Patrick Timpone, Melissa Sell, and Gerald O’Donnell discuss “spirituality, and what that means to each of us,” including you, the listener.


Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor and Health Mindset Coach who practices and teaches German New Medicine (GNM).

Gerald O’Donnell is a world-renowned remote viewer and the founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI).


  • Are we separate from one another? Are we part of the whole?
  • What is this body suit we’re wearing? Can we zoom out to a greater reality, a more unified reality?
  • Is existence a game? Are “physical laws” real, or are they part of the game?
  • Why do we play the game? Why do we show up to play the game every day?
  • Why do we live a status quo? Are we co-dreaming reality?
  • Is Time real? Is Time part of the game or part of the whole?
  • Patrick describes his 1980s experience where he transcended his body, and wondered, “If I keep going, what will happen to my Mom, my Dad, my girlfriend, my dog?” Will they continue to exist, or were they “real” in the first place?
  • Do we project our reality? Do all realities exist at once?
  • What is time and existence? Is there a beginning or an end? If there is no Time, how can that be?
  • What is your concept of a tumor or a cancer? Is our identity a concept having a concept of a tumor or cancer?
  • How do we “die to our concepts?” How do we relinquish our old identity?
  • What about multiple personalities? Are memory banks a program?
  • Is the “real map” in or out of the mind? Is it a co-created reality?
  • How can one personality have diabetes and another personality not have diabetes?
  • Is there a Diamond Body? Is it who you are or who you become?
  • Are you really The One? Can you constantly recreate yourself?
  • Why does Medicine concentrate on “syndrome”? If you give something a name, do you anchor it?
  • What is the mechanism of creation out of nothing?
  • Patrick describes his early morning stretching exercises, and how it relates to “reality” and “aging.”
  • Do the thoughts we haven’t “really worked through” stay in the body?
  • How do we take on what everyone else believes?
  • Melissa explains the Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine.
  • How do biological laws connect with our spiritual existence?
  • What is an “intelligent adaptation?” How does it affect survival?
  • How do we integrate wholeness into “this flesh suit on this rock” existence?
  • Why are Americans “15 years older at the same age” than Swedes?
  • Gerald describes how he healed his Hashimoto’s disease without the benefit of doctors.
  • How do you “step into the fullness of First Cause”?
  • The three most important things in life are to “pay attention, pay attention, and pay attention.”
  • “Where you put your attention is where you’re going to be,” according to Gerald.
  • You are The One. This is the mechanism of Creation.
  • How do you “collapse the wave”?
  • How do we deal with negative thoughts? Do we negate them or do we observe them?
  • Is our self-concept the “fruit of the root?”, asks Melissa. How do we shift from one state to another?
  • What is the “still voice within” (Golden Tongue Wisdom)? What is intuition?
  • What is the Higher Self? What is Soul?
  • What do our dreams reveal? Can we resolve our issues in the dream world?
  • Where does “love at first sight” come from? Is beauty in the eyes of the beholder?
  • “You are much more powerful than you think you are,” says Gerald.
  • Does the subconscious ever go to sleep?
  • Are the dark and the light one thing? Are the dark and the light two sides of the same coin?
  • Why does The One want to experience the “ultimate” in separation?
  • Are we all “on the same page”?


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