An afternoon with Gerald O’Donnell (Interview)

  • The Key to Ending Our Travels and Travails through the Dark Matrix of Fear
  • “Love Your Brother/Sister as Yourself, for He/She is but Yourself “
  • Recorded November 26 2012 (Released 12/15/13)
  • Transform on-line NOW as you listen…
  • The Real Biblical Great Flood of Consciousness has already begun sinking all old structures!
  • New Dry lands/structures are relatively soon to be made to appear, and a new Creation shall be!
  • Part II : The Solution and Outcome, our Future.

 Kindly go and listen now to the following interview and DO spread it. You have nothing to fear by doing so, because in that act you would be denying the grip the dark pole of fear has held you in for so long and become the “savior” of your whole Creation.


Dear One’s:

Because of the chaos and the madness spreading and engulfing a large segment of mankind, I am about to release in the next days three interviews I gave. Kindly listen to them. In this world where we are overwhelmed with a deluge of information, most of it of dubious positivity and mostly deleterious effect, patience is often lacking. I urge you to please STOP the madness for a little while and give your mind and soul a moment of sane peaceful re-membering and reviving of the distant buried memory of “why you came here to start with and what you real mission is all about.” You will thank yourself for it.

This is probably one of the most important interviews I ever gave. In this interview I decided to fully, using a popular term, “spill the beans,” and at least intensely remove the dark cover of untruths which has been put all around and inside us by lower levels of the One far removed from Source and having their own hidden and dangerous agendas.

This interview covers a wide gamut of subjects and gives the One Key and Only solution to ALL our ills and dis-ease. It is so simple that after listening to it even once, I am convinced you will never be the same and that you will effect a quantum jump in awareness and operations that will affect every aspect of your life.

I decided to release now this information after having kept it secret for one year, because NOW is the time for open revelations… Events and Loving Creation calls for this. Chaos is everywhere and sanity calls for deep introspection and a new paradigm.

This interview is pretty lengthy, but I am sure worth your time.

So please take out some alive fresh fruits and vegetables, and get some tea 🙂

Close your eyes and enjoy this fascinating experience!

In it you will find the explanation as to why our world is in turmoil and the simple key to the quantum jump in perspective we all need to embrace to totally shift ourselves from within and without towards the glorious outcome which awaits us. If you could only know. For now just imagine…We are at the gates of wonders.

I want to sincerely thank Taylor Call for having been such a wonderful and highly connected interviewer. We both enjoyed very much our afternoon discussion.


In Love and in Oneness,

Gerald O’Donnell

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