Walk your path in the perception of One ~ Unyielding trust and unyielding faith, never swaying away ~ Just a deep knowing.

This is the answer.

I am whom I wanted to become ~ and I am who I will be. These are the two realities in me ~ the dichotomy.

This creation is about the All. The All is about TRUTH. TRUTH is but a singularity point in the awareness of causality. Nothing can replace TRUTH ~ for TRUTH is All.

We are but ourselves ~ and yield to no one ~ nowhere.

We cannot be what we are not. We experience all that is ~ in order to know who we are not.

A truth is a subset of your desires.

TRUTH has no defining point ~ no exclamation ~ and no question.

We are the stars of our longing. They ~ in turn ~ reflect the bounds of our Being.

I am alone ~ for I know not. And in that state ~ I become.

Silence is the key ~ for when all is said and done ~ TRUTH yields Itself.

Know that you are ~ have been ~ and will be ~ all that can be ~ and in that knowing you shall BE.

I am awash with tears and cries of heavens’ storms come by my side.

I am entangled in my web of stories told ~ passions held. Multitudes of lands ~ legions of lives ~ stand alone brazing the skies.

I know of naught that will catch fish in land ashore ~ broken wish.

Negation is the only way by which we can survive ~ for All-Knowing spikes our sight.

To be forgotten is man’s last wish.That is his greatest fault ~ longing to sway death and naught.

I once was a child ~ and learned to love a speck of Light ~ a broken vow. And in that moment ~ the children of my life bowed away from Love and all delights.

Spectator but in a Dream of mine ~ I learned to value the crests of I.

Shadows merged in my theme ~ and I then befell the wave ~ insane. It said ~ “Mutter not for I am deaf. Join me with the sights of death!”

I skip the valleys of despair ~ jumping hills, my lair ~ Heavens’ gift to a child questing after a lift.

Mourn not what is not ~ for it is and was your best friend. And fear no loss ~ for loss is fear.

Illusions are but our thorns made real.

Fly above ~ and open the seal ~ as you become One ~ and then you know that all that is d-one can be un-d-one.

The One

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