On February 10, 2019 Gerald O’Donnell was interviewed for a second time by OYMRadio.com in Ireland

2019 is a year no one will forget and where everything and every One will be tested in the Creative fire of Creation.

You must integrate and live within and thence without certain simple truths that will then bring back balance to this fractured Creation. These will help you to experientially unify and invite in awe the infinite kaleidoscope of complex perspectives that all “live” points of observation have.

All will coalesce into an integrated True understanding bridging the Macro-Cosmos to the tiniest Micro-Cosmos, forming a circle of know-ledge when the Godhead swallows its own tail. And thenceforth real Peace shall be our lot!

Many important subjects were covered during this lively interview and Gerald lovingly encourages you to listen to it again and again so that you get to understand WHO you TRULY are and WHY you are here now in this unique crucial and never to be repeated historical crossroad period in our space/time matrix.


In Oneness and with respect and Love,




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