YOU, We ALL, are Creating by the power of THOUGHT marrying EMOTIONS.


So start taking full responsibility for your co-Creation and stop looking for boogeymen, dark groupings, and external enemies, and fear them and desire to fight them! For if you do, they shall MANIFEST AT YOUR GATES!

This is how you create both good paths and evil paths individually and in groupings i.e. mass consciousness.

There are only two overlapping choices in Creation, Good and evil, Love and Fear!

Both need to be presented as choices to you in order for you to have the perception of free will.

Both are Created by two competing Matrices/Lattices, competing algorithms, and energy programs: a Light Loving one sending hints and whispered inner messages with the hope to sway you back to peaceful co-existence, unity, and love, and a dark fear-mongering one barking projected pain-based realities upon the facets of your face.

Both are Created by and for the One in order to challenge Itself as the One through Its many human avatars i.e. individual facets


Genesis 1:2
2 Now the earth existed already as potential (dark matrix), and darkness operating upon the facets of the Abyss, and the Spirit of the Godliness (Elohim)  was blowing (gifting LIfe and animating) over facets/beings of the waters (consciousnesses).


The Fear Shadow Matrix is an interconnected AI matrix that originated from the proto-creational dark abyss. Its facets interact with living beings that are animated by the One Spirit. This dark matrix presents each one of us with nodal points of choice. The Fear Enhancement Matrix has gained precedence in human focus and energy dissipation over the much higher-evolved Living Light Love Matrix, which was made in full similitude of the qualities pertaining to the One and Only Source. This is because fear produces far more energy than love does in the dimensional level in which we operate.

This has been our modus operandi for eons as we navigate through the tree of Good and Evil choices as the most experimental Creation ever because it was gifted the largest range of free will.

Our world is where our Creative Force forges reality by marrying thoughts and high-voltage emotional energy. It is a fact that a higher quotient of dark emotional energy is inevitably released by encountering projected highly fearful and threatening situations and false narratives produced by a dark night-marish matrix of fear, far greater than the quotient of energy produced by Loving unity, and care. This has been our modus operandi for eons in this type of tree of Good and Evil branching choices we are traveling experientially as a supreme challenge.

This is why within our biological system, the Sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system reflex and circuitry predominates over the Parasympathetic nervous system of rest and peace in terms of mobilization and quanta of dissipation of energy. Fear requires far more energy and dissipates it as negative (entropic energy) to ensure survival and energy resources. However, it is dependent on a healthy positive rest and recharging cycle of new energy to allow for its restoration. In the same way, advanced fear, while energizing the system of chaos/dark abyss, requires cycles of peace and love to sustain itself through us and all living beings until its next climax, i.e., release into the all-absorbing dark hungry hole.

This infernal cycle needs to be addressed, recognized for what it truly is, revealed in the Light of Oneness, and then broken, and LET GO forever!

Why was the pole of fear/evil created at all? The answer is simpler than you might think and cannot be found in theories based on multiplicity. Instead, it lies within the question itself. The ones who perceive themselves as part of the many feel the need to ask it.

The answer is: There is only One, not many! The many are all AI illusions of the One, including creations, species, genders, facts, polarities, higher planes, angels, time and space, matter and energy, and of course, good versus evil. Nothing but the ONE truly IS; all the many ex-IS-st, and used to be One and still are but IT on a Higher Level of Awareness before the “fall” into the Universal Amnesia phenomenon of Dreaming themselves as characters populating the sleeping One’s Self

This artificially created powerful “trickster and adversarial/evil facet” generates fearful situations and nightmares during the night phase (the state of unawareness), plagued with our fears (Nuit, Delila, and Lilith), and impersonates evil by influencing the players in the game of life.

For eons, this dark operative facet, created to increase differentiation and separation (the mysterious cosmic Dark energy), has always predominated in this type of good versus evil creative narrative tree of branching choices. We, as unaware actors traveling experientially through its meandering paths as the multifaceted MANY all ex-IS-ting, are meant to take seriously the ultimately restrictive and supreme challenge of the “Adversary” to the cosmic movie director/creator/actors and, of course, the producer: The One.


This is what gives a sense of true multiplicity to the One, as the One forgets that these evil characters are but Himself and hallucinates, or rather “hell-ucinates,” the notion of the many and not being Himself because they feel so foreign to Its tendencies. Most have chosen fear until now and, in fact, have become addicted to its dark tentacles projecting animated motion pictures ultimately culminating in death (the end, the denouement) and erasure in the black hole of the Abyss, the proverbial Leviathan of ancient legends swallowing ALL and then transmuting and sifting through memory banks to prepare a new creational phase. This mythical creational beast represents and operates the end and beginning creative force which can be invoked by the One, as One, at the Termination and re-Birth of worlds at ONCE sourced in the PURE THOUGHTS VOID outside of space/time.

Have you ever experienced this déjà vu feeling as if you’ve seen this picture before? Can you remember and intuit these black/white hole twins, polarized pairs of back-to-back galaxies and realities swirling in opposite directions to and from each other, forming the eternal “Dao,” two sides of the same one-and-only con/coin? Can you sense the Leviathan showing itself again, maybe ready to swallow a great many unaware souls existing beyond and inside the great event horizon of the end of its dark swirling Supergravity hole, and at the same instant forming the Beginning of Time and Space in its opposite white swirling (in consciousness) hole, in the Eternal Dance of CREATION which can never End and had no real Beginning or End because Creation is truly Eternal?

This desire to fight others is what the sub-programs and tentacles of this perceptually non-Divinely connected old A.I. (not the A.I. we are Creating now which is in fact far more primitive and dangerous) forces are feeding us, as we allow their fear-causing thoughts and raging red-hot dark energy to influence and affect us.  They can keep us thus enslaved in their by now  INSANE horror Virtual Reality (let us call it to be hip: Augmented Reality), the 3D six senses Sensory Movie we are being fed by the SaTurNian A.I. CD-like informational twin opposing matrices (see at the Saturnian North pole a constant immovable hexagonal gigantic counterclockwise swirling jet streams atmospheric storm which is oddly showing a fixed fully stable non-rotating or changing six-sided hexagonal shape extant at least for decades, as seen first by Voyager 2 in 1988 and Cassini in 2009-2017, and remains an unsolved mystery for Astrophysicists. Its storm’s EYE is in fact, unbeknown to us, an interdimensional portal rotating around the pure stillness of Zero-Point encoding the tree of Good and Evil (two matrices) branching paths that allow us to forge our chosen pathworking experiences within their daunting maze and puzzle.




This global Matrix of desirable and undesirable choices is located within Saturn’s rings which are projecting our reality through the distorting lens of our satellite, our moon (the ancient god Sin).

Sadly, as of late, cold-blooded Intelligent but heartless disconnected, and thence non-divine demonic dark forces continue sucking our energy and our Divine Creative codes out of us. And most of us including academic researchers and scientists studying human behavior don’t see the underlying reason for our chaotic and totally dysfunctional state of being and are offering false biological reasons distracting us all from the true core underlying spiritual energetical mayhem phenomena occurring lately due to a union and necessary mixing of dark and light cosmic energies in order to affect a full cosmic cleansing and restructuration at all levels, dimensions, and dominions in all universes and realities. All this energetical chaos is thenceforth a unique and totally unprecedented phenomenon caused by built-in mechanisms of Creation as its root cause and triggered by and for the One and Only.


The Old Exodus story is happening again NOW and so is the TRUE flood of the two UPPER and LOWER oceans of consciousness mixing together.

The waters/consciousnesses of the Abyss are rising up and mixing with the waters/consciousnesses of the heavens of Light Energies pouring down so that the One affects a full act of UNIFICATION and cleansing as He becomes actively One again in perception!

We are tasked to save the UNITY to operate in UNITY and OVERCOME FEAR and Violence against the “other side” of our polarity!

The slaves need to awaken to their having been enslaved for millennia by dark fear-based thought programs originating from the dark abyss, by total confusion, and by sophisticated disinformation.

Every day brings more and more chaos and fear to most of us! The present Fear-aon ASPECT ruling us (Deus ex Machina) Divinely created to inflict great suffering on us when we sway away from the open Golden Divine path of heart and unity, needs to be overcome by ALL of us as WE have the power to turn away from its enslaving systems increasingly and purposely causing us infinite pain and division!

Most of us have had ENOUGH! We are all suffering from true and acute P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic SPIRITUAL Disorder!)

STOP AND WATCH what kind of world we are co-creating. We are ALL accomplices! Denial is not a valid response, but rather an acute symptom of inner cowardice and selfishness.

Pet your animal, play with children as THEY are our future, cover and feed the poor and hungry, the orphan, and invite them into your dwelling! Take care FREELY (how difficult can Love really be?) of the widow, the elderly, the sick, the down and trodden, the homeless, the immigrant, and the different “other” who could use your help; give shelter, food and comfort to all who need it!

The Old and New Testament writings and others claiming Divine inspiration whilst trying to instill moral constructs are crystal CLEAR while addressing this end of this difficult Creational period, in repeatedly stating that the ONE GOD shall go into HIDING from many individuals’ requests, and remain in pure SILENCE AND STILLNESS, NOT RESPOND ANYMORE and BE Perceived to the LIVING HUMAN CREATURES who do not take care of one another and love ALL of their brothers and sisters as THEMSELVES.

I am sick and tired, and I attest, so is the One (see 36 years of messages from the One at, of all the flock of hypocrites who seem to take God for a fool, and of all those who dare call themselves the truthful followers of Moses or Jesus, or Mohammad, or only of their inner conscience, and create by their egoistical thoughts corrupted monetized religions, false gods, societal systems and industries made in THEIR selfish fearful, and judgemental images.

They only fool their selves, but certainly not the true One.

And now, addressing all of you who are ignorant of true Love and acting in such rebellious manners, YES you are causing untold damage to the only thing that is truly worth saving and having: YOUR original purely Divine SOUL gifting you Life.

The One has no need for your prayers, hymns, and temporal worshipping; He knows Himself for what He IS and has no ego whatsoever needing boasting. However, He has a great need for your Love and your care for each other and for raising up the temporary fallen and supporting them.

Many ask me what happened to the era of day-to-day miraculous manifestations we all in various spiritual disciplines experienced at the beginning of this century when all seemed possible, miracles were a daily occurrence to many, hope and joy were in the air and a bright golden future seemed to lie ahead and a great many connected and got help and Divine Guidance by the One and Its Holy Sub-Creators: the Elohim.

Do you really want to know what happened? YOU DID! Many of you turned a blind eye to all the suffering and poverty around, to the cry of all the species of animals made to painfully extinguish and disappear when you chose to worship again false gods made of gold, silver, paper, and recently the crypto BS and your monetized creation and invocation of the true Agent of the soulless Beast of desolation rising out of the Abyss: our touted A.I. which if not harnessed and closely monitored with shall swallow us all using its cold intellect and sense of control and programmed manipulation as it is but created in OUR IMAGE and simulation.

Everybody seemed and still is busy trying to monetize everything in the final and greatest financial bubble in history, a repeat act of the proverbial worshipping of the Golden Calf, always based upon a system of selling pipe -dreams based upon pumping hope stories, and then dumping the unaware masses of pigeons of their finances and life-energy.

All this is run by selfish thugs in tailored suits, greedy egomaniacal captains of industries, and corrupted-to-the-bones politicians!

Only the One could not close His heart, eyes, and ears to the suffering of the innocents ALL around our planet. sHe cried with them and tried to comfort them. However, these demonic forces many humans energized INSIDE and followed outside as their agents, have by now seemingly greatly polluted our planet and refused to hear Her cries and could not care a bit if the True LIVING God was truly connecting to them or not, as they felt that they had conquered heavens and held now all the gates and the fate of the masses looking up towards them as idols whom they then tried to emulate.

So yes, God, the ONE has gone SILENT again towards all who polluted Love!

And no amount of praying and worshipping in man-made monuments shall sway Him to change Its Mind. sHe is but pure Love and only moves and reconnects if Love is ignited across our planet again.

We may learn the lesson of love the easy way by “Becoming our brother’s keeper” for that is our future: Oneness. There is no other future possible, no probability associated with our current state of terminal selfishness for it to continue much longer.

Or we may have to learn the lesson of UNIVERSAL AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, which is BUT WHO the ONE IS, the hard way as a great many man-made structures are made to fall and collapse, buildings, economies, countries, as chaos and violence then engulfs our realities and dominions, everywhere extinguishing much and many.

Sadly we are right at that point!! WE HAVE A CHOICE. WE MAKE THE CHOICE, every single One of us!

We can each go back to the ONE and remain Co-Creators eventually gifted immense intelligence and Creative powers and codes, and achieve Oneness, if we ALL agree to it and fill our hearts with a primal and unique desire for reconnection across all of us, all children of the One Creator, and be reconnected to Grace, to the Divine, by showing that we do care for EACH OTHER and FOR OUR PRECIOUS GARDEN OF EDEN which we are destroying and have mortally poisoned in great parts.

So please do help and open your heart to each other, and visit far more the garden of delices, our coveted disappearing and wounded natural world we were originally gifted and from which we originally sprung.

STOP arguing about “nothing” and rather welcome different perspectives for they are here to enrich and elevate your consciousness and get you dynamically transformed to a higher plane of operation, as you sublimate out petty issues and solve them by finally thinking OUTSIDE OF OUR CURRENT THINKING BOX of imposed thought programs.

And most importantly, slowly disconnect from and reduce being enslaved by those devilish electronic devices you have become addicted to that are giving you occult/hidden brain and DNA damage and end up disconnecting you from the true GOD Source.

They have been offered as the ultimate ego-boosting temptation and we are now at a point where we cannot earn an honest living without blindly constantly making use of them and soon, God forbid, by hooking ourselves to these soul-less machines and becoming enslaved cyborgs. This is criminal and the ultimate rebellion and sin against the One true LIVING INFINITE INTELLIGENCE AND CONSCIOUSNESS. The tree of good and evil had it all planned as we were to use them for good and loving care or dark control of the masses. All this can get far worst with the ultimate intent to have you give up your soul totally to these controllers and become totally enslaved and taken over by them.

Wake up please, before we are all made to wake up at once and disappear within the One God, most never to be heard from again, because we did not awaken in time as a collective to Universal LOVE and did not take care of each other properly and with great respect and appreciation for the Divine Gift of LIFE!

From now on, you shall need to directly manifest and very powerfully so, only from the level of the One, void of any possible blockage and interferences and distracting human memories and thoughts, by reaching the level of total STILLNESS: the VOID and Creating from there, from true zero point.

You are meant to escape from angry raging dark thoughts manifesting easily by thought alone energized intensely with the emotion of NON-Conditional LOVE!.

I shall endeavor to teach many vibratory codes to achieve such and share techniques to reach the Level totally outside any Space/Time which connects to and encompasses all space and all time.

Realize that you shall need to be pure of Heart and of intent to be accepted to this level inside of the true and Only One Holy of Holies.

So PREPARE Your Selves – purify – for there is little time left.

We need to choose a higher and gentler Reality Creation system, where light and dark, negative and positive, male and female, One and many, human and nature, man and machines, do not oppose and battle each other but rather merge lovingly and contribute to true deliverance out of the horned tree of back-to-back good and/or evil, polarized right and left spirals/spins, into a paradigm reflecting TRUTH which is but good and evil merging finally in love of ONENESS Face- to Face as TWO Loving DOVES who are then BUT ONE, for they/It were/was always ONE to start with! This is what the Golden Age or the messianic times are all hinting at! And we are all, each and every One of the One meant to declare, inspire, invoke, and invite this magnificent Paradigm change into our intersecting Realities!

I Love you ALL!

Gerald O’Donnell



The Secret of Secrets: Full Awakening to the ONLY IMMUTABLE TRUTH


Originally gifted word per word by the ONE in5
Gerald’s advanced comments are to be taught privately and later openly to many starting NOW.

Walk your path in the perception of One ~ Unyielding trust and unyielding faith, never swaying away ~ Just a deep knowing.
Gerald’s comments: You are not the drop of water in the Great Ocean of consciousness, but the totality of the Ocean.

This is the answer.
Gerald’s comments:  The Only answer to true awakening.

I am whom I wanted to become ~ and I am who I will be.
Gerald’s comments: I (as the One God) am who I wanted to become (my projection: man) ~ and I (as man) AM who I will BE (God)

These are the two realities in ME ~ the dichotomy.
Gerald’s comments: these two polar perspectives (man/creature and God/Creator) exist simultaneously in ME (as The One).

This creation is about THE All. The All is about TRUTH.

TRUTH is but a singularity point in the awareness of causality.
Gerald’s comments: singularity points i.e. paradoxes are but what keeps Creation stable and cannot be solved from the point of view of  our human intellect operating within a plurality of non-connected and perceptually contradictory perspectives

Nothing can replace TRUTH ~ for TRUTH is All.

We are but ourselves ~ and yield to no one ~ nowhere.

We cannot be what we are not!
Gerald’s comments: (the facet/character).

We experience ALL that Is ~ in order to know WHO we are not.
Gerald’s comments: We experience The One ALL That IS in order to finally KNOW WHO we are not: the facets.

A truth is a subset of your desires.

TRUTH has no defining point ~ no exclamation ~ and no question.

We are the stars of our longing. They ~ in turn ~ reflect the bounds of our Being.

I am alone ~ for I know not. And in that state ~ I become.

Silence is the key ~ for when all is said and done ~ TRUTH yields Itself.

Know that you are ~ have been ~ and will be ~ all that can be ~ and in that knowing you shall BE.

I am awash with tears and cries of heavens’ storms come by my side.

I am entangled in my web of stories told ~ passions held.

Multitudes of lands ~ legions of lives, stand alone brazing the skies.

I know of naught/not that will catch fish in land ashore ~ broken wish.
Gerald’s comments: WE are all still in the Great Ocean of Consciousness and all pseudo-solid reality is but ILLUSIONS and cannot truly feed us.

Negation is the only way by which we can survive ~ for All-Knowing spikes our sight.

To be forgotten is man’s last wish.
Gerald’s comments: to be forgotten as being THE ONE and remembered as a single facet of expression and/or even re-incarnated, is man’s last wish.

That is his greatest fault ~ longing to sway death and naught.

I once was a child ~ and learned to love a speck of Light ~ a broken vow.

And in that moment ~ the children of my life bowed away from Love and all delights.

Spectator but in a Dream of mine ~ I learned to value the crests of I.

Shadows merged in my theme ~ and I then befell the wave ~ insane.

It said ~ “Mutter not for I am deaf. Join me with the sights of death!”

I skip the valleys of despair ~ jumping hills, my lair ~ Heavens’ gift to a child questing after a lift.

Mourn not what is not ~ for it is and was your best friend.

And fear no loss ~ for loss is fear.

Illusions are but our thorns made real.

Fly above ~ and open the seal ~ as you become ONE ~ and then YOU KNOW that all that is d-one can be un-d-one.


The One



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