God's tears and hopes

July 17, 2016

There is a time for silence to allow others to show their true inner thoughts and impulses, and a time for words to challenge and hopefully elevate their beliefs-based awareness and give them a chance to truly become alive.

By that, I mean that they may transcend their non-sentient qualities, as most are now just biological Artificial Intelligence thought programs who are but ensnared and enslaved by foreign slogans and energies, by false stories and histories, fashionable idols, inherited beliefs and languages, inherited cultures and spiritual systems, and by passionate battles pitting falsehoods against falsehoods.

I think the time for me to open up again is nearing and I feel called to speak very soon. I do it to alleviate the deep existential pain I have felt for many years now and is reaching unbearable levels.

As a very wise ancient King (King Solomon) said about this human realm (Ecclesiastes 1:18): For a great level of inner Wisdom/Awareness often brings about inner anger (when one truly understands how this world was set up and evolved), and to increase true knowledge is to increase inner pain.

This world is too painful to watch. My heart is heavy when I think about my fellow men/women, and a sense of almost nausea is gripping me as I know what so many have lost and especially missed. It was meant to be a Divine gift. All we had to do was STOP our mundane activities (mostly chasing after our tails on misguided tracks), go deep within, connect to Oneness, and humbly and joyfully accept to be transformed to our core and enter a new Glorious phase.

I realize what may rapidly happen so soon if we do not UNITE. Sadly almost nothing points to another outcome yet. So many true inner eyes are covered up, hearts stone-like, ears deaf, and souls dying!

Man relishes again to battle, fight, aggress, isolate others and himself in the process, and build illusory fortresses.

Small insecure angry egos are looking for great empty ones to lead them. Scapegoats are blamed for the inner deficiencies of each one of us.

Battles cries call for bullies to take the lead and express constant anger. Weaponry is evermore in demand and emotions are raised in a frenzy of unconsciousness almost all over the world.

Soon the first spark of total man-made madness may ignite the fire of destruction. Man will then have created its own Casus Belli against all of himself and the gates of hell will thence be unleashed upon all, as what has being started by our own egocentric and egoistical low-level thinking cannot be quelled this time.

Yes, darkness of hearts is awaiting to engage in its last battles as polarization is at its extreme point. It senses blood, it senses its final and complete victory over Unifying Divine Light and enlightenment.

Battle lines of ideas are drawn, and all sides religiously believe that Divine providence is cheering their side and will gift them victory and that righteousness is with their ranks. We are fast approaching the last battle man will ever fight physically.

Our battle should be “within” against our worst inner impulses and nature, our true enemy, and not against others. It is the “only Holy war” there was, is, and can ever be.

You cannot imagine how horrific and rapidly all can unfold if we increase our myopia and angry obsession with battling each other, our mother nature, and build ridiculous fortresses which will crumble and implode ourselves.

Stop, stop what you think you need to do and imagine what may happen when all that will be left will be cries and wails about what could have become but was missed!

I do cry for what could have been but is not. Maybe we can still change course as a global Creation. Our situation is far more horrific beyond what we see on the surface of our awareness, the surface of the earth, the surface of our oceans, and our proximate polluted atmosphere which we accept to breath no matter the consequences, as we continue merrily to operate without great efforts and serious commitments to cleanse and purify what we caused and help soil. Far deeper and beyond their surfaces repose great poisons we have buried and hidden for millennia, and are merrily dumping away exponentially evermore so now, as we are thinking blindly that they will not affect us.

All I wrote here is also metaphorical and applies to the material, organic, mental, moral, emotional, energetic, and spiritual realms that operate in parallel, and which together make us into what we think is us: HUMANKIND together with all other living oxygen and/or energy breathing beings.

I can only share information. I cannot make you think outside of your restricted small and overcrowded boxed mental prisons which you helped create and which so many are fighting to remain in, out of a sense of false security and dangerous familiarity.


Gerald O’Donnell



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