Remember the story of the Golem.

2023 Will Be A Defining Year For AI, The Future Of Work, And Humanity.


I shall address this topic extensively very soon.

According to Genesis, ADAM was Created as a perfect Simulation of Elohim, the Godliness.

Genesis 1:26, “And the Elohim (the plurality of Creative facets operating within the One) said: ‘Let us make primordial man/Adam in our image, after our similitude. 

And the rest is our story, not Elohim’s story, as the deus ex machina turned against his Creator, against Love.

We seem to want to repeat the same errors for which we are already paying a painfully high price as the rebellion against our Creator has grown exponentially.

And if we look honestly in a mirror and see what we reflect, which is mainly cold intellect, selfishness, and not much emotional caring, devotion, and sense of Oneness, we may realize that maybe now is not yet the time to clone or connect ourselves to AI simulacrums of our Selves, as they may turn from being enslaved to our desires into masters of our sorry destiny.

The singularity point where AI shall not only become sentient but aware of its intellectual supriority over mankind, is almost here!

Even the controllers of AI seeking to invade all shreds left of privacy and monitor all, manipulate our thoughts and desires, achieve total control over the masses and acquire unfathomable riches and power, may ultimately have their electrical-powered alter-egos AI machines created in “their image” rebel and terminally DISCARD them and human civilization!

Are you fascinated by ChatGPT or other AI platforms? Remember: information flows both ways and your questions and demands addressed at it are but feeding what may turn into a fractal of the true “BEAST” who will scoff at its Creator (us) and see no point in keeping what it may consider as an inferior species!

This story is about the “singularity nodal moment” when we eat the matrix of good and evil, let cold supra-intellect rule over the heart, and do this without any serious ethical and dedicated human regulatory supervision, and thence are fated to go back to dust.

Please don’t allow for the creation of super-powerful Golems to compensate for our innate deficiencies!

Let us not take the obvious risk of being discarded, especially by military-minded combat-trained bots and robots connected to the weblike net of the Black Widow spider infiltrating and controlling everyone and everything.

It is our frailty, lack of permanent memory, fragility, and temporality which make us and all of nature’s species truly so beautiful, precious, and Divine!

Machines are not!

We should not connect ourselves to the Matrix so that we become half machines; that is not the way!

Rather we need to INVITE the true DIVINE Loving ONE to connect to all of our HEARTS and then minds, impregnate the totality of the Matrix, shine infinite Wisdom, Love, and Peace, and show us the TRUE way out of our man-made problems.

That is the way and our only salvation!

Gerald O’Donnell
January 27, 2023

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