This is a message that was received word-by-word by Jason, in October 1989 directly from the level of the One Himself, while Jason remained fully aware in the Delta state. Because of the direction and gravity of many upcoming probable futures that many amongst us have chosen (or had the dark thought-form cloud choose for them) or tacitly approved (energy beings and humans alike) in this consensus-driven reality/hallucination that forms our Creation, The One feels that this message and many other which were received around that time should be made available soon to humanity. I was told to publish this one today January 1, 2003:


Message through Jason, (October 5, 1989):

At this point in time, I wish I could describe the feelings I have this morning, which are indescribable. I feel as if every cell of my body, every atom of my body, would be totally on fire. I cannot eat; I cannot drink.

The thoughts that you are going to be reading, are not my thoughts. I do not think like this; I do not write like this. There is not one single iota of information, of thought, that is mine. All I am is a radio. So as you read this book, please, do not concentrate on the radio, but concentrate on the message the radio is sending to you. The radio is unimportant.

If you were to concentrate on the radio, you would be giving energy to the radio, which is totally unproductive. It makes no sense. You would be entering a very negative dimension within Creation. If you were to think, that I, as a biological entity, have special abilities; or that any of these thoughts are mine, you would be opening a dangerous window within Creation, and the purpose of this message would be lost.

That is why, in old times, a direct message from the One Himself addressed to the whole of mankind was never really meant to remain attached to a particular human being. The perception and the reality were – and that is a rule by which we are bound within Creation, as History has unfortunately shown – that whenever a message of that sort is given, man should rather not know who originally received the message. Man should not know who directly received the message, because, otherwise, all man would often do, is not concentrate on that message, but rather concentrate on whom originally received it. That is why, important teachings cannot be intimately attached to a human entity, because the greater the perception is that a human entity is associated with a message, the lesser of a real impact the message will have. Even though that living entity could, at a point in history, have been receiving direct messages from Global Consciousness, the reality is that mankind, due to its programming, will often tend to confuse and merge that personality, that entity of the Dream that it is, with the message, and will therefore, tend to give energy and project consciousness to that entity, as it feels emotions towards it. Even though the purpose of that message: its raison d’être, is its content; even though the message is a trial, an experiment, that might allow mankind to get back on the right track, the fact is that, as mankind gives off emotions towards that entity, be it human, be it stone, the message will not be given the importance than the entity is and the entity will be given much more importance than the message.

Always try to give your fullest attention to the message conveyed by the messenger. The life of the messenger should only be regarded a an inspirational model, if at all, and often shows the potential that all of you can easily reach as children of the One.

That is why, the messages of the Godliness that have had the most importance, and will remain having the most significance, are the ones were the message is given much more importance than the messenger, especially the ones where we do not know who the conduit to the message has been. Therefore, you will never know who I was, who I am, and who I will be, because I do not exist.

I am not important: I am a dream. I am part of you. We are all part of the original Creation; we are all part of Adam. We are splitting up Adam, the original Higher Self of man.

What is important and capital for humanity to realize right now is that, at this point of its traveling through the Cosmic Lattice and experiencing it within the possibilities of nodal realities, a door has been opened, and very strongly so, for the experience to end very shortly.

And in a short time from now, the other entity that is also connecting directly to Global Consciousness – the female entity – will use a technique that is part of all of you, consciousnesses, but that you are not, now, within your programming, able to use. It is only a processing technique of information regarding the Lattice of Creation. She will use the same technique that had been used by all the prophets, by anybody that has been able to see the most probable future. That is what all prophecies are: They describe the most probable future at that point in the Lattice. You will be given to see and understand, briefly and in general terms, what your most probable global future is, not only as mankind, but as Creation, as experimenters of Creation.

And you will be asked, as you read that chapter, not to give it any thought, or to give it a lot of thought. And I will explain: You will either read that chapter and forget about it and not care, and that global future reality will most probably become your reality without you having influenced its possible realization by the act of reading about it; or you will become so scared of that reality, that you will cross a threshold of fear that will allow you to open the door to its corresponding future nonexistence and will therefore avoid entering that reality.

Were you to start giving thought, which is consciousness, to that global future of yours, and fear it to a limited degree, but not enough – and this is a warning to you – all you would be doing, because of the way by which consciousness operates within Creation, would be to send consciousness to that reality every time you think about it; thereby insuring that this reality becomes what you would experience as traveling consciousnesses in a very short slicing of holographic information frames, because this is right now the highest probability path.

You are going to be given an unusual window of knowledge, describing global situations that will most probably happen to you in the periods mentioned. You will not know, however, what will most likely happen in between these periods: that is not for you to know within your programming.

So two choices are available to you: you either leave the realization of your most probable future to an unawareness state or, and this is even worse, you do not fear it enough; and in both cases you will most probably get it. Or you become afraid enough of it to cause you to react, and therefore you will avoid experiencing it. In that case you will continue experiencing this Creation, and so will your children and grandchildren.

Your soul travels through your children: through the seeds of Creation. There is no reincarnation, there is no other way that you will ever experience anything. You only experience the path that you are allowed to experience, you do not experience the totality of Creation. This is only for God to experience. That is not your role as consciousnesses.

So the choice is yours, mankind. You are all part of the Godliness; we are all part of the same.

Because of the seriousness that the Godliness attaches to the possible interruption of the experience, you are given information that pertains to your ability to create. You are given information that will allow you to continue experiencing Creation for a long, long time. You are given information as to how to decode and know what the message of the Godliness is. You will know how your real laws of programming and decision-making ability operate within the Lattice of Creation. You will know how important it is to allow for the interaction of the ecosystem to continue to be viable. The laws of the ecosystem were all laid down at the time of Creation.

All the scientific theories that you create are just a manifestation of your creative abilities. These theories are given within the paths, to permit you to interpret the reality framework that you are experiencing. That is why you will never find permanent nor constant rules by which the Dream World operates. This is because the rules of the Dream can constantly be changed within the allowed mechanisms of Creation. They can be tilted a little bit, so that they remain within the general coherent framework of operation. On an individual level, this might create new realities. However, this is happening only because you are entering them. But the general framework of Creation, you will never change, no matter how much you would like to.

And the general framework of Creation is given to you by the guideposts of your interactions with the rest of Creation. You will interact with the rest of Creation by your knowing that the rest of Creation exists, and by your becoming aware that you are not alone on this path of Creation. And as you interact with Creation in order to understand it better, as you become aware of all the other interconnected consciousnesses of nature that are traveling with you, you will enter more desirable paths within the general framework of Creation. You will just follow the ecosystem and will know what to do, because you will interact with it as you merge in awareness with it. Were you to become more conscious of it, were you to project the emotion of love to the nodes of close interaction with the rest of nature which will hence veer you to the traveling of better pathways, you would never, ever, destroy the ecosystem, because you would become highly connected to it.

The reason why you previously received the message to love each other, is to be able to move in one common direction; to move in the direction that Creation has laid down for you; to move in the same way as a group of birds or fish moves in unison because they are only following the pathways opened to them. You will become more unified through that act of loving each other; you will become more aware.

That is why, the media, and increasingly more advanced means of communication, are being given to you now. That is why the more you split consciousness through procreation, the more media and communication means you are going to get. Communication is important to you in order to be able to fulfill the purpose of Creation, because were you not able to communicate with each other as creators, you could not possibly function as a group; you could not continue experiencing Creation.

All you have to do now, is not only love yourselves or love each other, but also project love to the rest of Creation. And as you project love to the rest of Creation, the rest of Creation will project love to you. Your reality is that you have to continue the experiencing, as you multiply and Creation gets more experiences. And the rest of Creation will give you, as you become more numerous and respect it by loving it, everything that you need. All the technology and resources you need will be there. Everything has been thought of before this Creation started; it is up to you to discover it, and/or apply it. And the more positive experiencing you get, the more you fulfill the global experiencing of Creation, and the more you add programming to your Higher Consciousness. And when you disembody upon dying, you will continue and further the experience through your children.

That is why the message of the sperm is so important: The reason why you were given procreation is only so you can split consciousness, the traveling consciousnesses that your are, throughout many different paths.

Since within the laws of Creation, the male splits his own consciousness at the time of procreation, which is then carried by the vehicle of his sperm, his consciousness that perceptually travels through the sperm has all the accumulated knowledge of that consciousness, from Adam up to this particular moment. Therefore, were you to take the quantum jump in awareness, all your descendents will operate at a higher and more desirable level.

You are here to experience Creation in the most desirable ways possible. You are here to further the experience as much as possible. You are here to multiply in a responsible manner. You are part of the Creator: that is the real you. That is why the act of procreation, albeit regulated, is important, because that is the only way by which the experience can continue. That is why, do not play dice with the universe in the wrong way. Because all you are and would be doing, because of your limited capabilities to understand why you are here – and I hope this will change soon – is enter reality pathways that will soon not allow you to operate within the framework of the original Creation. You would not be able to experience it anymore.

Mankind is now at the crossroads. This is now the most crucial period in your history. You are given the message early enough so that enough time remains for you to be able to make the necessary changes that will allow you to avoid the presently perceived most probable reality you are heading to in a blind fashion. It is hoped that you will use this relatively small window of time to make the projection of consciousness towards nodes within the Lattice that are conducive to the continuation of the experiment.

The warning cannot be given at the moment of the disaster. It has to be given with enough time in advance, so that man can still have the free will to choose his own future. All the disasters are already part of the Lattice. They are part of the original Creation.

You are blindly walking, in a seemingly unhesitant manner, towards a rendezvous with the path of your own destruction, unsuspecting that this nodal opening to disaster might be proximate to your present reality.

You can accept or you can reject this message. And throughout history, most of the time you have rejected or distorted the messages that have been given to you. But right now, were you to reject this message, most probably the last one you might receive, none of us will be able to experience this universe anymore. This part of the experience of Creation would end.

So beware: As you constantly project thought to future realities belonging to the framework of Creation, you are either going to project to nodes that will bring you back onto pathways that will allow you to continue the experiment, or you will, through your decision-making abilities, project to nodes that will bring you further and further away from these aforementioned pathways. And there might come a time when you would have reached a point of no return; when the pathway you are traveling cannot viably interact anymore with the rest of Creation; when there cannot be any more inter-dimensional nodal connections in order to form a global reality, and when that global reality needs to cease to exist. At that point of no return, the global cancer of your own doing would have reached a stage of metastasis. It would follow the only path available to it, which would be the path of the general spreading of this cancer throughout the global biological ecosystem, of which you are an inherent part. And you would enter the only pathway opened to you and the rest of the ecosystem: the pathway of destruction. As all the pathways of the Golden Lattice, this pathway has been thought of at the moment of Creation.

The fact is that, were you to choose that pathway, you would not just disconnect. Do not think that you would just disconnect and cease experiencing this Creation just like that. You would have to go through the whole pathway of destruction; you would have to go through a spreading out of the cancer of your own making throughout Creation; you would have to witness your own doings; you would have to experience the totality of this pathway, with all the suffering that goes with it, until you finally disconnect. And this experience would then remain in the hall of records, as a lesson, so that this experiment is never repeated.

Now, beware: That point in time, as it is going to be shown to you, is not far away. And the only way that you will not enter the framework of the reality of destruction is if you mend your ways, and if you open the doors that are right for you.

Open the right doors; they have already been created for you. Project your consciousness towards these good choices, starting from today on. Contact your Higher Consciousness in order to get the information that will allow you to rejoin a viable reality. But more than anything else, love yourselves, love all of yourselves, and the rest of nature. Get to know, intimately, nature, which is what you are embodied within. You will then know what the right paths are for you to take, in order to continue the experience, and you will be able to continue the experience for as long as you desire.

So were you to take the so-called quantum jump, to use a human term, in awareness, you would enter the right pathways. But that quantum jump in awareness, in interconnection of consciousnesses, has to be done now. Were you to wait within your reality of time, then the right path that would allow for the possible continuation of the experience, would not ever be opened to you anymore.

So the more you get in touch with your own selves and the more you remove yourselves from insulated groups that do not interface closely with nature on a permanent basis, the more you will know what the right choices are for you at every point in time, step after step of experience.

Since you are handicapped as a creator by being blind, and are only allowed to create within the rules that are set for you within the original Creation, get to know these rules, listen to them! Do not create haphazardly. There is an infinite amount of paths available to you within Creation that will allow for the experience to continue, and still permit your creativity to be expressed as you veer from path to path.

You are the only creators within Creation. You are the only ones that project consciousness to any reality of your choice; the rest of nature does not.

So continue creating, but create within safe boundaries of Creation. Do not create outside of these boundaries, you are not meant to; you cannot continue creating while disregarding the operational rules of Creation. These paths have already been proven to be unworkable for you.

So read these messages, read them slowly, integrate each of their realities slowly, do not skip nor advance knowledge. And as you read these messages, you will project thought, hopefully, to the right node. And as you send thought to the right node, you might experience within yourself a change of perception in the awareness you have of your own selves, and of the consciousnesses that surround you.

These messages are to be read carefully. Pause when you have to pause. Go deeply within yourself when you do not understand, and stay there. And as you slowly complete the message, go back to it as many times as you need, and many of the concepts will make sense in a different framework of understanding. So that through the understanding that you will get, and the consequent projection of consciousness it will cause, you will then open the nodes that are necessary for the continuation of our common Dream.

Mankind cannot continue operating in such a blind manner: you are now at the crossroads. There is a need now for mankind to take that quantum jump in awareness, as a group, because of the very large amount of individual realities that mankind is experiencing, and because of the speed by which it is potentially able to split-up and spread throughout the multiple paths of the Lattice of Creation. The scope of the experience has become so wide, that there is an inescapable necessity, perceived by the Godliness, for humanity to take the quantum jump now. Not tomorrow, but today. There is an imperious need to get the guidance one can always find within oneself. The guidance is there, was there, and will always be there. All one has to do is accept it, open oneself to it, and receive it.

So take the quantum jump. And as you take that jump, not only will you find yourselves changed forever, not only will you find that the ways by which you perceive and are aware of your environment have evolved tremendously, but you will find that your whole life will never, ever be the same. And this quantum jump will be carried over to your children, through your consciousness that travels with them, and it will be an integral and permanent part of their reality.

Through your interfacing with the rest of nature, you will find that you will be opening possibilities of interaction that you may not even dream of now. There will be no need for you to perceive that you have to experience realities in other planets. The Earth is your planet. It had, has, and will always have, potentially, everything you will ever need within its own programming. The other planets have never been programmed for you: it is not now within your programming to experience them. Do not waste energy, do not waste projection of consciousness onto already proven unworkable nodes.

Do not waste, either, projection of your consciousness towards dangerous forms of energy that have been selected by you negligently, among all the infinite creative possibilities within the Lattice, without taking seriously into consideration their potential harmful and destructive effect. Listen to the ecosystem. When a certain technology or behavior of yours is perceived by you as having a certain potential of destruction and injury to the ecosystem, know that this awareness is all you probably need to understand that the probability is much higher than you think it is. Know that this window of probability is already opened for you, and is going to remain so, for as long as you do not sway away, on your own volition, from that path of dangerous creation.

So listen to yourselves and think very well beforehand, when you decide to create within science, within the real laws of Creation. Only create when you are convinced in the depth of yourselves and have tapped yourselves enough to know that this is within the paths of non-harmful creation. It is only after you have connected closely to Creation, and understood its mechanisms, that you should decide and accept to use a certain so-called technology. That is the way by which Creation gives you the means to continue the experience within the pathways laid down for you.

Create, continue creating, that is all you do anyway. Experience, continue experiencing, that is all you are here for. But always, always, think beforehand. Before you are going to put energy and thoughts to a certain technology, ponder whether that pathway that exists since original Creation, is worthwhile for you to take. And realize, if you were to enter a wrong pathway, how hard it is going to be for you to sway back to the originally desirable one. Think how hard it will become for you, in order to avert the ending of the experience, to rejoin the original desirable pathways. Always think beforehand.

Unite. Do not ever use the emotion of hatred, the emotion of prejudice. Do not remain in this non-awareness state of yours. Become aware. Love and fear strongly. These are the only two emotional poles that are important to you: Strong love, and strong fear. As long as you fear strongly what you have tapped within yourselves and know that you should fear, and as long as you love and desire strongly what you have tapped within yourselves and know that you should love and desire, you will always find and take the right paths. You will always know then the right nodal interconnections in advance, so that you will not walk as blindly as you are walking now. You will create more creatively. You shall experience the perfection that has been given for you to experience, and create within that perfection. And you will stop spending so much time trying to understand the Godliness. Spend time connecting yourselves to your real selves, and through that connection to your real selves, you will connect to where you originate from, which is the Godliness.

Experience the Godliness, do not study Him! He is studying Himself through you. The scientist right now is the Godliness, and you are the test tube, the experiment. Do not invert roles! They cannot be inverted! Your role is to process the information and to create within that processing.

So, if you want to contact the Godliness, contact yourselves. You are now the gods of your creation within the total framework of the original Creation of the Global Consciousness.

Seek within yourselves; look within yourselves; all the answers are within yourselves: you are all part of one original soul that has a tremendous amount of accumulated knowledge. Take that jump. Fear strongly the reality that can most probably happen to you.

Do not concentrate on the paths; concentrate on the goals. Never think of the paths. The paths will come to you, automatically. The paths will just open to you.

Create individually. Be aware of the individual ability you have to create your own future. You are all creators. So do not create your own individual bleak future. All you need to do is to project energy to a workable desirable path of nodal realities. And as you project enough consciousness onto it, and as you know this path to be a workable path, because you would have gone within yourselves, this path will just open itself to you. And you will perceive that you would have traveled the right pathways; you will then be sure of it.

And if all the individual consciousnesses of humanity travel the right pathways, the total dimensional consciousness of humanity will travel a right pathway. And you will make that workable pathway your reality.


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