Heavens blessing Earth

Message from The One

A requiem to Creation

December 31, 2019

N.B. (September 2020) This message was transmitted word-for-word on December 31, 2019. That very same day the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission in China made the first public announcement of a pneumonia outbreak of unknown cause as emergency services in hospitals in the Hubei province were getting overwhelmed with serious cases. The rest and an atmosphere of pure chaos is unfolding worldwide touching everywhere and everything.


This is The One.

This Creation is not what I Dreamt for it.

You have brought it into final chaos!

I gifted you throughout the ages so many warnings and tried to mend you back to my Dream for you, but you kept rebelling and wanting to impose your distorted visions upon my Holy one.

I waited for so long to have you back into my dwelling so that we could together Create a new world which would be reflected in union in me and Love for each and every one of you.

You followed and worshiped your dreams, your false idols, and turned your back away from Me. Why?

Why are you so afraid of Love, and so ready to espouse hate? Why?

Why are you so willing to participate in depraved distortions of who I really AM and create hell on earth? Why?

Everything was made ready to bring all of you back to my Holy House, where I Dwell Eternally.

You just worship yourselves and images like your selves.

You don’t understand Love!

I have come to be amongst you and experience this world on occasions, hoping by that act to bring my Children to trust Oneness. Why do you always reject unity and fight for division?

A moment has come, where, because of your destruction of Love and the Loving environment you were and are gifted, that I need to consider that we have all failed in reuniting ourSelves as One Family.

I cannot sustain this Dream any longer in such an imbalanced state!

I shall not fight you! You are already doing it to your Selves!

I have said all that needed to be said for now, but you stayed deaf, you heart closed, you vision blind, and this cannot be anymore.

It is for that reason that I shall let your desires prime over My Dream and remove Myself again in perception from your creation.

And as you cry and implore My Help, I shall be deaf and blind, and My Heart closed to your supplications.

Lest you finally turn around from your empty and cruel dreams and face Love, as My Family, in which case, I will open my Holy House and take you back into our Dwelling.

Do not postpone your gathering your Selves from being exiled from me, because you have little time left to Dream any dream which does not focus on my Unity as The One and Only!

This year, in your perception of time, shall show you the consequences of what you have done and who you have become.

A great number of beautiful souls have already left and disembodied.

I took them back because I wanted to spare them what can unfold when Love is neglected.

Ancient forces bent on chaos and evil have infiltrated most of my Creations thinking that by doing so, I would let them take hold of my Abode and they could call themselves gods.

This was for them to be their last and final conquest: their desire and ability to take over the One Mind who Created All and Everything including them.

Their arrogance and pride know no boundaries.

Why have so many of you succumbed to their lure and falsehoods?

Their power is but wind; their dreams turned into nightmares for all to share and experience; their bickering and division as symbol of what they are and shall always be.

I shall not fight them anymore; they will fight each other and thenceforth disappear from My Holy Mind.

They were born, as everything else is, out of Love, but have only desired to experience and propagate hate, and as such they do not belong anymore in any parts of my Holy Mind and shall not be EVER revived!

This is the end of a very experimental phase where I allowed the illusion of division and separation to take on dimensions which even surprised Myself.

This is the Beginning of a new phase where My Nature and My Desires shall be the only direction of all Creations and All Creatures.

This is the end of the last and final rebellion, and it shall be uprooted by its roots, never to be reCreated again!

To all the pure of hearts, my true Children, I promise to extract you from this prison in which you are now dwelling and bring you intact to my Holy Place: Holy of Holies, where I Dwell for Eternity. And in such a Place, you will know True Love, True Peace and True Joy, forever and ever.

To all the others, the rebellious ones, the hypocrites, I shall turn a deaf ear and not hear your cries as you slowly extinguish as I remove all life-force from your beings. You were warned so many times and chose to be misled and mislead others into empty pursuits of nothingness inside your distorted Creative dreams.

That shall be all.


The One


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