Message posted to the Grillflame newsgroup on June 18th By Gerald O’Donnell as a response to a student’s question about reincarnation


Student’s Question:

I’m changing the subject line, because you brought up something that is of great interest to me. You said: ‘the dark matrix is behind reincarnation/karma principles.’ Gerald said the many do not reincarnate, only the One does.
So does this mean that if you believe in the principles of how remote viewing works, then reincarnation cannot be a possibility?
I’m not very far along in this particular course, but everything — and I mean everything else I have ever read before this about psi, the superconscious mind, psychic abilities, paranormal events, hypnosis, near-death experiences, etc. etc. etc. ALL confirm a strong basis for reincarnation. It is a big part of my personal belief system.
I’d like Gerald to please clarify the statement about the dark matrix and reincarnation. Do any of you believe in reincarnation? Does Gerald believe in it?

Our Answer:

He he, that’s a tough one, and at the same time simplicity Itself:


Postulate #1:

I believe that ALL is ONE ( most would agree, even though they do not seem to relate to the implication of what they instinctively state), not two (can’t prove it to you even though I could do it in the physical science realm).
The many are within the One and form it.

So let me ask a rhetorical question. Imagine the One as One organism where every cell, organ, (or if you like the atom better we can get to that level) has a different task, and is aware, as consciousness, of its role operating in parallel with all the other cells that form that great Organism who perceives at ITS level that It is the One.


When one cell dies, what happens to the consciousness of that particular cell? Where does it go to? Does it reincarnate? Choose a different task, role, mission, is it punished for having been a glutton/cancerous one or rewarded for having been an obedient one?


The spirit of the cell is really the One life force that animates it. Like an electrical current that flows through a whole circuitry and animates every single component in order to give a working prototype of a certain mechanism, the Creations life/force/current is the One Spirit/Consciousness. The circuitry (template) is not.
When that force FLOWS through a certain prepared template for the lifetime (cycle) of it, It animates it and gives it life and functionality. When the component cell dies, that flow stops. The flow of current does not go through it anymore, but continues to flow to the rest of the organism. And the remnant inanimate matter of the cell goes back to dust.
Nevertheless, the memory of that cell is kept within the general DNA (both physical and spiritual) and life force flowing through it and based on that memory bank, a new cell identical to that one can be reproduced to repair or replace that lost cell.
And the ONE reincarnates that cell.

Is it the same cell? Of course not. It is a clone. Is it the same spirit? Of course yes, since the same blood/life force is flowing through it. What happened to the awareness of that spirit? It was, is and remains the awareness of the whole. It carries the information about the whole and has different templates/points of awarenesses giving that very life force different stationary points of perception (sense of self). The cell is aware of being a cell, the organ or being a particular organ, the Total Being of being The ONE, however the total Sum of ALL these awarenesses really forms the ALL-that-IS: The NAMELESS ONE that manifests its river of consciousness thru all of its manifold and concurrent manifestations, for ever and ever (call it Eternity). This IS the only Spirit there is , was and will ever be. The current that animates all. All present (current, see why that word is used?), past or future manifestations are STILL ONE WITH THE FATHER/ MOTHER OF IT ALL. So drop attachment to any form, being, past memory being, for it is was and will remain Part of the ALL. Learn from it, and if you like the manifestation, you can try to duplicate its behavior and listen to its message. Do not worship any of IT. For you can only worship yourself as the ONE pure and only Energy. To do otherwise, is an oxymoron.

And all the present and past manifestations/parts are still within the memory banks of that organism, for as long as it keeps vibrating their memories within ITS LIGHT FORM. ALIKE a Holographic LIGHT Being. (you know that light stores information permanently. Look at lasers, CD, etc… ). Water does the same, and is a therefore used a symbol for life/consciousness. So if you think that you are remembering a past life you are connecting either to a memory bank/vibrating Light that has been attached to your Higher Self in order to fashion your character/self and bring more learning to the One, or even to a totally foreign memory bank that is not even directly connected to your circuitry but remains extant at the level of the whole Holographic Light Being of the ONE.

Sorry for being again a Creational myth destructionist. No hell, nor paradise in this vision, unless we do create it here. No virgins awaiting either! (What a shame for some sexually obsessed ones!) But Simplicity is the name of the game if you realize that you are the ONE, no matter what animated component/circuit you experience for a while.

I hope this simplifies a bit, and brings a bit of Peace and closure to this misinformed Creation, as you realize that you form a piece of the ultimate puzzle: The ONE.

How can we argue, separate, and fight in the name of being an illusory template/awareness of who we all really are which IS being the ONE? Shame on us!

Happy thoughts!




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