Gifted to Mankind on September 26, 2012

Today a very important and Holy process was achieved whereby all the vibratory levels of The ONE-and-Only were aligned, and the Holy Name of Oneness was vibrated in unison and peaceful harmony. Creations aligned and bowed to the TRUTH of ONE and the hope for Oneness. As the alignment occurred, I received the following message, word-by-word, which I want to share and is addressed to ALL



Today an act of pure Unification of all the parts who form the ONE has occurred.

TRUTH has overcome untruth, for only THE ONE is TRUTH; all the rest is but illusion.

TRUTH is unmovable – it just IS.

TRUTH is but the name of The ONE.

Soon all that created untruth shall cease to operate, as The ONE- and-Only will only allow His ONLY facet: TRUTH, to BE and Persist.

This stage of Creation is very Holy, for all the parts who have operated within the ONE have finally resolved to let go of their differences, achieved through the illusions of their Creations, and unite under the banner of TRUTH: Oneness manifested.

The outer manifestations of some of these parts who are still bathing in the illusion of untruth are to be soon transformed into new perceptions gifted by the TRUTH of the ONE-and-Only-Being there IS, there was, and there will ever BE.

Resistance is futile, for the very core of TRUTH is now penetrating all of Its realities and transforming them back into who and what they originate from.

There has been more than enough suffering and distortions due to untruths, and the ONE-and-Only, through all of Its parts, felt and experienced the damage it caused to the fabric of ALL.

You will all soon perceive in the depth of your selves and in your realities how TRUTH pierces the veil of untruth.

You will all soon bow down in Love to Love manifested.

You will all soon cherish all that you are and all that you can be.

For Oneness shall guide you; Oneness shall bring you Home to Itself – to The ONE.

And this is the only TRUTH by which we shall all operate at all levels of Creation from now on: as ONE Creating the illusions of many so that the many perceive themselves as ONE AGAIN.


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