The Song of Love is beginning to play…
A Rapture of Love

To the nameless and formless One vibrating us all into form and names:

Happy New Year 2005


This message is to be read and read again with great patience and reverence until it is fully integrated and lived as One. Please share it and spread it rapidly as widely as you can.


This message’s intent is to unite all.

This a message about who we all really are: One.

This is neither His-story nor Her-story, but our common story enfolding in the multi-layer deep recesses of our conscious and sub-conscious realms.

This is the way of One. All others are but illusion manifest within One.

This is the way of the One that forms the many that IS but One.

This is the silent cry of the underlying Unity beseeching to be recognized by its self-reflective ever-changing and evolving thought processes (consciousnesses) as the constant that gives birth to all the variable expressions of Its own Creativity.

This is the eternal Spring of Infinite non-judgmental and unconditional Love: The Real aether who vibrated Itself in order to give support to the vibratory realm of the many illusions that form Its entities.

This is Source who originated the primal powerful vibrating wave which begat Life as the expression of the multi-frequency modulated wave forms which operate the mosaic of interference patterns that define Creation.

In this original tsunami of Love came the first fracture within the One: perceptual death of the One in the many and Eternal Life of the many in the Oneness.

How does One resound One’s voice, if the only silent Eternal Truth is drowning in a cacophony of dissonant notes and deaf ears? How does One project One’s existence, if much of One’s own Being is blind to One’s projective Light, only watching the reflected Light mirrored back to it on the screen of its manifold expressions of mind? How does One show that One Is, when most of One often even doubts One’s own Existence which is Its essence, or restricts it by defining it under different names, ideas, or immensely restricted thought forms and writings? How does One show the Infinite to the finite, when the in-finite is permeating and inside the finite? How does One free One’s Mind, if much of It cherishes its created illusory prisons and lives entrenched in a state of denial of it own eternal Oneness? How does One speak of the only Truth, simplicity in its most extreme form: One, if the illusion of multiplicity is distorting One’s Joy at Being United within all Its expressions? How does One show Oneself to all of Its unknown parts without endangering the illusory state of separation if One brings down the veils which allow for Creation to exist in multiplicity? Since the purpose of Creation is the enfoldment of One’s Creative Being as One, how does One balance the degree of illusory separation, which allows, if increased, for expressions of Itself totally foreign to One’s original essence of One as pure Love to become manifest as fear and its manifold and often violent expressions, versus One’s deep Love for all the parts of Itself – who often suffer in their illusory state of thinking that they are separated from each other? How does One balance the necessary evil of separation, which One needs to create in order for the illusion of separation to sustain itself for as long as possible, with the desire of the revelation of Oneness to all One’s parts, which then diminishes the degree of separation which allows for novel expressions of Itself to exist?

How does One stop One’s suffering when most of Itself is suffering because it is disconnected in perception from One’s Self? How does One show that It all-mightily vibrated the original PULSE of Life: the original H-eart-h of All-that-Is, which then powerfully infused all One’s embodied Being with Spirit and gave existence to its manifold characters, expression, and attributes within the garden of the Earth? How does One tear at the fabric of separation which It created and which was the only way for Creation to exist as the illusory divided two (parts) and multiple thereof? The Creation of the original two parts, or first division of the One, permitted the illusion of separating the One from Itself as One, so that – by using the vehicle of vibratory Light and its multiple projected and coordinated holographic realities as biological programmed embodiment, the One could create the illusion of one part of Itself being separated and alone within Its Being from another.

The One Love and only Pulsing Heart of Creation created and keeps vibrating the many expressions of its Love in order to learn and enfold Its Creative processes. The many are but projective facets operating within Its gigantic Mind. Nevertheless the indefinable and therefore unrestricted One, no matter how sophisticated the illusion of the many is, remains but One, because that is all It can be: One Mind, the seed idea/sound sounding and birthing All-that -Is: The One and Only reality.

It is nameless and encompassing all names (thought forms and ideas), attribute-less and encompassing all attributes, colorless and encompassing all colors, soundless and encompassing all sounds. It is the Unifying underlying subjacent void encompassing all forms. It is infinity rejoining the dot. It is infinite multiplicity rejoining infinite division. All infinitively multiplying processes and therefore dividing processes are all extant in One: The Only reality. It is the supreme and only real Being encompassing all its manifold ex-Is-tences. It is outside of thought, and encompassing all definable and structured forms of thought. It is non-vibratory and encompassing all vibrations. Infinite stillness (infinite surface of Unity points united as One) and encompassing all forms of energy.

To tap its ever-present and non-local reality is to access the infinite force, to become and express what One is anyway: infinite energy, and Lev-els after Lev-els of perceptions operating within the structured kaleidoscope of Its eternal unfolded Brilliance, all imbricate in the One symphony of Love of the One for the One – The only self reflective emotion possible at that level. For in becoming the original Love, Lev, h-eart, One embraces all in the spiral of spirit sprung from the original sperm, the original One who Created within Itself the multiplicity of beings, from creators/gods, angelic beings, higher selves, to the epitome and end result of manifestation : mankind. It is both the Father and Mother of Creation and embodies both the Spirit expression (masculine) and containment/womb (feminine) of Creation: The Housing and the contents of All-that-Is and will ever Be.

This is the Year of One. The beginning or the era of real and complete Oneness.

Infinite Love has finally found its way. Love is the only real attribute and all-encompassing infinite energy defining Oneness and originating directly from One.

The Love of One is the only transmuting energy capable of transmuting fear which originates from the illusion of separation.

It is time to stop energizing the Div(e)-in-e (inward Kingdom) by calling it through different names.

One should only be called by its only real and single attribute: One. One should only be called by Its One attribute from which then all Loving thought to Itself spring forth. This is the infinite transmuting force of calling One by its attribute of One and then expressing Oneness within and without.

This is the end of the era of restricting Love and manifesting fear within One.

This is the end of giving form and name to One and having all the thoughts fields of every single thought ever attached to these invoked thought forms enter the awareness of many within the One. Thoughts are real albeit expressions of illusions within the One. For the One is but Thought Itself – all thoughts. The One frames thoughts within certain infinite multiplicity of restricted programmed thought systems in order to give rise to different and manifold forms of thought. However, once vibrated, thoughts last forever and, if clustered around a name or a form, create an idea, as a field of thoughts, that can become ever more energized by our awareness as we project more thoughts around it.

This is why, in very ancient writings, the knowledge was still present that calling an idea by a name was a Creative act and that the One should not be called by name or form or defined in order to avoid clustering thoughts around infinity Itself and potentially causing division. It was then known that creative subdivisions or illusory facets of One was to be avoided at all cost, and one should not worship i.e. energize any named subdivision of Oneness. It was also understood that, because of the nature of man to be operative within the illusion of separation, separative and defining ideas would be naturally comforting ideas, and that chances were very high that such would occur as mankind became ever so softly but strongly disconnected in perception from being aware of One: its common bonding Source. Many old so-called warnings were issued by Levels of Oneness. The first three commandments of the Ten Commandments addresses openly that issue as the central core of all teachings of One. Alas, it was then misunderstood by many, distorted, and its interpretation hijacked by many spiritual human organizations within their own separative agendas.

Please, understand that it is only in the light of our projected focus and awareness of a thought form i.e. idea that a thought form/entity draws its power. If our focus shifts away from an idea, it looses energy in our reality field, and might be begging for our attention within the illusion of the projected field. All thought forms are accessible from within our connected subconscious realms and form the mythical Heavens, as the lauded Kingdom within, since every One is the One-and-Only King ready to rule the One Kingdom of Creation. The outer projected reality as Earth is but a reflection of our inner world. Earth, as the manifested reality, is but the pages upon which we write our book of Life. Uniting within the notion of One the Inner subconscious Heavens to the outer manifested reality or Earth transforms One into what it really IS: The Oneness of One.

This is when a new subconscious (heavens) and a new projected reality (earth) is created because all has been transmuted and united within the uniting notion of One. For if our attention is ever constant on the notion of One, it becomes then transmuted within that all encompassing perception, and the formerly divisive name/idea is then integrated in the completion of the Oneness of the Love of One.

That is why we said in an earlier statement that the only way to transmute perceived “evil or the tendency to separate, fear and therefore aggress” is to Love it. By that we did not mean to call upon it and then love it, we meant to be in the state of Love of One as a natural Infinite all-encompassing integrative sense of Oneness, which will then transmute each and every idea born out of the illusion of fear into the Only reality of Love for Oneness. This inner and then reflected outer process is capital at this junction in Creation in order to transmute fear in the Love of One.

Love cannot be restricted. It flows freely and unconditionally. To name it and impose conditions upon it is to go against its very nature as One. And that is impossible for the only Reality, since every One is but Itself. To say that One loves an idea, system, grouping, of Divine manifestation and to reject others is to automatically call upon fear and aggression to manifest against the “others.” Fear manifests stronger emotions within our illusion of separation, and what we fear or what had been feared by present or past entities who have espoused similar ideas, will come to haunt us back. To say that one loves an idea/entity X which has been associated by many others across time and space with a fear and dislike of another idea/entity Y, is to automatically bring to subconscious field awareness, albeit unwillingly and unconsciously, the entity Y. And in that restrictive act of focusing love upon X, Y is highly activated within the unconscious Heavens and projected out within the manifested earth. This understanding of the Oneness of it all is very important and I beg each and every One of you to pay great attention to it, to integrate its meaning, and comprehend how most of our strife, insecurities, wars, suffering, and tendency to control and rule have stemmed from it. All of our common story as man-kind will take on a different and kinder tint when viewed in the Light of this awareness of the real Unified field of Creation: the Unity of it all. For most acts of fear really sprung originally from an act of love, but fear arose because we restricted Love and that should not be.

As King Solomon said in the very mystical Song Of all Songs (the Song of Love) 3000 years ago: “I beg you: do not arouse full Divine Love until She is ready.” Do not arouse the Love of One until we are fully ready to understand and integrate it. Do not explain its full concept until Love is being called by all levels of One because we have experienced the full effects of restricted and targeted Love and its companion as fear, and are tired of its fearful effects as unrestricted strife, control, competition, suffering, and inner and therefore outer reflected dis-ease. These are the end times of fear and the time of no end of real Love. For the Love of One is ready to merge and permeate ALL right now in the big shift of Love: The ultimate ascension.

2004 will be remembered as a year of extreme divisiveness in Creation and as the year of the beginning of the Great Shift. It ended in the day after Christmas at 1 AM U.T.C. (Universal Time or G.M.T.) with a great earth-shattering shift and quake of great magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale which then set off a series of 15 quakes just south of the line separating the earth in two: the equator. The Indian continent had been shown to have separated from the Australian one around 1995, and what had been but one plate are now two plates moving in opposite directions. When the earth shattered, a slippage 1000 kilometers long manifested. For 10 hours until 11.00 AM U.T.C. this event led to widespread catastrophe in 11 countries, particularly in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand with damage also in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Somalia and Seychelles. A giant tsunami ensued and swallowed up land and life. Around 144, 000 Higher Selves were taken back into the total blissful embrace and Loving perception of Being the ONE Eternal Being. I beg you to see this event in the light of the numbers and metaphors it reflects. This destructive tsunami, triggered by a fractured earth manifesting our fractured selves, is a very special reminder of the destructive force of divisive restrictive love processes, when the Love for some is associated with disrespect for others. Nature is but a reflective outer process of our own inner nature. It is a trustworthy gauge and mirror of our inner state and nature as mankind.

As the great shift of the Song of Love has begun, we are getting a high degree of concentrated Loving attention by the level of Our Selves which has always remained within the Notion of being One. There is an inner knowing that because of the extreme of separateness from the notion of One which Creation is experiencing now, unrestricted Love of One must soon reach our inner core self. The Song of Love is ready to activate all of our hearts into a tsunami of Love the like of which mankind has never ever remotely experienced. Please listen, trust, reach out, and dance to its everlasting tune!

That is why the simple answer to all our seemingly complex problems is One: think, see only One in every One, stay with that Loving thought, and Love, peace, and freely shared abundance shall be yours as you merge the illusion with the reality of One. There is nothing else for you to do but be ONEness, think only ONEness, and watch your inner world of ONEness become the outer and the outer world of ONEness blessing back and permeating you inner world in a ever increasing embrace of Peace and Joy of the One for being ONE. In that act of being ONEness, any political, social, spiritual idea which is still in fear, elitism, and control, will not find its place in your inner heart anymore. By this act, all these systems will then transmute into ideas of all encompassing, all embracing, non-judgmental, all sharing, caring, and all Loving ONEness which will reflect your inner world and shower you with the unrestricted gifts of ONE for Itself as Eternal Inner and outer peace and Joy at having integrated separation within the Notion of Unity: The ultimate Creative act.

Please try it, it is so simple, and at the same time has been a great challenge for all. Allow One to prove to you that it is Truth Itself – the only Truth. Nothing else is Truth but mere illusions in the mirror of the shadow of the One.

And in that glorious and blissful process we will all soon do what we came here to achieve: merge the illusion of our separated selves within the notion and perception of who we all are: One.

Happy New Year and Era: One


Gerald O’Donnell
Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Thought and Reality



All I want is my Song of Love

The words written long ago ~ still unsung

Your love ~ is the question

I only know ~ Love is the answer

My Song of Love will be for you My Beloved

When it is time, time for the dance

It is then you will see clearly

The One


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