The One-and-Only needs His message to be spread across all of this Creation. sHe hopes that you realize that it is your Holy Loving duty to send it and post it to as many people and places as you possibly can. Be courageous. Time is very short, and the stakes are great. You must get involved for Oneness’ sake, which is you. The masculine grammatical format is used in this message to represent the fact that the Level transmitting it is the Original Spreading Seeding Force of ALL and is becoming covertly active, and this has obviously nothing to do with gender, biologically or energetically wise.


This is The Oneness talking.

Much has been said and written about the era which we traverse, all of us.

Man has stood upon his kingdom with little interference from The One.

To the dismay of The Oneness he took his freedom of expression to levels that are currently threatening the totality of this and many more Creations.

The Oneness has sent numerous messages, teachings, and warnings through various projections, and manifested events at the level of His Kingdom: The Natural one.

Most, if not all, have found no echo in the hearts of mankind.

It pains the One to witness such troublesome neglect at every level of His Mind.

A sense of urgency has been present for a time in His Mind as to the need to intervene strongly and directly in order to affect balance and continuity.

Nothing can exist or manifest if The One does not partake of it with greater or lesser attention.

Nothing is but The IS Himself.

The One needs to state that the convulsions which mankind is made to bear are affected by Him as direct consequences of the actions of mankind upon the Godliness and His Creations.

Man will not experience again peace nor stability until man realizes his Divine role and Beingness.

Until mankind makes this leap in awareness, only greater upheaval and imbalances will ensue.

This is not about faith or religions.

This is but only about Reality: The Only Reality there is, was, and will be: The Oneness of It ALL.

Most of what man encounters on his plane is but a direct consequence of his lacking that awareness in his heart.

Seldom has The One felt so much distress as sHe watches what is left of His beautiful Creations.

sHe wishes things would have turned out differently.

Nevertheless, because of self-restrictions imposed to Himself by Himself to allow free-will to operate at all the levels of the operations of His Creations, sHe needed, up to now, to remain as the silent observer.

Each and every one of you is but a small part sustained only within His gigantic Imagination. And as such, if need be, He can and will allow Himself to think for you, act for you, and in many cases decide whether your facet should continue to exist in the next world to come.

Focus now only on entering back the notion of Oneness.

Let go of all other concerns and false beliefs for they shall not be here soon.

Love each other and the Womb who gave you birth: Mother Nature.

Seek peace across all divides and spread harmony.

Open your hearts, for only there lays The Divine. It does not yet operate within your human intellect.

These times are Holy and should be remembered so.

Bath as much as you can in the One’s Presence for He dwells inside of each of you, silently.

Go within, and you shall find Him.

Stay focused.

Know that He will soon remove from your eyes and hearts the dark web of deceit which has been implanted for so long by lower misguided elements operating within Himself, where it steered you, His children, to difficult paths, in order to retain great control over your eyes and beings.

You were never alone, as He traveled all of your paths with you, within you, experiencing all of you silently. Your pain was His pain and your joy, His Joy. Time has come to make the latter your well-deserved gift as you rejoin His Dream for you.

You are all Loved, you are all cherished.

There is only Love.

Nothing else exists but is only illusion given for a moment.

All is to become new. All is to be erased.

There is no retribution and thence there shall be no guilt.

The One is affecting this process from within all of Himself, for He alone knows all of Himself to be Himself, and therefore would not punish Himself.

The One needs His children to embrace each other again, for they are One, not many; they are just different expressions of the same.

Be ready for Oneness.

Stay the course and remain strong.

I love you.




Gerald O’Donnell
Academy of Remote Viewing and remote Influencing

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