Very Important Announcement
April 14, 2013


Dear friends:

I only have a very short message.

Life has again restricted itself to a game of survival of the fittest, the richest, the healthiest, the strongest, or the cleverest.

This has been the path of our evolution to date, and we cannot proceed much further in that primitive manner.

We are all accomplice in this cruelest of outcome. Life was never meant to be this difficult, but all about cherishing it and worshipping its presence and flow with gentle peace all around. We have desecrated it and disrespected its gift in so many ways for so long. We have tried to capture its freely gifted flow and hoard its presence, polluting and poisoning All in this action.

Shadows are increasingly aggressing us within and all around. They are here because we create them by our thoughts and actions. They are just us as we have become them. They have infiltrated our lives, being, biology, machines, and especially spirit. They are the only and sole cause of death and mayhem. They feed like parasites on us, our energy, and we have lost track of our mission which is to enlighten all.

They are threatening to destroy and kill life-as-it-is, if we do not awaken within ourselves.

Many dark clouds are profiling themselves across the planet, strengthened because we allowed our hopes to evaporate into them by remaining so passive for so long.

Shadows have manifested only because we have dimmed our awareness and allowed them to be. You do not fight shadows. You cannot. How could you, as they only exist as you block the Light?

Battling them is futile. When you think you have won your wars, they will morph virus-like and resurface, shape shifting into more and often stronger expressions and join forces to destroy, as the unaware shadow programs of ourselves that they are, the very source of their existence. Fear and aggression is their language and they excel at what they do.

You can only light them and they will disappear.

And this shall be:
Either with the Eternal Living Divine Light of awareness and Love we show to each other as different unique expressions of Oneness, as we espouse Its ways.

Or as the final death light of fission and fusion bringing us to One, but not to Oneness.

We have little time left to change, detoxify and purify. Do not evade Reality as It IS. Clean your and our house for it is One. Do not take this lightly. I beg of you.


Gerald O’Donnell

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