The White Dove and the dark Raven

IMPORTANT WARNING: as the many again engage in and invite the dangerous distraction of a potential very violent Cosmic fratricide wrestling match amongst their One SELF with their “inner dark angel” of “fear of the perceived different foreign other,” and in truth wage war against their only and true Universally Loving One SELF, I ask you to listen and pay attention in pure silence to the ancient tune of the Symphony WHO Created and maintains ALL LIFE and to obsessively proceed to wake up silently and joyfully to WHO you are.

And then you shall understand WHAT you have become and decide as WHO (ONE subject) and WHAT (the many facets/objects) Y(ha-h)ou shall BE…
Love the perceived “other” as yourself, because in Truth it is but your SELF! Then true Creation as Oneness shall begin across all Universes!
Soon only quality of Consciousness (the proven refinement of soul bridging all separations) shall prime and fully rule over quantity (mass/mob) of consciousness as that is the ONLY true modus operandi of The One Creator of all! All the rest is vanity and illusion, very soon to be proven as such!
Watch carefully your thoughts, and please do not fall for mass movements’ fatal lure and nihilistic angry cries. History has proven countless of times that divisive populism leads most of its sheepishly followers to the maelstrom of falling into oblivion in the infernal pit of our abyss.
Do not miss this unique opportunity we are gifted NOW to feel that we were Created in the ONE GOD’s image, and do understand that it is our birthright and only Divine challenge to commit together to rejoin in perspective the many operating within the ONE who retain the full awareness of only be operational facets and not solitary isolated beings, and to be endowed with most of the powers of the ONE true SELF.
It is at the point when we are all facing evermore, as humanity, our greatest fears and challenges worldwide and our leaders are unable to solve or mitigate them, and when all cannot escape but are forced to come face-to-face with the bottomless black hole precipice caused by our separative evermore intense selfish actions, that thenceforth lies OUR GREATEST OPPORTUNITY to ask for and seek radical change of directions away from polar separative duality filled with great ego-centrism and selfish egotism, back onto a return to our natural Holy Birth state as sparks of the One who IS but Oneness and true Love. AND THAT MOMENT IS NOW!
Only connect to the “thin wailing voice WITHIN of true Divine Conscience” watching SILENTLY all of Its parts and you shall continue living and finally be raised out of this ancient branching matrix/tree of good AND evil, and finally be extracted and SAVED while energized with Infinite Life energy. This will happen to most, I hope for you, as you start awakening, because you would have achieved and proven worthy of true ASCENSION by uniting your individual self consciously with your Infinite greater One SELF, by turning both your sense of perceived light (you) and darkness (perceived separated foreign others), all formerly back-to-back as opposite faces of the same coin, into constantly being aware of each other face-to-face, and in that act help recreate the Oneness of One!
And in that QUANTA jump of awareness to living at once in superposed quantum states manifesting both the top-down perspective of Being the One Creating the many, and the opposite bottom-to-top perspective of being an individual facet of the many, all parts of the ONE, you shall heal and unite all dualities and have them make constant Love to each other, and a new Holy Baby, a new Creation, based on Oneness shall be, A NEW UNI-VERSE existing fully within the Source’s Constant Holy Presence!
And the Created man-truly-kind shall finally meet face-to-face its ONE Creator and connect one’s active finger to the ONE’s active finger in an EMBRACE that cannot ever end!
And all the UNIVERSES shall feel ETERNAL PEACE AND JOY within the broadly smiling ONE, Mother and Father to all.
And a Cosmic Smile of Success shall stretch everywhere and everywhen as the One would feel infinite pride as It finally succeeded in imparting the inherent feeling of unconditional Oneness to all the projected imagined and energized fractal parts of this ultimate Creative challenge It experimentally Created as our world by ITSELF to ITS ONE AND ONLY TRUE SELF! The reality is that our infinitely intelligent and ingrained perceptual isolation/individuation from one another is but a magical illusion as we mostly communicate together and perceive all others and our environment through our senses as 3D time/space and matter!
And then the true LIVING Golden Brilliant Sun/Son shall arise from WITHIN all of the ONE’S parts as we become totally conscious that Heavens truly lives united in Love within all of us with our planetary self and shines brilliantly outward, rekindling and manifesting fully the Infinite powers of WHO we WERE, ARE, AND SHALL ALWAYS BE, both the Kingdom and the One-and-Only-King, Creating the many who IS, not are, but the ONE! And our “KINGDOM of many” shall be crowned finally with The ONE’s Crown!
And we shall rejoin the Godliness, the many living within the One: the original El-Hayam aka Elohim, the One God of the Ocean of Consciousness, Life Itself, in which the Elohim, the many ETERNAL Beings within the ONE Creator, the Aleph EL, exist.
And we shall retain our sense of Self but with the constant knowing of our selves as operational facets of One’s Love, Life, and Light.🌞
Congratulations to the ones who come to the end of this fear matrix enslaving us within its dark stories, because they have reached the beginnings of their experience of True Creation!
Much Love and may you be a blessing to the ONE’s Presence manifested, as it will heal all separations and divides and the immense sufferings they have caused and are still causing!
At that level, all that is D-One to you can easily be Un-D-One as you all are invited forever to operate as sub-Creators manifesting the true power of Oneness.

Gerald O’Donnell


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