Interview with Gerald O’Donnell July 12, 2012 by Patrick Timpone of

I was interviewed on July 12, 2012 by Patrick Timpone host of the very popular radio show .

Please listen to it now because many very important subjects are covered pertaining to the state of our world today, and I reveal the necessary shift and events which will happen between 2012 and 2019. Because of the pressing nature of the information released herein, I ask you to share this with as many people as you possibly can using social media outlets, emails, links on blog sites etc…

In it you will find information about:

  • Why time goes for humans from past to future while for Higher Creator Selves time flows from future to past and the intersection of the two realities form the present moments we all experience. How we can shift to co-Creator status by understanding some simple things.
  • Why there is no real time nor real space, only relative values.
  • How to stop or greatly reduce the aging process.
  • How the 3D world is in fact an intersection of bubble realities.
  • The power of faith in the Infinite Power of The One Present within each of us.
  • “When you dance with the Creator, the Creator dances with you.”
  • How Creation operates. How the Creator keeps it all in Its infinite Imagination.
  • The modus operandi of the dark side or Creation versus the Light side.
  • Are the dark stories we hear in the world real? How we should react to them.
  • How, why, and when, Source Itself will be Remote Influencing humans soon.
  • What will happen between 2012 and 2019.
  • The Inner Sun explosion and much much more…

Fasten your seat belts for a one hour ride across all dimensions towards the One heart…

PLEASE send to as many friends, family, and individuals possible the link to this interview.

Help make it “viral .” We’ll all benefit in this process.


Gerald O’Donnell

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