Interview with Gerald O’Donnell October 2, 2012 by Lisa M. Harrison

Dear Friends: 2012 is about to close and we are getting indeed bombarded every day with destabilizing planetary events originating from the destabilized natural world, the old financial bubbles/ivory Towers of Babel on the verge of collapse, disturbed individuals or groupings of such whose essence is not anymore consciously connected to The One Being and hence very susceptible to manifesting psychopathic tendencies, and very serious geopolitical convulsions and conflicts putting out planetary future on the verge of immense chaos.

I will release freely in the next three weeks three interviews I gave recently which allow you to have a Higher glimpse of what is really at play here and where all this may and should lead us if only we only get a Higher understanding of our common Probable Future as humanity and as a Creation.

Make no mistake: we stand at a crossroads of immense dimensions and the choices we take now will have consequences for a thousand years and far beyond if we survive the test of Oneness we are all undergoing. Spread these messages to many because the old denial, ostrich-like head-in-the-sand, God-is-on-my-side, old solutions’ syndrome can only mean more suffering and dislocation. Power is to be shown to be only a dream of one’s own restricted awareness, both at the level of mankind and of Higher Energies/Creator gods. Infinite Oneness – The One and Only- dwarfs it by infinite orders of magnitude. Awaken to the Simple message contained in them, and the ultimate Simplicity of The One and Its Dominion shall be yours to savor. You ALL are the Saviors of your Reality, each and every one of you. No one else can do that for you. Take the fist step and the next one will show itself for you and you will be taught to walk the best path for you and Creation. The guidance is HERE, both in such messages and especially WITHIN. I send you all much Love and hope for the Peace of God in these extremely stressful times. We cannot do without that Divine Peace anymore. This is too big for us to solve alone, and, at the same time, we all, as Oneness, are the solution.

With you on this challenging journey and in Oneness.

Gerald O’Donnell

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