The White Dove and the dark Raven


N.B.  Exactly three weeks after the article below was written, on the morning of October 7, 2023, as the sun rose over the Middle East, a fiery burst of red hot raging anger, manifesting as divisive dark hatred, violently exploded during a massive invasion and killings of innocents which occurred in Southern Israel.

This incident marked a critical fulcrum in the ongoing struggle between positive forces of goodness, unity, and compassion, and negative forces that foster division, fear/terror, and hatred. It represents a rebellion against the concept of a Unified Divine Creator of ALL that IS.

This conflict has even affected everyone globally, including those who were previously uninvolved or unaware, causing widespread anxiety worldwide, far exceeding the number of people directly involved. There is a palpable sense of fear and unrest.

It seems that this conflict extends into our collective higher consciousness, though we are not fully aware of its scope or implications. The solutions proposed so far are only temporary, and there’s a lack of effective leadership. Misinformation is rampant, and there’s a struggle between maintaining unity and succumbing to conflict. This struggle has now become a part of our collective awareness, and the future of humanity is at stake. We need to evolve into a new paradigm, as the old ones have proven ineffective.

The root of this spiritual battle, manifesting in our physical world, lies deep within our collective unconscious, and many lack the means to address it. There’s a crucial decision that everyone on Earth must make: to choose between unity and love, or division and conflict.

This choice is ours: to foster and spread life and joy, or to succumb to visions of destruction and death. It’s a choice between light and darkness, love and hate.

This choice represents our true free will. We have the power to create either paradise or hell on Earth, to manifest heaven or its opposite. Everything else, like dogmas and propaganda, are merely tools to control and subdue the masses.

We must hope for the end of the pervasive and destructive ‘virus’ of hatred, which threatens us as a species. This virus is a metaphor for the negative paths we have taken, symbolized by the ‘Creational Tree of Death,’ our ‘Tree of Good and Evil.’

As we stand at the crossroads of time, each of us holding the quill that writes our collective destiny, we face a choice that echoes through the corridors of our shared humanity. The events of October 7, 2023, are not just a chapter in history; they are a mirror reflecting our inner turmoil, a storm that rages not just in the skies above Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon, but in the hearts of all mankind.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the spirit of unity beckons us to shed the shackles of division and hatred. The sun that rose over the Middle East that fateful morning did not just witness the birth of conflict; it also witnessed the awakening of a dormant desire for peace and harmony that resides in every soul.

The battle we ALL face is not just with arms and words but with the very essence of our being. It is a duel between the light of compassion and the shadows of fear, a dance of hope and despair on the grand stage of the universe. Our planet, perceived as a tiny speck in the vast cosmos, has become the arena where the forces of love and hate, good and evil, collide, painting the future in strokes of bravery and cowardice.

In this cosmic play, each of us is both audience and actor, choosing our roles, and scripting our lines with the ink of our actions and the parchment of our intentions. The winds of change howl around us, urging us to unfurl the sails of our souls and navigate the turbulent seas toward a horizon of Oneness and understanding.

The ancient ever-morphing virus of hatred, a spectral specter lurking in the shadows of our collective consciousness, is a formidable foe. It is a hydra, sprouting new heads of malice and prejudice each time one is vanquished. But within us lies the antidote, a potion brewed from the herbs of empathy, kindness, and love, capable of healing the most cancerous of hatreds.

Please pray for its final disappearance from our inner-conscious and deep sub-conscious layers of mind. Let its programs be erased by your own will.

In a world increasingly shadowed by a nameless unease, humanity finds itself engulfed in an intangible yet palpable conflict. This struggle, largely ignored or misunderstood by many, has begun to seep into the collective psyche, stirring a storm of widespread anxiety far exceeding the number of those directly involved. Fear has woven its way into the fabric of our existence, becoming a common thread in our daily lives.

This battle, though invisible to the naked eye, rages fiercely in the higher echelons of our collective consciousness, a realm just beyond the grasp of our understanding. The solutions we grasp at are fleeting, mere patches on a fabric torn by deeper divides. Leadership, true and steadfast, seems lost in a sea of misinformation and deceit.

The chasm between joyful unity and bitter strife has cracked open, revealing itself on the surface of our shared consciousness. This rift threatens the very survival of humanity, urging us to step into a new paradigm, leaving behind the ineffective ways of old, which are but relics of a bygone era.

The roots of this spiritual warfare, manifesting in our tangible world, lie deep within our collective unconscious, a place where most lack the tools to navigate. Yet, the weight of this moment hangs heavy in the air, a silent reminder of the crucial choice each individual faces: to embrace a path of loving unity or to descend into the abyss of division and conflict.

We make the choice, each of us, between promoting and rejoicing over the sprouting and careful spread of joyous Divinely gifted Life or over the nightmarish visions and worship of death. Day or night, Light or darkness, love or hate; that is our true free will as shadow fractal selves of the One. We can and have free will to create paradise or hell on earth, to truly bring heavens on (h)eart(h) and not the reverse. All the rest is but dogmas, propaganda, matrix inserts to placate our fears and suffering, and planted disinformation to control and subdue the masses.

We stand at the precipice, gazing into the abyss of our own making. The choice is ours: to leap into the chasm of discord or to build a bridge of solidarity that spans the divide. In this moment of reckoning, let us choose the path of light, for in the tapestry of existence, every thread of love we weave strengthens the fabric of our shared destiny.

Gerald O’Donnell


Love heart mother earth

September 15, 2023

I want to wish all my Jewish friends a happy Jewish New Year 5784.

May we all focus solely on what should truly unite us all which is and can only be Life and Love for all its forms, and may we hope not only to prosper but THRIVE amongst a reunited world truly enlightening our being and bringing eternal Peace, fraternity, and Joy!

We are on the cusp of a necessary shift requiring transformation as most are starting to become aware that we are nearing and facing a precipice of abysmal darkness and pain.

I wish for all of us to resolve fiercely to turn away from the belated focus on all that divides us from each other and from our beloved womb and environment brimming with life albeit injured: nature in which we reside.

Love, as caring unity, must win over divisive hate.

May all the children of Jacob (Israel) wake up and reunite as One family holding each other up. May the children of Isaac: descendants of Jacob and Edom (red energy), wake up to what unites them as twin brothers, and may all the children of Abraham, all cousins, descending from his sons Isaac and Ishmael, fall in Love again as brothers.

We need to embrace and face each other’s dreams and concerns and Dream a new unifying Dream TOGETHER as One.

May we all only build bridges across and never walls, so we stop crying when facing our man-made mental and physical walls creating divides between us.

May we, ultimately and rapidly, embrace the awareness that ALL the children of ADAM (Mankind) are but One being, One Family, living under One’s roof (our magnificent and uniquely Divinely Gifted Jewel Blue planet (h)eart(h) brimming with Life), all under the Loving care and blessings of our unnamed ONE God, our Origin and Source, Creator of all that IS and can ever Be.

That is my wish for you and all of mine on this eve of Rosh Hashanah 2023.

Gerald O’Donnell

In the waning glow of an old year’s dusk,
On the edge of a New Year so bright,
We gather as one ‘neath the cosmic tusk,
With the moon as our guiding light.

Oh, Shanah Tovah, sing out the hymn,
In the age of Five Thousand and Seven Eight Four,
May the New Year cleanse every whim,
That kept us apart, the year before.

Life and Love, be our compass true,
In a world torn by rifts and divides,
May we find what’s essential, a clue,
In each other’s hopes and dreams besides.

On the cusp of change, we all stand tall,
Aware of the abyss that lurks below.
Yet, we focus not on what makes us small,
But on Love that helps us grow.

Divisive lines, like walls in hearts and lands,
Must crumble now, dissolve like shifting sands.
Only bridges dare we build from soul to soul,
A woven world where caring love’s the goal.

Oh children of Jacob, wake, embrace your kin,
In unity and love, we all shall win.
Isaac’s sons, Edom and Jacob, find your grace,
In brotherhood, let every feud erase.

Children of Jacob, wake from your slumber,
Isaac’s sons, unite, and break bread.
May all of Abraham’s lineage number,
In a family where Love is spread.

For Isaac and Ishmael, let love reign,
Two branches from the same sturdy tree,
No more to cry, no more to feign,
Just a fraternity, as it’s meant to be.

Dream together, a unified vision,
No walls to fence us, bridges we choose,
Embrace the dream without derision,
No longer bound by what we could lose.

All children of Adam, under Heaven’s dome,
Remember now, this Earth is but one home.
United in the Source from whence we’re spun,
A mosaic made of shades, yet we are one.

In the light of this New Year’s grace,
Under the blessings of the One, so divine,
May we find our eternal resting place,
In a world of Peace, where stars align.

So here’s my wish on Rosh Hashanah’s eve,
Le Shanah Tovah, a year of Grace to you and yours,
In this woven web, may we all believe,
That Love and Life will open doors.

With this prayer, let us part,
Happy New Year and Dream, in your soul, in your heart.

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