Interview with Gerald O’Donnell: Part I November 5, 2012 (Released October 10, 2013)


The White Dove and the dark Raven

The Key to Ending Our Travels and Travails through the Dark Matrix of Fear

  • The Pole of Fear versus the Pole of Unconditional Love: Our only Possible Choice.
  • The Real Biblical Great Flood of Consciousness has already begun sinking all old structures!
  • New Dry Land is soon to be made to appear and a new Creation shall be!

Part I : The challenge, our Past and Present


Part II (to be released soon): The Solution and Outcome, our Future.

Because of dramatic events unfolding in our world and their very large potential impact upon our realities, I have decided to release a set of two interviews. The first one I gave to Nick G. on November 5, 2012 and the second one I shared with his assistant Taylor Call 3 weeks later. I will post the second one in a couple of days.

The first one analyzes and explains the constant fear we have experienced greatly for eons and especially lately, and the second one explains why our world is in turmoil and the simple key to the quantum jump in perspective we all need to embrace to totally shift ourselves from within and without towards the glorious outcome which awaits us.

I had originally decided to keep for a while these interviews secret until the appropriate moment and events would call for them. I feel that now is the time for that.

Unfortunately, the most ancient call for isolation from Oneness (Genesis 4:9) “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is being evermore resounded proud and loud amongst lower fallen sub-Creators (the so-called Biblical fallen angels/Creators/sub-space programs and their cronies) and, as witnessed on our 3D earth plane, amongst many lost fallen human souls who are all clamoring the same slogan and conveniently ignoring the silent screams of the many suffering lesser fortunate ones, the meek and weakest exposed segments of humanity, and the living natural world violently disappearing permanently from existence at an exponential rate because of that very old human “battle cry.”

Cain, as the first-born manifestation of Humanity/Adam, in fact represents mankind’s consciousness from the inception of Creation up to now.

Cain’s aggressive stand, which caused the original downfall of all of mankind, has up to now defined most of humankind’s history. As the Bible states in hidden encoded language (Genesis 3:15, 23, 24): Only Cain (mankind’s consciousness) can kill (destroy the old modus operandi of) Cain and instigate the real ascension process of this and many other worlds.

A protective connection to The Ultimate Source was gifted to mankind (Genesis 4: 15) by The One Itself to prevent other parts of the Godliness from being tempted to violently smite mankind as they would reel in horror at the deeds which mankind would inflict upon itself and its environment. That secret most High vibratory connection called the ”sign of Cain” was and still is there to ensure that the full learning process of mankind and its ascension back to Essence could be achieved without any outside interference and fear of interruption.

Thence, no one else can and should kill (transform) Cain, save Cain itself as it meets The One half-way in Oneness, following Source’s own restricted rules and desire to protect for as long as possible the survival of its most cherished Creational experiment: mankind.

Cain’s (mankind’s consciousness) rebellious statement to Source “Am I my brother’s keeper?,” is fast becoming an accepted respected marching call, philosophy, and surprisingly enough, even the core teachings of distorted pseudo-spiritual dogmas praising detachment, elitism, and self-centeredness.

These ideas are in fact very popular amongst a great many egoistic minds claiming a concern for humanity when, in fact, they swim and hypocritically relish being surrounded by an ocean of egoic waters whilst fundamentally denying a higher responsibility to express the Only True Reality which is that we are all children, no exception to that, of the One and Only Creator: our Life force and Essence.

I have been watching for decades this direction of thoughts and events attracting increased attention and popularity, propelled by its tenacious trickster’s propaganda machine, even as its manifold highly deleterious effects are exploding right in our faces at all levels of operations and survivability of this Creation and have finally brought us to the brink of the Abyss.

I have been pained as I realized that most of the ancient and recent Godliness’s dearest and clearest messages about God’s true Creational intent have been either silenced, or hijacked and distorted by lesser human minds and fallen co-Creators.

You will find this very interview most appropriate and quite prophetic given the recent events our world is experiencing; all of our own doing. I am exposing in this talk the modus operandi of what I call the dark side/matrix within which mankind has been operating since mankind’s inception as a group consciousness i.e. Adam.

This and many other older interviews and especially direct messages originating from the One which I posted, all have a common thread of what caused and is still causing ALL of our misfortunes.

The tone in this first interview is serious and solemn. I apologize for it. In it I explain in general terms the real tree of Good and Evil we, as mankind, have decided to taste the fruits of for eons, and how simple and glorious our way out of it really is as we reconcile and fall in Love again with each other and with all Creation and the Everything Itself.

In a couple of days I will put out Part II of this series as another interview which goes more into the depth of how potentially magnificent our next stage is and how we can easily engage it by denying all the untruths we have put our faith in and accepted for so long. In it you will be given the simple and universal solution and understanding to all our ills and ill-being. You will be taught to fully integrate and manifest the real Truth of who we really are: The One manifesting Itself as Its myriads of facets, as us and Nature.

For now, as we witness many disconnected souls willing to face the unknown precipice of total chaos in order to further some personal power agenda, and so many other souls negating that very real possibility because of blind denial, reason begs us to ask why and how have we arrived at such distortions in responsible behavior? Why are we still closing our minds, eyes, and ears to wisdom, especially after having been fully forewarned and having recently experienced the first few steps of the final fall of man into egoistic fear-filled infested waters? Why are we so far away from the care for all creatures and a desire for Oneness which defines the Godliness?

An ancient wise Greek Hermetic master stated in the Emerald tablets (translation by Sir Isaac Newton, found among his papers that are currently housed in King’s College Library, Cambridge University):

  • This is true without lying, certain & most true.
  • That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of the One only Thing
  • And as all things have been & arose from One by the mediation of One: so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.

The movement away from the Essence and expression of Oneness has taken hold not only of mankind, but in equal manner of large regions of sub-conscious realms and fallen spiritual Creative entities. These groupings of entities and the subspace/Creations they control have fallen away from their Essence of Oneness and are called the “fallen ones” in old Biblical writings.

Through their positioning proximate to our levels of expression of consciousness , these “fallen ones” have opened portholes into our inner thought realities and are highly influencing the rebellion of many children not only against their earthly governments but especially against the central core of the Essence of Goodness and Oneness who started it ALL.

This old rebellion against the notion of a Higher Divine centralized authority being able and willing to come to the rescue of ALL of Its children without exception and bring them back into workable paths as they lost their ways, is what the metaphorical killing of Abel (the Higher Spiritual Guiding Shepherd) by his brother Cain (the one walking, working and controlling the lower earth plane) represents.

“That which is below is like that which is above.” What we perceive in our world in our human stories, is happening in parallel, concomitantly, on Higher levels in adaptive situations suited to their respective modus operandi, and vice-versa. Both are mirror reflections of each other. “What above so below, what below so above.”

As is the case here, the lowest common denominators of the sum of lower rebellious consciousnesses close to the earth have in fact recently shut down (momentarily, I assure you) the Higher Spiritual Governance and ultimate manifesting Force of levels close to the One’s Essence. This is what The One in Its Direct Message addressed to mankind on January 1, 2012 calls “the dark cloud” trying to block the desired interventions of God’s desire to sustain and guide us ALL. In that message, a solemn warning is offered by Source to that cloud of rebellious entities and thought-forms and I quote :

  • “And the blanket of unawareness and darkness thrown upon my children shall be forcefully removed.”
  • “Anyways, that force will never again appear in Creation.”
  • “The One is sending a solemn warning to all the parts that form the dark cloud covering the eyes and hearts of His Creations: “Either you accept to rejoin Oneness soon, or Oneness shall absorb you.”

If you have recently tried to connect to the very High Levels of the One, you must be aware how tenuous that connection has become and how much thought infiltration and energy depletion so many of us are feeling lately. The dark “other side” is not operating by any basic rules of fair play and is throwing its full bag of thought hacking tricks in order to seductively lure, discourage, aggress, injure, or distract many, if not all, well-meaning souls and prevent the re-connection of the Prime Creator with Its Beloved Creatures.

This dark “other side” is obsessed with keeping us imprisoned and enslaved in this lower fear-based matrix where easy provision is always made for the controlling elite embracing its dark rebellious intent and it vampire-like Life energy sucking apparatus. It needs us as a power source, as it refuses to depend on Infinite Life energy provided by The One. It also believes in the hoarding of energy for power purposes, against the rule of True Higher Creation and Oneness.

You must keep the Holy desire of connection to Source alive in your hearts and minds at ALL times for it is your true and only real Lifeline. Even if the noise and energy pollution feels heavy, you must strive to keep that line of communication open and call upon it to manifest your energy shelter of protection as has been taught to you.

I will send you in a couple of days a lengthy communication about how to recognize all the cunning and deleterious interferences which are creeping up within and without us.

The only reason this Creation has not yet fallen into utmost chaos and destruction is because of the desire of the Central Governing force of Source to keep us alive and functioning until we are ready to ascend as a Creation and co-operate in rejecting and wanting to fully rid ourselves of the “dark cloud” of separation between us and our TRUE and Only Higher Self: The Essence of Life Itself.

Yes, our world is living on borrowed money. This is ok, as long as stability, hope, and confidence in a better future rule us. Nevertheless, money is but electronic entries of ever greater zeros, dead paper and instruments, leveraged assets, promissory notes, metallic gold etc…; all but an illusory game we have created: a gigantic Ponzi scheme depending on evermore growth sucking most of our precious energy, dreams, and productive lives.

It is not the accounting checks-and-balances of monetary entries that should count, but the perfect flow of its beneficial manifestations in global and responsive ways focusing on balanced healing and sharing.

Soon we will need in our daily operations to increasingly shift away from a perception of needing to dose our outflow of money and services based on the reciprocation of such with equal or higher degrees of received perceived value.

Soon we will need to stop obsessing about the accounting of inflow/outflow states of capacitance and hoarding of so called “money and valued assets.”

Soon, we will need to shift into a state where only the health of the flow of money everywhere is guaranteed and made available, exactly as it is for the flow of Life which is gifted freely to Creation by Its Energy Source which is pure gifting without any focus on receiving in return.

This is meant to be gifted, coordinated and established for us by The One as we are ready to receive Its Direct Guidance, each and every One of us. This will be our tasks as co-Creators of Oneness as we operate as open channels to the High Guidance which the Godliness wants to share with us, alike the guidance that Mother Nature offers until now to all its living entities in order to achieve the perfect balance and magnificence with which Nature operates.

It is only when mankind operates naturally and instinctively like Essence Itself and its manifestation as Mother Nature, that the great shift will be engaged.

It is only when mankind fully lives for the inner pleasure of gifting of itself and gifting of it resources and efforts to the well-being of all others, that the flow of infinite receiving back of Love and full healthy sustenance can be achieved for all that exist. Worry and fear shall then be replaced by the Peace of God, because you will then be receiving Love and care far more than you gift to others. The many will sustain you, as you sustain the many.

That very High state of Operation defines Divine Love and its unconditional Presence.

Nevertheless, the egoistic pettiness and very restrictive thinking of mankind has yet to express the nature of Pure Gifting as a deep instinctive Essence of Being. That state is now only naturally seen in mankind when a parent freely gifts of itself to its child. Soon all children will feel the need to help each other, as brothers and sisters should, and the Sourcing Creator energy will gift joy and peace to all of Its children. Then, and only then, will we be operating in alignment with the True Divine Essence who gave birth to us and keeps us alive, moment by moment.

Life’s Divine flow is non quantifiable and incalculable, because only the flow of Life energy defines Life, and not its static accumulation. It is only when the free flow of Life energy is being blocked and restricted in its flow, that any energy system falls prey to feelings of lack and ill-ease as is the case for our natural biological state, our common biology as Mother Nature, and our state of operation as economies, governances, and philosophies, be they spiritual or otherwise.

Cain, as our up-to-now old modus operandi as mankind, needs to die soon and we need to slay it from within our SELVES, by ourselves and our common free-will. We can either do it now, or wait until the suffering it caused and is causing us becomes so unbearable that the remnants of humanity will, in common desire, call for its disappearance from our midst.

Cain, as the dark matrix we have embraced and defined, has served us well as our teacher using the pole of fear as its main teaching mechanism. We must shift away from it by embracing the opposite pole of True Unconditional Love based on Oneness. That pole defines the side of Goodness in the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” which we have tasted for eons as a mechanism of consciousness’ refining and teaching.

We have extensively explored for so long the pole of evil, manifested as fear, rigor and judgment, that most of us have learned from its painful lessons what not to engage in and experience again as humanity.

In contrast to the side of evil which we have experienced until now as humankind because of our intense perception of separation from each other and our Sourcing Core, we still lack the intimate knowledge and experience of the side of Goodness and Unified purpose in Oneness. However, most of us are ready to espouse it.

Only then will mankind, as Cain, be reborn into an immense quantum jump in awareness and types of Higher operations we cannot even conceive of, for now: The new Higher World to come.

The current largest world economy is living on borrowed money because all of its operations are still based on the notion of limited supply, and conditional gifting of its services and wares only if equal or higher levels of receiving are to be achieved. Soon its Cain philosophy of “Am I my brother’s keeper?” will need to die and it will either decide to slay it fully and be reborn with the rest of mankind into a notion of planetary Oneness and care amongst all of humanity and especially its Divine supporting Living environment, or it will continue to rebel, as it still does now, against the One-and-Oneness made manifest, and sink into an abyss of lack and fear, dragging our whole planet into its spiraling downfall with it.

“That which is below is like that which is above.” In fact on this plane and on Higher planes, due to the active rebellion of so many within mankind and the gigantic dark cloud animating that very revolt against Oneness, our world/universe is living on borrowed time and energy from The One, not only in the economic sphere but far more crucially in its ability to sustain Life and allow for the free flow of Life energy amongst its parts.

Our whole planet and its biological Being, as its biosphere, is living on borrowed time and energy, because its rate of destruction by mankind has reached epidemic levels that should have already broken last ditch efforts and barriers to keep it operative and cause it to suddenly go into shock as it spirals down into total organic critical shutdown of its Living Homeostasis, as it fails in its precarious difficult efforts to keep sustaining us and its Divine natural world. Were it not for hidden silent interventions by the One-and-Only’s Infinite Intelligence Itself, we would have already crossed the threshold of Biblical-type destruction of great chunks of Life-as-we-know-it.

We, as Cain (mankind) carry the ultimate free-will of crossing or not crossing the threshold of ultimate irresponsibility and declare a de facto default in our obligation to take care of each other and the Divine Living support of Mother Nature and hence fulfill our original promise to be “our brother’s keeper” in the full image of, and similitude to, our Original Creator: God.

Were we to chose again the path of extreme fear and invite the concept of “after me the deluge,” the deluge of Biblical Proportions which in fact has already started, will take a great toll as all solid land (support thought structures and systems) collapse and all consciousnesses – dark and Light – merge and become again a cosmic soup until solid new Creational structures (land) emerge again and a new support is offered to the remnants of mankind, as they solidly integrate the painful learnings they have accumulated through eons of playing the ultimate trickster’s game with their strong belief in separation, isolation, power, and negation of Divine Sourcing in Oneness.

Kindly go and listen now to the following interview and DO spread it. You have nothing to fear by doing so, because in that act you would be denying the grip the pole of fear has held you in for so long and become the “savior” of your whole Creation.

In Love and in Oneness,

Gerald O’Donnell

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