A Silent Cry from the Ocean of Consciousness

Part I: The Earth is Us


Message by Gerald O’Donnell received from the Consciousness of Nature on Nov. 14, 2002

I connected today to the Level of the operational unifying and Creative arm of One under the full control of The One: Nature, and specifically used a tree as the conduct. I noticed a high electrical, almost metallic, energy flowing into my right hand. If I put my left hand over the tree, it somehow neutralized it.

I asked the tree what was this energy. It told me that one of this tree’s main roles, as a living being, is to carry and be an antenna for this particular type of energy. That is what it is here for. That is its role on earth

It told me that it, as all trees do, get a particular type of cosmic energy. Every single tree gets a different and chosen type of cosmic energy that it collects as an antenna for its special assigned form of energy. As the trees are themselves portals to the “other side”: the quantum soup, they really channel these different cosmic energies from there. The role of these energies is to allow for the creation of the holographic grid and realities on earth and to allow for the creation of form and hence life to exist. The core of the earth (crystal core) has a direct connection to the Quantum. That core vibrates basic frequencies of sounds that are then mixed, overlaid and form interference patterns with all different types of energies that the trees collect and inject into the earth. That it why it is so crucial to leave trees planted in their natural and original setting and design, because nature in Its Infinite Wisdom and perfect design has planted each and every tree in its right place and dominion for a particular purpose in the dance of energy that a creation represents. Man has no knowledge whatsoever of these high intelligent creative realms, and by destroying forests and/or imposing different types of trees it disturbs and weakens greatly the energetic fabric of our creation.

The energies hence collected by the trees are then stored within the great oceans and natural lakes and ponds, which then act as capacitors for all these different energies. And that pool is available for the earth to draw from, in order to mix sound and energy and form reality (matter and life). As man has started to dabble in atomic destructive experiments, and experimental portal openings through wormholes and other means, and has lately been actively researching weapons of war that use high electromagnetic energy that either operate from space or, worst, go thru the fabric of space and can reenter and destroy any remote point on earth, the fabric that holds all the points together within our energy universe (Cosmic Lattice) has suffered great damage and there is energy leakage into other parallel creation that are now also at risk. And to top it all, our scientists have not sealed nor even know how to close again and repair the energetic holes that they have caused. This is why within the ocean cetaceans (whales and dolphins) are using the high knowledge of how to combine and mix sound and the right energies present in the water, in order to patch up the holes created within the grid and send healing to all the planet so that it can continue to function albeit in a very diminished and injured state. The reason why these beautiful creatures were chosen is that they are highly intelligent mammals, much more spiritually advanced than man (because they only operate out of pure Love and service), who have been given Creator status. Our consciousness originates from theirs and they have been given the role to protect and save us from our own state of primitive awareness, obsession with control, and lack of advanced intelligence. They know that in he ladder of consciousness evolution we are still in the pre-school phase.

They can do this patchwork since they are highly mobile and can cover great distances within the oceans and sing (focus using sound) cosmic energy patterns that they collect from the ocean (capacitor) to areas using geometric meta-forms that they know should be used.

As we stated before, in the great wheel of life, the energies present in the Oceans are received and collected by the antennas of all the wild original trees that are left on Earth. That is why mankind is blindingly signing its own death warrant, out of sheer ignorance and obsession with power, greed, war, and the control of others and of nature.

The tree told me that there is great concern, sadness and even anger at our acts. And that this information needs to be revealed soon. Our Remote Influence course teaches each and every one of you to connect in the same easy way to the portal of the other side (spirit/ superluminous hyperspace energy particles) using either Old trees or flowers and please trust us, you will be able to confirm this information for yourself. You will also get whatever other information the level of nature desires to give to us (High knowledge, safe technologies etc…) in order to save us and save Itself as the Earth-dimension plane, and this whole Creation in the process. It is very eager to do so, for time is pressing and short. Use, spread, and act upon this knowledge!

– The material presented herein is to be read urgently, and with great patience and reverence. When doing remote viewing sessions the information originates from the source that is most appropriate. For general and mundane targets (intelligence, police, missing objects or persons etc.. ), the Information Matrix usually suffices. For Higher level information we need to get closer to Higher Levels of the One within our deep common subconscious Kingdom in order to fetch the data requested. Many parallel universes exist in the multiples hyperspace dimensions (universes) of the Cosmic Lattice nested and embedded within it, and occupying the same “mental space” as ours does (the void/vacuum), however these are all operating at different frequency levels. Many overlap with ours. Ultimately all is connected to the All-that-Is: The One. They all affect each other, they all suffer or rejoice together.

The first message was received as we were fetching information from a level very close to the One: the Universal Operational Creator of this mankind and the mankind of many other parallel Universes. Let’s call that contacted Unity of Consciousness: Global Consciousness or GC.

The second message to be published in the next 2 weeks, originated spontaneously as we were in the midst of a Remote Viewing session targeting a world event. Suddenly L. our viewer became very agitated and a great emotional sadness was felt within the confines of the room. The RV session was interrupted and we received the following message that we are going to post verbatim. We felt the vibrations of a tremendously powerful feminine energy permeating our space: we understood and believed it to be the Great Mother of us all.

I know that I have been giving out similar messages in the past. You may ask why even bother? I feel so often, as do many others who have received related communications, like a lone voice bouncing off hardened hearts and closed minds. Well, for as long as there is a breath of energy in this vehicle of Mind, I will do what I feel must be done, which is to try to reawaken many from this unusually disconnected man/womankind from Source, while there is still time for change. We have worked and worshiped the polishing of our intellect, but have lost our heart.

I know that humanity today (2002) is very preoccupied with the sound of wars to come and isolated terrorist events. The drums of nationalistic sacrifice are beating high and proud. I am not denying at all these threats. They are all manifestations of the low-level thinking and sheer madness that mankind has sunk into, in its great disrespect for human, animal, and plant life. Power is the only game in town, and all these children of the One are playing it with increase fervor. Only the killing toys which they have at their disposal have changed and evolved drastically. Although the professionals of war machines might have, in their minds, great and understandable reasons to match, surpass and neutralize the killing power of their real or imaginary perceived enemies, the power and ramifications of the technologies employed for that purpose, often go far beyond the boundaries of what they seek to achieve, and therefore these professional soldiers and war scientists are capable, because of the restricted awareness and intelligence with which we all operate with for now, of endangering not only their enemies but the very existence of their own countries for whom they feel great love and even unwillingly threaten the existence of all of humanity. The following message is a case in point. I know that their intents are often respectable and that they mean well. I am only asking for them to open their hearts to new inputs and let the human mind be a slave to the information of the heart, instead of having the heart be a slave to the human mind. I am asking for their cooperation. I trust in the good of mankind. I only worry about its lack of deep understanding and still blinded awareness.

In thousands of year of History, man’s consciousness has anything but greatly evolved. The same old question are always asked, and the same sterile solutions are tried over and over again. The power of mass media and the time we spend watching TV has gotten us into the illusory perception that life is almost an unreal movie where all that matters is to watch, cheer or castigate, mostly from afar, the protagonists. We talk with a casual chilling tone of man-made global holocaust and mayhem. Global horror and annihilation has been viewed, since the great wars of the 20th century, by the mass consciousness of humankind as an acceptable and almost normal evolution of History. We have perceptually lost the understanding that, although reality is a projected sensory movie, it is very real, hurts, and can kill, poison, and maim. We have become asleep within our Creational Dream. We have created an atmosphere of impeding doom and accepted real living hell as a strong possibility. All that many care about is to be somehow spared some of it, as they accept to watch others entering it on their television screen. We have forgotten that all life is One energy interwoven. We are all part of one family, the human family. We are all children of Mother Earth, seeded by the Unity of the One Energy. We create by thought alone. We have repeatedly violated the womb ands body of our common Mother and are in the process of killing the gift of life. It is all our choice.

However, We can all change this state of affairs by our individual thoughts, each and every one of us. The 100 monkey theory will take care of mass consciousness as long as we reach a critical mass of higher awareness and care. Energy (and money is only a form of it) is to be shared and flow, freely so. It cannot be blocked, restricted and owned. For then the flow is impeded and we all eventually are removed from its source, and wither away. No exception. We are all operating WITHIN one organism: The Holy embodiment of the One – Nature and for us specifically – Earth itself.

– PLEASE spread rapidly this message worldwide to as many human entities as you can using Email or any other means of communication. Time is of the essence now, as the dawn of a hopeful new era for all of us, as the One, wants to break free and shine within us.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” -Pogo


RV session where communication is established with a level very close to The One:
The Global Consciousness of this and many more parallel Creations. September 01, 2002


Q: When experiment are done in highly advanced physics labs in trying to achieve the teleportation of matter using High beam electromagnetic energy such as what is tried by some research institutions, is there is a risk that we are opening a tear in the fabric of reality: the energy matrix of the earth?

A: There is always that risk because the machine is not completely in balance yet. And you are connecting two spots in this linear space, bringing them together.

Q: Going through the non-physical world?

A: Sort of like folding space. And there’s always the chance that when the energies are not quite harmonious, something unexpected might happen. In the way your scientists are trying to fold space through the network of energy grids to the target, there is some flaw in how the energy travels through the energy grid. There is a flaw because the energy is not going quite rightly along the channels that they use. Part of it is leaking somewhere else and as energy never disappears, you might think that you are solving a problem in one spot, while you are really creating another in another spot.

Q: In another creation or our own creation?

A: It is leaking out. Maybe tearing the fabric of our universe, this whole creation. But through it you create a disturbance in the energy field somewhere else. Your scientists don’t know exactly what they are doing and what they are playing with. So that if the energy that is leaving their experimental apparatus and is connecting to another spot is not pure, and has a slight resonance to the wrong side, it multiplies and can cause severe troubles. inter-dimensional holes. It can cause earthquakes, earth shifts, and great imbalances in the fabric of the earth.

Q: Some governments are rumored to be researching this and use wormholes as they call it.. Are they close or any closer in doing this?

A: They are close but something eludes them. But the point is that even though their experimental machines are not quite ready, they are willing to try them, and by doing so have already caused great disruptions in the energy field of the earth. They have tested the machine. It has not worked as they expected. They got negative effects, not positive results.

Q: Do you mean that they threw energy on the negative side?

A: They caused great imbalance.

Q: They threw more energies on the dark side than on the light one?

A: They caused the Earth to suffer.

Q: The grid?

A: Yes, the grid.

Q: In the Matrix itself?

A: Yes, in the Matrix itself. The power lines that sustain all life. Their experiments have caused trouble there. Which they don’t quite understand. They do know of these power lines but they don’t quite understand what they are and how they sustain life on this planet.

Q: By power lines, do you mean the life grid? Do they know of it?

A: Yes. They are aware of it, yes. They don’t quite understand what it is but they are aware of it.

Q: How come the Higher realms do not blow it all these experimental machines up?

A: You see, you have free choice as to what to do. That was given to man. The entities in this Creational Matrix have the choice to do the things they do but must also be ready to face the consequences. Right now they are causing trouble in the energy grid, they are misdirecting the energy. They are after power. You see, they did not invent any of this information, it is there already for those who can find it. But their intent and lack of High Connection is wrong.

Q: I would like now to ask the following question regarding a machine, a sonar, that is sending tremendous sonar waves in the oceans and which I suspect is killing or threatening whales, dolphins and all mammals depending on sound for communication and echo-location. Is it or is it not dangerous?

A: It is. This is a very grave situation. They do not understand what they are doing when they are killing the whales. They do not. They do not understand the intelligence and the consciousness that is living in these creatures. They do not understand that they are the basis of life on this earth. Do not let them destroy them. They are the ones who came first, they are the ones that gave life to you. Understand this. When they go, you go.

Q: So you get upset too?

A: Yes. You don’t understand that these animals. I wouldn’t even call them animals. These intelligence, are the ones who carry you with their intelligence, and their background hum in this creation. They are the ones who sustain you. Do you understand? Don’t let them be destroyed.

Q: Are they parts of the levels close to the One in reality?

A: They are creators.

Q: They are creators themselves?

A: They are full-fledge creators themselves.

Q: Every single dolphin and whale is a creator?

A: They are creators in themselves, yes.

Q: And their hum, their songs?

A: They are the consciousness that allows for your existence. Each one is part of the same consciousness. They sing in unison, they are one consciousness and they need each other to create. Each one that is killed diminishes the possibility of this consciousness to express itself in this world. And you know how they use the sonar waves themselves, how they communicate. So they are not just singing to themselves, they are singing to the Earth, they are patching up the Earth, they are patching up the grid around the Earth, they are really building this Earth. So do not let them be destroyed!

Q: Can I put on my site what you said, word by word?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say?

A: If only you could learn to listen to them. Many people feel a strange attachment to whales and to dolphins, and feel that they are important but do not realize HOW important they really are. They just see them like another species of animal. Closer to man. Nevertheless, they do not know the distant past. They do not know how they created your consciousness, and what an important part in this they had. They are like beacons, they give energy from the higher realms to you. They are conductors between you and the higher realms. And they have great love for you. But now you have started to destroy them, and the sonar system which they themselves use. I wish you understood how important they are to you and your survival.

Q: Will man ever understand or man needs to be told?

A: Some people know of this.

Q: By receiving communications about it or by understanding?

A: By understanding. You see, these creatures are inter-dimensional creatures. They live in two separate realities at the same time. They are straight channels of energy, vibrations of creation.

Q: You mean they live in the Unmanifest and the Manifest?

A: They sing the Unmanifest into existence. They carry you. They give resonance and a form to the energy. And they have a great power of healing over the Earth.

Q: And they are the ones who are carrying the whole hologram of what we think is Earth? By singing it, by forming it, by vibrating it, right?

A: You see all is vibration and all is voice. Voice and vibrations is what creates. And these creatures vibrate and create. They know the song of mother Earth, they sing along with it. And wherever the song of the Earth fails they take that place and they sing with it, they patch it up to make this world whole again. For if this vibration is seriously disturbed, it crumbles.

Q: What crumbles? The Earth?

A: Yes.

Q: And the whole life in it will crumble too?

A: That’s it.

Q: And man will die. All of mankind.

A: Yes. How can you live on a planet that doesn’t exist? But mankind has gone so far from this knowledge that this will sound like a fairytale to them.

Q: How can you fight sheer ignorance and lack of awareness?

A: It is a consequence of people’s desire for separation and long-term disconnection from the Source within. They are only after power.

Q: But many of these governments think that this is holy ground. What they call national security. They are greatly convinced of the necessity and importance of their weapon systems. In this case they designed it against past foes. Countries that cause no threat against them at this point, countries with whom they have good relations now. They mean to be patriotic. How can they get out of this prison of paranoia within their minds? Out of fear?

A: It is nor really fear of the enemy. In reality they fear that a great big business is going to collapse if they won’t proclaim their imaginary future wars. They greatly want to boost and strengthen the military industries. It is all about power and money again.




References and related articles:

January 13, 2006: Over three years later, the warlords of our times, still feel that their perception of ‘national security’ about future potential threats allow them to eradicate with perceive impunity some of the most intelligent animal species who have been with mankind since the dawn of time. This following message was just posted on the web. by what the establishment arrogantly calls “tree-hugging environmentalists” who know in the depth of their hearts and soul, that “business as usual” is about to stop for many of the “realpolitik” proponents of environmental cancerous activity who think that we have almost a “sacred’ duty to control, subjugate, carve, and mold to our liking the magnificence of the garden of Creation which the One has gifted us, unconditionally Lovingly so.

Help protect endangered whales from new sonar assault

Dear Friends ,

There is an emerging threat to whales that demands your immediate action.

The U.S. Navy wants to put a testing ground for lethal mid-frequency sonar along the migratory path of highly endangered northern right whales, off the coast of North Carolina.

Please act today to protect the whales and other marine life of this offshore refuge from a year-round barrage of deadly, ear-splitting noise.

Go to SaveBioGems

Urge the Navy to consider less sensitive locations for its sonar training

As the site of more than 160 exercises annually, the Navy’s proposed testing range would create a 500-square-mile hub of year-round sonar activity and other intense underwater noise. The range would lie along the migratory route of endangered right whales, fewer than 400 of which are believed to exist today.

Just one year ago, 37 whales of three different species beached themselves on the shores of the Outer Banks, near the proposed testing range, following Navy sonar exercises in the area. Scientists have linked the use of high-intensity sonar to numerous other mass strandings of whales around the globe, from the Bahamas to the Canary Islands to Japan. Yet, incredibly, the Navy’s analysis of its proposed testing range does not even mention, much less thoroughly examine, this stranding.

Beached whales have been found bleeding around their brains and ears after encounters with this lethal technology.

Military sonar may also be interfering with the ability of these majestic
creatures to locate food, avoid predators and mate.

Thank you for helping to protect endangered whales from the lethal effects of military sonar.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council


Message posted on January 20th, 2006 on www.grillflame.net by Gerald O’Donnell

TX. and then the next day London. Our friends, the whales are sending a Love cry…








Please read these articles and just know that passive (receptors) as opposed to active sound blasting arrays are even more effective in scanning the ocean.
Please, RI that our military think(?)tanks reflect on what they might bring to all of us if this is not stopped. Thinking like a brute crash-all tank, is not going to advance any cause, especially in this new era where all is delicately in need of balance and when so much is at stake.

80 percent of the ocean at risk? Hey, this might be necessary to detect Bin Laden if he decides to travel with a new super-duper electric-powered sub, so we can finally detect him not in his mountain holes, but into a deep-water one. Maybe we’ll catch him finally…

A bit of overkill is but natural collateral damage in some circles…

How about a sound array active sound blasting machine that would blow the eardrums and brains of all beings around the Pakistan/Afghan/Iran triangle? Just a suggestion, in the same peaceful logical light. We might finally get all these hiding terrorists… Hey the technology is already there with the acoustic sound cannons. How about an array? Don’t all kids love toys?

Do I sound mad with this suggestion? I hope I do. And I hope you get the jest of why I am saying this…

In Oneness


U.K. military blamed on Thames whale death
LONDON, Jan. 23 (UPI) — The British navy has been accused of disorienting a bottlenose whale that died in the river Thames during the weekend despite rescue attempts.

Marine scientists and animal welfare groups believe that navy sonar may have disoriented the 18-foot adolescent female, while marine acoustics experts blamed explosions from a site operated by the defense contractor QinetiQ.

The Times of London said residents in north Kent had reported blasts last week from Shoeburyness Range, a Ministry of Defense site where QinetiQ was carrying out controlled detonations.

Meanwhile, a post-mortem examination of the whale was completed Monday, and findings from marine expert Paul Jepson are expected to be released Wednesday, the BBC said.

There was some uncertainty about whether the carcass will be buried in a landfill site or be incinerated, as there was concern over diseases that could be passed from animals to humans.


Hey Dr. Strangelove, it is all but a comic joke, isn’t it?
Stanley Kubrick – Dr Strangelove (1963)

And if you R curious about the size and reach of QinetiQ, please visit their website. http://www.qinetiq.com/home.html

Here is their link about Advanced Sonar technology: http://www.qinetiq.com/home/defence/maritime/submarine_sensors_processing_and_communications.html

Maybe you should send them a little email telling them how you feel…

Impressive technology isn’t it? They are protecting our shores from the barbarian invasion.

Tic, toc,

Happy thoughts



P.S. On July 16 , 2002 the US Navy was granted a 5 year exemption from the Mammal Protection Act by the US Commerce Department in order to use their Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System, or Surtass LFA. This sonar system sends sonar waves of up to 215 decibels that have been shown to cause brain hemorrhages and eardrum explosions in marine mammals. Since then, an inordinate amount of whales have voluntary beached themselves all around the world, especially around these sonar stations in order to escape the suffering caused by these sound waves (Scientist have shown that sensitive whale sonar and hearing capabilities are harmed by sounds higher than 110 decibels). On November 1, 2002, a federal judge, because of a lawsuit brought by several environment organizations has temporarily blocked the Navy from deploying this new high-frequency sonar system amid concern it could endanger whales and other marine animals. This is the situation as of November 2002.


Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar Approved by National Marine Fisheries Service

“This is an outrageous move,” stated David Phillips, Director of Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project. “The Navy’s Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar system has the potential to deafen every marine mammal living in the world’s oceans. There is no driving need for deploying LFA Sonar.”

“The Bush Administration’s proposed ‘mitigation’ plan for LFA Sonar is a complete sham,” Phillips added. “The Navy is trying to white-wash the deadly effects of LFA Sonar by proposing a ‘if we don’t see it – we don’t harm it’ approach to blasting the oceans with deafening sounds.” Today, the federal National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approved the granting of “small take” permits to kill and harass whales and other endangered species for the U.S. Navy’s Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar. LFA Sonar makes sound pulses underwater that are the equivalent of standing next to a Saturn V rocket on take-off. The sound supposedly bounces off silent submarines miles away and echoes back to the LFA vessel. LFA Sonar and other active Navy sonars have been implicated in many cases of stranded and killed whales around the world. It is a dumb bomb that threatens marine life in our oceans. Alternative systems exist that do not have adverse impacts on whales and other marine life. Earth Island Institute and a coalition of environmental and animal welfare organizations are opposed to issuing any permits to deploy LFA Sonar.

– On July 30, 2002, we posted the following message:

Please read the main headlines on www.cnn.com, and especially http://www.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/07/16/whales.sonar.ap/index.html and http://msnbc.com/news/787104.asp?0si (As I paste this today Nov. 14, 2002 most of these links have mysteriously disappeared! The links shown below are still active, for now.) There have been 3 massive strandings of pilot whales on the eastern US seashores in the last 3 days! They are basically coming ashore to commit suicide because their delicate navigational system and hearing is being painfully destroyed by the powerful sonic booms that the US Navy is sending across the whole Atlantic ocean in order to detect “potential enemy submarines!” What enemy? the former USSR? We are against arming against the war that never was and never will be. Have we gone crazy? Power mad?

And on November 2008, 6 years after our message was written, the US supreme court stated that the Navy was exempt from restrictions in its use of sonar, for the proverbial national security reasons.


On November 15 2010, Scientists finally revealed that beached dolphins were most likely deaf! I think we should all pray that the One not let this Creation be erased from His Great Mind soon which is a great probable future now, as things look dire due the extremely low level of consciousness within humanity and its highly self-destructive reach.

Researchers find that beached dolphins are often deaf

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