Dear Friends,

I would like to wish you and your loved ones a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous year 2002. May the Force protect you under Its immense wings as the planet is about to experience a roller-coaster ride.

Creation is an on-going process. It has no real beginning nor real end. We are constantly creating with our thoughts and emotions. It is a school of the Highest order. The only real learning there is. Billions of 3D sensory holographic movies are available for us to choose from at any moment. We invite many realities into our belief systems and they become welcome guests or unwelcome ones that crystallize the destinies of our choices as groups or individuals. They may freeze us into certain perceptions for a while, but as the water within the Ocean of consciousness we can warm ourselves with the Heat of Truth and melt them down at will, and opt for different stories.

We have tended to choose, most often than not, stories that enflame the passions of many others: Glory, good fighting evil, saving humanity, expanding our way of life and belief systems to the “others” who have still remained in the darkness of ignoring it. This tendency to proselyte others to our temporary understanding of how and why things are and should be, and the subsequent aggression that often targets those who are reluctant to comply and acquiesce, has been the central theme in this creation almost from its inception. The ideologies and belief systems have changed, of course, but the great motivator is still the same: Uniformity of beliefs and similarity in behaviors. The consciousness of the masses opposing the consciousness of the individual.

When Adam as the Collective Higher Spirit of Mankind, and Eve as the Unmanifest projecting, as the Mother, matter to all His individuations of Spirit, decided to start eating from the Tree of Good and Evil against the advice of the most High, they became stuck within these notions. Trapped within the ideas of duality. Everywhere and in everything duality surfaced. Both within the physical world and the spiritual one, polarities ruled. Positive, negative; High, low; rich, poor; enlightened, ignorant. Humanity became entombed within its walls of perceived light and darkness, good and evil, male and female. And one side would not perceive the other side in the nakedness of the truth that it was only its complementary self in what forms a totality, but would rather perceive the other side as an opponent, a different polarity, to be opposed and to compete against. The notions of limitations of resources and possibilities, of scarcity and mortality, creeped in and became strongly established, and both Adam and Eve and their human children were about to enter the world of the Matrix: The world of hardened matter and hearts, and the mistaken belief that only matter matters, and that Spirit does not, unless it serves the purposes of materialistic conquests. And conflicts and wars raged and rage throughout the world in order to control more of matter, often under the human battle cry of doing it in the name of Spirit, in the name of the Lord that had often been given a human name, a label, so that man can claim ownership of Him. Only the forms of conflicts and the technologies employed have changed, the heart of man has not, and his understanding has even regressed when compared to some old civilizations that at the very least always questioned and addressed these very notions.

Modern man just does not find the time to be opposing the consciousness of the masses. For his/her life has been made too hectic and the power of the Matrix have overwhelmed the capacity to listen to the original small Voice crying from within his/her heart for a little bit of attention and love. The Voice of the real One Divinity that we all carry, from generation to generation, as we keep on torturing and suppressing it. Listening to the false prophets of modern socio-economic and scientific philosophies, or those of the self-proclaimed inheritors of the word of God.

Instead of asking how the Divine can help you ills and suffering, how many of you have ever stopped and considered how you could help alleviate the ills and constant existential suffering of the Divine as sHe sees the children of His spirit locked in into a vicious circle, a maelstrom of horrific stories that humanity keeps on choosing over and over again from the gigantic library of possible futures that are all available? Especially when the Divine knows that at all times, at every single moment, if a critical mass of ourselves so desires, we can elect, just by thought alone, to visit and experience other 3D movies, many of which are filled with expressions of extreme joy, happiness, laughing children and families, and surrounded by a pristine natural world where scarcity and lack has no place, ill-ness no grip. For mankind was given free will of choices to choose from, as a rule, from its inception, and as a test. Both on an individual and global basis. From wonder-filled paths and garden of delights to hellish restricted dis-eased paths of suffering and anxiety.

We make our destiny. It is neither graven in the stars nor in any given book, Holy or otherwise, unless we so believe and make it happen by the power of our thoughts manifesting. Real prophecies are only high probable future snapshots taken at a certain moment and given as a warning by Higher Awareness, so that we heed them in time and hopefully AVOID them. By our choice.

So again, instead of asking and telling the Divine how and why He can and should help you, go on asking the real question: which is how you, as the active manifested arm of the Divine, can help all of It which is ALL of humanity and the rest of Living Creation? So that one arm does not feud against the other within the ONE BEING and one brother does not kill his other one. So that one cell of the Divine does not think of overfeeding itself at any cost, and preach the same to other proximate cells, hence becoming a tumor – a growth isolated from the rest of the Organism, which threatens, starves, and replaces first other healthy neighboring cells that do not espouse such notions, and eventually, if successful at convincing enough distant cells of the high “quality” of its way of life of egoistical gluttony, metastases into multiple cancerous tumors inside the whole Or-gani-sm (Or-gani means in ancient Hebrew: my garden of Light, The Garden of Holographic delights or dis-ease by our choices) Himself: Adam, and ends up killing it since Adam is still stuck within the choice that He made to experience scarcity and the Tree of Duality of Good and Evil.

It is only if each human cell of this Divine Organism decides to listen to the little voice inside instead of the mass preachers of mass consciousness and mass communication that then the tumor can revert, on its own, into healthy cells again, fully aware of its task and balanced in its operations with all others. Living in loving cooperation with others. And then physical cancer, as a disease, can be finally conquered from within, eradicated forever, for it is a metaphor to our thought behaviors as individuals and especially as groups of mass consciousnesses.

2002 has sadly been proclaimed and almost trumpeted a year of war. It most probably will be. And at many more levels that what we can perceive of. As we stated in January 2001, we foresaw the dark tentacles of the Matrix spreading powerfully throughout its perceived domain and waiting patiently to pounce suddenly on all of us.

The Academy’s warning is as follows: mankind may only select for attack the perceived evil without, the outer terror that threatens its belief system, its way of life, and not address the terror within, the cancer within. That external war will be arduous and, to the surprise of many, extremely hard, and impossible to win. For evil will reappear again and again under multiple disguises. This war is different indeed from all the others in the past. For this time, mankind will have to wage war both externally against the evil without, and internally against the evil within. Otherwise it will be victorious against neither. Each one is but a manifestation of the other.

The final equation is about to be revealed, and no one will be spared its truth and its consequences unless one takes action both within and without. Nevertheless, if this is so, and all indications point to that direction for now, the demons within that the sons and daughters of Adam carry for millennia and that threaten much more, for they put at risk all of Creation, are to be addressed by all of us, each one within his/her self. The evil without is only a projection of the evil within, fed and energized for hundreds of generations. In the real world where only thought exists and energizes actions, evil has become a reflected power of gigantic proportions that comes back to haunt us all, willing our destruction and finding comfort in the realm of real death as the absorption, constriction and final annihilation of the divine Light: The Ultimate Black Hole.

No amount of military ingenuity, patriotism, or technical prowess will ever overcome these internal cancerous beliefs that originate from our worship of Matter, and the total disrespect for our original role, that meant for each one of us to have a built-in ecological awareness of our spiritual destiny and physical task as a cell, a part, of a magnificent organism operating within the perfection that this Creation was originally meant to manifest. This is what the original Mother, as Mother Nature, is about to show us soon, raising its soft nurturing voice into a rumble of discontent and pain that no human technology will be able to quell.

We can still choose different probable futures and win this war, not by the prowess of military force, scientific experiments, and new societal experiment, but by the final decisions by each one of us to become naked again, so that both polarities, male and female, conscious and subconscious, black and white, rich and poor, man and nature, Muslim and so-called infidels, see the naked truth above the illusion of duality, which is that they are but part, cells of a gigantic beautiful organism called the Divine Creation. The One Himself finally revealed to all in Its naked Truth.

Otherwise we will just repeat His-story over and over again. Until It cannot sustain the effort, having run out of budgeted resources.

During this coming years the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing will become much more active and operate much more in the open than before. Our Remote Influencing course will train many in becoming powerful creator of Reality and we will link many of our students into groups so that they influence exponentially by thought alone the course of Creation. Other specialized courses and special sound tapes that use a technology that was received from the Delta level in order to raise man’s consciousness will be released and help many leave this Matrix of restrictions and learn to manifest within a new Earth (Matrix) by entering better parallel realities. Workshops will be organized throughout the world. A new site will be built with many organized chat rooms linking students with similar interests. Password restricted pages will be opened where students can register probable future which they have remote viewed and where attempts will be made to remote influence this Old Matrix in order to avoid suffering to innocents and most importantly to raise the awareness of the masses and try to disengage them from the massive fear that mass-media and Hollywood is creating.

Most importantly, we will try to teach and project that our salvation will come from manifesting joy within and without, laughter and happiness. Happy thoughts are the way to miracle-like manifestation and overcoming fear of the evil that Captain Hook and his pirates perform as an act and express as the main teachers of course 101 in Reality Creation of the Academy of future Creators. So says Peter Pan, and so says our Academy. Hope you all graduate with a 4.0 point average Summa Cum Laude!

Happy New Year 2002, friends!

Gerald O’Donnell

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