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September 15, 2023


I want to wish all my Jewish friends, all of yours, and all of us a happy Jewish New Year 5784.

May we all focus solely on what should truly unite us all which is but Life and Love for all its forms, and may we hope not only to prosper but THRIVE amongst a reunited world truly enlightening our being and bringing eternal Peace, fraternity, and Joy!

We are on the cusp of a necessary shift requiring transformation as most are starting to become aware that we are nearing and facing a precipice of abysmal darkness and pain.

I wish for all of us to resolve to turn away from the belated focus on all that divides us from each other and from our beloved womb and environment brimming with life albeit injured: nature in which we reside.
Love, as caring unity, must win over divisive hate.

May all the children of Jacob (Israel) wake up and reunite as One family holding each other up. May the children of Isaac: descendants of Jacob and Edom (red energy), wake up to what unites them as twin brothers, and may all the children of Abraham, all cousins, descending from Isaac and Ishmael, fall in Love again as brothers.

We need to embrace and face each other’s dreams and concerns and Dream a new unifying Dream TOGETHER as One.

May we all only build bridges across and never walls, so we stop crying when facing our man-made mental and physical walls creating divides between us.

May we, ultimately and rapidly, embrace the awareness that ALL the children of ADAM (Mankind) are but One being, One Family, living under one roof (our magnificent and uniquely Divinely Gifted Jewel Blue planet brimming with Life), all under the Loving care and blessings of our unnamed ONE God, our origin and Source, Creator of all that IS and can ever Be.

That is my wish for you and all of mine on this eve of Rosh Hashanah 2023.

Gerald O’Donnell

In the waning glow of an old year’s dusk,
On the edge of a New Year so bright,
We gather as one ‘neath the cosmic tusk,
With the moon as our guiding light.

Oh, Shanah Tovah, sing out the hymn,
In the age of Five Thousand and Seven Eight Four,
May the New Year cleanse every whim,
That kept us apart, the year before.

Life and Love, be our compass true,
In a world torn by rifts and divides,
May we find what’s essential, a clue,
In each other’s hopes and dreams besides.

On the cusp of change, we all stand tall,
Aware of the abyss that lurks below.
Yet, we focus not on what makes us small,
But on Love that helps us grow.

Divisive lines, like walls in hearts and lands,
Must crumble now, dissolve like shifting sands.
Only bridges dare we build from soul to soul,
A woven world where caring love’s the goal.

Oh children of Jacob, wake, embrace your kin,
In unity and love, we all shall win.
Isaac’s sons, Edom and Jacob, find your grace,
In brotherhood, let every feud erase.

Children of Jacob, wake from your slumber,
Isaac’s sons, unite, break bread.
May all of Abraham’s lineage number,
In a family where Love is spread.

For Isaac and Ishmael, let love reign,
Two branches from the same sturdy tree,
No more to cry, no more to feign,
Just a fraternity, as it’s meant to be.

Dream together, a unified vision,
No walls to fence us, bridges we choose,
Embrace the dream without derision,
No longer bound by what we could lose.

All children of Adam, under Heaven’s dome,
Remember now, this Earth is but one home.
United in the Source from whence we’re spun,
A mosaic made of shades, yet we are one.

In the light of this New Year’s grace,
Under the blessings of the One, so divine,
May we find our eternal resting place,
In a world of Peace, where stars align.

So here’s my wish on Rosh Hashanah’s eve,
Le Shanah Tovah, a year of Grace to you and yours,
In this woven web, may we all believe,
That Love and Life will open doors.

With this prayer, let us part,
Happy New Year and Dream, in your soul, in your heart.

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