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Maria Morgan ( ) whose military intelligence background gave her the ability to retain and record detailed information sent us on Dec. 18, 1999 this journal of her mental experience 3 days after having started our course.

  •  Subject: a RV journal while listening to tape 3, side 1&2.

Started Tape 3, side 1 at 1452 hrs 12/18/99

Laid down on the bed. Saw orange/tan sponge, no body form. Energy flowed through pores. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3, Went to center of being blue/white light -- vibratory increase changed the light to pure white. Saw light spread --little light streams through pores. Floating sensation, as light flowed through entire body. Saw body turn into glowing  white light keeping body form. Felt a humming when vibration increased. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3. Felt 6" extension at feet but had trouble visualizing.  Felt body of light return to original size. Top of head extension, 6" moved faster, it was strongly felt. Something very familiar about  this. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3. Body returned to original size. Felt 12" extension of feet, had trouble visualizing. Felt feet return to original size. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3. Top of head extension, 12" moved faster, it was strongly felt.  Still had familiarity with  this.  Flowing upwards. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3. Head return to original size. Vibration increase, felt humming again -- brighter white light. Flowing downward. Felt body of light grow out 24". Flowing out, felt lightweight. Felt rising up through head 24" taller. Had this before -- very familiar. Easy extension of entire body - 24". Felt very lightweight--floating. Saw 1, 2, 3. Expanded body of light to bedroom. Very easy, saw the light grow quickly. Had difficulty visualizing the room from the ceiling, but felt that I was up in the ceiling. Felt movement in the room but vision not clear. Hearing was sharper. Felt leaving room, saw stars. Opened eyes per instructions to check room, it was 1527 hrs. Closed eyes per instructions went back to center of energy.  Opens eyes 1535 hrs, stretched, put tape on second side. 

Started Tape 3, side 2 at 1536 hrs 12/18/99  aid down on the bed. Saw orange/tan sponge. Felt energy flow through. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3. Went straight to center of being. Felt and saw light expansion. Vibrating faster, felt hum again. Saw oval shape for circulating in a perfect manner. Saw it, felt vibratory light. Felt feet extend 6". Body returned to original size. Felt flow upward through head, 6" extension. Felt extremely lightweight. Body returned to original size. Vibration increased, felt hum again. Felt feet extend 12". Body returned to original size. Felt flow upward, head extended 12". Body returned to original size. Felt feet extend to 24". Floated, slow climb upward, head extended 24". Smelled salt. Tasted salt. Entire body extended 24", floating upwards. Saw body on bed, relaxed expression, husband walked in room and shut off light. Problem visualizing 360 degree in the room. Vision blurry. Felt everything, went through the roof. No problem getting outside. Homed in on trees in front and backyard. Noticed neighbor across the street X-mas lights. Stayed high, focus clearer. Felt a rising upward, no one I wanted to make contact with except the family pet (a dog). Went to shopping center up the street, moved quickly to Prince William Forest National Park - Campground (approx. 5 1/2 miles away). Saw 360 degree view here. Saw a girlfriend (approx. 15 miles away). Saw her house, cats in window, neighborhood clearly. Saw 360 degree view here.

 Traveled to the Himalayas. Smelled wood fires, wet ground, earthy smells.  Saw monks in red colors. Entered temple when instructed -- smelled vanilla. Left temple when instructed. Flew over the mountains, dipped down a few times, touched -- cold, wet. 

 Flew straight to Paris when instructed. Eiffel Tower -- cold , black/gray metal, rust in places. Saw it in daylight then night. City more alive at night. Smoky, food smells, light traffic. Buildings felt rough, crumbly. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3.

  Went to Venice. Went straight to the canals -- moldy smell, corners rotten egg smell. Quiet, dusk. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3.

  Went to Rome - Vatican at dusk. Went to open square, buildings were old. Felt cold, hard - surrounding area felt different - warm. Saw 1, 2, 3. 

 Went to Jerusalem at dusk. Dry air, cooling down. Flew to the Western Wall. Lots of people there. Chanting. Colors - tans, subdued. High spirit sensed. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3.

 Went to New York City -- Times Square quickly shifted to Central Park. Late afternoon.

 Went to Hawaii when instructed. Flew over Kauai. Smelled flowers, felt moisture, then dove into water per instructions. Felt warm, home, vivid colors. Kinship with fish.

  Per instructions went into space, stationary orbit viewed entire planet -- clouds over Africa, viewing US continent. Hovered between Earth and Moon. 

  Per instructions to move went to the planet Mars -- reddish, dry ground, dusty. Presence. Per instructions went further out -- outer rim, vivid colors. Saw numbers 1, 2, 3. Emerged per instructions but had cloudy vision. Felt not completely back. 1610 hrs. Went outside.

 NOTE: Have never been to Himalayas, Paris, Rome, Venice, Jerusalem, New York City. Was in Hawaii - Oahu Summer of 1986.

Dr. Peter Ursel  M.D. ( sends us this testimonial on Dec. 14, 1999.


  • Initial comments after two weeks of training.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

Just a quick note to thank you for your course. I've been using tape two for a week and a half and I'm really enjoying it, especially the light exercise. I have a few questions. Do you have any suggestions on how to visualize "vibration" of light? I seem to be having difficulty with this. Also as an emergency medical doctor, I would like to start using remote viewing. Do you have any comments about the medical applications of this technology? Third, I bought the TRV course form PSI tech. Very interesting and I think an accurate method; however, I find the whole protocol rather boring and constricting. I much prefer your course so far. I have the feeling that I will be able to stick to this method, as each session I seem to be able to get to a deeper level (if I can stay awake!) Once again, thanks for the fabulous tapes and I do look forward to hearing more from you and buying your next courses!


 Peter Ursel M.D.

Pamela Ludwig ( ) sends us this testimonial on Nov. 19, 1999 of her experience with being out-of-body in a conscious state after having listened to only two tapes of our remote viewing course.

Mr. O'Donnell,

   Thanks for a great set of tapes.  I purchased them a while ago, went through them and put them under the bed.  I recently decided to go through them again and only move on from one tape to the next when I felt I was ready to move on.  I stayed with tape two side A for about a week and a half.  I seemed to enjoy the simple trip to the theta state.

   Two days ago I moved on to side B.  What an experience.  Long after I was finished listening to the tape, I was having the experience of being out of my body while in the conscious state.  I felt as if I was just above my right shoulder most of the day.  Time seemed to slow and my perceptions and intuitions were right on.  Thanks for a wonderful experience and I am now slow to move on from tape 2 side B.  I greatly look forward to the next 3 sets of tapes and hope they will be available soon. 

Thanks again,

Pamela Ludwig

Steve C., a recent graduate,  ( sends us this feedback on October 23, 1999.


  • Life enhancements at taking our course and tasting the infinite powers of the Mind.

Greetings to All and Mr. O’Donnell,

From my youth I have always been an investigative, unconventional individual seeking and desiring to find esoteric processes, thoughts and truth. This has led me on many journey’s throughout my life, some profitable, but most of them ending with a void, empty of promise. The search for and to find esoteric wisdom and knowledge has been my desire, discovered or found by few. I spent 15months diligently researching each and every aspect of the Probable Future Course and the writings of Mr. O’Donnell. The Probable Future Course and information offered by Mr. O’Donnell supersedes that which I have been seeking.

This experience builds the bridges and removes the gaps of this highly sought after wisdom and knowledge. They have proven that there are no limits or boundaries for the individual. The scripts that have been placed on you by others or your environment may be removed or reinforced as you so desire. Your life will be greatly enhanced by listening and experiencing.

For any of you who have recently purchased the course or are still in "training", do not be concerned if you haven’t had the experiences you so desired. Just continue to listen to the tapes over and over again. There will come that time and place when you will begin to experience that which you are seeking. You will begin to have those experiences within yourself that begin to go beyond what is presented. At that point you will know.

I’ll leave you with this though-what is that by knowing, by which all else becomes known?

Hoping the best for you,

Steve C.

Deborah D. Noble (  kindly sent us this enthusiastic testimonial on September 28, 1999.


  • "Powerful effect of RV course in enhancing psychic abilities and letting go of smoking habit."

I received my package of tapes this past week and only listened to the 1st two tapes so far and let me tell you  this material is really impressive to me.

 I am 48 yrs old  and have been reading psychology books since I was 14 yrs old. I have always been interested in the workings of the mind, ESP, etc. I have had many extrasensory things happen to me since I was about 5 yrs old. I guess you could say they were "psychic" things. I would predict things before they would happen, but my parents would just say "Yes, honey", and more or less ignore me. Things like that have happened to me off and on during my life. I guess I was tapping into the collective unconsciousness without knowing it. This course is what I have been searching for most of my life. I have done remote viewing off and on but not to the full extent that this course teaches.

One day I was watching this TV show on A&E and they were  talking about the Army doing a project on seeing things far off in a distance using their mind. I didn't see the first couple of minutes of the show and didn't know it's title or what the show was about. As I was watching the show I realized what they were describing was what I had been doing off and on in my life..."remote viewing". My husband was a career man in the Army and worked for the ASA (Army Security Agency-the CIA of the army) for a while. I didn't know him then. But he confirmed that these things did go on, which doesn't surprise me at all.
People have thought I was "weird" because of this "sixth sense" or whatever you want to call it. They could sense it also but neither they nor I knew what it was or had the type of information available to know what it is that these tapes offer.
I bought a book when I was about 27 yrs old that taught the individual how to hypnotize themselves and did do it. As other trainees have mentioned, the way things are explained are very easy to do and even a beginner need not have a fact, it probably would be easier for a beginner than someone like me who knows more about it.

 This will be my 3rd day/night listening to the 2nd or 3rd tape, but the 1st time I could feel myself going very  easily into the levels of the mind as instructed on the  tapes. These tapes ARE VERY POWERFUL indeed. I can already at will (without the tape) go into the altered states  mentioned on tape 2 from the prompts given to remember to induce said states. I love it! As the old cliché' says, "It's just what the doctor ordered". 

I cut down on my smoking the next day because I was really relaxed from the tapes and right now just writing this  email I can feel myself at the alpha level. Just realized it as a matter of fact! It's great. I look forward to listening to the rest of the tapes and will keep you updated with my progress.
Thank you very much, Mr. O'Donnell for this adventure! 

Sincerely, Debby Noble

  P.S. I also have a college degree and have taken numerous  psychology courses and do know something about the workings of the brain from these teachings, from studying psychic topics, meditation, and other related courses/topics and from life experience. I was also tested in 7th grade for IQ levels and out of the whole class I came up with the 2nd highest IQ at a 156 if that means anything at all to anybody. The girl who was higher than me was an artist also. Also when I took a computer programming course at a school in California, they said I must be bored to death at work because they didn't know how high my "logic" score-IQ really was because I was the first one they had even seen score 100 percent on the test. I just thought I'd mention the aforementioned facts/trivia for credibility purposes in case anybody is wondering. Thanks again!!! You may put this on your sight if you like for a testimonial.

Scott Duncan (, an Australian trainee writes to us on August 09, 1999 about his vivid Remote Viewing experiences while taking the course.

I am going very well with the tapes after using them for about 4 weeks now.

 I have also started doing mantra meditation and had pretty spectacular results when I came home and went to bed and listened to Tape 2. I began thinking of mountain scenery in New Zealand and saw the scenery emerge in my mind as clearly as watching it on TV. I was awake with my eyes closed when this happened I was not dreaming! I could glide through the green treed valleys with their dense covering of ferns like a bird. Then I started to think consciously about the experience and I lost it! I must have slipped back into Beta?   When are you looking at starting up your on-line web page for students?   Could you email me any information on future stock market trends and tell me what you have RVed about the market instability that is about to start occurring on the worlds stock market. I suspect that rising interest rates will be the trigger?   Thank you.  I love your course! I will tell my friends about it in a couple of weeks time.  It is truly amazing.  I am very impressed with it.   Kind regards
Scott from Australia 

Johannes Chin ( ) of Malaysia, a recent graduate, writes to us this feedback on August 09, 1999.


  • Attempts at Out-Body- Experiences while taking the RV course.

Dear Mr. Gerald O'Donnell,

I received my RV tapes less than two months ago. I am now listening to tape three. Last week after I finished listening to tape two, I went to sleep. After sometime, I suddenly felt like floating.  I was aware that I nearly experienced an out-of-the-body experience. Somehow, it did not occur because my conscious mind tried to analyze what was happening.  It felt that I had another 'body' and this 'body' was very light. I felt it was trying to separate from my physical body but as my conscious mind tried to figure out the situation, I wasn't able to let go. So after about three attempts to 'get out', the experience just stop and I went off to sleep.

One thing I remembered was that I had this feeling of fear of being able to float. So I tried to resist the attempts actually. It's something like having the fear of flying. What can I do about this? I remember as a small kid, I always experienced this and there was no problem for me. I usually managed to get out of my physical body, floated in the air and stood beside my physical body. I was able to do it many times because there was no resistance from my conscious mind.  Sincerely,



L.Fallon ( ), a very successful graduate, writes to us this comment on August  07, 1999.


  • Heighten RV and intuitive trading abilities after taking our course.

Hello Gerald,

Thanks for taking time out to talk on the phone with me today. I first wanted to write this letter to you to say how much I enjoyed the course...all six tapes were wonderful.

 The most intense experiences for me were two. These were when I went to a future time and also when I worked with a human person on tape 6. Each session was unique for me.

I have learned that I can remote view easily and effortlessly with the methods you've outlined in the course, and that has been a positive feedback in and of itself!

I have also learned to listen carefully now when I work with my stock trades. The course has increased my ability to pick good solid stocks in which to invest...and to avoid risky ones! I had never been much of a 'technical' investor before I took the

I do believe I am even more of an 'intuitive trader' than ever before.

I am delighted to stay in touch with you and other students in the future. I'll be writing again soon,

Best wishes, L.Fallon

 Holly Rowe (, one of our trainees, sends us this feedback on August 04, 1999: 

Just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing, in telling the truth and making remote viewing available for an affordable price to anyone who wishes to learn. I recently purchased your course. I'm plugging along with the tapes. Time will tell.

 It is disturbing that you have received "threats" and proves how the information you have released is both legitimate and valuable not to mention liberating. No need to reply. I just wanted you to know you have my gratitude. May your life remain peaceful.



Bill Anderson ( writes to us on August 02, 1999:

Mr. O'Donnell,

I have been delighted to follow your "Core Explanation of Remote Viewing" and the recent updates.

It has been intriguing to see the development of your path to understanding.

You may not be familiar with a lady by the name of Byron Katie who woke up from a catatonic state with the full knowledge of that which you are explaining. I have come to know Katie over a couple of years and fully understand that she and you are in the same place, although from completely different places, (if there is such a thing). You might find her thinking of interest. Her web- site is

I look forward to the new courses.

Bill Anderson

John Kuder (, a recent trainee,  wrote to us the following feedback on July 27, 1999.


  • Improved financial trading abilities after taking the course. Private training. 

Dear Mr. O'Donnell;

I have recently finished your remote viewing course and have found it to be a very satisfying experience. While I have not had profound experiences like one of the other students seeing dinosaurs, I did not approach the course looking for clear remote viewing. I was looking for what you describe in the traders section, "... to immerse oneself within the stillness of the eye of a storm of mass psychology where greed (desire for money) and fear of monetary losses are the main forces that swirl markets around. Up and down." To trade from the calm, oneness of deep theta.

To that end I have continued to listen to tape 6 to increase my ability to go quickly to deep theta, even with my eyes open. I find I will need to continue to practice this, but I am getting good results for a beginner.

 My trading has improved since I started the course.

I have found the best time to listen to the tapes is in the morning, after getting up for a few minutes to get fully awake. Since I am rested, I do not tend to fall asleep during the tapes and the session puts a nice glow around me that lasts through the day.

 My wife has noticed me being generally calmer.

I also had a private session on the phone with your associate. That was a remarkable experience that I am still discovering the effects from. I can say that it met my goals and I plan to do others. Thanks for your help and please get the other courses finished ASAP. I want more.


Raymond Salinger ( ) wrote to us on July 23, 1999. Subject: Private training session.

Dear Gerald:

 I wanted to take the time to thank you for your pioneering work. Your  abilities are beyond words. Your cutting edge research should prove priceless to the Global Intelligence Community as well as the Human Potentials movement! As your are aware, my contacts and experience are vast. You should be embraced by leading scientists and governments for the power you have to vastly improve the quality of life for all the people who will ever know you! Keep up the good work, it is people like you who make this a better world!


Tom Lima ( ) write this feedback on July 21, 1999. Subject: Comparing our RV course to three others. 

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

I have taken three other courses on remote viewing and think yours is by far the best. I have referred two friends so far and have more that want to get started. I have been getting great results, it just keeps getting better.

Every aspect of my life has improved, I really feel free for the first time in my life. 

Please let me know when course 2 is ready. I am looking forward to it.

Thank You Very Much

Tom Lima

P.S. Talking to you on the phone was very helpful, I look forward to our next conversation.

David Lollar ( ) won our June contest and writes to us the following on July 21, 1999.


  •  No need for sleeping pills anymore! The perfect cure for insomnia: going to deep theta!

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I won the course for June, and I have received the tapes. They are phenomenal. I have been listening to the first tape several times and would like to check that I am using the material properly.

One, I often fall asleep. I have read that falling asleep like this is normal for a beginner, and I am not too concerned about it. However, if I fall asleep every time, am I ready to go on to the next tape? Or, do I have to listen to the tape fully awake at least once? Do the tapes work while sleeping?

Two, is remote viewing similar to astral projection as described by Robert Monroe? Will my astral body pop out of my physical body during one session? Or is the experience at the theta level fully within the brain, thus never leaving the body, but instead connecting to the Unimind which has a piece connected to me inside my head? 

I have already begun to re-experience memories very vividly (just off the first tape). I am also a student, so I try to use the technique to retrieve what I studied during test time. I am also very intrigued by the prospect of correcting faults in my body thru the power of visualization at the theta level. I am very happy that you have extended the opportunity to me to learn RV thru the contest - otherwise, I could not have afforded the course. Thank you very much, an I do intend to keep in touch throughout my training.

Sincerely, David Lollar

Dr. Claude Swanson ( a recent trainee, writes to us on July 1, 1999 this feedback.


  • Satisfaction with our course.

First let me thank you for your wonderful Remote Viewing Course. I have taken three courses by the Farsight Institute, which were very good (and for which I paid several thousand dollars). But your course teaches many powerful techniques that I have never been exposed to before. I like your Remote Viewing system very much and would highly recommend it to anyone considering learning Remote Viewing. At your present price, it is a tremendous bargain. I hope many people use it, as it can be a valuable tool in empowering individuals, teaching about the true nature of consciousness and reality, and fostering global transformation.

Thank you very much.


Dr. Claude Swanson

Martin Ligezinski ( ) of Vienna, Austria,  former trained Remote viewer from our Academy sends us this feedback on June 30, 1999.


Hi  Mr. O'Donnell,

Two years ago I  ordered your course and had very interesting experiences ever since. Almost one-and-a-half years have gone by since we last had contact (I send an e-mail which then appeared as a comment of trainees´ feedback on your web page).

 I have also tried out some other "over-the-mail-courses" over the Internet but yours was and still is completely different and more exciting than the others. 

One thing that came to my mind recently is the question whether you would give live one-on-one-training in Florida. I thought I could dare asking you this because I would like to come to Florida and visit you sometime in July. It would be a great experience for me and I would be very happy if given the chance to get a one-on-one-training. If you could imagine such a thing I would like to call you to talk about it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and wish you a beautiful day,


Byron Lacy (, a recent student send us this feedback on June 30, 1999 about the training course.


  • Astral projection, communicating with the vegetable kingdom and self-improvement. 

I am working on the third tape of the course and have been thrilled with the results I have obtained. Two days ago, while listening in to the tape ( I was very tired at the time and not really paying attention to what it was saying but rather letting my subconscious do all the work for me) I was very surprised to find my perception in my dining room, while my body was in the bedroom!!

The tapes have done what I had hoped they would do, which is to accelerate my self development.  I have been having a much different outlook on the world, especially where plants and animals are concerned.  I have been able to connect with plants by a sort of concentrated looking at them, with no thought in my mind, and there is a definite connection between the plants and my solar plexus.  Also my entire body seems to "slow down" to more I watch  plants, and I have become aware of  plants as living beings rather than objects. Also for some reason I can get dragonflies to land on my hands now. In fact I had this happen 22 times this last weekend.  I would hold my hand up a foot from my face, and with my mind, ask the dragonflies to land on my hand, and they would ! In fact two landed on my hand at one time. I know they are small creatures but this filled me with a sense of joy.

I have had a much better image of my self, been much more happy, and my ego seems more "healthy" than it had ever been before.

Also, people, especially strangers, are much more friendly to me, especially women. And I do not think it is because I have changed the way I am acting.

I am also having many more synchronicities in my life, and my intuition, which has been pretty good all along, is getting much better and much more consistent.

The only sad thing about this is that the people I am around seem to be "asleep" now. That's the only way I can explain it, and they also seem to be totally at the mercy of their egos. ( I had stated earlier that my ego feels more healthy, more also feels like a separate entity of me.   I feel now more like I am a silent presence, using my ego to accomplish my tasks here on the material plain, rather than feeling like I AM my ego).   I find myself often wishing I could wake them up.

I thought Matrix was a fantastic movie and was glad you had the same opinion.

Feel free to publish this letter. I feel  your Course to be a great help and of immense value to ANYONE who would use it, and if I could help someone make up their minds and use the course in some small way, I would feel honored.

Thanks again for the guiding light.

Byron W. Lacy

You can also publish my e mail address and I would be glad to communicate with anyone about my experiences. 

Steven C. ( an Australian student, sends us this feedback on June 22, 1999.


  • Life changing aspects of our RV course.

Mr. O'Donnell,

I have recently completed the remote viewing course, it has been both a life changing and an enjoyable experience for myself. The techniques in the course have opened my mind to things that I otherwise would never have known about. I have traveled to places, returned to places in my past - even seen a probable future which took place.

The most memorable event, although not a good one, was the discovery of a good friend's deep felt problems arising from her childhood that she had never in her life spoken about to anyone. Using tape 6, I was surprised with this information, it was completely unexpected. I confronted her with this issue, and she responded by telling myself what had happened. Now each week, we sit down for at least an hour and help her cope with her past. She is extremely happy to have someone to speak to, her inner conflict is finally being addressed. This may never have taken place without the RV training.

Words truly fail in describing this course's impact in my own life. I have become more patient, more understanding, more in control of my life. I find myself now constantly helping people, and drawing a great deal of satisfaction from my assistance. My conceptual abilities have improved for my university studies in mathematics, and I seem to have an extremely focused future - in which I can find both meaning and direction.

Mr. O'Donnell, its important to point out that this course does not only improve the lives of people taking it, but also the people who know these trainees. A ripple effect.

I look forward to your future courses, and will certainly be participating in them. Once again, thank you for this course and the opportunities which I have now found for myself - I am extremely grateful. I will continue to train in the present course, seeking more knowledge.

I have sincerely recommended this course to my friends, and to many other people.  I am obviously satisfied.

Thank you again, and good luck with future courses,

Stephen Cochran.

Montana ( ) comments on our course on June 17, 1999.


  •  Experiencing the Beingness of being pure consciousness. How pure consciousness sees and perceives.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell :

Recently I was gifted with a set of your tapes from a dear friend. I wanted to write you because these tapes are far more than a "remote sensing" or "remote viewing" experience.

They are an experiential journey into pure consciousness that is simply astounding. I feel like Richard Bach in Illusions - after listening to the first tape, I understood that I could go through walls, because I AM the wall.

I traveled to many points in consciousness, knowing that I was going nowhere - I was simply BEING. I witnessed my own consciousness "journey" to many places simultaneously.

Please allow me to speak to others who may be considering purchasing your tapes.

Imagine that you could take a journey that would allow you to instantly "know" anything you needed to, contact anyone you wanted to, BE in the fluidity of pure creation.

Imagine that you could go into your past and change it, bring to the point of consciousness that is now you the memories of perfect health, great love, total empowerment.   Imagine that you could find the point in time when you were prosperous, totally alive and vibrant, totally loved and certain of yourself.  Now imagine that you can "bring" that point of consciousness to the "present", and heal yourself, heal your finances, heal your love life.

Now imagine that you begin to heal others, and you begin, like Richard Bach, simply "knowing" how powerful you really are.

I have been psychic my entire life, but these tapes have expanded my "knowing" to a space that is outside words.

I have experience, without trying, healing two of my friends. One has a throat problem and in one phone call, during a thirty minute conversation, it simply disappeared.   Another recently experienced a loss and her emotional self was deeply wounded. In a short time together, again unintentionally, her emotional pain was healed.

One of the most powerful experience so far, I have related  to Gerald O'Donnell  by phone. I was using his guided journey while sitting out on the patio. I took off my glasses to meditate and when I was through came in the house, got some juice from the fridge, got on my computer for a few minutes, read a magazine, then decided to take a shower.

When I got out of the shower, I couldn't find my glasses. I looked for a few minutes, then got quiet and "remote viewed" them --they were still out on the patio. Apparently, I had stayed in the realm of pure consciousness, and was "seeing" through the eyes of consciousness - not my physical eyes - because I did everything with completely clear vision up until the point I showered. Once I fell out of that state, I "remembered" I needed glasses to see and I was right.

My intuition has gone through the roof.  I "remote viewed" a friend's medical blood test, and was 100% accurate. Not 90, not 95 - 100. These tapes will activate your imagination to a place that will simply astonish you. You will not be the same again. This is simply amazing. With these kinds of demonstrations in only a couple of weeks, I can only imagine my "journeys" in a few months.

I have seen your many testimonials, but perhaps you will include this one. If your viewers knew they could take a Richard Bach "Illusions" journey by using your tapes, I'm sure they'd be even more intrigued.

Montana Gray

James Wesley ( a former trainee, who is a health professional and a part-time trader sends us this feedback on April 08, 1999.


  • Very special experiences and life changes following our RV training course.


Dear Mr. O'Donnell:  I wanted to let you know how I was doing with your R.V. course. In short, beyond all expectations!  Most recently, I went RV'ing   the crucifixion.    Words are far to inadequate to relate the emotions I experienced.  I really felt a physical warmth that was emanating from Mary, the Holy Mother.  I believe that I have been in rapture ever since. But before that I thought I had already experienced many levels of explosive improvements in my progress after what seemed like painfully long periods of "plateau" (not progressing).  Each new level felt like  I had really gotten the intended message of the former one. Now I realize how far I have to go, and when the time is right the next step will become evident to me. I  have only been learning for 8 months. Initially, I felt that in 2 or three months I'd "be there"? Well I now see so clearly that it's a process that takes steps, as only each person can delineate for there own, how and when each evolution takes progression. All things in their proper season.

My trading is now effortless. I am either winning or not trading.    I am a day trader that uses a system that sometimes can give 30 signals per day.  However, that is no longer the case. Somehow, the more I let go and relax, the more it seems clear when and when not to take a trade.

Also every aspect of my life has become so effortless!  What used to seem like insurmountable tasks are now not much more trouble than breathing or making the heart beat.   In essence, if it's right it's unencumbered by any means. Time has lost almost all value.   I would find it hard telling the teacher that it's not important that my kids did or did not get on the bus at 7:45am but somehow inside me I know that if I did that would be fine too.

Occasionally I have to testify in court as an expert witness.     This used to be an unimaginably painful experience at lawyers cross examination - but now they seem to start there "grilling", look puzzled, and just stop!    I feel all this is due to you giving me the opportunity to learn deep truths, through the R.V. course. Thanking  you seems inadequate but that seems appropriate at least for you kindness.

I try to go to theta early 6:00am  EST every day, to start the day off correctly and often do it at many more occasions.

Let me know when you have more advanced courses available. I know that my greatest levels are yet to come perhaps even full illumination of the crown chakra.      That is a dream I have had for many years. Perhaps it could be.


Trainee-James Wesley


Jerry Bell ( , a new student writes to us the following on March 22, 1999:


  • Experiencing the transcendental light-consciousness and its after-effects.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

I have just received the R.V package. After listening to tape one  and gaining a full understanding of the mechanisms of the Mind, of your course, and its modus operandi, I began tape two side A which contains   a training session that allowed me to refocus my mind to a much deeper  level of inner awareness where "remote viewing is but a natural ability."

While on my second session with tape 2 side A, I had a powerful,  uplifting and life altering experience at  the point where one is instructed to send out loving emotions to the Universal Mind and to wait for a response. I must say that I did expect to get a response;  however, what happened went far beyond what I had expected!

I sent out love as instructed, and a few moments after that I was engulfed in light and almost completely overwhelmed by a sense of love, peace and happiness. This light was brighter than any light I have ever seen. Even the sun, when looked at with naked eyes, could not compare  to it!

I, for a moment, somewhat lost the sense of having a physical body.

This event has definitely changed forever my life in the way I see the world and the beings that populate it. Most of all, it has changed the way I see myself!

The next day, I began what was my third session on tape two side A.  I was brought to the level of deep alpha as I approached this level something began to happen! My sense of being changed. I felt as though I was pure energy. The atmosphere around me seemed to be dark blue and  also a form of energy. It also had what appeared to be tiny bursts of  energy that were like flashes of white light. Soon thereafter, I felt my self spinning. It was as though my  being was composed of two distinct fields of energy: one on the  outside, and one on the inside. The one on the outside turned counterclockwise, and the one on the inside swirled clockwise. Then, suddenly, the swirling started to happen in the opposite directions, and then went back as in the first phase.  That was an extremely powerful experience.

After the session ended, I was left with a tremendous feeling of clarity of mind. Since then, my thoughts are much clearer than before.  I also have had the mental shift that you spoke about.  It feels as if my mind is focused alike a laser beam and when concentrating on a target, I get a lot of information, even the thoughts of others.  But it seems that they change so fast that I cannot keep up well  with the pace of change.

Yesterday, a buddy of mine asked me if I could locate by remote viewing  his car that had been stolen.  I kept still and concentrated on the incoming information for a while, and described to him that I saw his car parked in front of a gray hotel in town.    He  knew of a hotel matching the description; went there, and to his great surprise, did find his stolen vehicle exactly as I had described it to him. WOW!

During the session on tape 2 side A,   one learns to go to deep alpha and deep theta and, as one has learned to do so, he or she then remembers the sensation of getting to each level.  So that, when one returns to these levels while, for instance, remote viewing, one can feel the shift   physically and mentally. It is like having indicators. When I go to deep alpha, I have vibrating sensation on top of my head. When I go to deep theta, I get this soothing feeling on both sides of my head at the temple areas.

Since I began my training, my desire to smoke is fast fading away.   My sense of self-awareness has increased tenfold. I feel stronger and need less sleep than before. I also have a deeper sense of calm. My body feels much lighter.  I have less hunger, and now prefer vegetables, fruits, and milk to processed bread.

Another thing I also noticed is that I was able to predict the historical high for the DJIA. Remember the 10,000 mark!!! That was the highest the DJIA had ever been in history.

I must admit that taking this course is the most wonderful thing I could have ever done for my self.  I can't wait to go to higher levels!

Thank you so much, Gerald.



 David Schoen ( a former trainee writes to us on March 10, 1999. 


  • Applying our RV course to intuit and win at the lottery.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

I would like to tell you something that has been going on with my remote viewing and I would like to share it with you.

I love to play the lottery and I have noticed that I have been winning more and more using a lot of different remote viewing methods  originating from your course..

I have won the " pick 3"   five times  since I started trying to do it this way.   I don't usually win more than 2 times per year and now I have won 5  times in a few months.

I hope you don't mind my sharing this with you but I just had to tell you once again that I thank you for this great course.   You have really been an inspiration to me.  The things that your course has done for me are to numerous to even list.

Thanks again

David Schoen


Donald Vecchiolla  ( sent us this follow-up   feedback on February 03, 1999. 


  • Trading the S&P index   with the help of the tools provided in our RV course.

Hi Gerald,

I just wanted to pen you a quick note and a thank you. As you know, I am a full time S&P trader. I have been listening to your tapes for over three months now.

As a system trader one must follow the rules (at least attempt to).    My system has gone through a little draw down like most systems do.   However,  by  listening to my feeling and gut reactions I have saved over $5000.00 in losses by following the little voice in side. Thanks for the savings

Tony V 


Frank Gerrit ( ) writes to us on January 05, 1999 the following:


  •  Winning the lottery and tapping into the creative inspired part of himself.


    Hello Gerald:
    I couldn't be happier. This course is more than I hoped for.
    I have started to write stories and poetry. This is not what I have ever done in the past. I have had friends from all over the world check my results and they have caused quite a stir.
    To check my accuracy I have been playing cash 3 in Kentucky. I have gotten them right once and most of the time I get 2 out of three. Not bad for a novice!
    When I go into the future, the people that I talk to have a mind of their own. This was a real shock. Have you ridden a Harley Davidson in the year 2020? I have!
    I will share with you, for now, how I am getting the Lotto numbers.
    Frank Gerrit


John C. ( ) writes to us on January 04, 1999 this feedback.


  •  Winning a Pick3 Lottery using our course and his opinion about the "political play" in the RV field.

    I have no idea if you remember me. Back in the summer, I was a contest winner, and received the six-tape course as a prize. I dove right into it. I had been doing a lot of ARV (though I didn't know that was the term for it) already with regard to lotteries, and I immediately began to work through your tapes. When I got to tape 2a, I was floored. The first time I did it I was practically in tears, the sensations were so marvelous. The second time I did 2a, I stopped at the Deep Theta room & did my ARV work for a local Pick3 lottery I had just started working with (this was the fifth time I tried to do it at all via ARV, and the first or second time using your tapes). There were 3 numbers to pick, with 10 possible values for each. A one in a thousand shot for the jackpot. I nailed it. I was ecstatic. $511.20 for a one dollar ticket.
    Somehow, though, I started to drift from the tapes. I bought into the political "talk" of a number of prominent RVers, and got sucked into the polarizing world of "this RV camp versus the other RV camp". It has taken me several months to realize how foolish I was in swallowing all this partisan nonsense.
    In the last few weeks, I have realized that I need to get some sort of training. I have read the on-line CRV manual, the SRV manual, and have picked the brains of students of a number of schools of RV... all trying to find a course that I can do. Last night, I was talking on an Internet Relay Chat with a person (Graig) I'd met on another RV group's website recently. He told me about this great fellow he was working with who had been involved in a European RV intelligence unit. I suddenly remembered the Probable Future tapes in my file cabinet, and felt like an idiot.
    I really want to apologize for having been so easily sidetracked from your generous offer of the free course materials (via the contest). I guess I was just so new to RV that I assumed one could simply trust most of the people involved to be objective in their assessment of other "schools of thought". I realize now that it's a very political arena, and everything everyone says needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
So I'm back. I'm going to begin working through the tapes again (I never did get past 2a), and I'm hopeful that your previous offer of support along the way still stands.
    Anyway, I'll cut this short. I just wanted to let you know that I'm looking forward to working through the materials, and hopefully talking further with you.

  Ontario, Canada

"For us believing physicists the distinction between past, present, and
future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one."
-Albert Einstein


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