Original Great Seal of the United States 1782


Happy July 4th to all my human friends.


247 years ago, a Divine Idea was Born and anchored in men, “E PLURIBUS UNUM, out of many, ONE” to support the victory over the chronic separation of men from men, gender from gender, religions from religions, and races from races. This perfect union around UNITY is still a work in progress, challenged every day, in every way. But it and all humankind is but fated to rejoin Oneness, who is the only future possible for the separative individual perspectives witnessed and sometimes experienced by the One and Only.

That Divine Idea “E PLURIBUS UNUM, out of many, ONE” was given a new Divine birth on our Planetary body, and its flame has kept our worldwide human imagination burning with an inner sense of a Holy mission of reconciliation and integration of all the older cultural groupings.

Many forces and old separative dark energies rose up in battling it and are still raging under many cloaks against it but have failed to conquer and endanger its spread and establishment. 

This Divine Idea of the Unity of ALL confronted and vanquished many older civilizations filled with puny arguments and conflicts that claimed haughtily the force of might, right, and entitlement.

In the immense North American continent and almost virgin wild land once only inhabited by indigenous civilizations living in symbiosis with and respectfully sharing the bounties gifted by Mother Divine Earth, our Heavenly Sky, and the rivers of precious water gifting life, a Divinely sourced idea arose by far more important than any so-called human right or law: The Idea of One re-establishing Itself as Oneness manifested amongst Its human Creatures all over this planet!

The Holy principle of One finally took root here in the US and has and still is now spreading across many other lands. However, it is but a fact that out of the many differences, and individualistic competing tendencies existing in the late 18th century, there arose here in the American colonies a core burning inner flame brazing with passion within men and women who would and should remain enshrined with a mission of manifesting the Holy principle of “E Pluribus Unum” “Out of the many, ONE,” our only way Home to our Heavenly Source Golden Age Mansion of the One God under which we should all soon reside.

This idea became the cornerstone of the reunification and realignment of all human diverging and culturally disparate beings and groupings who had become estranged from one another.

Here on the North American continent, tagged as the “New World,”  a great many individuals immigrated and others were birthed entranced by a Divine Idea prophesized millennia ago speaking of a return to a true Golden Age of Oneness. Here, it was made possible and could be manifested. Here, many forces would, as an expected counter-reaction, oppose the Oneness of All mankind, but they irremediably have over long stretches of time failed and shall keep stumbling back into the abyss and become void because the fury of the Oneness of One stands against them. Only the haughty and the unconscious ones can fail to realize such.

Of course, above all Divine rights lies first and foremost the right of individuals and groups to be Divinely bestowed of free will, and so the pendulum swung back and forth between a desire to embrace, integrate and love each other, and a resolve to isolate, separate, discriminate and engage in fear and hate.

Corruption of souls and beliefs is always lurking in the darkness of our consciousness, potentially infiltrating all governing bodies be they civilian elected ones, industrial and business interests, or spiritual religious beliefs, all then HELLucinating their own truths and acting as powerful mass programming forces when manipulating the naive ones using fear, all ill with uncontrollable greed and its attached spreading corruption. However, when embracing hate of the “other,” of the “strange one,” and retreating within their mental and physical fortresses, then only man-made power becomes paramount as it aggregates and lures the despondent fearful sheeple ones into isolation and raging anger.

It is but a fact that history has always shown that these periods of increased isolation and separation, and of greed and its companion, corruption, worshipping selfishness and not Oneness, do not bode well both for the temporal elite exploiting such sentiments and for their hypnotized meek-of-mind followers

This is always caused because such movements are left to rely solely on human-made temporal control and tend to invoke dark collective unconscious forces which are but minuscule compared to the unfathomable Infinity of One.

Thenceforth, they invariably falter and extinguish and end up in the dustbin of history pulling many in their falling maelstrom within the abyss of oblivion after usually much upheaval and suffering both for their intended targets and their blinded followers.

The cause of that degenerative fall is always the same one: encouraging separateness and opposing Oneness, and therefore causing such nations and groupings to be forced to rely solely on temporal human power and prowess. This is because they remain estranged from the Hidden Protection originating from the ultimate Force originating from the One who cannot but be Itself – as the Infinite  –  and helps manifest Oneness only when mankind and nations encourage such or then turns Its focus away when they do not.

This is the One and only True Principle ruling this nation and most similarly inspired newer democracies that are still striving for a perfect Union around Unity. I trust that it shall continue to exist for the United States and for the rest of our world.

This explains the intense reactions as of late against this country, which is but a subconscious process mainly due to the US’s failings when it periodically deviates from its Holy worldwide mission and when sister nations feel that self-centered hypocrisy is infiltrating the U.S. populace. These nations then show their displeasure at the US for not fulfilling its call of “E PLURIBUS UNUM, out of many, ONE” when it starts turning inward and allowing selfishness to momentarily corrupt its heart, and they thence tend to be attracted and ally themselves to other power centers and brokers, vey often ruled by ruthless autocrats. This is but an unconscious process within our planet. All the other nations’ surfacing anger at the U.S. is usually because it has shown a temporary betrayal of its higher principles and this symptom is but a gauge of something dis-eased within the then dis-united States of Mind, Spirit, and purposes.

And so around 1776 Oneness and integration took root in the bosom of Mother Earth and was given first this land, and then a full-fledged country marching to the Holy principle of “Out of the Many, One,” Here in the UNITED States would start the return of the prodigal sons and daughters after so many millennia of exile from the UNITY PRINCIPLE of the Divine One God, the One Source of their Living diverse experiences.

And the One who Created the many who needed to remember that they all, without any exception, IS the One, smiled upon this endeavor and blessed it.

I only see this Divine idea of E PLURIBUS UNUM as the True blessing. It is both the way and the destination. It shall remain the betrothed blessing and the blessed to those who keep that flame of UNITY high and mighty in their heart, because all other ventures and endeavors are but distractions, deviations, and fated to become void and nonexistent.

So, on this 247th year of what could only be called a miracle, please remember that you have been and still remain a blessing to all the nations of the earth. Unite with all your might, and respect and Love each other, unconditionally.

Understand that your mission remains the same as in 1776 and although seemingly fair and simple, it is nevertheless the most challenging any humans ever accepted, which is to become a harbinger of Unity and Unification among mankind, to absorb and give shelter to the oppressed, to the meek, to help foreigners in dire need, and to protect all of God’s Creatures by showing them respect and love. You were agents of goodness, fighting monstrous evil, and helped bring Peace to our fragile planet, and you succeeded in that mission when most turned a blind eye. The Godliness walked in your path and fought with you during your battles. You did well.

You are now the shepherds of humanity’s flocks, and that is what ALL humanity still expects of you.

It is only when you waver away from the straight and Divine Path of Oneness and One that the rest of humanity tries to forcefully remind you of your role of being the Eldest Brother to all modern and old traditions and cultures because you have brought a second higher birth and a new age to so many diverse cultures, religions, races and ancient cultures and created new vistas for our planetary body.

You have become a melting pot and a gathering of exiles and of persecuted brothers and sisters who can and should proudly call themselves children of the “many on their way to becoming One.” The UNITED States of Mind, Spirit, and Geographical states. You have supported the weak and the persecuted all over the world. And because of that the One God has blessed you and shall continue doing so, for as long as you continue being a blessing fathering, and spreading Oneness.

So, since you have been chosen for that Holy mission, please keep the Dream of One alive within your selves and do not fall for the cacophonies of some trying to divert you away from the Golden path, for if you were to do so, and I trust that you won’t, the rest of the world would pounce on you and disrespect you because you would have failed and brought shame and termination to your Holiest of mission: to Create out of the many Creatures a world of Unity, Peace, and Oneness.

Happy Birthday UNITED States!

Gerald O’Donnell. July 4, 2023

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