Happy New Creation and Song


Gerald O’Donnell, Jerusalem 12.31.2012: As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.

I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:



This is the Godliness.

Man thinks that God is far away, when in fact He is closer than one’s breath.

That negation of Self is what caused man to fall so far from its original purpose.

Many have tried to interpret the Mind of the Godliness, and until now most have failed in their perceptions of the Ultimate Reality.

There needs to be absolutely no divide between Creator and creatures.

Nevertheless, the Creator has allowed Himself, until now, to be subject to the mind of the creature in order to experiment with the ultimate free-will.

This is not to be anymore, for the One-and-Only will regain His Throne and engage in guiding His creatures in order to allow for the continuation of the experiment of this and many other Creations.

You all will perceive this fact soon and, as The One becomes an Eternal Permanent reality in your consciousnesses, you will love your selves in Oneness as parts of the One-and-Only and you will love The One for He is constantly Creating you in thoughts in His gigantic Imagination.

And in turn, you will be bathed in Eternal Love and concern for your well-being.

We are not more than One Mind separating Itself in concepts and facets. We are all to be united soon into this Holy perception.

We shall all be completed and perfected.

All will heal.

Everything will be corrected.

Nothing will remain isolated in thought and perception, for all will be aware of being important levels and parts of the Totality.

We need not fear, and trust in the process which has just occurred as the Totality of Creation has just turned around from an expression of The One focusing on and manifesting the many, onto a phase of reuniting with the perception of Himself, as The One-as-the many focus from now onward on being The One-and-Only separating Itself so that It can imagine Himself into different parts, perceptions, and operations.

Soon, major events will need to occur so that the perception of The One becomes anchored into this and many other realities.

Soon, no one will be allowed to even doubt it.

The One-and-Only is gently asking His beloved creatures to let go of their belief systems which separate the Godliness and His Creation into distinct realities, for such is not the case.

Time has come for The One-and-Only to bring all of His children home and show them a new Creation, a new Song, a new way.

They all erred like lost sheep without a real shepherd.

There will be no judgment placed upon their former errors.

Nevertheless, there will be great effort and intense intervention so that man understands that there is but One God, not many, One Source, not many, One Origin, not many, and It is all The One-and-Only.

All systems that flourished based on dominion and enslavement of others shall be made to fully disappear from the face of Creation.

All beliefs which tried to portray the Godliness in a restricted manner, or negate His true Reality by introducing elements of worship of lower manifestations, shall fully disappear.

The One will connect to receptive humans, in order to guide their thoughts into newer forms of manifestation of Creative energy, to allow for a full stop to so many dangerous and poisonous forms of it which are now extensively used by mankind and have created tremendous damage to the fabric of this planet and far beyond.

All entities that believe that they can oppose the Will of The Oneness will face the fury of Oneness when It manifests Its full and deepest Love for all of Creation.

Creation will shift very soon from an emphasis on encouraging uncontrolled competition to an emphasis on wanting to manifest infinite co-operation.

The Godliness knows far too well, for He has experienced an infinitely large number of Creations, that uncontrolled competition always brings about uncontrolled suffering.

There shall not remain pockets of uncontrolled greed and corruption; these shall all be made to implode and be totally erased from Creation.

Man will know its holy place and function within the Holy fabric of All-that-IS and the Eternal support of its Mother manifesting Nature for it.

Be strong, and remember that real strength is found in unconditional co-operation and love.

Be gentle, for that is a sign of real strength.

Be patient, for it will be your companion in this phase as we all shift.

Be kind, for you would then align with the One-and-Only and be counted amongst the ones who will travel the only path that can be allowed from now on.

Be mindful of the power of your thoughts and the directions of your intentions.

Do not rush to judge one another; that is not how The One operates.

Never rejoice in the suffering of the part whom you perceive as an opponent, for that part is but yourself showing you often a misguided choice.

Nothing exists in a vacuum: no reality, no perception. So do not turn a blind eye to the realities of others, no matter how far they seem to operate from yours, for at the level of The One-and-Only there is not distance nor any sense of location. Everything is interconnected. Everything affects each other. Every one and every thing is One.

Understand that if you do so and forget that very notion, events will then be made to exist in your reality who will remind you that no other is “another” far away; so that his or her fate and sense of happiness shall become your fate and sense of happiness. Remember this.

Soon only the Song of Love will be heard.

The cacophony of all others shall not even remain a memory.

You are all invited to partake in that new Song – the only Song there really is, was, and will ever be, at the level of the One and Only Being there IS.

Remember that under and behind every single event you will see manifested from now on lies a deeper meaning reality and lesson. Try to see it and integrate it so that soon only beautiful realities shall wash upon your shores.

Soon warring factions and opposing ideas shall embrace each other for they will have no other choice remaining, as the effects of conflict will be so deeply felt that no one will want to revisit such.

Do not be afraid to proclaim your faith in unity and Love. Show it to everyone and everything. Sing only that Song.

Remain holy in your path. Set an example.

Walk proudly the road of unity and you shall be rewarded for it.

This is the final end and completion to the era of conflict.

This is the real Beginning of Love and Creation.

There is no turning back possible; that will not be allowed.

Stay focused on Love and Love will manifest in your life. You shall always be taken care of, if you do so, by the One-and-Only.

Ask strongly for a healing of your soul, your mind, and your biology, and, if you operate in the new atmosphere and fragrance of Oneness, you will be answered.

Nothing, nor anyone, will impede the new Creation for it is fully engaged now; no lower force would want to test Infinite Love manifested.

Remember: you are all One. That is all you can be.

Therefore, love your selves and always try to bring happiness to your selves, for in that act you bring happiness to the Totality.

This will be ALL.


Happy and blessed 2013 and far beyond!

The Great Shift is on, rejoice!

Gerald O’Donnell

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