Hello dear friends:

I seldom butt in. First of all, because I am busy with upcoming projects, secondly because I think that you all need to find your own way to your own inner power and independence.

There are a couple of pointers that I humbly think are important.

I have to make a confession:

The reason why the RV course was disclosed at all by the Academy, had much more to do with the capacity of each one of you to access you Divine self that exists only within the mirroring realm of Vibratory Light (the Spirit world) and learn to interact with It, evolve, and feel Its loving presence. The RV information you all or some get originates from It and, unless you have decided to become part of a team from the security apparatus of your country (often a bad idea for reasons that I would not want to get into now) and make it a specialized endeavor, its spying applications, although seemingly interesting, are not all that practical, in sharp contrast to of the very heightened intuition that you can get in avoiding undesirable paths, healing self and others, channel new sciences, and other such noble and important causes.

Ultimately, we really only wanted and desire to teach you to Remote View you own Inner Divine Higher Self.

Like the Siddhis (psychic phenomena) that many students on the Yoga paths often experience, the warning is that, if you get too enamored and impressed with your new found “psychic” abilities which are confirming points that you have achieved some success on your inner journey, you will run the risk of getting “stuck” on the way and only feed the inner ego, while pursuing the path should lead to your overcoming the ego’s restrictive prospect and points of view. This is what all good Yoga Masters keep on repeating again and again to their students.

I used to and still say: “If you find your ‘Guru’ on the road: Kill him!”
What I mean is that your Real Guru can only be within yourself and not outside of it. The KINGDOM IS WITHIN! AS WITHIN so WITHOUT.

We are all enthralled by and listening to the thunderous voice of our ego, but have forgotten to listen in the silence of our thoughts, as our ancient forbearers did, to the Divine and sublime within and learn to touch it, and that “Little Voice” cannot be heard if we poison and pollute our minds with all the garbage that is being produced by humanity in this period, physically and spiritually so. And since “the Sound of silence” seems to be lost in that cacophony, our real survival as a planetary specie is in the balance!

Do you really believe, that if the tyrants, polluters, corrupt politicians and CEOs, religious leaders, leaders of whatever movement, terrorists etc. . ., were to only learn and listen to that “Small Voice” they would ever think the way they do, and commit, often in the name of what they think is Truth, destructive and uncaring acts?

First get the information you need from your own inner Self. Then you can spread that information to others.

Trash all books, holy or not, tapes, methods. Start afresh: deprogram yourself by doing so. Do a clean slate. Undo any prior belief system, whether, scientific, spiritual, or religious. Become alike a child and if you want to learn about your real Self, connect to it and start today; not tomorrow! You can always go back to ancient Writings after the little voice of Divine Wisdom flows within your being, and you will then see how they all speak the same hidden language of Love/care and sing the same harmonious tunes.

Trash and shun all PH.D., MD., MSc, BSc. MBA. JD, Doctors of this and that! Become a Creational destructionist and anarchist, for in SIMPLICITY lies real TRUTH and you were born with it. You carry within yourself a 2-way communication device with the Divine, and if you make use of it, the Divine will revive, get out of His/Her depression in witnessing our rebellious attitude and listen again to our wishes and grant them using the Infinite Energy and Intelligence that we would have acknowledged with full childhood faith, not religious faith.

Many have asked me what differentiates the methodology that the Academy propones, from the ones that others teach. What are our credentials? Are we in pair with other special super-duper secret former outfits of the now defunct special ops of the psywars?

You want to know the answer? Well here it is. The goal is, the intent was, the facts are, that here, we only desire to RV the Small Voice within, the Divine that gives you Life energy at all moments: The Source of both infinite and restricted intelligence. This is what we want to teach you to do. The methodology is really irrelevant. Do you go around and ask others what methodology taught them to walk, to breath, to jump? Even in the realm of sports, the mental training is as important, and by now they know it to be more important, that the physical one. You have access to the source, to Illumination: right now. Sadly, our impatient Western world is bound on instant nirvana, instant gratification, technical prowess, and we have lost the Divine Quality of Infinite Patience.

Nevertheless, our educational system, is sclerotic. Dead in spirit and hopes, for it only teaches past theories and overloads the child’s open mind with junk and more junk, until all chance for a quantum jump of awareness is almost gone and he/she is finally trumpeted: an adulterated human being: an ADULT! And is by then so polluted and hyper-programmed that he/she makes an obedient sheep to the flock of unaware ones looking desperately for newer and better external shepherds, on cthe way to nothingness, and condemned to repeated cycles of the same. Why can’t we, as the original Greeks intended to, bring the child to listen to his/her Inner guidance: The voice of “Sofia”: Wisdom Herself, whilst staying surrounded by a non-rigid regiment and environment of beautiful and inspiring pristine nature from whence Wisdom originates from? Why can’t we make this the most important teachings to the child: Teach him, alike what only dedicated mothers such as Tesla’s and some more have done, how to access and primarily listen to his/her own Holy Inner Voice, and thus walk the Path of the Righteous.

Get all that information from your Self to the extent that you really need it. There is really something frightening called information overload and nowadays the incredible proliferation of books, internet sites, masters, gurus, specialists in all fields, and “new & improved” and “rapid or instantaneous” methodologies to anything is staggering! Do not, and I insist greatly upon this, get into an information overload mode. For it will only stress your system, and make your pray to the daily “fix” of chemical or other poisons that allow you to become unaware for a couple of hours more of the misery you have accepted to partake of, and are being enslaved within. Whether it is the proverbial “Prozac, weed, Xanax, booze, dry sex, coke, etc…” Please, unpollute yourself!

Just as I am writing this, a student called, and asked me if I could send him additional information on RV! He has barely started the course and wants some more overload already!

If he and all others do not understand that I want you to empower yourself by asking yourself the questions and guidance that is really important to yourself, and then deciding, by yourself, to energize and create to yourself the future path that you desire for yourself, then all this would have been in vain. And as all the prior failed attempts at spreading a similar message (Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Lao-Tzu, Buddha etc…) have shown, you would but repeat the same eternal mistake of looking for a Guru on the Road again. And beware, the state of this Creation cannot afford another failure in the total acknowledgement and unconditional attempt at cleansing first the internal environment and then the external one from the immense pollution that most carry within, hence without, and which chokes them to death.

In the RV course, we are only humbly showing you the door to you own inner Voice of Wisdom, Peace and Real knowledge: The Real Self that truly cares about your Self since it knows that it is but One with it. It is up to you to open the door, and do whatever you fancy with the Inner contact.

In the RI course, we only show you the door to your own empowerment, your own Kingdom. It is up to you to decide to push it wide open fully, partially or leave it close. We cannot, should not, and cannot do it for you. You have the power. It is always there. It is in the simplicity of being a pure child, full of trust and innocence, that you will decide to open your Inner Self, to your awareness, and play with It, empower It and yourself through it.

If this is not understood soon, because of the irony of what we call time, which is really just a sequence of events, we will become slave again to the written His-Story: Prophecy, a sheep to fate,a slave to karma, having lost the opportunity to grab that rope of inner salvation that was given, from the inception of this Creational experiment, to all the “lost children of the IS,” as long as they remain, pure, unAdulterated, and full of happiness, hope and love, as real children are and forever should be.

I had to share this with you!

Have happy thoughts and may we all fly on our own wings to the land of Never Never Land as Ever Ever Heavens where All is possible, and play and play together, all in fun and innocence; never lost again, and never to be exiled even for a short instant from Self.

Gerald O’Donnell


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