periphery nowhere!

So all the other personal bubble conscious agents’ universes that you interact with can easily be influenced when you realize that from your perspective they are but acting/reacting parts existing only inside of your conscious mind-projected awareness and experienced reality-bubble. However in order to powerfully influence them and/or manifest powers such as “controlled invisibility,” morphic shape-shifting, rejuvenation, telepathic connection, profound and so-called miraculous healing, etc…, you need to understand and use a key which will be part of our new upcoming teachings to the ones who have successfully completed and integrated our “portal” course. I have myself experienced such numerous times and so can you, if and only if YOU align with the sense of Oneness and are accepted and partially merged with the One who then meets you half-way and face-to-face so that, as you mirror Its loving integrative nature, the One will in turn mirror back to you your compatible desires and manifest them powerfully in what you will perceive to be a “Higher” world reality.

In order to achieve this incredible level of reality influence, you need to first fully perceive the Oneness; you need to position you mind with full awareness as the conscious “observer” at levels deep (higher) within you individual personal subconscious, align your inner heart to Oneness while bordering and especially even overlapping the level of Oneness operating within the collective unconscious deep areas of the Global Mind (Theta, Delta and even far beyond) as taught in our “PORTAL” training, and then bend your own mind so that the reality reflected back is skewed to your preferred outcome.

And, as you get closer to and co-create from the non-dimensional unity point who is both unifying every-thing and being no-thing all-at-once, you influence both the so-called material particle world (matter) as proven by all the quantum physics experiments of late, and also on a much larger scale the projection of reality and thoughts of other mirroring conscious agents who are close or remote parts of your thought-centered bubble-universe!

If you need more information on this subject and have not done yet our mind training, I would highly recommend reading our gifted “Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed”  E book which, as an integral core of our course, is the basis of our Remote Influencing awareness training protocols. Kindly sign in below in order to get it. Please read it again and again slowly and meditate upon its novel concepts until you integrate them.

It is by understanding the unity between matter and mind using the bridge of observation (conscious awareness aka consciousness) that we can then truly understand that that our observation of the micro quantum particles i.e. material world, where our consciousness is experimentally proven to Create and Influence reality, can be powerfully matched with similar results in our macro world  if and when we position our fully aware consciousness at the level of its very deep subconscious (Theta and Delta and beyond). That is when and how so many so-called “paranormal” powerful influencing phenomena can easily manifest and co-create our micro and macro perspectives observed and experienced, as the conscious Mind reaches the “portal” of the Universal Mind of this world, and even Higher up to the ultimate “Home/AUM” the Universal Mind of ALL Creations: The One and Only.

I feel strongly that we all need to fully integrate and achieve this quantum jump in awareness very soon, if we desire to remain alive as a Creation and flourish in this challenging life experiment. Then and only then, will we finally be gifted to ascend to a new and better set of realities (new worlds), out of bondage and enslavement by this low-hum vibratory prison-type region of planetary operations.

Many subjects were addressed during this event and I will expand further upon them in later interviews, in more specialized and advanced courses, and in private or public seminars.

To listen to the full interview please press this link https://s3.amazonaws.com/dr-j-interview-geraldodonnell/Dr-J-Ilias-and-Gerald-O’Donnel-Interview-17-11-2018.mp3

With all my Love,

Gerald O’Donnell

Remote Viewing

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