Some of the Rules of the Multi-dimensional Game of Divine Chess called Creation


“There is only One game in Creation, and it is Creation: the game of the One”

Puppet of puppeteer? “I” as “you” as “we” as “they” choose!

multi-dimensional chess

This message was sent in response to a student of ours, Richard, stating that he noticed that each time he experiences deep meditative states undesirable events seem to manifest around him. Remember Cypher in the movie “Matrix?” Same sensible comments.

in fact, it is but addressed to us ALL as facets of the One Creative Mind, so that we remember Truth from Created false illusions. Peace of One be with you if you can find it in this maze by finding our WHO you really are, oh sorry, IS!



Any fear that one brings in at a deeper level of mind will manifest much faster and stronger. The deeper within you inner subconscious mind you go, the more powerful your Remote Influencing of Reality will be in manifesting both desires and fears. My advice to anyone: do a total and honest mental and emotional cleansing before embarking on being the Sheperd of your life. And only think about your desires with heightened expectation, alike a kid. Do not bring fears in. Otherwise your Reality Influencing will run amok.

Hey Rich:
Great comment! The ultimate paradox! Spiritual Homeostasis! You finally realize that ignorance is bliss? If I read you well, you have tried many systems before proving this to yourself. I guess, as you become a greater threat to the “system,” things get a bit tough. Old Spiritual warriors carry much scars, usually signs of battles, some lost, most won. They are used to the multi-dimensional game of Chess called Creation: white against black and the “coloured shades” in between.

You admit that although the steak is an illusion, it still tastes good! Welcome aboard! Hey, direct Projections of the ONE like famous ones like David, Jesus, Moses, Prophets and there have been countless more such facets, also realized the same, but given a strong call by their Higher Self, they went to work in the midst of pretty tight and unrewarding situations. The Eastern spiritual world has had a different approach, more Nirvanic, and I would like to discuss it in a later comment. Still: You are lucky to be able to be part of the steak-eating ones. But that is not the point. The opposition to spiritual evolution is real. We all have felt it at one point or another, and the eternal question remains: Is battling the status-quo worth the effort even when we know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that tremendous control and quite unclean intentions lurk behind the beautiful facade of the construct?

Do you engage in battle against perceived inequity and evil, or do you embrace its tentacles and vegetate as long as you are rewarded with a “nice life?”

Most importantly, since the words “evil or bad” has become politically incorrect in many “spiritual circles” and hijacked by organized religion, short of when the US president uses it, does a dark force even exist and why even care, especially if it does not affect your own life?
I will try to answer this ASAP. This will only be my opinion. Let’s keep it light please.

Let me reassure you, whether you like it or not, you always remote influence (mirror back) your reality, by thought, yours or mass consciousness’. The question is, under which set of rules? And why do systems that are in a temporary state of equilibrium always fight change?

Intermission from Gerald

Ok, happy thoughts from Peter Pan.
I have to keep an eye on Capt. Hook and his pirates!
The clock is starting to tick again and accelerating too! And the facet who
Hooks us to Never Never Land in deep Heavenly inner and outer battles as we learn to fly again and regain our lost abilities and save the lost children, deeply hates hearing the ticking of time!

End of intermission. Back on mission!

So Rich: You really would like to hear some guidelines about out current Operating System? A moment in Eternity. Yes?
Are you ready for it?
Are you really ready for it?


Basically. A very difficult and often harsh game. Can’t expect the IS to challenge Himself otherwise! Problem is: All levels, embodied, and disembodied are given their OS (operating system i:e rules of the game).
They are all different depending on the perspective used, however alike physical theories they all seem to fit if you live in denial of its singularity points (which BTW are keen to keep any structure alive), these odd points where causal logic breaks. Better odd than even, right? So we all have our own perception of reality, theories, written books, His-Story etc…. Reassure yourself: Your pain and pleasure, is His pain and pleasure. So He’ll always favor the pleasure over the pain!
That is a guarantee from the Academy! No money-back on that one though!

OK. Guideline # 1:
If you decide to drop out. You are given your wish and become a non-sentient character, and are welcome within the zombie-world (most populated side of the game). Then you can still be pushed around on the board but you have no real free-will because you are under a much Greater Mind’s control, although you will fight to death to deny such!

Guideline # 2:
You can choose to be a pawn, a bishop (no need to join the Catholic religion for that! Just kidding!) or you even go up to become the Queen (most powerful), or King (plays as if He needs protection and is very slow and fragile: Poor ONE!) . You can be white or black. You can change sides also!

Isn’t that fun? All is within your power. But you have to prove yourself, often through multiple plays/games. Sometimes White/Light/good wins. Sometimes Black/Darkness/bad wins. Hard to know in the middle-game. It becomes much more obvious towards the end-game (end of times) unless the One has a Joker in his sleeve (often the case). The One loves to have a small unnoticed entity, country, or nation lead all others out of the mess. Shower the power of direct DIvine connection over Holographic power! The One is the Everything: The One that encompasses the many. He makes all the efforts possible to have you forget about Him, to make all levels believe that He is not watching, is passive, Unmanifest feminine, the Absolute, Shem as “here”, dormant, thoughtless, and not within the game. So that all levels play without perceiving Him breathing the powerful breath of His ONLY life in their faces, giving them Reality. So He plays Everywhere, skews the game often enough (a little unnoticed trickery is permissible only at His level), without anyone realizing. Knows all possible end-games. Gets all the different perspectives and emotions at once. And awaits to have the Shah (King in Persian) MET (killed in Old Egyptian or Hebrew) which is but Himself. Uses the ferocious black queen  or white queen who are the most powerful and unrestrained at attacking the “other side’s” opposite King and subjects with their mobile troops and clamour victory when  the opposite King commits to declare Shakh-Mat, “the King is Frozen” in Persian. OMG isn’t he supposed to be dead like all other defunct subjects? Well, since He cannot really die, all this means is that at that point, we are ready, as Himself, to start a new multi/dimensions/universes game with new multidimensional sets or rules that He sets in advance and forces Himself to abide by (this sense of true self-discipline in efforting to keep His own preset game rules immutable during His serious play is the hardest part for Him!).

You see, the One is only playing with Himself, and with all the characters, good or bad, embodied and disembodied that He has formed in his Mind, all the worlds that He keeps vibrating in His boundless Imagination. He loves surprising all of His entities. Even the ones that are considered Eternal Creators. Angels, ascended Masters etc… He likes for the game of Life to go on for as long as possible. Otherwise, He would suffer from Eternal and Terminal Loneliness since He is but All-One (alone). Hey, were you to be ONE, wouldn’t you hate staying ALL-One , alone? This is the only Infinite existential Pain He potentially faces and that is the only reason for him to imagine all these myriads of characters and worlds in His fertile Infinite Imagination and watch and even get involved in all of His Divine Motion Pictures all connected to the channell of the One! He sometimes keeps on repeating and improving on old games, experiences many branches (possibilities at once), and at times start introducing totally new concepts. We are all but figments of His Infinite Playful Imagination and Intelligence. Do you even know or suspect WHO you really are? Richard, that is? Really? Think more…

So let’s play! Let’s us revolt as Himself which is us at His ingenuity in Creating seemingly impossible mazes. Losing one’s self within and crying desperately for the One (ourselves) to get us out of the mess we think we are doomed to exist within. Let us find all the real pieces of the puzzle giving the exit rules, while He is playing the character that tries to extend the game, by mixing us a bit more! Giving us often new “inspired” messages or canned faked propaganda, to mix us even more, often terminally so! What a ‘trickster!” Then again He can allow Himself to be so, since He can hide Himself from Himself!
He plays hide-and seek whilst we focus on seek and often hide!

Guideline #3: Become cynical but lovingly so. See everything as a metaphor and read thru it. Go very deeply within as you perceive the real game. Even though EVIL is real at our level, it is but another set of characters, of energies, CREATED by HIM. For the sake of the Game of Life. So do not fear the cloak that it is, the impression that it gives. Learn to skew the game too. After all, you can try to “trick” the ” Only and Best trickster” but that is a very advance game to play but the Highest level of It.
HACK The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, and reprogram the OS! You can do it. He gave that possibility too, so that He experiences much more pleasure and awe at the Beauty of His Creation than be subjected to distress, suffering, and destruction.

Guideline #4: Always always question. There is no definite answer. No definite Truth. Only an answer and a Truth that pertains to the level where you vegetate at. So keep on moving, and travel very very light when you do so!
Be a Creational Destructionist. Keep on deprogramming yourself constantly as you go! Say good-bye to all old principles and belief systems.

Guideline #5: Since all is ONE. And we are all the ONE. We are all terminally condemned to co-dependency. Good and evil alike. Good with Evil. Evil with good. White with black and yellow, brown, and red. Jews with Muslims and Christians, man with woman and woman with man, children with parents, man with nature, cell with cell, etc….. All anti-codependency theories are beyond the pale of negative intelligence!
This co-dependency rules: No one, not even the ONE can change that. We are all part of HIS OR-GAN-ISM (garden of Light in Hebrew)! So the more you integrate all-ways that only ONE true reality, the more you care, the more you are on your way to the real Garden of Delights prepared for all of US as the One to enjoy and take pleasure in.

Guideline # 6: Question, and seek. Question and seek. Do not take anything at face value, not even what I say. For you are skewing the rules of the game as we speak (OS).

I think this should give enough to think about for today!

Let me quote one of his moments of Revelation of His Truth and mea culpa:

Isaiah 45: 4-7

    “I am The One who forms Light,
    And Creates (in) Darkness,
    The One who manifests Peace,
    And Creates Evil.
    I am Yeahouhe Yod Heh Vav Heh (I, you, we, they): The ONE who manifests ALL these (perceptions).”


    Got it, finally?

    Any One would like to play chess?
    Well, whether you like it or not, we are all playing; all different characters. Might as well learn the rules of the Divine Game! Might as well have fun and finally awaken!

    Our choice.

    It is a game, but a very serious one.
    You can think of yourself as originating from Sirius or the Pleiades. In reality you are from both: Serious and playful. Play always, but be serious about it all!
    Keep on watching and charming the Serpent (your mirror quantum self i:e flow of consciousness) with your chant and the flute, and do not stop, least She turns and bites you furiously to remind you of your neglect and trying to get you back on target!

    So do meditate and mirror back your garden of desires, erase fears and never energize anxieties, and go play! Play! Play! For Eternity fo that is all that you are fated to do as a puppeter or a puppet and in fact both at once!


    Happy thoughts and wonderful manifestations!


    Gerald O’Donnell


    To complete this, let me tell an old story:

    “There is an old story about a group of monks who lived in a monastery with
    their master. The monks led a very devoted and disciplined life. The place
    had such a wonderful, spiritual atmosphere that people flocked there from
    far and wide. But one day the master left his body. To begin with, the
    disciples continued in the same way as they always had; but little by little
    they began to slacken, their devotion and discipline gradually disappeared
    and the monastery fell into a state of neglect. People stopped visiting and
    no new monks wanted to join the place. All the monks felt deeply
    discouraged. They often argued with one another, their hearts were dry, and
    they no longer felt any love or devotion.

    “One day, a senior monk decided that something had to be done. He had heard
    of a spiritual master who lived as a hermit in a nearby forest. So he left
    the monastery and went to look for him to seek his advice. When he found the
    master, he told him about the neglected state of the monastery and its
    desperate condition. The master smiled and said, ‘There is one among you who
    is a great saint, a true incarnation of God Himself. The residents are not
    showing him any love or respect, and that is the cause of all your problems.
    But the incarnation of God is living with you in disguise. He will not
    reveal his identity.’ Having said this, the master closed his eyes and went
    into samadhi. The monk could get no more information out of him.

    “On his way back to the monastery, the monk kept wondering which one among
    his brothers the Incarnation could be. ‘Could it be the monk who washes our
    clothes?’ he thought to himself. ‘No, it can’t be him, for he has too much
    of a bad temper. Could it be the cook?’ he wondered. ‘No, it can’t be the
    cook because he is far too sloppy in his work and he doesn’t know how to
    cook good food.’ Thus, he went down the list of all the monks, dismissing
    each one of them with some bad quality that he had seen in that monk. But
    suddenly he thought to himself, ‘It has to be one of the monks, because the
    master said so. But I cannot see who it is, because I am only seeing the
    faults of each one of them; and what if the Holy One is deliberately showing
    some fault in order to better disguise himself?’

    “As soon as he reached the monastery, he told his brothers the great news
    that the master had made known to him. They were all astonished and looked
    intently at each other, trying to discover who the divine incarnation might
    be (each one knowing it was not himself). But as they looked around they
    could only see their brothers who they knew so well, with all their faults
    and blemishes. There was a big discussion among them about who the Mahatma
    might be. They finally decided to make an effort to respect each other, and
    to be kind and humble towards each other, because they had no idea who the
    disguised Mahatma could be, and they didn’t want to be disrespectful and
    arrogant towards a Master. All the monks agreed that this was an excellent
    idea. From then on they started treating each other very differently, with
    great respect and kindness; for they never knew if the monk who stood before
    them was the Mahatma; and making every effort to see only the goodness in
    everyone, they began to love each other dearly.

    Not knowing which one of the monks the Holy One might be, they could not
    help but imagine they could see Him in every one of their brothers. Through
    the love that filled their hearts the bondage of negativity, which had bound
    them for so long, dropped away. They gradually began to perceive the Holy
    One clearly, not only in each other, but everywhere — even within
    themselves — and they attained the state of eternal freedom. The atmosphere
    of the monastery changed completely, and people began to return there to
    drink in the love and the divinity that permeated the place.

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