Gerald O’Donnell. Jerusalem, July 2019



This message was received on July 8, 2019 in the Holy city of Jerusalem.

Darkness is about to loosen its grip upon most of humanity. The Godliness is One!

It has allowed that facet to imprison Light in order to achieve degrees of separation between His parts that have caused a great deal of conflicts.

In order to achieve such, the One allowed the perception to His parts that He would be absent from His own Creation, and this is what caused great grief to the most Holy together with many of Its lower entities.

An ingenious system was Created in order to confuse most consciousnesses about their role in experiencing this Creation.

Time has come to put an end to this illusion!

Were it not for the One’s desire to protect and save as many of Its children and Its most Holy Projections, this world would have been fully erased long ago!

Many of His Direct Projections have operated upon this plane. Some have made imprints that were recognized, but most were ignored and left to oblivion in the memories of mankind.

Great misunderstandings and confusion lie around the ones who are remembered, and most confused the parts of the Dream – whereupon The One Projected temporarily, with the Eternal Presence of the One Himself.

Worshiping systems were established around many of My Projections in order to facilitate the control of men over mankind, and My Projections were made into idols, and that cannot be, for I have no true form nor character!

Why can’t you feel Me in your selves?

I Am you. I Am what makes you alive: Life Itself!

I exist Everywhere!

When will you stop destroying each other and plotting such in My Name?

Because of the great risk that your characteristics present to our immediate future, I shall need to transform this whole system and remove true darkness from your eyes and your minds!

Do not oppose Me, for that is futile!

You are all without any exception My children, and as such, you need to evolve into that very perception, more than anything else!

I can’t wait anymore!

You have blasphemed My Holy Name and reduced Me to dreams that only reflect your desire for power and conquest, and I will remove such from your operations. No one else can and no one else should, for you are Me!

Why do you waste your lives following lies and false prophets bent on instilling a sense of superiority to your broken dreams filled with falsehood?

Life is precious! Each of you experiences it as a facet for only a very short period.

Why are you wasting it to naught, to NOTHINGNESS, when you could manifest incredible beauty, peace and greatness?

You are all potentially holy, please act as such!

Why are you following and choosing leaders who bring you blindly into pits of hellish proportions?

Why are you worshiping strength instead of love, power instead of true peace?

I shall not forgive the ones who have caused great degrees of suffering towards my meek ones – the ones who cannot have a voice!

I shall be their voice and you will all hear It!

I hear their cries, you don’t, all the little ones, everywhere!

I see what you do to my precious Natural world and its precious inhabitants whom I Created, each and every one!

How do you dare destroy My Creation in the name of power?

It is already showing its pain to all of you as balance has left this world and everything is unbalanced, dangerously so!

I am deaf to your prayers, as long as you keep destroying My world which you inhabit!

Wake up, wake up, and show your Light!

Rise up from the land of the dead, and you shall truly be alive because you are not!

You are by now shadows of who you were meant to be, imprisoned by the thought programs which you have allowed to spread and enslave you!

Break their bonds, and free your selves!

You know which they are, for they are based on power and not true love, inequities and not true sharing!

They do not reflect the fact that all of you are One family, under One roof, under One God!

Wake up!

There is little time left for you!

That will be all.


The One and Only
Jerusalem July 8, 2019


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