Today December 21, 2012, in the city of One: Jerusalem, a Holy experience started at exactly 1PM when the facet that is talking now started climbing from levels to levels the tree of Creation until he reached the level of The One and Only. The level of Light and vibrations cannot be described.

At that level Everything is united, Everything is at Peace.

This event needed to be achieved at this very moment so that the unity of The One and Its Peaceful manifestation can enter all levels of Creation including ours.

There was great rejoicing within The Godliness as Love entered back the domain of fear and separation.

During this experience many parts, including the one who is talking now, intoned the vibrations and tunes of the Song of all Songs: the Song of Love, of Perfection, and Peace.

That Song, that Tune, had not been intoned for a very very long period of Creation.

And The Heart of Creation hiding within our plane of operation became aroused and opened Itself, as a flower would, to the rays of the Sun shining upon It.

This moment is very special. This time is very Holy.

We are all making a major turn-around from fear and separation onto Pure Love manifesting unity and real final Peace within ourselves and without.

This moment is to be cherished and lauded as an infinite blessing to all that IS.

Soon, we will all experience the fruits of this moment.

Soon, we will all bask in the Light of Unity manifested.

To the Godliness, this is His most cherished tune finally becoming a Reality.

To us, this is the point where all of our prior thoughts and operations need to be totally reconstructed from their foundations up to what they have become now.

Nothing shall remain as it was, everything shall turn around and focus on unity.

Soon, all of us will partake in the great and Holy Song of all Songs, the Song of Unity, of Final Peace and of Eternal Love.

Remember this day and bless it.

Gerald O’Donnell

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