Tele-seminar June 17, 2010
Gerald O’Donnell & Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley


Reality Secrets Unveiled


Deprogramming from the the Old Matrix


Ready for a mind trip and de-reprogramming into a Higher Reality and perspective? Then listen to this very important interview and become like a small child again, without any learned accumulated programming and imposed knowledge and open yourself to the Higher learning from the Inner Living Kingdom available to all NOW….



  • Falling into Love again with every One…
  • Who are we? What are we all here for? Where are we existing really?
  • Is space and time real?
  • Who is dreaming us into 3D holographic vibratory reality?
  • Whom do we all actually pray and address loving worship to?
  • What common pitfalls do most Light warriors of so many old spiritual systems – or new age newer ones – fall into?
  • What is a thought form? Is it real? What to realize about them and their power.
  • Energizing powerful negative thought forms/energy-programs and bringing darkness to the surface of our awareness…The ultimate paradox.
  • Understand the basic key to de-energize them.
  • What is the difference between real Light Beings and entities?
  • What is the difference between Real Light and reflected Light.
  • Who is really Adam as the Source of Mankind and what is His task?
  • What and who is considered a direct projection of the Divine?
  • Avatars, Masters, Prophets, and Divine messengers…
  • The Genesis of religions. Where did they tragically go wrong and diverge, and why…Finding core Truth again.
  • Explanation as to why RV and RI work.
  • Does mind really travel through space and time? And How?
  • How does real prayer (Influencing/manifesting) work and why?
  • Easy and key Technique to learn to visualize in your mind.
  • The missing key from most manifestation programs.
  • and much more…

Fasten you Mind Belt and get ready for an unusual 1 and 1/2 hr of flight back to simplicity of real Sourced Love!


Kindly send the link to this very page as many friends and relatives as you can. Help wake up humanity. Timing is the key and it is NOW.


Gerald O’Donnell

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Download, FREE of charge, the most powerful information ever revealed on the unity of mind and matter. Read it and integrate it, and you will never be the same as you learn to use your mind's superpowers!

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