Death and Rebirth into the One

Re-balancing the One Unified Field

A call for action in Unity. Imagine we are all One…

And the world would be One…


Important message from the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing (April 8, 2005):


To all:

This message seeks to unite. In that capacity it means to transcends all restricted understandings of our spiritual heritage and applications of it. It has all to do about the One Spirit that Unites us all, whether we are aware of It, or not. It seeks to bring us soon into a gentler, kinder, probable future.

Recent Remote viewing sessions from teams of Remote Viewers from the Academy have shown a proximate probable future that we feel should be communicated. It is not our habit to spoon-feed a constant litany of horrific end-of-times scenarios as many remote viewers have done. We see no need to add to the general addiction to fear which has grappled mankind lately. If you feel that this message is about fear, then please read it again and again. This is not about events, judgment, but about the panacea to erase fear, and suffering. You all carry this Infinite Force within. NOW is the time to manifest it.

However, because of the imbalance between fear and love, man and nature, humankind and its Creator, male and female energies, great corrections are taking place on very High energy planes and very sub-conscious planes. These are attempts to rebalance The ALL that need to happen. The One is the Fulcrum or vertical pole of the Tree of Life symbolized by the Cross, the Ankh and so many other powerful symbols. Nothing can remain eternally in a state of imbalance, for the One Unified Field of Energy brings automatically all back to perfect balance and then inverts the movement so that Creation as a unbalancing act can happen again and again within Eternity.

This message is different from prior ones. Because of the scope of events which we are seeing in our global probable future lens, I am going to ask you to do a very simple thing. So simple, yet so powerful and important, that it carries in it the seed to change this whole planet’s consciousness.

I am going to ask you, I would like you to enter, morning and evening all around this planet, in a state of total communion with the One Unified Field which we all represent and are parts of.

This will become our answer to 9/11 and to the fear cloud which has since engulfed much of our awareness and dulled our hearts and minds.

I will ask you to open your heart in perfect abandon and trust, and invite within your being a force of pure unrestricted love which lies now deeply entombed within it. It has never left you, but you have, for the most part and for eons, not been aware of its presence. Please, call upon It to pervade your awareness, your total being, and chase away all illusions of fear. Bathe in its loving embrace. It is only through opening your heart to its magnificent presence that you will experience within and project then without the Divine Feminine force which has been called so often the Holy Spirit, Christos (Anointed one/Messiah in ancient Greek), bindu point, The Great Spirit, Shakti, Ruach Hakodesh, Cosmic Consciousness, Shekinah, Sakinah etc… You do not need to name It unless you feel more comfortable doing so. This is the Real Power of total unconditional Love. It is the quality of total acceptance of who we are and have become, and the Divine aspect totally void of judgment.

If you stop only for a small moment your daily activities, and accept unconditionally the Messiah within, the savior within, you will then totally perceive and feel that the Messiah (savior) is within each and every one of you. You are each connected to the savior, as it is you, deep within your heart: your soul. It is the loving Self of Oneness waiting to be recognized and invited.

In the time of our exile from our inner Divine Self we thought that we could not be the Divine Savior, that only one Savior could have been or be it. We waited for It on the outside, and the pain of separation became evermore greater. There is no one external Savior. We are all It. We are all the Divine Sons of The One (Father/Spirit Source of ALL Life) – each and every one of us. It is only by unconditionally inviting this realization within and touching that vibration of Divinity within our hearts that we become aware of being the Divine Son, and that the Divine Child and the Divine Source (Divine Father) are but One. All you need is to open your heart to the Savior within and invite it in. It will answer your call. It has been in exile from yourself, and you from It, far too long. The separation has been too painful and the suffering is now so extreme that only by dulling our awareness have we been able to survive, one day at a time. Our hearts have lost their softness and have hardened. We long for the memory of what our souls have once known, Love, Peace, brotherhood, in Divine Oneness. The Messiah has died in utter suffering billions of times nailed to the Tree of Creation which has embraced fear and separation. As the Divine Unconditional Loving Eternal One Source hiding in each soul, sHe died over and over again as so many human beings lived and then departed in pain and exile from the realization and experience of Oneness in the Kingdom of One. sHe can but only be reborn in Its full Glory as your Savior in the womb of your Loving Hearts, as you feel and live the way of One.

The only sin there can be is in the perception of separation and fear. It is that perception which kills the awakening of the Oneness within.

We have searched for real Love and real Peace outside of ourselves, but have found naught but sorrow and insecurity.

How we have forgotten that we carried Its seed and Holy presence within!

How barren our souls have become, how silent our awareness!

We have witnessed the effects of separating from this Divine One Heart within, disconnecting from one another, all of us, brothers and sisters, children of the same One Godly Energy, and begat a dark cloud of fear – a stone-like dark clouded energy covering our Inner Self and not allowing for the Light of The Divine presence to shine through and forth.

As this cloud of fear overcame us, we have tended to deny our Divine Origin and brotherhood, our undeniable right to all be happy and free from any fear and anxiety. We forgot that were born out of Love, and that we all can only but come back to It, sooner or later, without exception.

In the hells we created, we tried to burn the fire of Love. But no water nor fire can burn our inner Essence for It will always resurge from the deeper recesses of our souls, as It is our Eternal Self, the part that never changes nor dies: The Fulcrum of the swinging polarities.

It is only through inviting and embracing the Unconditional Divine Feminine Love dwelling within us that we can rejoin the Father of Divine Light within the heavens of our Sub-conscious realms: the inner Kingdom. And, as we enter the Divine Feminine Presence of the Loving energy, we can then bring down the magnificent powerful Light of the Father in our common Heavens in a final Union of Oneness, as we all realize that we were, are, and will always remain the Eternal One Energy of loving embrace and Oneness.

In order to do so, we have to crucify our pain of separateness and die in the notion of fear and separation, by embracing the totality of the Tree of Creation, which is the tree of Life.

As we are voluntarily nailed to the Tree of Creation, we must invite the death of its imbalanced state of being when fear rules over love

It is only by OUR decision to kill ourselves from this old painful perception of fear/separation, that we can then be Divinely reborn into the new Creation: The New Earth (outside reality) and the New Heaven (inside reality). The key is to STOP, go within, and unconditionally embrace Love over separation, and accept that the ones that are not ready yet are still ALL The One and should “be forgiven for they do not know what they are doing.”

It is only through the active decision to unconditionally embrace the Divine Feminine aspect of anointed Unconditional Love, who we all carry inside, that we can, each and every one, go through the realization that we are each the Fulcrum, the balancing Unity point, and that we can then invert the polarities in the Final rebirth of Love, after having died in and killed the old world system of fear.

Within the irony of time, we are running out of time to awaken and apply this universal Divine Gift which we all carry, equally so, adults, children, rich, poor, people of all colors, all creed or not, all magnificent individuation of The One.

Within the irony of timed manifestations, dis-eases and imbalance always start at the level of the outer energetic bodies and inner recesses of our subconscious realms before they finally express themselves in painful manifestation in the physical and sensory conscious realm. Much major rebalancing and restructuring, is already occurring in the energetically and subconscious Higher worlds, for the Fulcrum of One needs to keep balancing the imbalances if they become too acute.

We all have the power to help this process of redemption before it touches the boundary of our physical and conscious reality. We all have the power to save our world.

As the Asian tsunami and the latest earth movements and energy releases have hinted lately, the “ring of fire” in the Pacific rim is being activated, and the tectonic plates of our Mother Earth are being restructured. We have remote viewed probable futures which strongly pointed out that if we do not accept our Loving Unity soon, much fracture will be shown manifesting our dis-connected state from the state of Union in Oneness. Tremendous rumblings will be felt throughout the One Unified Field. Please let us avoid such painful re-alignment!

All we need to do is so simple: Re-member all the pieces that we form in the Unity of the Being of The One. Do it not out of fear, for it will negate it, but out of a deep yearning for Limitless and Unconditional Love. Cry and laugh all you can at the same time.

I hope that you realize how important this is and ask for your help in helping save yourselves by spreading this message quickly and inviting Love within.

I would like to finish by quoting an excerpt from a book by Goldie Knight “The Unseen World” (2003), which a student sent me a couple of days ago:

What is Christ? (Christ is the English translation of the Greek word Χριστός (Christós), which means “The Anointed,” crowned with the Holy Presence of the One. The word originates from Messiah/Mashiach in ancient Hebrew (the anointed one with Holy Oil straight from the One, as the King, ruler of his dominion).

The (real) Christos (anointed one) is a place in consciousness where you become aware of who and what you TRULY are. When you become aware of the ETERNAL DIVINE PRESENCE within, you awaken from a deep sleep. You become aware of the beauty around you. Things that once seemed a burden are no longer a burden. You become aware that nothing is yours and yours alone. You are aware that all things and all people belong to God. You know you are his child and you see that if you are a child of God, all others are children of God.

You know in your heart that even your children are not yours. If you are a child of God so are the ones you have called yours. Then you begin to release your hold on them and give them back to God. You trust God to take care of them, whereas in the past you have tried to mold them to your way, or tried to take over their responsibilities. You realize that instead of helping them you have retarded them. You also realize that they too must see their mistakes. Instead of taking over, you speak to the Christ within them and you pour out impersonal love; this is true Christ love. You become aware of why your love must become impersonal. You realize that it is not possible to love all people in a personal way; you love all because all are One.

You begin to speak to God as you would to your dearest friend. You speak to Him knowing He is within and not in a far-off place You feel warmth from within that you have not felt before. You tell Him you have given up the struggle. You feel your troubles take wings and fly away. At last, you are free. You have come to that place in consciousness where the anointed (Christos) dwells, that heavenly place that belongs to all, and you know that at long last you have come AUM/HOME. You stand serenely and look back over the far country that you have roamed and struggled with and wonder why it took you so long to come home. Then you will know the meaning of the words: “You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except through the Christ, the awareness of being One with the One.”

In Love of Oneness

Gerald O’Donnell




In my Soul, there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church where I kneel.

Prayer should bring us to an altar where no walls or names exist.

Is there not a region of Love, where the Sovereignty is illuminated nothing,

Where ecstasy gets poured into itself and becomes lost,

Where the wing is fully alive but has no mind or body?

In my Soul there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church that dissolves, that dissolves in God.

Rabia of Basra (c.717-801) most popular and influential female Islamic saint and central figure in the Sufi tradition

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