Dear friends :

On October 10, 2011, I was interviewed by Doreen Agostino of and

I consider this one of the most important interviews I have ever shared. PLEASE Listen to it:

Kindly listen again and again to this and all the latest interviews and especially to the last three direct messages from the Oneness listed below. These are multi-dimensional messages, as you can easily tell, for this is how Source operates, and you will hear new information every time you listen to them. Make this a daily meditation, for it will radically transform your life: I assure you so.

I only want you to engage in the ultimate Voyage back to the Ultimate Love of Oneness. I so want you to succeed, my friends.

In it, I decode the deep meaning of the latest direct messages from the Oneness gifted word-by-word on May 1, 2010, August 7, 2011, and August 28, 2011.

In this recent interview, I address the very serious upcoming events that shall start in 2012, including the future of our financial systems structurally initially based until now on old heartless non-Divine Golden calf/idol worship, and many meta-constructs which have originated for eons in our old dark matrix of Creative possibilities that we have been operating for millennia. I hint at what will replace them.

I reveal that 2015 will be the Fulcrum of the Great Shift and show the beginnings of a new Creation that will eventually birth Oneness manifested amongst humanity. The key to surviving these very challenging times is so simple and accessible to anyone if one decides to accept the shift. You, every one of you, hold the key to our survival as a Creation and this Shift.

I ask you to please listen to that interview as I feel that it will help you get into a more peaceful state regarding your reality and the reality of the world we live in. Lately, many have sent me urgent emails stating that they were experiencing very anxious states of being and I think that the information I shared in my recent radio interview will help you perceive what is happening behind the scenes and why you should not think that there is something wrong with you and/or your close acquaintances or family.

Please send this link to at least 5 people, and ask each of them to send it also to at least 5 acquaintances, and so forth… Help spread this message. Post it to as many social network platforms as you can. Time is very short. You probably have no idea of the full extent of what is at stake here. The Timing for inner change is NOW! I am sure that you have all seen the bombardment of chaotic events in your personal lives and global realities – accelerating exponentially as we get close to the apex of the end of this phase of Creation. Soon we will reach the dimensionless Dot, the Yod, the Bindu point, after which a new world will arise from the Womb of Creation. Be prepared, and remain in full Peace and joy, for Glory and Greatness are at our Door to be manifested within, and all around us without.

Much Love and happy thoughts to all of you, my dear family.

Your friend on this journey,

Gerald O’Donnell

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