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Received by G. O’Donnell on December 30, 2016…

Gerald O’Donnell, 12.30.2016: As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth and help guide your souls during these very crucial challenging times.


This is a message from The One addressed to the totality of mankind and to its Creative Higher realities


You have been offered a period in which you were to express your true choices and desires as a Creation.

Many avenues were opened to your Creative endeavors.

You could have entered paths that would be lined with immense gifts which the Godliness had prepared for Its children.

Many were ready for such a rise in the Consciousness they manifest.

Many were not, and in fact tried desperately to refuse to consider that possibility, and opposed vehemently the interventions and the guidance which the One made available to them.

And therefore, the true chosen children of the IS became the object of cruel and intense opposition and attacks, often from distorted and depraved lower, and in their perceptions powerful energies who attempted to extinguish their expectations and their trust in the glorious future ahead.

Many, thenceforth, became deeply injured, wounded in their souls and their lives.

A feeling of great abandonment by the One and Only permeated such High and precious parts of Itself.

As this and other connected Creations fell in a downward spiral and entered the levels of the abyss, and as the communications between the core of Oneness and Its points of reference within mankind became evermore arduous and difficult, that very feeling of disconnection caused great pain both to their Source and to their realities.

Many failed to see why this was happening to them and why so much suffering became their lot.

Great masses of very low and inverted vibratory energies infiltrated this and many other abodes causing a great level of panic among their Creators and Caretakers.

A true dark period became instituted and established and so many failed to see the Great Light present at the end of the dark tunnel we were all visiting.

False prophets, masquerading as spiritual masters and teachers, and leaders, abounded and still do.

From times of old to current ones, many of these have ruthlessly misled their flocks in order to control and use them for their own restrictive and distorted purposes.

The world that you know is becoming ruled by pockets of energies who worship only themselves and not Oneness for all.

They shall see and witness their fall from their lofty heights, and their great structures brought onto dust, and this will happen soon in the next years by a decree of the One and Only true Creative Mind!

A bridge was prepared assiduously by the One and Only, and the entity who is talking now took part in its establishment. That bridge was supposed to allow this and other universes connected to it to engage safely a passage across the turbulent waters which surround this realm.

Great efforts and great hopes were attached to such a crossing.

Everything was to be made possible for the birth into the Great Light of a new Creation seeded and originating from this one.

Sadly, until now, most of the elements of such a Creation – which we inhabit – have turned away from that birth. They are taking a “breach position” and turning backwards, refusing to face the Eternal Light and Life awaiting them!

Many decisions have had to be made regarding the probable future of this universe.

Although the path is wide and open, most refuse to even engage in it, because their hearts have turned to stone, their eyes are blind to it, and their ears are deaf to the Live inner guidance who is but waiting to bring them out of a land of fear, destruction, oppression, and subjugation onto utter slavery.

They seem to prefer the static pain and oppression they know, to the glorious adventure onto true and real freedom which awaits them.

They are disconnected from any level of their true origins.

They only worship false gods – either embedded in distorted writings which have been produced by mankind , or through other versions of them inlaid in false stories and false structures, that mirror who they really were – and express falsehoods, without remaining accountable for it.

The Godliness is One. The many, in fact, are but One. Nothing is truly disconnected from One and as One.

To think differently, to close one’s eyes, ears, and especially heart, to other facets of One is to deny The One and to refuse the Oneness.

This message has been told and given to mankind from the dawn of what man calls time, and very little of it has been understood, integrated, and carried through its ramifications in Creation.

No matter how much the natural world and its forces show the Oneness of all things; no matter how much most have glimpses of it; no matter how much we realize how deleterious our abandonment of Oneness has been, man has yet to grow into a true Godly Living being with the awareness, at all of its levels and energies, of the Oneness of it all.

From now on, an imbalance or distortion happening somewhere, somehow, will reverberate soon everywhere, every way!

No external or internal wall will or may block it, for that is not the truth of the way by which the One operates as Oneness!

From now on, the reverence you have for false gods of gold and silver and centers of power, be they open or hidden, shall be cast aside by the One Himself! He will see their destruction and the reality of who they truly are which is but dust!

The separations you have all instituted and tend to worship with great intensity will be made to crumble as Oneness penetrates ALL!

No one will be allowed anymore to live in a fortress or a tower, disconnected from the rest of humanity!

You will all take to choose within yourselves to carry forward more goodness and Godliness, than distorted dark evil.

You ate from the tree of the knowledge of both from your inception.

You will want to increase goodness, Godliness, and the Oneness in your heart, and not to be deceived by the false luster of temporary power and the fear and aggression which often accompanies it!

Soon, you will all rejoice to be called by the name “One:” the Creation of One!

Soon you will all climb joyfully the Mountain of Oneness and give grace and thanks to the Core of your selves.

My Mountain shall be seen, my Glory shall be everywhere!

My children will only taste joy and peace, and permanent abundance! Sickness and wounds will be non-existent.

Violence, aggression and fear are difficult lessons for all of us, which we would and will overcome as we all connect and sing the Song of Oneness!

You are not alone, no one is! No one exists isolated from one another! Everything affects one another! Time and space, as we know it, are but total illusions and have to do with the coordination of the Dream of Creation and not with the Reality operating it.

Connect to the only Reality and you shall reap incredible fruits!

Do not get misled, as these treacherous waters are all around you, rising and rising, drowning you in falsehoods and misinformation!

Only focus on Love towards everything and everyOne without asking anything in return, for Love is the bridging energy of the Everything and chases away all that is not aligned with it!

Balance yourselves!

Heal your environment, for without it, and this can happen very soon, you shall all cease to exist in the Mind of the One, for what happens to it will immediately reverberate and reflect upon your realities no matter where and how you hide from it and God!

You are placed here to take care of each other and of your environment, be it human, animal, vegetable, or the planetary kingdom and even beyond. This is your task: to connect evermore across and to care for all!

If the environment is diseased and great parts of it are destructed, you shall be, and in fact you are, diseased, and great parts in you are malfunctioning!

This is so because you do not understand the modus operandi of the Lattice of this Creation and its myriads of interconnected parts.

And, for the ones that do, stand straight and proud and shout tenderly, not loudly, truth to the prophets of falsehood, for this truth will engender life and its wonderful propagation and will heal all!

Denying it and espousing falsehoods, will bring and shower death and disease, both internally and externally, upon the many who either turned a blind eye to Oneness or refused it!

The Godliness cannot accept the possibility of aborting this Creation, this child, before it even sees the beginning of the true Light and gets the Holy Breath, the Holy Spirit within!

It will fight for that possibility and asks of you to see many events and situations that will come your way as attempts to re-institute the only Truth there Is, there ever was, and which will ever be TRUE, which is the TRUTH of Oneness, of One God, One Creation, One child who is but One. The many are but Dreamed within The One!

Please accept and forgive your lack of awareness for now, as it is the only way by which the perceived many could possibly be Created.

Understand that it was your best friend on this difficult journey where you will become a true Living soul, finally, as you emerge from the dark and difficult birth canal in which you have all travailed and traveled for so long.

We are almost out! And your Father and Mother, as the One, has great joy in holding you and caring for you as you emerge and take your first breath as a Godly Child, the Holy Breath and Spirit of being One in Oneness!

There will be more communications as this year unfolds because there is great concern for the directions many of you have chosen as of late.

Do not turn away from the Light, do not turn away from each other!

No one is superior or inferior to one another, no matter what society will want to project to you!

Each one has a role, an important role; each one counts; each one is holy and precious! See that in each one!

Understand why diversity is the basis for the many and the ability to experience Oneness within and through The One.

Fight for that Oneness in diversity and embrace The One!

Do not separate your Creation and parcel it again!

Do not separate the “City of One” for it is symbolic of Oneness in One!

Soon, this whole planet will be called: “The world of One.” This was, is, and will ever be, the ultimate Dream the One had, has, and will ever have, for this world and for all the Creations which surround this one.

Unite, do not divide!

Do not subjugate others!

Do not espouse arrogant pride and haughtiness!

Become fully Love; and fear energy shall disappear!

Bridge all, and walls shall fall!

Sing in joy, and cries shall abate!

Embrace nature, and full health shall be restored!

Do not invite death nor truly fear it, and life shall be extended for all, and greatly so!

Embrace the True Light, see It everywhere, and you shall express it to others and make them alive in the process!

Connect to The One within, and this is how you shall be saved! For the only Savior, who was, Is, and can ever be, is the One and Only who connects every point, every fragment, of Its imagination, into a kaleidoscope of perceptions which we call a Creation.

Stand up proudly for Truth! Do not embrace falsehoods!  Understand that Truth can be distinguished by Its desire to Unify all realities, all dimensions; and falsehood can be distinguished and recognized by its desire to isolate and separate realities and dimensions into groupings that ignore each other and mostly then come to oppose each other, often in violent ways.

If you do so, The One and Only shall remove from your realities many oceans and groupings of undesirable, unstable, fear-based, fearsome infiltrating dark entities which have caused you to fall into an abyss of suffering and conflict, for they feed and grow in it. And through your conflicts and anger they exist within it and within each and every one of you.

You decide if you invite their operations in your lives and if you are willing to subject yourselves to their cruel and demented influence!

And if and as you decide to choose and emphasize unity and Oneness, The One will remove them, not only from your abode, but from all the dimensions of Creation that they have infiltrated and their sub-spaces in which they travel.

Be strong; help each other and carry each other!

You are but one family, even though you do not perceive it yet as such: the family of the IS, the children of the IS!

This is the only Truth you should have faith in!

This is the only Reality you should accept to bow down to!

God is ONE; not two, nor three, nor more; and you are ALL parts of IT.

This will be all, for now….


The One and Only



 Happy New Year 2017!

Gerald O’Donnell



Kindly spread this message as wide and to as many as you can. This would be a great act of Love and Oneness towards others and appreciated as such. PLEASE share this transforming communication with as many friends,  family, and other individuals as you can.

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