Message from the One

Received word-per-word on January 1, 2022

Heavens blessing Earth

“Love your shadow selves, whom you perceive as evil, as YOUR SELVES, as One, because it is but your Self”

Isaiah chapter 45: 5-7, Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Leviticus 19:18, Mark 12:29-31

N.B. Today Gerald had a very High Experience which completed through the transmission of these words


This is a message from the One.

Today is a day to rejoice in, for man has made peace with his own shadows.

“You should love your shadow selves as your self, because all of it is but yourself, a creation of your self using the artifice of Light, so that you can lose yourself in watching your shadows, your thoughts operating in the darkness of your own selves. Nothing exists outside of your selves: All of it is One.

But beware: as you create your shadows in the presence of your fears, they become as real as the intensity of the levels of your fears, for your thoughts are the only Reality, and then they seem to be outside of your control.

I am the One who gives Reality to Light, and through Light. And as I create in darkness, and finally realize in the darkness of my Being that I am but the ultimate ONE, I then Create Everything.

Therefore, I am the One who Creates at the level of Light projecting My Self through the illusion of the many, perceiving the Light to be outside of myself while in reality, it is but Me, and thenceforth I manage to create the shadow selves.

And as they take on Reality in my own projection, they seem to be evil, because evil is only a Creation of My Self by MySelf.

And in the act of uniting Myself and Loving evil, loving my companion, loving the one whom I think, in perception, is outside of myself, my neighbor, I finally realize that it is, was, and in fact, will always be My Self.

And in that act of unity and unification, I unite Myself back into being One that then operates all the many but realizes that I, he, we, IS but ONE.”

That shall be all.

The One



Additional comments from Gerald O’Donnell are to be forthcoming in the next months.


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