Revelation: One and not many
Our One Key to the Divine Kingdom

The Illusion of  Duality Finally Embracing The Reality of  Loving Non-Duality

Please listen to the full audio version of the January 2015 Message from The One and Only and of my teachings posted below. This will help you integrate them. One is the only Truth. You are within that Truth living a lie. Nothing like this has ever been revealed openly. There was much opposition to my bringing this out from many entrenched levels including disembodied ones; they are fearing a great loss of control. Please integrate how your lives cannot ever be the same if you understand “who you really are” and where you could be – sooner or later. Understanding and integrating it is your true passport to True Freedom and Eternity. We all can and should fly! Listen to it over and over again, until you live fully this major paradigm shift! This can change everything. I know that many will deny or oppose, but this information must be released NOW. Thank you.




Kindly spread this message as wide and to as many as you can. This would be a great act of Love and Oneness towards others and appreciated as such. PLEASE share this transforming communication with as many friends,  family, and other individuals as you can.

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The most powerful information ever revealed on the unity of mind and matter, the true Unified REALITY Field, and the reason why mind can and does influence matter and others, be it your biology, others' and so much more! Read it and integrate it, and you will never be the same as you learn to use your mind's SUPERPOWERS, rejuvenate, heal, influence reality and others and connect deeply to All that IS!

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