The ultimate conundrum: One and many or many in One.

A game of perspectives


Meeting The ONE  spiraling down onto the many facets and the many spiraling up into The Oneness of ONE and unifying both perspectives in the Heart of One expressed as the 3D Hexagram key to the Cosmic Heart Chakra representing the true Shield of David and Solomon


Gerald O’Donnell is interviewed by “Ivonne Delaflor One” on April, 22 2021. Released on May 17, 2022 because it is time for Revelation.
    • We all are but reflecting each other in the mirrors of our perceptions.
    • The Father and the Son are One, not two or more.There is only One Dreaming the many into Ex-IS-tence AND they remain but the ONE who IS but One.
    • How to turn chaos and fear into harmony and love by understanding the mirorring effect of Every One.

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