Interview with Gerald O’Donnell December 12, 2013 by Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network, TX

Dear Friends: 2013 is about to close and I wanted to share this very important Interview I gave to Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network on 12.12.13. The information shared will become capital as you engage 2014 and beyond and try to understand and navigate the seemingly treacherous chaotic currents.

First let me wish you a beautiful 2014. You will make it a great year, a year to remember and delight in! You will be so proud of the changes you caused in making this happen!

My dear brothers and sisters, we have an energy problem, and here I am not referring to our ability to fuel our economies based primarily on dark oil which is being extracted using methods which most probably will soon manifest on the outer surface or our earth the inner fractures we are causing to its mantle and the inner fractures, we as humanity, are suffering from.

What I am addressing in this interview, is a lack of Life energy that many if not most of us feel, as every day become almost a drudgery to overcome. This feeling of depressed life energy is caused by our disconnection as a human family from the One’s Sourcing Life energy, our disconnection also from one another, and especially from the living Presence of the Creator in it Feminine nurturing all-Aware format as Mother Nature, which is sadly lacking as of late energy to gift us.

Only a short couple of decades ago our Sourcing Mother: Nature, used to spread freely to all Its living entities Life energy. It can barely do so anymore, because It is using most of it energy in order to try to maintain a basic homeostasis, as it is under constant implacable attack by its human children and shamefully disrespected. Were it to lose its ability to maintain basic balance, all of its structures would collapse into total chaos, and life as know it would be at risk for all of us and all species.

In the meantime, due to human activities, our land, our air, our oceans and our food supply have become filled with poisons and industrial toxic byproducts. Our DNA is mutating and degenerating rapidly and secretly causing degenerative dis-eases. Large swats of geography have been conquered for our use without any sense of keeping the regional natural supportive element operative and balanced for us, and uncountable species have been made to barely survive or totally disappear. We do not hear the silent cry and wailing of Living Divine Nature. We are deaf to it. Incredibly very few of us even discuss this matter, and even fewer find it to be the most pressing historical issue of all times facing us. We are instead, either intentionally, or because of our global lack of awareness, drowning in an ocean of trivial pursuits where minor issues are made to appear to be critical and greatly occupy our consciousness, while the real major problems are neglected whilst darkness is infiltrating everywhere. I am sorry, but I will need to raise powerfully in greater details next year the fact that we are at a major crossroads between Life and death as a Creation.

The energy of Living Divine Life is dimming and all Life is at stakes. In contrast and as a consequence, its polar opposite: the dark energy of death is becoming present everywhere, sadly manifesting within many of us and bringing death, anger, lack, violence, destruction and fear in its manifold formats. This is all caused because we lacked the basic respect and courageous understanding that all Life is sacred, all Life is Divine, and all Life is so very precious and such a Miraculous gift. We forgot the only pure Reality of Divine Loving Energy and thenceforth the dark polar world coming from the deep ancient abyss is sadly increasingly engaged in sucking many souls into its black hole and tentacles, vampire-like. Its power has increased but our lack of awareness and reaction.

In this interview, I show you how all this can so easily be solved. In fact, I make it clear that ALL our problems can be resolved by a beautiful and easy shift in perception that you need to engage very soon, each and every one of you. Everything is ready for us, if we only make this simple, but to us seemingly difficult movement in Consciousness from separation to unity and Oneness.

Please do not remain asleep at the helm of our sinking ship. You are all co-pilots. Do not espouse anymore philosophies of denial and negation of reality. They originate from the dark manifesting in selfish self-serving individuals lacking awareness. Use you thoughts to create positivity AND to remain AWARE of all that is occurring, so that YOU change it by the direction of your thoughts. You have great power of manifestation, especially as a human family when you operate as such. You all have a role to play, as story to live, and a glory to experience. We all need EACH OTHER. We, in fact, ARE EACH OTHER and so is our Divine Mother manifesting for us a beautiful Earth and Creation. We can turn earth bound hell into Paradise again. We must.

So let us fall in Love with Love again and fall In Love with each other. There is little time left. However there is still time. All it takes is courage and awareness.

Make no mistake: we stand at a crossroads of immense dimensions and the choices we take now will have consequences for a thousand years and far beyond if we survive the test of Oneness we are all undergoing. Spread these messages to many because the old denial “ostrich-like head-in-the-sand,” “God-is-on-my-side,” old solutions’ syndrome can only mean more suffering and dislocation. Power is to be shown to be only a dream of one’s own restricted awareness, both at the level of mankind and of Higher Energies/Creator gods. Infinite Oneness – The One and Only- dwarfs it by infinite orders of magnitude. Awaken to the Simple message contained in these teachings, and the ultimate Simplicity of The One and Its Dominion shall be yours to savor. You ALL are the Saviors of your Reality, each and every one of you. No one else can do that for you. Take the fist step and the next one will show itself for you and you will be taught to walk the best path for you and Creation. The guidance is HERE, both in such messages and especially WITHIN. I send you all much Love and hope for the Peace of God in these extremely stressful times. We cannot do without that Divine Peace anymore. This is too big for us to solve alone, and, at the same time, we all, as Oneness, are the solution.

With you on this challenging journey and in Oneness.

Gerald O’Donnell

Radio Show’s Highlights:

  • Vibrating points of light; this is what we really are
  • You soul is an energized memory bank kept vibrated in the Mind of the Creator
    Why thought is not restricted by space and time
    What does it mean by having a ‘higher intuition’ ?
  • Who is the One, and what is your position and part within it?
    The strength of our moods and thoughts; how what’s going on inside ourselves and others influence everything and everyone
    Tricks to getting back to being a happy light beam; shielding yourself from crazy energies and foreign thoughts
  • How to discern your own thoughts from foreign thoughts infiltrating you (real mind control)
    What is the trick to not reacting to others?
  • What is really the source of darkness?
  • The cause of anger.
  • How to protect against the anger of others directed at you.
    Gerald explains how the flood in the Bible is actually a ‘flood of consciousness’
    The waters (consciousnesses) of the underworld are coming up and the Higher waters (consciousnesses) are pouring down mixing together in us
  • All dry land/old structures are disappearing or about to
  • The great fall of mankind
  • Do evil spirits exist? What are these?
  • Our tendency to build mental and physical walls and fortresses around us
  • Our role as co-Creators
  • Why are so many attracted to dark negative shows and thoughts?
  • We are at the breaking point and at extremes of separation in Creation and are tasked in turning around this movement
  • Why are so many people struggling each and every day to make it through the day?
  • What is the cause of low life-energy levels so many feel, and the real remedy to get it back?
  • Our co-creative ability; just because the world is going crazy doesn’t mean you must buy into those programs
  • Facing the living God by being connected to nature
  • We’ve never been so separated from the Source as we are today
  • Changing our perception of the world from within
  • What is the root reason which causes people to become psychopaths or sociopaths?
  • The reason for the all the sudden explosion as of late of wanton mass killings of innocents
  • Why do many souls feel the innate desire to take another’s life?
  • What do they hope to get from this?
  • The vampire’s mechanism is real
  • Fukushima’s accident and Japan’s tsunami linked to the rise of dark energy
  • What is the underworld i.e. hell?
  • How Hollywood is showing movies reflecting who we have become.
  • Turning away from the dark side; why even watching chaotic movies should be separated from us
  • Turning your enemy into your friend; loving the core light of the evil of the person wanting to hurt you because in reality it is you
  • Sucking the energy out of one another; why do people do this?
  • Why does nothing make real logical sense with our financial markets?
  • Keeping your mind on the Creator
  • A listener wants to know Gerald’s opinion of Major Ed Dames remote viewing prediction of the ‘kill shot’
  • The effects of our thoughts on our bodies; the idea that we are preprogrammed and have no control of our DNA is ridiculous
  • The key to cleansing, DNA changes, rejuvenation and long life
  • The importance of Joy!
  • What is the purpose of Life?
  • The center of the Creator is everywhere; the periphery is nowhere
  • And much more…
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